Enhancing volunteer programs through social media

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  • 1. Enhancing your volunteer program through social media Margot Brenna
  • 2. Goals and outcomes  Why are you using social media for your volunteer program?  What do you hope to gain?  How will you know if you’re successful? Social media is a means to an end. It’s not the end goal.
  • 3. Are your goals smart?  Specific  We want to have 3,000 Facebook post shares total  Measureable  We’ll use Facebook insights to track on a monthly basis  Achievable  Last year, we had 2,500 and this year and 2,000 the year before, so this year: the goal should be achievable.  Relevant  This will help us achieve the overall communications goal (outlined in our strategic plan) of having more individuals talking about our organization  Timely  We want to reach our goal by the end o the year
  • 4. Understanding social audience  Demographics of social media networks (source: PEW Research Center study 2012)
  • 5. Demographics  Demographics of organization’s social networks  Facebook: insights & graph search  Twitter: free reports www.simplymeasured.com
  • 6. 4 easy guidelines  Strategy  Cross promotion  Stick to the plan – make changes when necessary (and when in alignment with strategy)  Approach/voice (friend, informer, reference)
  • 7. Recruiting  Where to post volunteer opportunities?  What type of content?/How to post? Website Blog Facebook Twitter Pinterest Other social media sites FirstLink volunteer website Volunteer- match .com
  • 8. Recognition  Social media is meant to be social  Include volunteer recognition on organization’s social platforms = perfect outlet!
  • 9. Retaining  Tap into volunteer’s motives: why do they volunteer? Are they happy with their “job”?  Tell volunteers what to expect (job descriptions): transparency  Make volunteering convenient  Make volunteering fun  Show appreciation  Get to know them  Contact non-recurring volunteers
  • 10. Discussion  Tell how you’ve used social media to either recruit, recognize, or retain volunteers  How do you know if it’s been successful?  How will today change how you use social media for your volunteer program?
  • 11. Follow/like me, please!  www.Facebook.com/BelugaSocial  www.Twitter.com/BelugaSocial  www.Pinterest.com/BelugaSocial  www.Facebook.com/HEROFargo  www.Twitter.com/HEROFargo  www.Pinterest.com/HEROFargo