Quarter 2 english iii


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Quarter 2 english iii

  1. 1. SECOND QUARTER EXAMINATIONENGLISH IIISY 2012 - 2013Name: _________________________________ Section: ____________________________ Score: _______________Test I. Listening: Listen as your teacher reads the selection twice. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.1. How many applicants responded to the advertisement?a. one b. fifty c. two d. sixty2. What character trait can be inferred from the gentleman?a. He is good at weighing things out.b. He is a practical type of person.c. He knows a lot about ethics.d. He is an intelligent person.3. Why was the applicant hired?a. His application letter was excellent.b. His manner was very refined.c. His looks was extraordinaryd. He was recommended.4. The following are descriptions of the applicant, EXCEPT, ______________.a. careful b. tidy c. kind and thoughtful d. soft-spoken5. What is the main idea of the passage?a. It pays to be physically clean. c. Intelligence is all the time important.b. Manners are what count best. d. Recommendations are needed in applying for a job.II. Reading. Directions: Read the following selections and answer the questions that follow. Encircle the letter of thecorrect answer.The Spratly Islands is a group of more than 600 islets, coral reefs and atolls in the South China Sea. The islands arelocated to the Northwest of Brunei, the Malaysia state of Sabah, and the Philippines island of Palawan.The largest of the 12 main islets is Itu Aba, with a total area of 36 hectares. None of the islands in the Spratly ispermanently inhabited. All the competing claimants except Brunei maintain military installations on one or more of theislands.The Spratly has always been a source of dispute among China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and thePhilippines. Geological surveys show that the islands have vast oil and gas reserves that may surpass any that have beenpreviously discovered. The islands also lie along important shipping lanes.France controlled the Spratly Islands from 1933 to 1939 and by Japan during World War II. After the war, Chinaestablished a garrison on Itu Aba, which Taiwan retained following its split with mainland China in 1949. There areperiodic armed clashes in the region; in 1988, more than 70 people were killed during a confrontation between China andVietnam.The Spratly Island is regarded as potential flashpoint for regional conflicts, especially because China has so resistedsubmitting the dispute to international courts.- Encyclopedia Britannica6. What is the primary purpose of the article?a. to inform b. to persuade c. to entertain d. to inspire7. What is the main idea of the selection?a.the description and location of the islandsb.the islands being a potential flashpoint for regional conflictRepublika ng PilipinasKAGAWARAN NG EDUKASYONRehiyon XISANGAY NG LUNGSOD NG DABAWLungsod ng Dabawhttp://www.deped-davaocity.ph
  2. 2. c.the claimant countries that vie for the possession of the islandsd.the potential of the Spratly Islands as a source of oil and gas reserves8. What is another word for “dispute”?a. conflict b. truce c. convergence d. engagement9. Why was the conflict still unsolved up to the present?a. China refuses to bring the issue to international courts.b. All the countries have valid historical claim for the possession of the islandsc. France maintained a strong military presence in the region from 1933 to 1939d. The Spratly Islands legitimately belong to China, being located in the South China Sea.It Matters Not1 They sleep beneath the crosseswhite2 That we might all be free3 They gave their lives to shed thelight4 of Right and Liberty5 Unknown their names – it mattersnot6 As long as they are not forgotten7 In different times andthroughout the world8 Men have fought and bled anddied;9 For country and for flagunfurled10 Their love can’t be denied.11 Brown, black or white – itmatters not.12 As long as they are not forgot.13 Some men are maimed beyondthe pale.14 Of how they fought in vain;15 Some men have lived to tell thetale16 Of hope to be whole again17 Dead or alive – it matters not18 As long as they are notforgotten.- Catalina Velasquez-TyComprehensive Reviewer, NAT10. As used in the poem, what does “crosses white” represent?a. war b. life c. goal d. death11. What is the meaning of the word “maimed” as used in line 13?a. hurt b. wounded c. battered d. crippled12. What figurative language is used in line 1?a. metonymy b. oxymoron c. litotes d. hyperbole13. What do “black, brown, and white” represent?a. different races b. different colours c. different names d. different worlds14. Who are being referred to as men who fought and died for the country?a. doctors b. soldiers c. educators d. government officials15. What is the value underscored in the poem?a. remembering the soldiers who fought and died for their country b. enlightening people to be proud of their racec. seeing ourselves through the soldiers d. overcoming war as a tough task16. What is the predominant sensory image in the poem?a. sight b. touch c. smell d. hearing17. What is the purpose of the writer?a. to inform the readers of her sentiments about soldiers.b. to entertain the readers about the soldiers’ arrogancec. to criticize the soldiers’ undying love for their countryd. to express appreciation of how soldiers fought and died for their country’s freedom.18. What figure of speech is used in line 8?a. anti-climax b. metonymy c. antithesis d. oxymoronFrom a juvenile perspective, delinquent behaviour is divided into two categories: “status” offenses and“delinquency” offenses. Status offenses are those acts which would not be considered offenses if committed by anadult. They include acts such as truancy (skipping school ) running away, alcohol possession or use and curfewviolations. Delinquency offenses involve destruction of theft of property, commission of violent crimes against persons,illegal weapon possession, and possession or sale of illegal drugs.19. What are the two categories of juvenile delinquent behaviour?a. status and theft b. delinquency and status c. delinquency and theft d. status and perspective20. What is the implication of status offenses?a. Status offenses are applicable for adults also.b. Status offenses are so useful to the lifestyle of the youth.c. Status offenses, if made by adults, are not considered offenses after all.d. Status offenses, if made by youth, are not considered offenses after all.21. A security guard has caught a naughty child with an explosive in his pocket. What juveniledelinquent behaviour does the child show?a. delinquency offenses b. status offenses c. both a and b d. none of the above22. Which of the following is NOT an example of delinquency offenses?
  3. 3. a. commission of violent crimes against persons c. illegal weapon possessionb. alcohol possession d. theft of property23. What could be the best possible title for the passage?a. Violent Crimes of Youths c. Youth Is Heading Forwardb. Categories of Adult Delinquency d. Juvenile Delinquency CategoriesI lived once in a little houseAnd lived there very well;I thought the world was small androundAnd made a pale blue shell.I lived next in a little nestNor needed any other;I thought the world was made ofstrawAnd my mother brooded.One day I flew down from nest,To see what I could findThe world is made of leaves, IsaidI have been very blind.And then I flew beyond the treeQuite fit for grown-up labours;I don’t know how the world ismade,And neither do my neighbours.- A Collection ofPastoral Poems24. Who is the persona in the first stanza?a. trees b. bird c. leaves d. hatchling25. What is referred to as little house?a. nest b. forest c. egg shell d. tree house26. Why did the bird say that the world is made up of leaves?a. The bird lives on a tree. c. The nest is on the branch of the tree.b. The nest is made up of leaves. d. The bird likes to live on the tree.27. What could be the best title of the poem?a. Little Bird b. Bird’s Thought c. Bird’s Nest d. Bird’s House28. What sensory image is the employed in the first stanza?a. sight b. taste c. smell d. hearingDelinquency, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction are problems in adolescence stage. During adolescence, there is anincreasing separation of teenagers from adult society. Youngsters seek more and more peer approval for their behavior.As a psychologist describes, adolescence is a period of “wander-lust” and adolescent as being in a sort of “No man’sland “.The adolescent is in a continuous conflict over group belongingness. Because he is in conflict with the attitudes andvalues of his elders, he finds refuge only in the peer group. He tends to be radical and negative in his ideas, rebellious,indifferent, lazy and melancholic. Further, he seeks recognition, independence and self-determination.-Excerpt from Youth Power Reading Selection29. It can be inferred that adolescents _____.a. are often in conflict with parents and with the values they hold dear.b. tend to become more independent and determined.c. have grown less confused but more calm.d. can easily adjust with all age groups.30. If adolescents are not guided properly, they will result to becoming ______a. hateful of advice c. reluctant in doing thingsb. frank and immodest d. subversive and pessimistic31. The word “melancholic” in the last sentence means _____ .a. indolent b. critical c. optimistic d. sad32. Which is the best paraphrase of the line, “No man’s land”?a. is hard to understand. c. has a childlike behavior.b. stands on the boundaries of childhood and adulthood. d. is conscious of being a young adult33. These adolescent problems can probably be solved through ______a. developing one’s own individuality. c. knowing one’s sex role.b. accepting responsibility for self-direction. d. all of the above34. The following statements are the interpretations of the idiom, “wander-lust ”, EXCEPTa. It is a time for love of life.b. It is a period of tendency to be restless.d. It is a phase in life when one wants to be alone.35. What will most likely to happen during adolescence?a. increase separation of teenagers from adult society c. withdrawal from peer groupb. seeking more adult approval d. difficulty in developing self-determination
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  5. 5. a. object of the verb b. subject in the sentence c. appositive d. subjective complementB. Directions: Combine the two sentences using the appropriate coordinating conjunctions enclosed in the box. Writeyour answer on the space provided for.and or for nor so but yet48. Beth decided to call the airlines. She was not sure of her flight schedule.49. The little girl slipped on the floor. She did not cry.50. The lecture was very short. It was really essential.___________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. 6. a. object of the verb b. subject in the sentence c. appositive d. subjective complementB. Directions: Combine the two sentences using the appropriate coordinating conjunctions enclosed in the box. Writeyour answer on the space provided for.and or for nor so but yet48. Beth decided to call the airlines. She was not sure of her flight schedule.49. The little girl slipped on the floor. She did not cry.50. The lecture was very short. It was really essential.___________________________________________________________________________________________