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Your times, your life

  1. 1. Your Times, Your Life Brief 1: Moving Image Produce video content of between one and three minutes in duration for the e- magazine Your Times, Your Life. The video must be appropriate for the target audience of young people (12-18 years) and the theme of youth culture. The video could contain interviews, reports, investigations, dramatisations or any other relative content. Bela Hoxha 1 RESEARCHANDPLANNING
  2. 2. Initial Brainstorm of Ideas for own production Bela Hoxha 2 Your Times, Your Life Your Times, Your Life FashionFashion MusicMusic Health & Beauty Health & Beauty How has fashion developed over the years? How does fashion represent to the individual? Looking back at the different era’s: 60’s, 70’s, 90’s What has changed and what has been brought back now? How does the area in which you live in affect the way you dress? Exploring the fashion style in different countries. Getting to know young fashion designers. Why they are interested in fashion, what they do and how they work. Their future? Where do people shop? Who are their inspirations? Interviews with young musicians, getting to know how they started playing, what drove them to follow the path of music. How does music reflect mood and represent individuality? Music and dance? Freedom? Music chat show and games The change in music over the years and generations The development of music videos and what they should represent Why do people listen to music? Why do people like writing lyrics? Aiming to get young girls who cover themselves with makeup to go natural and value their natural beauty. Tackling the issues that young girls have with their weight. Healthy diets? Understanding what a healthy diet is. Experimenting with different hair styles from simple everyday styles to more glammed evening styles. Easy steps on how you can do them. Eye make up in representation to the individuals eye color and what suits them. How to apply make up in a way in which keeps skin clean and healthy looking.
  3. 3. EXAMPLE OF A REAL-LIFE MEDIA PRODUCT SIMILAR TO THE ONE I WANT TO PRODUCE TEEN VOGUE • Teen Vogue is an example of a similar real-world media product to that of my chosen production. Teen Vogue’s target audience is teenage girls from the age of 13 to 19 and specialises most in fashion and teenage lifestyles. • Despite Teen Vogue being an American magazine, it appeals largely to the British audience as it focuses on health, beauty and fashion from many different angles and covers a variety of aspects. • Some of the content included in the videos that Teen Vogue produce are ‘DIY organic Face Mask’, ‘ Mastering the Classic red lip’ and ‘‘The perfect Top Knot’ along with many others. What distinguishes the videos from Teen Vogue for teenagers is the way in which information is communicated. Elaine Welteroth, Teen Vogue’s beauty and health director, is kind, calm and bubbly which immediately attracts the attention of a teenage girl. She uses special guests to help her demonstrate the different styles and health and beauty tips which makes videos more inspiring for young people. Moreover, Teen Vogue has a series of videos called “3 Steps to…”; these videos are short with three easy steps to follow which I believe is a great technique when targeting a young audience. • All of the videos are friendly, products introduced are all within reach of high street shops that teenage girls are familiar with and also they aim to not give off the wrong influence but rather, encourage the girls to maintain their natural beauty but assist them on how to stand out and be confident with their natural beauty. • The teenage lifestyle videos focus on topics such as “my room makeover” talking about stylising your room and making it a place you love to be in. It tackles the issue that many young girls have which is space and organisation. This therefore is also very appealing to the target audience as the video is produced as an answer to an issue that they face from day to day. It is inspirational, entertaining and educational. When watching these videos from Teen Vogue, I concluded that their aim was to always leave their audience inspired and with a message that they can take with them and reproduce themselves to feel confident and happy. Bela Hoxha 4
  4. 4. EXAMPLE OF A REAL-LIFE MEDIA PRODUCT SIMILAR TO THE ONE I WANT TO PRODUCE TEEN VOGUE Bela Hoxha 5 The website to Teen vogue is very simplistic with a colour scheme of pink, white and black immediately giving the web page a feminine but yet cool and understated making it appealing to a broader audience of teenage girls. The logo remains small but always in the same place, the left hand side of website, making it familiar with its audience and unique to the ‘Teen Vogue’ page. “A special guest” is written in bold white font and in capital letters allowing in to stand out and attract the eye of its audience as soon as they open the page. The white creates a contrast against the blurred background, which aids the statement to stand out. Having a special guest as the cover of the web page would attract its audience to watch the video and explore further publications. As the target audience is young teenage girls, they would definitely be interested in watching well known celebrities that they aspire to so, this is a great decision that the web designer of Teen Vogue has made to have it taking up the largest proportion of the space within the current web page. Having a link to Teen Vogue’s best videos directs the audience to what they would most appeal to. It adds to the simplistic layout of the web page by making everything clear and easy to follow. There is a guide that tells the audience what to follow and what they should not miss out on which is a key trick that I believe keeps Teen Vogue’s audience so interested in their content. Social networking is clearly a huge part of our new generation so it is not surprising that Teen Vogue have an immediate link to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus. Having links with social networking sites means that Teen Vogue can connect with their audience through many mediums. As well as connecting with their audience, they can develop it and allow it to grow as people share and comment it increases its publicity and circulation therefore, broadening their audience. Rather than a drop down menu, the web designer for Teen Vogue has used tabs, assisted with headings and images so that it is clear for the audience to find what they are looking for. Yet again, it follows the simplistic look of teen vogue but yet very appealing to its audience as everything has its place and order. There is a little bit of everything for everyone.
  5. 5. EXAMPLE OF A REAL-LIFE MEDIA PRODUCT SIMILAR TO THE ONE I WANT TO PRODUCE CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS • Clothes Encounters is a popular YouTube channel were more than 500,000 people are subscribed. It is co-founded and owned by a young girl from Korea called Jennifer Im and shares her fashion musings and style quirks. • There are many fashion Vloggers on You Tube but what made Jennifer stand out to me whilst researching was her variation in videos. Her videos are very stylised - more than those of Teen Vogue - professional and edgy so therefore, they are immediately appealing to the eye. Secondly, she does not have a specific fashion style, her videos are all unique and all portray a different characteristic or fashion genre so not only are they appealing to the eye but also appeal to the target audience personally. • Like Teen Vogue, Jennifer keeps the majority of her videos short and neat in order to keep the viewer interested and keen. When researching I found many videos which were over 5 minutes long and I would end up either skipping half of the video and going to the end or moving on to another video as I got bored or lost interest so this was defiantly a great characteristic to her videos that I believe attract her target audience. • Jennifer is a regular YouTube content maker so she is always up to date with the latest trends. Moreover, She takes interest in what her subscribers have to say about her video posts whether it be positive or negative comments, she takes everything in consideration and improves her videos to match the needs of what the audience desire. She takes video suggestions from her audience and creates them which is another way I believe that she attracts her audience. With a young audience it is always hard to keep them engaged as their style interest is always changing, they want new things all the time so the fact that she personally engages with her audience was a useful key point that I retracted from watching her videos. As well as communicating through comments on her YouTube page, Jennifer has her own personal blog, a Facebook page, Twitter and an instagram page all in which her target audience are active on so can communicate with her through those social mediums too. Bela Hoxha 6
  6. 6. Creating a survey via Survey Monkey • As a start to understanding my target audience I created a survey via Survey Monkey. My survey consisted of 10 multiple choice questions and were all relative to fashion, style and blogging as that was my main focus for the Your Times, Your Life project. I was very tactical in creating questions that would allow me to make the right decision when moving on to the production stage of the project and ensuring that I would produce something that was relevant to youth culture. When thinking about my question I had to simultaneously reflect on what key information the responses from that question would give me so therefore, I was certain that my survey would assist in the research and understanding of my target audience. • With previous experience to using Survey Monkey, I was aware that some people would skip questions - whether it being by accident or just being lazy to answer – so this time I edited my survey to ensure that people completing it were not able to skip to the next question without answering the previous. This would therefore make it easier for me to analyse my results but at the same time making my results more valid and reliable. • In order to collect results I sent out a link via mediums such as email, Facebook, SMS and Whatsapp. • I did this over a period of two weeks to allow myself to collect a reasonable number of responses, overall I collected 30 responses. Bela Hoxha 7
  7. 7. The Results Bela Hoxha 8 The majority of the girls who answered my survey were of the age 17, this was because it was much easier to contact those of my age group and ask them to fill out the survey. The results have come up really varied, this is what I was expecting however, I will think carefully in order to choose an area of interest that suits both the interest of my audience and the brief.
  8. 8. The Results Bela Hoxha 9 Yet again, these are another set of varied results and it was exactly what I was hoping for. These results show initiative in allowing me to expand my ideas and work with more fashion styles in order to create an interesting and fun finished product. This is encouraging as I am now sure that I can produce something that is unique with each model that I use within my video. Each will have a different fashion style and a unique person or source in which they get inspiration.
  9. 9. The Results Bela Hoxha 10 Evidently, our fashion style has changed and will continue to change over the years. Fashion is always changing and therefore it is a topic which celebrates culture, individuality, groups and the list may go on. It is apparent through these results that fashion is a good topic area to construct my moving image around. I will use the idea of fashion being a change and representation of people within my product.
  10. 10. The Results Bela Hoxha 11 The question on season was not the most useful question within my survey however it does give me an insight into what I should probably work on in my video. For example, the respondents have voted winter as being their least favourite season fashion wise so, I could investigate the reasons for this and what makes people feel less confident during that time period. The aspect of shopping is also an important part of fashion, which is why I asked this question. It allowed me to understand what it is in a product that makes people purchase it and what they look for when they go out shopping. As you can see below the majority of my respondents said that they consider all of the listed features. It is understandable that being young means that you have to be careful with what you spend your money on as we do not earn or save as much so we must assure that everything we buy serves a purpose.
  11. 11. The Results Bela Hoxha 12 It is not surprising that the majority of my target audience shop at high street retailers, they are most affordable and within reach of our local areas. It was obvious that watching a video clip would be most popular – it is something that they do not have to pay for and they can watch whenever and wherever.
  12. 12. The analysis of my results from Survey Monkey • Creating a survey was a great way for me to start to understand my target audience. Once looking through the results, it gave me a baseline idea of what I wanted to achieve and what I was going to focus on. Q2: What is your favorite YouTube channel genre? Out of the 12 options available, health and beauty was the most popular genre with 10 out of the 30 responses favoring this topic area. Music was second favorite with 8 out of 30 responses leaving fashion as the least favored with only 2 out of 30 responses. My plan was to always produce a product on fashion as it was my own area of interest and I feel most confident in working around a topic that I know I will produce something fun and appealing to my target audience. However, these results show that health and beauty is most appealing. This has not discouraged me as I realised that I had made an error in my survey by not allowing the audience to pick more than one answer so they were forced to go one way or another therefore, because there are more YouTube content makers who create health and beauty videos rather than fashion videos, I believe that the audience favored health and beauty for this reason. Moreover, in relation to the brief, fashion is more fitting to youth culture than health and beauty so therefore, I am going to continue my research into the area of fashion and make sure that I produce something that will target my audience perfectly and address everything that they wish to see within my video. I understand that music was also very much favored but likewise to the topic of health and beauty, most people would use YouTube as a medium for listening to music and watching music videos. I conclude these results as being unreliable due to my error of not creating the question with the option of choosing more than one genre. O3: How would you describe your fashion style? As noticed, the responses to this question are very varied from feminine, chic and sophisticated to sporty, vintage, bold and urban. This is exactly what I was hoping for so that I can create a video portraying as many as these different styles as possible in order to produce something entertaining, interesting and inspirational for my target audience. The fact that the responses have come back so varied supports my idea that fashion is a celebration of individuality and an expression of mood and feelings which makes it a great topic to create a video about. Furthermore, it highlights that the topic of fashion would be a great area to focus on in order to tackle the brief and make sure my production aims to target the “celebration” of youth culture than a finished product that only half tackles this task. Q5&Q6: Do you consider yourself a follower of fashion? This question also enabled me to understand that fashion is about individuality as many of the people who answered my survey said that they do not always follow up on fashion but only sometimes. This shows that people prefer to stand out and be their own. From question 6, people had to pick a statement that was best suited to them and what this reported was that fashion has evolved over the years. Fashion is always changing which is another thing that I will portray in the production of my video. As well as this, a lot of girls said that they like to experiment with their fashion style – this is something that I would defiantly like to think about and try and do something creative with this idea in my video. Bela Hoxha 13
  13. 13. A QUESTION I ASKED MY TARGET AUDIENCE AS QUALITATIVE RESEARCH How would you describe fashion using one word? As another form of understanding what my target audience thought of fashion and what they believed fashion was all about I went around to individuals in my class as well as others outside of class and asked them a question: how would you describe fashion using one word? Each person that I asked had to give me a one word answer to describe their feelings towards fashion, some where confident and able to immediately give me a response whereas others had to think hard in order to sum up their thoughts in one word – they thought that fashion was many things. The purpose of me asking this question was to understand clearly what it is in specific that our youth celebrate as an individual character when they wake up in the morning and get dressed as this is what I would like to portray when I create my own product. As figured from this research task, many people had different ideas and I do not want to be biased or focused on one side of fashion. I want to be able to cover the topic of fashion in a manner that includes the large majority of our target audience not only to entertain but to also aim to educate individuals for them to take a look into a side of fashion that they have probably not experienced before. Overall, I asked 54 people of what they thought. Below are the top five words that people believed described what fashion is about ranked in order with the word that most people used to describe fashion. Expressive Creativity Influence Individuality Art Bela Hoxha 14
  14. 14. Additional Qualitative Research INTERVIEWS 1. What is your name? Cordelia Grossman 2. How old are you? 17 3. How would you describe your fashion style? Noughties/nineties 4. Do you have a fashion inspiration? Yes 5. If so, who is your inspiration? Friends 6. Where do you shop? High street retail shops/ Vintage shops 7. Has your fashion style changed over the years? Yes 8. What item of clothing have you worn in the previous years that you would not see yourself wearing now? Leather jackets 9. How do you see yourself dressing in 10 years time? Hopefully chic and sophisticated, I would like to look smart and professional 10. I am going to create a video on the theme of fashion, what do you want to see in the video? New trends 11. What would you not be interested in? Plain/boring clothing that does not catch attention, or items of clothing that we have all seen before. 1. What is your name? Denique Akins 2. How old are you? 16 3. How would you describe your fashion style? Ranges from vintage to mainstream 4. Do you have a fashion inspiration? Yes 5. If so, who is your inspiration? My inspiration comes mainly from celebrities like Rihanna, and also social networking sites like tumblr 6. Where do you shop? High street stores e.g. Topshop, Urban Outfitters and also vintage stores like Rok it 7. Has your fashion style changed over the years? Defiantly 8. What item of clothing have you worn in the previous years that you would not see yourself wearing now? Leggings and Uggs 9. How do you see yourself dressing in 10 years time? With any luck I want to be chic and elegant but also follow the trends of fashion whilst dressing age appropriately 10. I am going to create a video on the theme of fashion, what do you want to see in the video? Upcoming trends, what people are wearing, but I prefer more bold and edgy styles 11. What would you not be interested in? Everyday clothing, things that people wear very often Bela Hoxha 15
  15. 15. Additional Qualitative Research INTERVIEWS 1. What is your name? Eliza Allidri 2. How old are you? 14 3. How would you describe your fashion style? I think my fashion style is quite laid back, casual and girly 4. Do you have a fashion inspiration? I really love the fashion style of Kylie and Kendell Jenner, I think they would probably be my biggest inspiration 5. If so, who is your inspiration? Apart from Kylie and Kendell, I get a lot of inspiration from shows like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea 6. Where do you shop? I buy by clothes from high street shops like Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, Hollister, H&M and New Look 7. Has your fashion style changed over the years? Yeah I think it definitely has but not too much 8. What item of clothing have you worn in the previous years that you would not see yourself wearing now? Probably tops with comical prints or celebrities on them 9. How do you see yourself dressing in 10 years time? Classy and more sophisticated 10. I am going to create a video on the theme of fashion, what do you want to see in the video? Style techniques and ideas of how to put things together 11. What would you not be interested in? Anything that would not appeal to our age group Bela Hoxha 16 1. What is your name? Melanie Deshnica 2. How old are you? 13 3. How would you describe your fashion style? My fashion style changes every now and again, I can be really sporty and casual but I also have items of clothing in my wardrobe which are cute and girly. 4. Do you have a fashion inspiration? No, not really 5. If so, who is your inspiration? 6. Where do you shop? High street retail shops such as New Look, River Island, Top Shop and Superdry on some occasions 7. Has your fashion style changed over the years? Yes, definitely 8. What item of clothing have you worn in the previous years that you would not see yourself wearing now? Three quarter length trousers/shorts 9. How do you see yourself dressing in 10 years time? I see myself being quite professional and sophisticated, definitely a lot more glam 10. I am going to create a video on the theme of fashion, what do you want to see in the video? Style techniques and tips on what to wear and how to wear items of clothing 11. What would you not be interested in? Something boring or styles that we are already familiar with
  16. 16. Analysis of Interviews I think the choice to produce interviews for my target audience to answer was a great decision made as it really gave me a good outline for what I should be aiming for and what my target audience expect to be produced in order to fulfill their maximum requirements. Immediately at my first sighting of the brief, I took the concept of the e-magazine being aimed at an audience, from the range of 12 years up to 18 years old, as a difficulty in the task. This was because I thought that the age gap was too large and that the people of different ages would be different from each other so therefore, hard to please them all. However, once getting to this stage of my research I have realised that it is not as difficult as I initially imagined it to be. From analysing the interviews, it is evident that each person’s style is different which is expected because we also noted this from previous analytical techniques such as in the questionnaire, but the shops in which we purchase our items from seem to be the same. Each person that I interviewed said that they shop in high street retail shops or vintage – this was with both the younger girls and also the older audience. This concludes that despite our fashion styles being different, each person is accepted for who they are and that every style is recognised. Moreover, it further urges me to believe that fashion is a perfect theme to focus my video on as it expresses so much about a person or a group such as “youths”. Fashion is innovating all the time as it is constantly changing. My interviewees were all able to tell me something about an item in their wardrobe that they would not see wearing now or in the future. They were also able to tell me about their expectations of the future and what they believe to look like in a couple of years time. Surprisingly, everyone said the same thing, they all wanted to look professional and sophisticated. This reflects the idea that fashion also develops with age, as people get older, there are certain expectations also depending upon job titles, ethnicities and race. Finally, everyone who I interviewed had a clear idea about what they wanted to see in the production of my video, everyone wanted new styles and something different which is exactly what I wish to achieve. Bela Hoxha 17
  17. 17. Qualitative Research A message to a Jennifer Im As part of additional research into the theme of fashion I decided to send a message to Jennifer Im’s fashion blog page, called Clothes Encounters, on Facebook. This is the fashion blogger whom I had previously analysed in the earlier stages of my research and I really loved the way in which she edited and styled her videos so, I thought it would be a good idea to try and contact her with hope that I could ask her some further questions about what she does and how she comes about doing it. From previous experience I know that editing is going to be a struggle so if she was to reply I would defiantly be interested to know whether she has any special techniques or ideas that she could pass on to me so that I could adapt into my own finished product. By watching Jennifer’s videos, I felt really inspired which is why I chose to message her out of the other fashion directors that I researched and analysed. I believe that her videos target the audience age from 12 to 18 perfectly so it was be a great help and confidence boost for me if I was to get some feedback from her once telling her about my own ideas and whether she thinks that I am heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, Jennifer did not reply but it is not a worry as I believe to have just enough information, detail and ideas to confidently product my moving image. Bela Hoxha 18
  18. 18. Brainstorm of Final Ideas Bela Hoxha 19 The idea that fashion is a mean of expression and individuality The idea that fashion is art in many ways – London Fashion Week catwalk? People judge you by looking at the way you are dressed. The style in which people dress varies depending on where they are and who they are with. Getting to know how fashion has changed. -New trends -Previous trends -Possible future trends? For example, when at work or at school, people may dress in a formal manner, outfits will be clean, neat and sophisticated. Whereas on the weekend or out with friends or at a party, outfits may be more revealing, more glam and extravagant. Understanding where inspiration comes from, where people get their ideas. At home In a photography studio Unique places around London. -Camden Town -Portobello Market -Oxford Street -Convent Garden There will be a great mix in music played throughout the video depending on who I interview and what is going on at that specific moment. The music will try to convey the fashion style. A large gap between the target audience means that they may all be interested in different music genres so I am going to keep a balance in order to keep everyone involved and entertained. R&B, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Indie, Jazz, Dance Text will be minimal as it is video. Popular and favoured artists such as Beyoncé will be played. However, it can not be too varied as this may risk losing a huge part of my target audience. Text will include names of people talking, names of places in which I film and indicators of were items of clothing are from as people model. These will all be presented as a footer across the page.
  19. 19. Analysis of technical programmes that will be used CAMERA •As part of the production process to creating my moving image I am going to use my Sony NEX-3, 14.2 megapixel digital camera and video recorder. My aim is to achieve a finished product of high quality that will appeal to my young target audience and attract their attention through its stylised look therefore, using a professional camera is defiantly a great stepping-stone in doing this. Furthermore, because of its 18-55mm lens, the NEX-3 is optically stabilised to protect the blurring affect of camera shake when shooting handheld. So this further allows me to keep my video recording neat and professional. Also, with its many affects I can change the picture display for it to match the fashion style that I represent. Moreover, its practical zoom makes it easy for me to move into different shots for example from a long shot to a mid- shot then a close up to an extreme close-up. MEMORY CARD •With my camera and video recorder, I will need an empty SD memory card with a minimum of 32GB space available on it. Having an empty memory card means that all of my content will be in one place where I can access it at any time. Having a large amount of space allows me to record as much content as I would like without having to stress or worry. I can keep organised and it can be easily connected my Apple Mac computer without the use of a USB cable being attached and without me having to bring in my camera. IMOVIE •As part of the post-production, I will be using iMovie, a video editing application available on the Apple Mac computer, to edit and put together my video. I have used iMovie on two previous occasions so I know that I will be confident in using the application as I am used to the features of it and the process of how to successfully put together my finished product without too much difficulty or hesitation. From previous experience, I am assure that iMovie has all the features such as a split screen were two videos or more are playing on one screen which is a feature that I want to use in my production. Also video transitions of many different styles are available to make the video flow and look neat. Bela Hoxha 20
  20. 20. Your Times, Your Life Brief 1: Moving Image Produce video content of between one and three minutes in duration for the e- magazine Your Times, Your Life. The video must be appropriate for the target audience of young people (12-18 years) and the theme of youth culture. The video could contain interviews, reports, investigations, dramatisations or any other relative content. Bela Hoxha 21 THEPITCH
  21. 21. Audience • My product of the moving image is aimed at young girls within the age range of 12 years old up to the age of 18 years old • Issues my audience present: my target audience are quite discerning and less willing to pay for content as they are young and the majority of my audience not within the age to work so therefore, not even able to pay for it even if they were willing to. Also, they are harder to impress in terms of finding a topic or issue that targets their interests and attracts their attention. • How will this issue be solved? My moving image will be available free of charge on an online web page of Your Times, Your Life. • I have plans for the video to be available via a mobile app through both Android and Apple. Many young people have access to smart phones so, they can watch the video on their mobile whenever and wherever. The use of mobile platforms will immediately appeal to this target audience. Bela Hoxha 22
  22. 22. Similar real-world products Teen Vogue •It is interesting with both an educational element to it as well as the entertainment factor •It is inspiring •It is short and neatly edited •It does portray youth culture to a small extent •It is a celebration of the student’s personal style and what her fashion style represents from her perspective – in other words, what it reflects •It is an expression of her individuality •Her fashion style is different and unique but at the same time, it can relate to many upcoming trends that my target audience follow and are interested in Bela Hoxha 23
  23. 23. Project Overview Theme & Idea: My decision for this project is to focus it on fashion. I undertook many research techniques and ‘health and beauty’ was the most popular among my target audience however, I believe that health and beauty does not fit the brief as well as fashion does. My aim is to make my moving image represent youth culture and fashion would do this perfectly. I have undertaken a lot of research involving my target audience based on fashion in order to ensure myself that my audience appeal to my finished product and that I produce something that they will love. Impact: I will use a variety of content within my video from interviews, investigations, images and interactive content such as competitions. I will be doing this to ensure that boredom is minimised but also, to keep my moving image entertaining and interesting. Bela Hoxha 24
  24. 24. Stylistic Considerations Music: •I will be using a song that is new within the charts, fresh and urban so that it appeals to my target audience. •It will also need to be appropriate for the e- magazine so lyrics must be clean. •In some way or another, the rhythm of the video must flow with my video so that it looks coordinated and in sync. •Therefore, the song that appears to be number 1 in the charts would not be as appropriate as it would not sound correct when played along side my video. Hideaway by Kiesza would be more appropriate and appealing as it has a good rhythm, it is up beat and would sound good with the flow of my own production. •Summer by Calvin Harris would also sound cool and it would definitely appeal to my target audience. Bela Hoxha 25
  25. 25. What do I aim to achieve? • I would like to produce a finished product that is entertaining but also inspiring for my target audience. I would like my product to leave my audience feeling like they have learnt something new about fashion by the end of the three minutes. • I aim to create something of high quality that it clear, concise and neatly edited so that my video flows well along with the chosen music and the rest of the video content. • As my target audience are of a young age, I will aim to produce something that is stylised with a variety of different camera shots and editing affects. • I would like to portray fashion as being a source of expression, creativity, art and individuality which are what my target audience defined fashion as. Bela Hoxha 26
  26. 26. Issues within my production work Problems I may encounter? •Focusing on the topic of celebrating youth culture •Collecting the correct content for my video on the right day and at the right time •Editing the video to a high standard that appeals to my target audience How will I resolve these issues? •I will ensure that I stick to the ideas that I want to portray in order to present fashion as a celebration of youth culture and individuality •Keeping a timetable of when certain sections will be filmed, who I am going to include in the production of filming and where I am going to film will aid me to be organised •Giving myself a sufficient amount of time to edit will enable me to perfect my product to mine and my audience’s desired standard Bela Hoxha 27
  27. 27. Feedback from my pitch I was extremely pleased with the feedback that I received from the presentation of my pitch. Despite being nervous, I was able to successfully deliver all of my ideas to my audience whilst they carefully listened. Once presenting my pitch to them, I was asked several questions about why I chose to do brief 1 which I was able to answer stating that once collecting data from Survey Monkey, the results concluded that the majority of my target audience would be happier to watch a video rather than read a magazine. So, therefore I decided along those results to do the moving image because as well as appealing to my audience I would have also felt more confident doing a video because I have had better experience with using iMovie than with Photoshop. A member of my audience for the pitch then stated that she liked that idea that I had chosen to do a video as she could picture my video very clearly, adding that she liked where I was going with my planning so far. I was also questioned on how I aimed to target my target audience through fashion to which, I said that I would be meeting all of the demands that I had from the interviews I had previously partaken. My target audience wanted me to do something different so that was exactly what I was going to produce. Overall, I think that it was good to listen to other opinions and collect feedback from other as it allowed me to understand what others thought of what I was planning to do and it gave me a good concept of whether I was going along the right lines. All of the comments were positive and they believed that I was in the right mind-set therefore, they thought that I would be producing a good finished product which they could not wait to view. Bela Hoxha 28
  28. 28. Production Costing Cost to hire a professional camcorder Sony HRV-Z5E: Daily Hire £65 Weekly Hire £244.17 3 Weekly Hire £500.83 Cost to hire camcorder lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Daily Hire £6.67 Weekly Hire £14.17 3 Weekly Hire £32.50 Cost for hiring a studio to film: Full Day £170 Half Day £115 Evening £125 Saturday (Full day) £185 Cost for inviting special guest Hilary Eghan: £800 as she is still young and not as famous for the cost to be too expensive Total Average Cost for production: £500.83+£32.50+£170+£800=£1503.33 Bela Hoxha 29
  29. 29. Dates and Deadlines Week 1 17/03-21/03: all non diegetic sound and voice overs will be recorded following a script Week 2 24/03-28/03: I will interview my special guest and go out to places in London to film others as well as the town itself Week 3 31/03-04/04: all production work should be looked over and any outstanding footage will be filmed and complete Week 4 07/04-11/04: editing will begin, I will start by sorting out all of my footage and eliminating any that will not be used as part of the final product Week 5 14/04-18/04: text, animations and music will be added to the video during this week Week 6 21/04-25/04: The evaluation will be complete by this week, grammar and punctuation will be looked over to ensure that everything is accurate Bela Hoxha 30
  30. 30. Scripts Initial script: Hi, I’m Bela and I am the creative director for the fashion edit of Your Times, Your Life. As we all know, there is no place like London, it sure is the heart to creativity, innovation and great inspiration. Despite the miserable weather it is a place where fashion speaks for itself and it sure speaks out loud. I am now going to explore what our great youths of today are wearing. Let us go and have a look… Part 1 as a voice over: Fashion is innovation, creativity and expression but I don’t think that fashion would be anything without our great youths. Today, I am going to visit Hilary Eghan, our great star and potentially one of the biggest fashion designers to come. At the age of just 16, she has come so far. Lets see what else she has to say. Part 2 at the end of the video introducing the competition: You have now seen Hilary’s progression and it is now your turn to get involved. We are giving you the chance to win an ultimate week of work experience with Hilary herself and some of the biggest fashion guru’s out there. All you need to do is to send us an email telling us why you are worthy of this position along with a portfolio of some of your work. The details are listed on the Your Times Your Life website. Just visit, for the details. We wish you the best of luck! Bela Hoxha 31