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Foster application (022010)
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Foster application (022010)


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  • 1. Lone Star Boxer Rescue P.O. Box 541286, Houston, TX 77254-1286 Phone: (713) 464-1381 ▪ Fax: (281) 251-6179 FOSTER HOME APPLICATION Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Lone Star Boxer Rescue (LSBR). The minimum age requirement to volunteer with LSBR is twenty-one (21). Once you submit a completed application, your application will be assigned to a volunteer in your area who will contact you within a week to schedule a home visit. Completion of a home visit is a requirement for fostering of any dog in our program. To submit this foster application, please complete and submit via fax to (281) 251-6179 or scan document and email as an attachment to Once your application has been reviewed a LSBR volunteer will contact you. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: Spouse Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone(Hm) (Work) (Cell) Subdivision: Major Cross Streets: Spouse Work Phone: Spouse Cell Phone: Email Address: Spouse Email: Texas Drivers License Number: Emergency Contact: Phone(Hm) (Work) (Email) Personal Reference: Phone(Hm) (Work) (Email) Please place ‘X” next to your choices: What is the best way to contact you? Home Phone Work Phone Cell Phone Email Address TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH DOGS Do you have experience in the following areas? Rescue Fostering Vet Tech Micro-chipping Grooming Behavior Training Kennel Have you volunteered for another rescue? YES NO; If yes, what rescue(s)? Have you owned a Boxer? YES NO
  • 2. Please tell us about your experience with Boxers and/or other breeds: Are you comfortable approaching a dog you do not know: YES NO Do you understand that dogs are unpredictable, and that LSBR cannot guarantee that a dog you are working with may not become aggressive: YES NO ABOUT YOUR HOME How many adults in your home? Do you have children? YES NO If yes, how many? If yes, ages? Do you have elderly people in your home? YES NO If yes, to the children/elderly question, how do they react to larger dogs? Residence: House Apartment Other If “other,” please explain: Do you: Own Rent Landlord’s name: Telephone: If you rent, are pets allowed on this property? YES NO Are they allowed indoors? YES NO Length of time at current address? <6 months 6 months-1 yr 1 yr-2 yrs 2-3 yrs 3+ yrs Do you have (check all that apply): Fenced yard Height of fence: Type of fence: Wooden Chain link Wrought Iron Kennel run Locks on gates (padlock or combination lock) Locks should be in addition to the sliding latch lock and the flip latch locks that are commonly found on gates. Is there a pool? YES NO Will the dog have access to the pool? YES NO Describe your yard in detail: If you do not have a yard, how do you plan to exercise and house break the dog? ABOUT YOUR PETS Current pet(s) Please list, dog or cat, age, sex, breed: Are your current pets: SPAYED/NEUTERED? YES NO (if not, please explain) VACCINATED? YES NO (if not, please explain) ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION? YES NO (if not, please explain) If yes, what kind?
  • 3. Cats: If you own a cat, is it contained? YES NO or Is the cat(s) free to roam the house? YES NO Is the litter box in a safe place, away from the dog(s)? YES NO If needed, do you have a way to separate your foster from your current pets? YES NO Please explain: Name of Veterinarian: Phone: Address: City: State Zip: OTHER INFORMATION Have you fostered for another rescue? YES NO If yes, what rescue? Where will the dog spend most of the day? Where will the dog sleep? How many hours per day will the dog be alone? 1-2 2-4 4-6 6-8 8+ Do you understand and agree that LSBR requires all fosters to be kept as indoor animals? YES NO Do you have a crate available? YES NO Do you understand that you will be expected to help train the foster dog with positive reinforcement behavior techniques? YES NO Do you agree to keep a collar and appropriate tags on your foster at all times? YES NO Do you understand that you will be responsible for transporting the foster dog to an approved LSBR veterinarian for appointments? YES NO Are you willing to accept any risks involved in transporting a foster dog in your vehicle? YES NO Can you physically contend with a boxer, along with other animals and children? YES NO Are you willing to administer medications if necessary? YES NO Do you understand that if an emergency arises, you will be financially responsible for the foster dog’s veterinarian bills? YES NO Do you understand that you will need to bring the foster dog to our kennel on days we show dogs to approved applicants and/or to special LSBR events? YES NO Are you willing to pay for food and necessary supplies while the foster dog is in your care? YES NO Do you understand that if you are no longer willing to take care of the foster dog that you will give LSBR ample time to make other arrangements? YES NO Do you understand that you are not permitted to adopt out the foster yourself; all adoptions must be approved by LSBR? YES NO Do you agree to follow all instructions and rules mentioned above pertaining to your foster dog? YES NO Please take this time to tell us about yourself, your family and your friends, and list the reasons why you are interested in fostering for LSBR:
  • 4. YOUR FOSTER DOG PREFERENCES Sex: Female Male No Preference Age: < 1 yr 1-3 yrs 3-6 yrs 6+ yrs Are you willing to work with a foster that may have behavioral issues: YES NO Are you willing to foster a dog requiring special care, i.e. extensive medical procedures or long-term care before adoption? YES NO I understand that LSBR’s priority is to serve the best interest of the Boxers in its care. Therefore, LSBR reserves the right and sole discretion to refuse fostering to anyone for any reason. I understand that any bodily injury or property damage incurred from a rescued boxer I am fostering is my responsibility, and that I will not hold LSBR/Fritz Carlton or any of its members responsible or liable. I understand that while foster homes always have first right to adopt one of their foster dogs, if I decide to adopt one of my foster dogs, I am obligated to pay the standard adoption fee: puppy $300 (up to 9 months old); adult Boxers $250 (1+ years old); senior Boxers $200 (6+ years old); Boxer mixes $150; mixed breeds $100; and other pure breed/non-Boxers $200 for my foster, or the medical bills on my foster, which ever is lowest. I agree that by initializing or typing my name below, it is the same as signing my name to this document. Signature: Date: