Collaborative – Creative Section


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Collaborative – Creative Section

  1. 1. COLLABORATIVE WORK [CREATIVE SECTION] Due Session 13 or Session 14Step 1 Choose at least 1 Creative Activity to complete:  Option 1: Before and After This activity has two parts. Start the first part as soon as possible, and complete the second part 4 weeks later (keep your due date in mind). PART ONE: Try your best to draw the following: “Self Portrait” using a mirror (do not draw from a picture of yourself) “A Person” drawn from memory (do not use a picture of another person, just imagine them) “My Hand” draw your own hand (do not use a picture of your hand) PART TWO: Try your best to draw these 3 drawings again. Then reflect: Which drawings do you think are better (the ones before or after), and why?  Option 2: Technique Trials Attempt any 2 of the techniques listed in Further Techniques of The Sketching and Drawing Bible: An essential reference for the practicing artist. Tonal drawing; Lifting-out charcoal; Shading; Blot drawing; Stippling; Brush drawing; Line and wash; Contour drawing; Frottage; Sgraffito with color pencil; Sgraffito with oil pastel; Scraperboard; Erasing and scratching colored pencil; Burnishing and colored pencil; Masking; Impressing; White-line drawing; Wet-brushing pastel; Colored pencil on transparent paper; Markers with colored pencil; Graphite with colored pencil; Pencil and pastel; Resist techniques. Then reflect: Which technique did you enjoy or find most difficult and why?  Option 3: Upside-Down Drawings Try your best to complete 2 drawings from upside-down pictures of: (1) your face (2) a favorite person. Do not turn the picture or your paper right-side up until you’ve finished! Now draw these two drawings again, but draw them right-side up. Reflect: Which drawings are better and why?  Option 4: Art Materials in Hanoi ReviewChoosing and Using Materials in The Sketching and Drawing Bible: An essential reference for the practicing artist. Then find 4 different art materials locally. Document the address of availability/purchase. Recreate your own booklet describing each material and how to use each as your example has shown you. Take your own pictures of the materials you are using and how you used them. Your descriptions and demonstrations can be done in Vietnamese or in English. * If you do not want to create a printed version or pdf, you may opt to create a video that displays the same information.Step 2  Attempt at least 1 Creative Activity.  Document your work as a team (yes, take pictures).  If you can’t arrange for your whole team to work together (or if members want to complete different activities), each team member is responsible to document his or her own work.Step 3 Reflect upon your creation and answer the following questions individually (include these 2 answers for each of your team members in your final collaborative paper:  Do you feel more “artistic” after completion and thus, more creative?  What value does cultivating a creative life have in the business world?