HTML5 Coding Tools that Help Developers and Designers


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There are not one but many languages used to convert psd designs to make it fit for being uploaded on the website. This is one of the most crucial steps after a website is made. The language selected for converting the design is also a step that is to be taken carefully...

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HTML5 Coding Tools that Help Developers and Designers

  1. 1. 2012HTML5 Coding Tools that Help Developers and Designers 9/21/2012
  2. 2. There are not one but many languages used to convert psd designs to make itfit for being uploaded on the website. This is one of the most crucial stepsafter a website is made. The language selected for converting the design is alsoa step that is to be taken carefully. Both designers and developers make it apoint to upload the website as designed in the Photoshop. Any discrepancywill ruin the whole design.HTML5: Preferred Language for ConversionWhether it is PHP, XHTML or HTML5, the base of all these languages is HTML.But the advanced version of HTML i.e. HTML5 is the most preferred languagefor conversion. This is because the websites made from it load easily andspeedily. It also makes a website lighter and interactive.The syntax based structure is new and improved here. HTML5 has crossbrowser compatibility, i.e. almost every browser supports websites madefrom it.
  3. 3. Finest HTML5 Coding Tools for Developers and DesignersTo avail the benefits that HTML5 has to offer, both the developers anddesigners need to be aware of some coding tools. After you are well versedwith these tools and use it, the process of development will be easy for you.Also, you will be able to create an interactive and user-friendly website whenyou do psd to html5 conversion.Here is a list of tools that will be useful for you.  HTML5 Visual Cheat SheetHTML developers can hardly do without it. Every HTML tag and its associatedtraits are easily available in HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet. In this way, thedevelopers are able to save much of their time that goes into development.Some tags of previous versions are also available in this cheat sheet.
  4. 4.  Periodic Table of the ElementsThe HTML5 periodic table has all HTML5 tags and their mini-description. It isnot easy for inexperienced HTML developers to memorize every tag, soHTML5 stores each one of them. There are as many as 106 tags and 2suggestions marked with *.  Switch to HTML5This is one of the most usual yet extraordinary template generators thatcreate incredible templates for your site. Just put a tick in the check boxes andyou’ll get a strong website template in no time.  HTML5 DemosThe parts of a website need to be compatible with the browser they wouldwork in. HTML5 Demos is a tool that lets you do this task easily. It is becausethere is an exhaustive list of HTML5 supporting browsers and properties.  HTML5 TrackerWithout the knowledge of latest in the field, a professional or developer can’tsurvive in his professional life. The HTML5 Tracker keeps you updated withlatest in HTML5 development. The developers and designers can easily refinetheir coding skills with the help of this tool.
  5. 5.  HTML5 Element FlowchartAre HTML functions and tags bewildering you? HTML5 Element Flowchartwill help you a lot. This flowchart of HTML5 of sectioning element aids you inrefining your skills in relation to the latest elements of HTML5.  Mobile HTML5Mobile HTML5 lets you examine whether your website is compatible withmobile browsers or not. Every important mobile browser like Androidbrowser, Safari for iOs, BlackBerry Browser and Opera Mini are checked withthe help of this tool.  HTML5 ResetWith HTML5 Reset, you can start next project on HTML5 without anydifficulties. This tool has HTML and CSS files set that systematizes manyprocedures involved in developing a website.The process of psd to html5 conversion isn’t too difficult for trained andindustry experienced designer and developers. Just a little knowledge ofhelpful tools will make the process easy and error free. Brush up yourknowledge regarding these tools and avail the complete benefit that HTML5has to offer.