GCSE Film - Pre production examples


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GCSE Film - Pre production examples

  1. 1. Butcher: Screenplay Opening credits roll silently in black and white. * ^ BLACK: Everything is black apd^a faint DIEGETIC whimpering can be heard^The DIEGETIC sound of a door opening causes the whimpering to get - increasingly louder^and sounds as if the man is t~ hyperventilating. The^-door slams loudly shut and ,~ the man screams.^--"" I Silence for a few seconds^-which is broken by very y,,1 < heavy breathing and sg.fr footsteps. It sounds as if someone is crying. INT: AN UNKNOWN LOCATION A light switch is flicked and a dim light bulb lights up the centre of the room. There is a wooden chair with a man sitting, tied up and gagged. He is covered in blood and dirt, a cut below his eye bleeding freely. There is a CLOSE UP REACTI-ON SHOT on the man who is crying and sw&ating and he looks petrified. He is only boxer shorts. The camera ZOOMS OUT and there is a dimly lit ESTABLISHING SHOT of the room. You can just make out a-^steel door to the left of the chair and one,, singular light bulb in the centre of the room.<—-^ More DIEGETIC footsteps which the camera TRACKS. We can^-just make out the shoes and hems of the ers trousers. CUT to a TWO SHOT of the butcher and the man, dimly illuminated by the bulb. The butcher is wearing a white apron with a black hood. We-erannot see his face, but the mans eyes widen and he starts hyperventilating again. XE!
  2. 2. The butcher circles him clockwise whilst the earner a^PANS 180 DEGREES anti-clockwise , the audience. BUTCHER (Deep almost melodic voice) Youll never make it out here alive, Johnny. No one knows you re here. No one cares about you. You w.ere born into this world alone, and youll ^^ leave this world alone. The butcher is wiping blood off a butchers knife whilst teasing Johnny. He puts the knife to his neck and then Johnnyrs neck, the camera CUTS to an EXTREME CLOSE-UP of the knife, which glints in the dim light. The camera- zooms out to a CLOSE UP of Johnny as he te-hses up due to the knife touching his neck. ^" The butcher tenderly moves the knife from one side of Johnnys neck to the other without cutting the skin. The camera CUTS to a CLOSE-UP of the^f-ioor where a yellow liquid is dripping chair.- BUTCHER (In a mocking voice) Ahh, the babys wet himself. You do know Ill have to kill you for that! (Laughs viciously and Johnny starts whimpering again) With the camera on a MEDIUM CLOSE-UP of Johnny, the butcher exits the frame and a DIEGETIC rustling noise can be heard. The butcher comes back into frame with a video camera. He positions^it" so Johnny can see the display screen. The camera CUTS to an EXTREME CLOSE UP of the video camera, and the butcher hits the playback button. There is a CLOSE UP of Johnnys reaction to the footage, which the audience dont see. There is DIEGETI-C" screaming and evil laughing from the footage and Johnny is sick into his gag. MEDIUM SHOT: The butcher turns the camera around onto Johnny. Butcher (Deadly serious)
  3. 3. Your turn.The butcher stands in front of the camera, bringsthe knife up in an arc and slashes Johnnysthroat. Blood splatters the camera lens which isa POINT-OF VIEW SHOT from the video camera andthe t-itle comes up. A K^ (2>~Cf^ / ^-^f/^ J - pi^K ^t_.£k3F t cy.JLA^- ,<x- «3cifi2. ^5S-,,.^U--^ K ^(^---^ f v-n «.)u C ^- fa - cd- rw >
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  6. 6. Marketing Campaign Item 1These dog tags are engraved with the main characters details, like his name and ranknumber. However, the splash of blood indicates something more vicio.usabout thissoldier.As for the distribution of these dog tags, I would allow these to be sold in all majorretailers at around £3.50, to widen their availability to the key demographic market.On the other hand, I chose dog tags as part of my marketing campaign because I sawgreat potential for rare, special edition dog tags, such as: x • Dog tags that can be personalised to have your own details engraved. r • Dog tags that have real blood splashed onto them (to avoid ethical issues the blood would come from animals that have been killed for food anyway at the slaughterhouse). • Dog tags that are made from precious metals, like silver and gold.Each of these would be overall more expensive than a normal dog tag, especially thelatter, but they would in return increase the popularity of the film because they woulcbecome collectible, and possibly start a new craze, which can be associated with thefilm. Vt- •* v . -
  7. 7. Item 2i s-ape of the USB Pen itself would be that of a hand grenade, inscribed with the words THIS. These words are a quote fp6m the movie. The movie logcxwould be on the V V* rents of the USB pen would include;jl Movie info, including the cast members and crew. A mini-game based on the movie Promotional media, such as trailers, posters and even concept art. is for the distribution of these USB pens, I would give away an approximate third of •~rco the general public, in carefully chosen places such as: • cinemas • comic bookstores • movie conventions Kjld sell the other two thirds of the USB pens at around £2 to make a profit. I wouldif 3 million to distribute around the country. :sr a memory pen as part of my marketing campaign because in a world where-. one is growing more and more dependent on computers and file storage, the USB = cpeal more to the key demographic. •/
  8. 8. TITLE Item 3 IOn the Mug, there would be this image of a demons severed head, with the]movie logo/ title on the underside^/ 1^(4; NxxAsAs for distribution and selling, I would produce 2 million to distribute arounsflthe country, selling at around £4 each. •This will sell the film because the image of the severed head, paired with the]red colouring of the mug resemble the high amounts of gore and action inthe filmy which appeal to a very large proportion of the key demographic.I chose a mug for my marketing campaign because novelty mugs appeal toboth the American and British markets. In fact, the average American drinkaround 400 cups of coffee each year and tea is the most widely distributeddrink in the world. ^
  9. 9. Item 4 I have chosen to use a teaser poster as part of my marketing campaign because>ared to the,other products it creates a clear picture of what the film is about as a>r movie, v iUswd- - ^r ^ After examining some box office horror movie teaser posters (such as 30 days of :, The Ring and The Amityville Horror),! have found that the typical horror posterires black as the dominant colour, either surrounding the image in the poster or as of it. I chose to use the latter, as a conventional feature such as dark colours will the audience to distinguish the genre of the film. </ This poster will help to sell the film because the demonic face reflected in the eye:es tension and heightens mystewry for the viewers, as we do not know what it is or: it is doing. I did not feature a title on the poster because this would be too muchmation to show- the image and date alone would be enough to draw in ansnce. ^f ,. J ^V