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S4 Theme Related Art S & Beyond
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S4 Theme Related Art S & Beyond



Published in Spiritual , Education
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  • 1. YOUR BRAIN: Journal #11Q1 Do you agree withneuroscientistJ.Z.Young that theright hemisphere ofyour brain isn’treally important?Why/Why not?R.Hem isn’timportantAgreeDisagree
  • 2. YOUR BRAIN: Journal #11Q2 Which hemispheredo you default toor reply upon themost?L or R …or both?LeftRightBoth
  • 3. YOUR BRAIN: Journal #11Q3 Do you see any usein you becomingmore creative?Any UseYes, I doNo, Idont
  • 4. YOUR BRAIN: Journal #11Q4 WHAT WAS YOUREDUCATION MOSTLIKE? (NOT “What kind ofeducation do youlike most?”)L or R …or both?LeftRightBoth
  • 5. YOUR BRAIN: Journal #11Q5 Which modesounds likeyou, left-mode orright-mode?Which Mode?Left-ModeRight-Mode
  • 6. Survival &BeyondRelated ArtSession 4Ms. Beka
  • 7. Stonehenge,Wiltshire, England, c. 2000 BCE.
  • 8. MEDIAStone – 4 tons!(from Wales, 240 kmaway!)
  • 9. CONTEXTUnclear, religious?Sunset, West, Death?
  • 10. WOODHENGEUnclear, religious?Sunrise, East, Life?
  • 11. AGESANDER, ATHENODOROUS, AND POLYDORUS OFRHODES.Laocoön and HisSons,Greece,late 2nd early 1stcentury BCE.Laocoön angered Apollosby having sex withLaocoön’s wife on holyground.
  • 12. MEDIAWhite Marble(1 stone, but 7interlocking [connecting]pieces)
  • 13. Controversy!• Laocoön’s right armwas missing.• Michelangelosuggested it was bentbackward.• Others disagreed andsaid it went forward.• A contest was held torecreate the hand.• Later, the original arm(bent backward) wasfound! Michelangelowas correct!
  • 14. Chartres Cathedral,Chartres, France, 1145-1220.
  • 15. FLOORPLAN• Nave• Choir• Transepts• Faced East• St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • 16. FAMOUS!World Heritage Site: 1979Flying Buttresses – Gothic
  • 17. ROSE WINDOWSN. Transept: Glorification of Mary
  • 18. ROSE WINDOWSS. Transept: Glorification of Christ
  • 19. ROSE WINDOWSW. (Nave): Last Judgment
  • 20. MASACCIO.The ExpulsionfromParadise, Italy,1427.
  • 21. MEDIAFresco, in the BrancacciChapel, Italy
  • 22. COVER UP• 1680 – Cosimo III de’Medici, Grand Dukeof Tuscany ordered figleaves• Removed in 1980
  • 23. JOHANNESGUTENBERG.GutenbergBible, Mainz, Germany 1455.
  • 24. MEDIA• Printed with movabletype• The first major bookproduced on aprinting press
  • 25. MEDIA• Printed with movabletype• The first major bookproduced on aprinting press
  • 26. Can you read this?
  • 27. SANDRO BOTTICELLI.The Birth of Venus, Italy, c. 1482.
  • 28. MEDIATempera on canvas
  • 29. Who is Venus?• The Roman goddessof love and sexuality• The Greek goddess oflove andsexuality, also knownas Aphrodite.Self-portraitSimonetta Vespucci
  • 30. Who are thoseother people?!• Zephyrus, god ofwinds, and the gentlebreeze, Aura• Horae, goddess of theseasons
  • 31. SANDRO BOTTICELLI. The Birth of Venus, Italy, c. 1482.