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  • 1. subtitel arial 32 cursief in onderkastOAIS compliantpreservation workflowsIn an AV-production archive17-5-2013
  • 2. Sound and Vision800.000 hours of Dutch television, film, radio and music17-5-2013
  • 3. AV-production archive17-5-2013
  • 4. National heritage archive17-5-2013Photo collectionDocumentariesAmateur film
  • 5. Digital collection factsThousands of hours added per year6 petabytes of broadcast materialHundreds of users served every day17-5-2013Automated digital workflow since 20076 petabytes of digitised analog material
  • 6. Digital risks17-5-2013- How to ensure digital material stays accessible?- IT-technology changes rapidly- Impact of failure is huge
  • 7. Digital preservation17-5-2013- Solution: long-term digital preservation- Strategic goal: become a TDR- Project for preservation workflow policies
  • 8. Digital Object management17-5-2013- Digital Object Management requirements:- Preservation metadata dictionary- Preservation workflow model
  • 9. OAISISO 14721: functional modelISO 16363: guidelines for certification17-5-2013An OAIS is an Archive […] that has accepted theresponsibility to preserve information and make itavailable for a Designated Community.
  • 10. Key concepts for preservation- Usability: Keeping the data readable for the designatedcommunity- Integrity: Keeping data from corruption:technical properties, fixity checking- Authenticity: audit-trail of actions within the digital lifecyclein preservation metadata17-5-2013
  • 11. Events and provenance- Provenance metadata is a collection of Events- Events: defined actions with Agent and Outcome savedas metadata- Provenance metadata shows the history of the object17-5-2013
  • 12. Preservation metadata dictionary- PREMIS as basis for provenance metadata and rights- Technical metadata for audio, video and still images17-5-2013Pixel widthPixel heightAspect ratioVideo codecColor space
  • 13. Preservation metadata17-5-2013Preservation metadataTechnical metadataProvenance metadata:Events and AgentsEvent AgentRights metadata
  • 14. OAIS processes: the IP-lifecycleA Producer provides aSubmission Information Packagein accordance with SubmissionAgreementsThe Archive stores theArchival Information PackageThe Designated Community requests aDissemination Information Packagein accordance with Order Agreements17-5-2013Digital Object + metadata = Information Package
  • 15. What is in a SIP?17-5-2013
  • 16. The Ingest-workflow: SIP17-5-2013ingestViruscheckFixitycheckFilecharacterisationSAvalidationQualityanalysisEvery action adds provenance metadata to the IPmetadata metadata metadata metadata
  • 17. The archival object: AIP17-5-2013To storage location
  • 18. The access workflow: DIP17-5-2013RequestAuthenticationcheckRequestsame asAIP?Copy file Fixity checkCreatenew fileDeliver DIPmetadata added to AIPmetadata added to AIP
  • 19. Object management within OAIS17-5-2013
  • 20. Important findings17-5-2013Synchronizing theory with practice- The OAIS model needs to be tailored- Acquiring a Media Asset Management-system (MAM)- Workflow policies or technical requirements?
  • 21. Important findings17-5-2013Learning, communication andcollaboration- Everyone should know their role and responsibility- A common reference framework is important
  • 22. Important findings17-5-2013Preservation from an organizationalviewpoint- No single IT-application can meet all functionalrequirements- Overview of all actions and processes within the archive- Preservation is more than just digital technology
  • 23. Questions that remain17-5-2013- What are the cost implications?- Which collections need to be preserved?- What to do with digitized legacy material?
  • 24. Project achievements17-5-2013- A foundation for digital lifecycle management- Information model (preservation workflows)- Preservation metadata dictionary- Submission/Order Agreement guidelines- Description Designated communities
  • 25. Project achievements17-5-2013- Technical requirements for Digital Object Management- Greater awareness that digital lifecycle managementinvolves all archive departments- A basis for certification for Data Seal of Approval
  • 26. Any questions?17-5-2013?