14 Ways to Emotionally Engage users with your Product


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14 Ways to Emotionally Engage users with your Product. How to build engagement? How to build gamification?

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14 Ways to Emotionally Engage users with your Product

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  2. 2. Is Gamification = Building Features? Gamification = Emotional Engagement How to get users to emotionally engage with your product?
  3. 3. Expression #1 People love to express themselves. Enable it.
  4. 4. Expression Allow users to express themselves. Allow users to express themselves anonymously. Tip: ‘Expression’ is used as a core use-case in product
  5. 5. Acknowledgement #2 People love getting acknowledged. With Interactions & Endorsements
  6. 6. Acknowledgement Help people getting acknowledgements. They love it. Tip: ‘Acknowledgements’ --> User Notifications --> Engagement Recommendations & Endorsements Retweets & Replies Likes & Comments Upvotes + Comments Love + Reposts
  7. 7. Exclusivity #3 People love being privileged. Make it exclusive.
  8. 8. Exclusivity Make it Exclusive. No one likes the feeling of being left out. Tip: ‘Exclusivity’ works best for initial referral program for driving sign-ups Only existing user can inviteGmail Invites to Signup Get in queue to get accessApply for Access
  9. 9. Being Cool #4 People want to be Cool. People want others to know they are Cool.
  10. 10. Being Cool Make your users look cool when they share your product Tip: ‘Being Cool’ will help you drive Sharing on Social networks Cool Short (Creative) VideosShare Pic + Selfie
  11. 11. Nostalgia #5 People have memories. Sweet memories. Remind them about it.
  12. 12. Nostalgia Remind users about some of the best times they have experienced Tip: ‘Nostalgia’ helps get back old users. Revives interest of old users. Can be used once in a year, on special occasions. Reminds of special moments 8th Anniversary: First Tweet 2014: Year in Review
  13. 13. Curiosity #6 People want to know. They fear on losing out. Keep them curious.
  14. 14. Curiosity Keep users curious. Keep them looking for more. Tip: ‘Curosity’ in products helps you increase repeat usage. Who viewed my profile? Trigger curiosity for readers through Post Titles Catching up with Timeline
  15. 15. Competitiveness #7 People love to compete with others. Sense of achievement. Make it happen.
  16. 16. Competitiveness Drive users to compete with friends / others Tip: ‘Competitiveness’ leads to greater engagement. Though it’s novelty in private group is lost after some time. Leaderboards w/t Friends I have a better answer! Leaderboard w/t Friends Programming Challenges
  17. 17. Stay Organized #8 People love to organize things. Organize everything. Make it happen.
  18. 18. Stay Organized Give users stuff that they want to sort / organize. Tip: ‘Stay Organized’ helps your users spend more time on your product. It could soon become a habit. Organize pins / interests / stuff you love Organize your notes Organize Fashion Contacts & Calendars Never ending struggle to organize
  19. 19. Importance #9 People love to feel Important. Its about them. Their identity. Show off.
  20. 20. Importance Make your users feel important about themselves. Tip: ‘Importance’ feeling ensures users sharing it with others. Talking about it. Results in viral marketing (Others feel – I want it too) My Professional Achievements My views. My Opinions Checkin: I am here now My Social Summary
  21. 21. Authority #10 People love to display their authority on a topic. Give them opportunity.
  22. 22. Authority Help create authority for users. Users want to be influencers. Tip: ‘Authority’ is the importances others in a community or forum assign you. Users will spend time to get their. Increases engagement & time spent. Authority by Topics For Programmers For Hackers For Geeks
  23. 23. Visual #11 People love stunning visuals. Its a powerful emotion.
  24. 24. Visual Visuals create impact. Don’t miss on it. Tip: ‘Visual’ is a substitute to all unsaid emotions. Use well when your product is built around pictures & photographs. First photography product. Personal Emotions Professional Photographer Community
  25. 25. Freebies #12 People love Freebies. Badges. Credits. It all works.
  26. 26. Freebies Freebies work. Make use of them correctly. Tip: ‘Freebies’ Use it only for one purpose. Use it right. Credits for Upvotes Badges for Check-In Credits to Refer Friends Advertising Credits Advertising Credits
  27. 27. Money #13 People want to make Money. People want to receive Money.
  28. 28. Money Money is one of the strongest emotions. Portray it positively. Tip: ‘Money’ – Receiving / Making money is positive. Giving away is negative. Bloggers earn money Receive money from anyone Get paid for free-time work Raise money for your projects Make money by selling digital goods
  29. 29. Sex #14 People want Companions. People want Dates. People want Sex.
  30. 30. Sex Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Tip: ‘Sex’ – Keep the product simple. Don’t over engineer. Helps you find a Date Helps you find a Date Helps you find a Date
  31. 31. Concluding Notes 1. People don’t love your product. They emotionally engage with it 2. Use max 2-3 emotions per product. One core emotion 3. Don’t exploit users. Be subtle.
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