Experience Centric Interaction - Presentation Tokyo, Japan
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Experience Centric Interaction - Presentation Tokyo, Japan



Beyond Social Media,

Beyond Social Media,



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Experience Centric Interaction - Presentation Tokyo, Japan Experience Centric Interaction - Presentation Tokyo, Japan Presentation Transcript

  • Beyond „Social Media“Experience-CentricInteractionBjörn Eichstädt,Storymaker GmbHTokyo, May 28, 2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  • About Storymaker04.06.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN Seite 2
  • Björn Eichstädt Managing Partner, Storymaker Neurobiologist Digital since 1986 On World Wide Web since 1994 On Mobile Web since 2003 On Web 2.0 since 2005 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  • Social Web: Brand pages and company accounts broadcast mainly to a „mass audience“...20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 4
  • ...with questionable success rates. 1.863 / 8.071.123 = 0,000231 Like rate 18 / 8.071.123 = 0,00000223 Comment rate 84 / 8.071.123 = 0,00001041 Share rate20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 5
  • Sometimes companies will react - provided you know where to find them on the social web20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 6
  • Digital Corporate Publishing: Center of Activity Communication channel Corporate Content20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 7
  • Challenges:AttentionFocusEventExperienceMessagingThese challenges happen at different points intime (and in different spaces) for every individualactive on the social web. STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  • And: „The highly dynamic information flow within the social web creates a shortened attention span for most users.“ „Brain 2.0“ Hütter & Unkel in social-media-magazin.deSTORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  • „Das hochgradigChallenge: dynamische Angebot im SocialIncrease match rate by identifying Web bewirkt eine Verkürzung derthe moment of maximum attention. Aufmerksamkeits- spanne“Get in touch with your target Gehirn 2.0“ aus „Dasaudience at exactly thatsocial-media-magazin.de in point in Unkel von Hütter undtime (and in that space). STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  • Past: Match search with results and AdWords.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 11
  • Present: Identify current state through social monitoring. React to posts – even if you are not asked to.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 12
  • Recently, we have seen a shift from storytelling to experiences – beyond social.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 13
  • Mobile:Agent ofexperience Foto: Promo STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN
  • Event: someone listens to a song right now. Experience: someone is in a specific mood right now.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 15
  • Event: highlights a special quote Experience: gains a specific insight20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 16
  • Event: takes a picture. Experience: thinks the photo is visually stimulating.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 18
  • Digital communication platforms are Communication becoming „event hubs“ for daily life. As a result, they are becoming the operating systems for human digital experiences.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 19
  • The next generation: Enable events, channel experiences, and use moments of maximum attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 20
  • Announce events, ask about experiences, and buy attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 21
  • Use events, create experiences, and own attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 22
  • Enhance events,change experiences,and widen attention.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 23
  • Micro Event Single Experience Macro Event Group Experience20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 24
  • Future: There is a possibility that every action becomes a social event. There is a possibility that every event becomes a social action. The challenge: Transform Event, Attention and Action into one brand experience.20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 25
  • What does that mean for us?20.03.2012 STORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN 27
  • cybernautin | photocaseThe art of making success storiesSTORYMAKER GMBH TÜBINGEN from company brands