GCSE Film Studies: Film exploration examples


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GCSE Film Studies: Film exploration examples

  1. 1. Shooter 2007"" Production Details The screenplay for Shooter, by Jonathan Lernkin, was adapted from the novel, Point of Impact, written by Pulitzer Prize-winner, Stephen Hunter. This fast-paced, action tnriiier was budgeted at approximately $61 million, and has made a gross profit, to date, of $95 million. In Shooter, there are two occasions of product placement. At the beginning of the film, the protagonist (Swagger) drinks Budweiser beer, and towards the end he wears Underarmour clothing. These two labels contribute to the films Budget Produced by Paramount Pictures, the film was shot in a variety of locations. These Included countries such as the US and Canada, with much of the filming set in British Colombia and Philadelphia. The big stars of this production were Mark Wahlberg, who plays lead character Gunnery Sergeant Bob Lee Swagger, and Danny Glover, who portrays the villain, Colonel Isaac Johnson. Distribution Details 5/jooterwas distributed by Paramount Pictures and Paramount Pictures International. It premiered on the 23rd of March 2007 in California. By the 13lh of Apri! the film had already premiered in South America, Asia and Europe. On the 13th the. film aired in the UK, with lead actor Mark Wahlberg arriving in London for the event. The marketing of Shooter was largely focused around Wahlberg, who had recently tasted success with The Departed, where he received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The former rapper appeared on programmes such as The Late Show with David Letterman, The Ellen Degeneras Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he repeatedly plugged the movie. There were also trailers featured on television and in . selected cinemas. In addition to the broadcasting media, Shooter was highly publicised in various forms of print media. These included newspaper articles (Sunday Mirror), film magazine interviews (Empire) and international poster campaigns. Exhibition Details '.Vhen interviewed about Shooter, director Antoine Fuqua revealed his thoughts on why audiences would choose to see his film. "I think audiences want to see cool action, but they also want to be drawn in by great characters like Swagger. It will make them think." Exhibitors were quick to cash in on Wahlberg's high profile and recent career achievements. Wahlberg himself had an opinion on why he thought audiences would watch Shooter. 'This is the kind of movie they don't make any more." BeforeS/ioofer, Antoine Fuqua had a successful track record of directing action packed thrillers with strong leading men: Denzel Washington (Trailing Day], Bruce Willis (Tears of the Sun] and Clive Owen [King Arthur}. Mark Wahlberg's character has been described as 2 smarter, more verbal Rambo, a combination that was bound to have enticed plenty of movie goers. To.gain more revenue, the film was shown at certain cinemas around the world, before heading to DVD and a wider audience. In conjunction with the general release of the film, web browsers and film buffs could learn trivia, download tracks and posters, buy the DVD and play various sniper games on the Shooter website •'www.shootermovie.com). Available in four different languages (English/French/Spanish/Japanese), Paramount Pictures looked for many ways of generating interest and income for the movie.
  2. 2. An example of Industry research Referring to the research you carried out for your chosen film, list the most important elements about production, distribution and exhibition you have found out. Film: The Wrestler Year: 2008/9 Production Details The film was produced by Protozoa Pictures, Wild Bunch and Saturn Films with an estimated budget of 7 million dollars, financed by Winchester Capital Partners. It was filmed between January and March 2008 it is an American film and is an original screenplay written by Robert Siegel. It was produced by Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin. Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain) also directed it, Maryse Albert! did cinematography, Andrew Weisblum edited and Clint Mansell (Pop Will Eat Itself) did the music. Its main stars are Mickey Rourke (Randy The Ram' Robinson), Marissa Tomei (Cassidy) and Evan Rachel Wood (Stephanie Robinson). Nicolas Cage was originally set to star in the movie. On February 9, 2008 filming took place in the New Alhambra Arena for the upcoming movie which included many CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) alumni, along with the Necro Butcher, who will be playing a major part in the film. Reportedly, both Bruce Springsteen and Mickey Rourke were paid no money for their contributions towards the film. Due to the film's modest budget, W. Axl Rose donated the use of Guns 'n' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" free of charge for the final match. Distribution Details The UK distributor is Optimum Releasing and Fox Searchlight Pictures in the USA. I could not find details of its marketing budget, probably as it is still out and they are still spending. I did find out it cost Fox Searchlight $4m for the distribution rights when they saw it at the Toronto film festival. I did not find any mention of test screenings other than the film festivals. It was released in the USA in December 2008 and nationwide release in the UK in mid January 2009. It has been promoted with posters (see below) magazine articles and the cast and crew attending premiers, festivals and interviews, although this has created a 'buzz' it is still ongoing and there may be more activity if it wins an Oscar. The Wrestler won the Golden Lion for best picture at the Venice film festival. It also appeared at the New York film festival. Exhibition Details The Wrestler was shown in all three kinds of cinema (multiplex, independent and art-house). Its success in festivals/awards and subject matter gave it a wide appeal. It has been on for nearly a week and may last past the Oscars on the 24th February. So far its box office has been $2,822,431 in the US, UK figures are not available yet. It is classified as a 15 in the UK. As already mentioned it seems to have a wide audience appeal as it is a story about an underdog and is showing in all kinds of cinemas. I think it is a successful film as it will probably cover its production and marketing costs and has won many awards: 2 Golden Globes, 1 Golden Lion Award (Venice), and 5 critics awards. It has been nominated for 2 Oscars which might keep it in the cinemas a bit longer. The taglines on its cinema posters were - "Never Give Up Without A Fight" and "Love. Pain. Glory". / used the following websites: imdb, boxofficemojo, wikipedia, yahoo! Movies & launchingfilms. com.
  3. 3. ifilm studies Industry5 research St Trinian' s. The genre of the f i l m is a comedy. In the 1950' s St Trinian' s had a series of films which came out. The bases are the same now as in the girls are dressed in naughty school g i r l uniforms and a man plays the headmistree and her brother. The plot is that they needed money to keep the school open so they steel a famous painting and pretend .someone had stolen it to get the money. Production: The directors of St Trinian' s are Olive^parker and Barnaby Thompson. The f i l m was produced at Haling studios, London with production costs totalling almost £10 m i l l i o n . Some of the main stars are Rupert Everett who plays tw6 parts which was good because the other two films had the same idea. Gemma arterton who has starred in the new James bond film and another big star is Russell Brand who is known for his comedy. The person who wrote the screen play was by Piers Ashworth and Nick Moorcroft. Distribution: The distributors were entertainment films ltd the largest independent f i l m distributer in the UK who have also distributed major films such as Sex and the City and the Reader. St Trinian' s had posters and trailers to make the target audience to go see the film. Timing was crucial and most trailers are distributed to cinemas prior to release of the films (usually 2 months before exhibition.) Also there are posters for the f i l m displayed in cinemas as well as standees which draw peoples attention to the f i l m and make them want to go and see it. Posters can be distributed
  4. 4. film studies industry research anywhere up to 6 months prior to the films general release date in that cinema! * .do , * •" ' • ,:::-• This target audience is teenager g i r l s because the whole theme of St Trim an' s is that it is based in a school which has no set rules and can the students can be free. The certificate of PG granted by the BBFC reflects this target audience. In the poster the girls are wearing school uniform wrongly which helps set the scene. Another way it grabbed the audiences was by trailers these are clips from the f i l m mixed with some sounds trying to persuade the target audience that it would be a good film to go and see at the Christmas holidays. Exhi b i t i on: The. main premier was on the 10th December in London with a l l the cast and other members of production of the f i l m invited as well as some VSP' s and f i l m reviewers distributer's. The public (or general) release on the 21st December 2007. This is a time for the f i l m to come be released because the children (the target audience) are starting their school holidays (December 21st was a Friday) the reviews were mixed because some people liked but other were not that keen, "Very good adaptation went with my family and a l l ages were laughing, "
  5. 5. film studies industry research The total box office takings was £12 042 854 over the course of 8 weeks from 21st December 07th - 10th February 08.
  6. 6. TO BE COMPLETED BY CANDIDATE Referring to the research you carried out for your chosen film, list the most important elements about production, distribution and exhibition you have found out. Film: V for Vendetta Year: 2005 Production Details The idea came from Alan Moore ^.k.a. The Wizard of Northawfpton and was first published in the 1980s black and white comic book, 'Warrior.' The Wachowski brothers produced-a screenplay and James McTeigue directed (famous for hisJSrst- director assistant position in all of the Matrix films. The American film was financed by Medianboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbhL/The film had a budget of $57 million. With the cast of Natalie Penman and many British actors like Stephen Fry, Stephen Rea and John Hurt. v Distribution Details Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution was the distributor for the USA and the UK distributor was Warner Bros: Pictures International. It was test screened at the Berlin Film Festival where it was a hii/lt was/first shown in its home country America before then been released globally/ The film was very/successful in marketing because the film was a popular topic during the advertising campaign as it related to the current^fssue about threats of terrorism inHLondon. Marketing included: masks of V; teaser posters and trailers that were full of mystery and action leaving unanswered questions about what was to happen on the 5th November. Unfortunately due to the terrorist attacks of 7/7 which was the same week as the UK release of V for VendettaJhe film release had to be postponed as the film is about terrorists in London, Exhibition Details / It was shown in alHypes of cinemas (Multi-complex/lndependent/Ar^fiouse) and was in release fo/a total oM05 days/15 weeks. The worldwide lifetime grosses was $132,511,035 with 36% of that from the first weekend. $1.4 million came just from IMAX cinema revenueyThe film has a British rating of 15 aocf an American-rating of R. The plot has a comic booXhistory but the film is more of an action jgenre so the target audience is very wide as you have the traditional comic book fans and then families who enjoy thrillers. It is available on video and DVD and isf also available on blu-ray. £/