SWOT Analysis - English for Business 2


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SWOT Analysis - English for Business 2

  1. 1. Apriyant i 13312320 Endah Yushairani 13312362 Made Junaidi 1331232 Intan Purnama Sari Bella Angrian i PRESENTATIO N BY :
  2. 2. PT AQUA Golden Mississippi was founded in 1973 by Mr. Tirto Utomo, a pioneer manufacturer of bottled water in Indonesia. The first factory was established in Calcutta. After operating for 30 years, now AQUA has 14 factories in Indonesia. In 1998, AQUA (which is under the auspices of PT Tirta Investama) take strategic steps to join the DANONE Group, which is one of the group companies of bottled water in the world and experts in nutrition. This contributed to an increase in product quality, market share, and the application of water current packaging technology. Under the banner of DANONE-AQUA, AQUA now has more than 1,000,000 points of distribution that can be accessed by customers throughout Indonesia.
  3. 3. • The quality of the water source is always awake . Location springs AQUA always be away from residential areas . This factor is important in order to prevent seepage of waste settlement around the fountain . The purity of the water source AQUA , guarded and protected to prevent seepage of ground water or rain water . • AQUA sturdy to stand up because corporate culture is tolerant, not overbearing central , shared power with the lower echelons and practice of decentralization . • The success of AQUA is supported by employees who have the loyalty and dedication as well as a well rounded and deep , both in their respective fields as well as in general . • Being a pioneer packing plastic cups ( cup ) in the world that has now become the industry standard . AQUA also pioneering the transition from PVC to PET . AQUA and others pioneered a fully integrated manufacturing concept which enables the integrated production of drinking water and bottle packaging ranging from the level of plastic pellets . • Conduct an alliance with the DANONE Group is one of the group companies of bottled water in the world and experts in nutrition . This resulted in an increase in product quality , market share , and the application of the latest packaging technology water .
  4. 4. • The presence of counterfeit products on the market that uses labels AQUA. By because it is committed to minimizing fraud AQUA products by checking the market on a regular basis, to ensure that the product is truly outstanding AQUA products that meet the quality standards specified. • The price of a product AQUA is determined by the pricing policies used by the company AQUA ie wholesaler price policy. Among others, the geographical price quotation and price adjusted to buyers position . • the distribution channel is too long. Where the production of AQUA and then distributed to distributors, then aqua distributed to retailers and ultimately to consumers. • Company AQUA in the withdrawal of employees still use the spoil system for companies to start up a family company. Although it is now using the merit system in providing employment opportunities within the AQUA
  5. 5. • With the increase in population growth , expected consumer demand for products produced by the company can be increased • The development of rapid technological advances push the business world . • The production of AQUA is intended for all people . Ranging from children , adults , up to the old group . • AQUA has an active research and development efforts are searching for packaging materials and new ways to attract consumers . • AQUA using all media for promotional advertising. Such as product knowledge through a simple brochure . And at sporting events , buses , taxis , and other public transport , TV , radio , newspapers , magazines dam.
  6. 6. • In Indonesia , political situation each year sufficient can be controlled by the government , although the political situation is not so stable . Political conditions that occur will affect the company's activities . • Currently the Indonesian economy is still not stable . • AQUA has many competitors. • in the treatment of water sources by AQUA greatly influenced by policies issued by the government