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I Net Presentation Nov 08
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I Net Presentation Nov 08


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Presentation on the development of personalising Learning at Bellaire Primary School, Geelong, Australia

Presentation on the development of personalising Learning at Bellaire Primary School, Geelong, Australia

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Bellaire Primary School
  • 2. Developing Learning Communities
    • 21 st century learners need to be:
    • Critical thinkers
    • Innovative
    • ICT ‘natives’
    • Responsible citizens
    • Globally aware
    • Environmentally proactive
    • Aware of themselves as learners
  • 3. Developing Learning Communities
  • 4. Physical changes made to the school so no teacher teaches in isolation and there is broad scope for modeling, team teaching and sharing workload.
  • 5. Coaching
    • Two Leading Teachers appointed to:
    • Use cohort data to align school goals with unit goals
    • Work with teachers to set individual goals for improved teaching and learning
    • Work with teachers in classrooms to achieve their goals
    • Professional learning as close to the point of curriculum delivery as possible.
  • 6. Coaching - Dr Neil Suggett UK
    • GROWTH
    • G – What goals to I want to achieve?
    • R – What is the current reality ?
    • O – What options are there for you to achieve your goals?
    • W – What will you do ?
    • T – What are your thoughts and reflections?
    • H – What habits have you formed?
  • 7. Senior Learning Unit
    • In late term 3, 2007 we began with:
    • 5 Teachers
    • 118 Students
    • 6 purpose built learning spaces including:
      • Theatrette
      • Art Area
      • Science Area
      • Smart Board areas
      • Deck
    • Student directed curriculum and use of space
    • ‘ Have a go’ attitude from staff and students.
  • 8. Building Design
  • 9. Additional learning space in 2009
  • 10. Student Timetable
  • 11. Reading Workshop Blurbs
    • Mystery-Mr KT
    • Come put on your long, black trench coat, dark hat, and bring a magnifying glass with you.  It is time to solve the case with our exploration of mystery stories.  We will investigate a range of different mystery stories and authors.  You might like to suggest some stories and authors you have in your collection.  The crew will also take a trip back in time to the classic mystery authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes.  We will look at the techniques and strategies good authors use to drop clues and build the tension as we read.  As a group, we will attempt to discover the answers to why we love getting wrapped up in a creepy mystery that must be solved!     
    • Other Reading Workshops:
    • Adventure/Fantasy
    • Horror
    • Sport
    • Comedy
  • 12. Writing Workshop Blurbs
    • Comics-Mr KT
    • Have you ever been told that comics are not literature and that they are a waste of your valuable reading time?   Well think again comic book lovers!  If you want to learn why Tintin was such a great detective and was able to travel to so many cool destinations, why Azterix always looked tough, why Batman looks really angry and scary in his comics....then this is the group for you!  We will learn and discuss how the great comic book authors of our time created such detailed and exciting pieces of work.  We will explore the techniques and skills they use to make a comic book appear almost like a cinema experience.  You may even get the chance to design and write your own best-selling comic.
    • Other Writing Workshops:
    • Scripts
    • Poems
    • Profiles
    • Podcasting
  • 13. Maths Workshops
    • Pre and post tests to establish groups
    • 3 toolbox workshops (ability grouped)
    • Students with additional needs in maths attend 5 toolbox sessions where they receive the assistance and guidance that they need
  • 14.
    • Art Workshops
    • Physical Education
    • Students choose from a range of workshops (paper making/puppetry) and track their coverage of all areas through a grid.
    • Students choose from workshops such as:
    • Fitness frenzy
    • Athletics
    • Dance
    • AFL
    Specialist teachers on board
  • 15. Staff Timetable
  • 16. Trust Licences
  • 17. Goals Sheets
  • 18. Goals Sheets
  • 19. Deep Knowledge Units
    • Deep Knowledge Units are based on VELS.
    • All areas covered over a two year cycle.
    • Students use an assessment grid to complete work.
  • 20. Conferencing
    • Goals
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Deep Knowledge
      • Projects
      • Personal
    • Notes
    • Achievement
    • Issues
    • Comments
  • 21. Use of blogs
    • Every SLU student has a blog to:
    • Record individual timetable
    • Update current learning goals
    • Record passion project
    • Refer to homework requirements
    • Read SLU newsletter and updates
  • 22. ICT
    • Student blogs
    • 20 networked computers
    • 10 Apple Mac laptop computers
    • Smartboards
    • I-pods
    • Digital cameras
    • Video cameras
    • Wikispaces
  • 23. Student Attitudinal Data
  • 24. Parent Opinion
  • 25. 2008 Staff Opinion Survey
  • 26. PARENT SURVEY : My child has developed organisational skills that will better prepare him/her for secondary school .
  • 27. Parent Survey: The students being able to negotiate their own timetable by choosing the workshops has engaged them more in their learning.
  • 28. Unexpected outcomes
    • Level of acceptance and engagement of students
    • Speed at which it has taken off – it is the ‘super’ Professional Learning Unit!
    • Many visits from other schools and networks since September 2007
    • Students with special learning needs are adapting very well because of the personalised approach.