Key Competencies


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Teacher Only Day at BDS

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  • Key Competencies

    1. 1. Botany Downs School Teacher Only Day 23 October 2009 Key Competencies
    2. 2. How do we define the key competencies?
    3. 3. Key Competencies are the capabilities people need to live, learn, work and contribute as active members of their communities.
    4. 4. Lester Flockton & James Rae, 2007
    5. 5. The Requirement supports students to The school develop the key competencies set out on pages 12 – 13. NZC p. 44
    6. 6. Background In 2001, the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development, through the Definition and Selection of Competencies (DeSeCo) Project, identified a set of competencies that people need in order to be competent and effective citizens. The NZC Key Competencies have been developed from these.
    7. 7. The following definition is an excellent focal statement for the design, development and review of school practice: Key competencies are the capabilities people need in order to live, learn and contribute as active members of their communities. They are critical to sustained learning and effective participation in society and work. Education Gazette 18.09.2006
    8. 8. Lester Flockton 2009
    9. 9. Lester Flockton, 2009
    10. 10. WARNING!!!! When developing the key competencies dimension of the school’s curriculum, as with other dimensions, special care should to be taken to avoid the “multiplier effect”. It is all too easy to make long lists of objectives or “learning outcomes”. The greater the number, the less likely they are to receive the power of attention in teaching and learning. Fewer rather than more should be the maxim. This requires that care is taken to identify “big picture” priorities that are related to students’ actual needs.
    11. 11. Assessment?
    12. 12. Rubrics • Teacher Standardised tests, surveys • Student • Teacher and Student • Student and other Portfolios Learning logs, journals, learning stories Checklists Conferencing Rich tasks Personal monitoring Other ??????? and review
    13. 13. Indira Neville from Mulberry Grove School on Great Barrier Island talks about Key Competencies play.php?vid=217
    14. 14. The Task In your groups, unpack your assigned KC into main categories. Consider child-speak and levels across the school. Refer to NZC and examples provided.
    15. 15. Review Questions (2010 target): Have we clarified the meaning that each of the key competencies should have for our students and the conditions that will help or hinder their development? Does our curriculum explain how the key competencies are to be developed across all learning activities and programmes? Does our curriculum provide guidance on how to help students monitor their development and demonstration of the key competencies?