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Essay Feedback

  1. 1. Robert Mulligan, 1962 Joel Schumacher, 1996
  2. 2. Essay Feedback• Introductions should state what films you aregoing to be talking about, and provideinformation on place and time – theintroduction should ALWAYS be used as a ticklist/ structure for the essay
  3. 3. Essay Feedback• Make sure you can understand the question – sometimes andexplanation of the question can be a good introduction• How far do your chosen American films portray themes and ideasin similar ways?• In this essay I intend to discuss the extent to which To Kill aMockingbird (Robert Mulligan, 1962) and A Time to Kill (JoelSchumacher, 1996) communicate themes such as… in similar ways.In the first instance similarities between the films themes will beable to be taken from the fact that both films are set in the deepsouth of America. To Kill a Mockingbird in… the deep southhistorically has a legacy of institutionalised racism. In the secondinstance differences between the way the themes are conveyedshould be able to be debated due to the 30 year time periodbetween the films. For the most part both films use the charactersand the shared narrative plot of a court case as the vessels toportray and explore the themes and ideas in each film.
  4. 4. Essay Feedback• YOU NEED to give some back story/ narrative context –DON’T WRITE as if the reader is familiar with the films• Bigotry is the main theme and is the catalyst root of mostof the other themes – start with this and use it as aconnective to get to the other themes• Listing the themes as to show comprehension vsproviding analysis, opinion and understanding –including lack of textual evidence/referencing – leadsto no real exploration of the texts• Only discuss 2-3 themes and do it in detail – ensuringyou have enough time to write a good, solid conclusion
  5. 5. Essay Feedback• Make sure you can spell the characters namesand you know who they are! Spot themistakes:• Briggance• Billy Ray Cobb and James Willard• Billy Ray Cobb leads the KKK• Attacus
  6. 6. Essay Feedback• Ensure the essay discusses both films evenly• Don’t summarise points in the conclusion thatyou actually didn’t make in the main part ofthe essay
  7. 7. Key Themes1. You should be able to provide detailed textual evidencefor how each of these are communicated (portrayed) inthe film, NOT just provide passing comments.2. You should be able to debate/ suggest why they arecommunicated in the same or different ways – this links toideas presented through the use of themes• Racism/ Racial Intolerance/ Racial Inequality (Bigotry)• Justice and the Law• Perspective (Being in someone else’s shoes)• Moral Courage/ Bravery• Ethics (knowing right from wrong)
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