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Twitter currently only provides trending at a particular location. This idea is about figuring out what is hot among just your friends.

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Twitter trends for friends

  1. 1. Top Treading of Twitter Friends Guangqinag Li, Ye Wang
  2. 2. Outline• Overview of Twitter• Motivation• Top Trending based on Tweet Rank• Demo• Conclusion
  3. 3. Overview of Twitter• Write status• A Tweet
  4. 4. Overview of Twitter• See/reply friends’ status
  5. 5. Overview of Twitter• Discuss over the same topic through Hashtag
  6. 6. Overview of Twitter• Top Trending• Deficiency – User can only customize trending based on locations. – Many of them are not interesting to users.
  7. 7. Motivation• Allow user to see the top trending of friends• How to define “Hot” topics among friends? – Term Frequency – Tweet Rank • Hashtag • Replies
  8. 8. Tweet Rank• Create a Tweet Graph – Reply: like citation Tweet 2 Tweet 1
  9. 9. Tweet Rank• Create a Tweet Graph – Hashtag: implies the same topic
  10. 10. Tweet Rank• Create a Tweet Graph• Rank tweets using Tweet Graph – Similar to PageRank algorithm – Outcome: Rank Vector of all tweets
  11. 11. Tweet Rank• Every tweet has a score – Between 0 to 1 – This’s Tweet Rank• The random walk 33% 33% T1 33% – Start at a random tweet – Follow an out edge with equal probability• Calculate Tweet Rank, such that each tweet has a real-time (in 24 hours) popularity rate
  12. 12. Teleport• Isolated tweet – Not replied; not reply to others; no hashtag – Still possible this tweet is related to some hot topic.• Assign a random probability for isolated tweet to all other tweets
  13. 13. Retweet• Send an existing tweet (of others) around – Can be considered as a new tweet of a user
  14. 14. Term Rank• Intuition: terms in a tweet with higher rank is more important• Adjacency list: terms and term frequency in each tweet. – Term List<<tweet_id, term-frequency>>• Scoring Scheme for each term: The sum of the multiplication of the logarithm of each Term Frequency (tf>0) and its TweetRank score   (1  log TermFrequency ) * (TweetRank ), i  TweetList i n
  15. 15. Top Trending• Terms with top ranking are Top Trending (i.e. hot topic) – More frequently appear in User and user’s friends tweets/retweets – Hot Hashtag may be cited by many tweets. – Replied by many people.
  16. 16. Use of Twitter API• Jtwitter A small library providing easy access to the Twitter API• Twitter – getFriendsTimeline()• Twitter.Status – id – inReplyToStatusId
  17. 17. Demo• Scenario: Ye 1. Hello, I am fresh. Aries Jane 1. #Finalexam is 2. @Aries Good 1. Welcome, fresh~ coming. Luck on your finals 2. @Ye I took a long 3. On, My 2. Yes, I am. So to prepare Algorithm #finalexam is where are you from? 3. @Ye Dijkstra coming too, sad~ 3. Tomorrow go to Algorithm is important! 4. @Jane Tks, Jane. DisneyLand! 4. Reviewing Prim’s Are you fresh,too? 4. DisneyLand is a Algorithm 5. @Jane I am a magical place!! 5. Reviewing Bread- Chinese, you? First Algorithm 5. @Ye I am also a 6. @Jane I am glad Chinese. 6. Reviewing Depth- to! See you~ 6. @Ye All Chinese will go Firest Algorithm 7. @Aries How do to play in Disneyland, 7. Reviewing NP- wanna join us? you prepare? Any complete tips? 7. Doing Homework~
  18. 18. Tweet Graph Aries Ye Jane 1 1 1 23 2 2 3 4 3 44 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7
  19. 19. Limitation• Twitter Limit Rate – Twitter API only allows clients to make a limited number of calls in a given hour. – API Requests: 150 per hour.• Common Words Elimination Small corpus for Common Words (60)• Top Treading is based on single words. – Better use phrase
  20. 20. Conclusion• Propose a concept of Tweet Rank• Implement this concept with Tweet Graph• Rank terms with term frequency and Tweet Rank• Calculate Top Trending of friends for a particular user – A feature that current Twitter doesn’t have – Potential business: show relevant ad based on top trending of friends