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Vegetarian fact file

  1. 1. Vegetarian Fact FileRebekah Asquith
  2. 2. Demographics• It is said that the percentage of vegetarians that are female is 59%.This of course tells us that the percentage of vegetarians that aremale is 41%. These statistics tell me that even though the amountsare 2% different, my product should be more successful if I were toaim my recipe cards at females.• The percentage of vegetarians that are aged 18 to 34 is 42%, theage from 35 to 54 is 41% and the percentage over the age of 55 is17%. This tells me that my product would be most effective andappealing to people aged anywhere from 18 to 54, seeing as that isthe is the largest portion of people who are vegetarian.• The countries where there are the most percentage of vegetariansin their population are (from highest to lowest): India, Taiwan, Italy,Brazil, the UK and Germany. India is most likely to have the highestpercentage of vegetarians because religions such as Buddhism andHinduism are popular there. Both religions encouragevegetarianism by believing in non-violence and harmonious livingbetween all living things.
  3. 3. Demographics…continued• The countries that have the least amount of vegetarians in theirpopulations are: Portugal, Poland, China, Denmark and the CzechRepublic.• I would say that the main social status of vegetarians is middle class. Thisis because they have the money to contemplate going on diets and eatinghealthy and maybe more exotic foods that poorer people could not afford,they will just eat what they can get. ‘Individuals on higher incomes weremore likely to be vegetarian (7% of those with a household income of over£44,000 per annum compared to 2% of those with an income of less than£14,999 per annum).’ This was taken from• Vegetarians are socially conscious. This means that they are people whotake pride in having an anti-materialistic attitude that may or may not besupported in reality. There are many people who are againstvegetarianism and will not support the views of vegetarians, vegans or anyother diet that is not considered ‘normal’.
  4. 4. Definition of the terms ‘vegetarian’ &‘vegan’• A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat,for moral, religious or health reasons and evensometimes for weight loss and weightmaintenance.• A vegan is a person who does not eat or use anyproduct that has come from an animal such ashoney, eggs, milk. People choose to be vegan forsome of the same reasons as vegetarians, such asmoral or religious reasons.
  5. 5. Different kinds of vegetarianism• There are different diets to vegetarianism, such as:• Pescetarian: This diet allows people to eat fish and shellfish but noother meat is allowed.• Pollo-Pescetarian: People will only eat white meat as it is high inprotein. This type of diet is good for weight loss because the dietincludes avoiding fat.• Pollotarian: A pollotarian with eat chicken and other types of poultrysuch as duck and turkey.• Flexitarian: This diet is plant based with the occasional and rareinclusion of meat products.• Fruitarian: This diet allows the consumption of fruits, nuts and seedswithout the inclusion of any meat products, vegetables and grains.• Lacto Vegetarian: This is a is a vegetarian diet that includes dairyproducts such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, but excludeseggs. Lacto-vegetarians also abstain from cheeses that include animalrennet and yogurts that contain gelatine. This is based mainly ofreligious beliefs.
  6. 6. Reasons for going vegetarian• The main reasons that people choose to become vegetarian in order ofpopularity among vegetarians are:1. Animal welfare 54% - People may choose to be vegetarian for the good ofanimals; they will not like the thought of eating animals and livingcreatures, this is their main motive for becoming vegetarian.2. To improve overall health 53% - Some people believe that if they becomevegetarian then their overall health will improve because they will beeating more vegetables in order to replace meats in their meals and willtherefore be taking in more vitamins etc. so their overall health willimprove.3. Environmental concerns 47% - In some cases, vegetarian and vegan dietshelp the environment. People believe that the water that is used in raisinglivestock could be used for different reasons that would benefit theenvironment. Also, when cattle are fed excessively to fatten up, theyproduce a gas called methane that contributes to global warming. Meateaters also contribute to deforestation as land is cleared for either thepurpose of raising cattle or for growing grain for cattle.
  7. 7. • Natural approaches to wellness 39% - This is because some vegetariansbelieve that turning vegetarian will give them the nutrients and vitaminsthat they need. They think it will be easier to get them by replacing themeat that they would eat with more vegetables, so that is all they areeating.• Food-safety concerns 31% - There is always a worry when eating meat thatyou can get food poisoning from it. This can be avoided by obviously noteating meat.• Weight loss 25% - Some people believe that if they become vegetarian,then they will be eating healthier and therefore will lose weight and get inshape.• Weight maintenance 24% - People also believe that once they are at aweight that they are happy to be, then by converting to vegetarianism willallow them to stay at that weight by eating more vegetables and gettingthe vitamins and nutrients that they need.
  8. 8. Religious reasons• There are religious restrictions when it comes to diet forsome people who are part of certain religions. The religionsof Hinduism and Buddhism say that vegetarianism is anideal way to promote non-violence and harmony betweenall living things. Buddhists believe that they return to earthin an afterlife as anything in the world e.g. an animal, so ifthey must practise what they would think if they were theanimal. Jews and Muslims may eat Kosher or Halal meat ifthey wish to have a meat substitution. (This is the meat ofan animal or a bird that was slaughtered according toIslamic or Jewish teachings.) If Kosher or Halal meat isntavailable, Jews and Muslims must keep a vegetarian diet.Other religious groups that avoid meat include Seventh DayAdventists and Jains.
  9. 9. Companies that target vegetarian andvegan marketsVegetarian• Quorn: Quorn is the leading brand of imitationmeat mycoprotein in the UK. Mycoprotein istaken from the fungus Fusarium venenatum.Quorn is sold largely in Europe but also in otherparts of the world and is approved by theVegetarian Society.• Some of Quorn’s products include chicken stylepieces, mince and sausages which are al madeout of the Fusarium venenatum.
  10. 10. • Vegetarian Society: The Vegetarian Society is aBritish registered charity to ‘support,represent and increase the number ofvegetarians in the UK.’ They do this byintroducing products such as recipe cards toencourage vegetarian eating. They also makedocumentaries such as ‘Devour the Earth’ andthey do a lot of work approving food productsfor vegetarians to eat.
  11. 11. • Redwood: Redwood specialise in producing foods thatare free from animal ingredients such as meat andeven gelatine; they are vegan. The produce items suchas kinder alternatives to meat and fish and also dairy-free ‘cheeses‘. ‘Were passionate about creating thevery best in natural plant-based foods.’ Taken from Theirfoods help to protect not just animals but also peopleand the environment. Their food is rich in nutrients andvitamins. They make foods such as sausages andcheeses but without using any ingredients fromanimals. Products include: Fish-style fingers, mozzarellastyle slices and chicken style pieces.
  12. 12. Vegan• Alpro: Alpro believes that a majority of the foodthat we eat should come from plants. Thecompany is planet friendly, sustainable andhealthy. They produce plant-based alternativesto milk, yoghurt and cream, meat and margarine,so that anyone and everyone could enjoydelicious plant powered foods. Products includealternatives to milk, cream and yoghurts withoutusing any ingredients that come from animalssuch as milk.
  13. 13. • Oatly: Oatly oat drinks are the natural choicefor people who want to take in nutrients andthe goodness that come from oats. The Oatlyoat drinks provide good nutrition to peoplewho can’t tolerate dairy, soya or rice milk andany other milk products. Oatly’s role is simplyto develop, produce and sell foods/drinks thatmake it a little easier for everyone to behealthy and to help vegans and vegetarians.Products include: Oatly oat alternative tocream, Oatly oat drink chocolate and oatly oatdrink organic.
  14. 14. • PETA: The People for the Ethical Treatment ofAnimals (PETA) Foundation is a UK-based charitydedicated to establishing and protecting therights of all animals. This would suggest that PETAare for the idea of vegetarianism and wouldencourage people to become vegetarians/veganseven if this is not directly stated. They startpetitions and rallies that will protest for the rightsof animals on issues such as cosmetic testing andracing. They come up with different ways to tryand convert people into becomingvegetarian/vegan such as an article on that talks about howbeing a vegan can increase your sexual stamina.
  15. 15. Food that vegetarians and veganscannot eat• Vegetarians cannot eat any red or white meat.This includes meats such as chicken, fish andbeef.• Vegans however, cannot eat any kinds of meator any products that come from animals suchas honey from bees, milk from cows andgoats, and also eggs from chickens and otherbirds.