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Kevin roche

  2. 2. Kevin RocheBorn in Dublin, Ireland in 1922Irish – American architectB.Arch. from the National University of Ireland in 1945known for his creative work with glass.Professional experience in Dublin with Michael Scottand in London with Maxwell Fry.Came to the United States in 1948 and spent onesemester in the Illinois Institute of Technology Mastersprogram with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
  3. 3. In 1950, joined Eero Saarinen and Associates atBloomfield Hills, Michigan.By 1954 Kevin Roche was Saarinens principaldesign associate.assisted him on all of the projects from that timeuntil Eero Saarinens death in September 1961.Roche completed 12 major unfinished Saarinenprojects, including some of Saarinens best-knownwork: the Gateway Arch, the expressionistic TWA Gateway archFlight Center at JFK International Airport in NewYork, Dulles InternationalAirport outside Washington, DC, the strictlymodern John Deere Headquarters in Moline,Illinois, and the CBS Headquarters building (alsoknown as Black Rock) in New York City Dulles International Airport
  4. 4. In 1966 Roche and JohnDinkeloo changed the name of EeroSaarinen and Associates to Kevin RocheJohn Dinkeloo and Associates uponcompletion of Saarinens projects.Their first major commission wasthe Oakland Museum of California, acomplex for the art, natural history, andcultural history of California with a designfeaturing interrelated terraces and roofgardens.His completed works include 8museums, 38 corporate headquarters, 7research facilities, performing artscenters, theaters, campus buildings for 6universities, and the Central Park Zoo. Oakland Museum ofRoche received the Pritzker Prize in California1982, the Gold Medal Award from theAmerican Academy of Arts and Letters in1990, and the AIA Gold Medal in 1993.
  5. 5. PHILOSOPHIESGeometrical formsAttention to detail.Simplicity and monumental scale of buildings.Roche meet requirements via contextualdesign Dinkeloo reacting to that design withtechnological brilliance.Specificities of the client-needs combined withthe desire to push the boundaries ofarchitectural technologyEvolutionary possibilities instead of the creationof revolutionary inevitabilities.Allow the time necessary explore innovativedesign strategiesUse model for studies.
  6. 6. Convention Centre DublinThe Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) inthe Dublin Docklands was opened inSeptember 2010. The building overlooksthe River Liffey at Spencer Dock.The building is 45,921 square metres insize.The Main Exhibition Hall, located at theground floor level, can be subdivided intotwo parts for dual purpose usage.A second Exhibition Hall, similar in size,can be converted into two auditoriums.A raked floor auditorium, capable ofhousing up to 2,000 people, is located onthe second floor of the complex.The auditorium is a fully equipped hallcapable of accommodating many events,from international conferences andmeetings to product shows, multi-mediapresentations, orchestra performances,musical theatre, and opera.
  7. 7. Number of different elements, which can function separately orin concert.8000 delegates, 22 multi-purpose meeting rooms 4500 square m.of flexible exhibition & banqueting space.Escalators, elevators, and stairs connect to all levels from thelobby. section plans
  8. 8. A tilted glass cylinder, 54meters high and 39 meters indiameter, the striking seven-story glass-fronted atrium – akey architectural feature in thedevelopment.The glass cylinder opens upto the activities inside andmakes for a highly visibleentrance.thermal wheel heat recoverysystem and an ice storagethermal unit (ISTU), which chillswater overnight to form largeice blocks that melt during theday to provide air conditioningfor the entire building. plans
  9. 9. The Pyramids (Indianapolis)The Pyramids are three pyramid-shaped office buildings that arepart of a 200-acre (810,000 m2)commercial developmentin CollegePark, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.The structures occupy 45 acres(180,000 m2) of land situated nextto a 25-acre (100,000 m2) lake.They are noted for their abstractquality of the opacity of theconcrete walls which face thenearby highway and thereflectivity of the glass curtain wallsthat face the landscaped grounds.
  10. 10. It decided on a plan by Kevin Roche consisting of nineidentical office towers each eleven stories tall and eachcontaining 120,000 square feet (11,000 m2).This would permit it to build towers as it needed additionaloffice space without leaving buildings idle or underused. Onlythe initial three towers were constructed and take the form ofpyramids.
  11. 11. Each tower is made up of twowalls of reinforced concrete fromwhich project the unobstructedoffice floors. Those concrete walls provide thesupport for the floors as well asserving as L-shaped service cores.The other two walls are covered inblue exterior glass and eachbuilding is connected to the othersvia underground and above-groundpassages.The buildings have been describedas "abstract" and "sculptural" basedon their use of opaque concretewalls.