Raven’s rarities


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Items sold in my etsy store

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  • These were custom orders
  • Custom Requests
  • Custom Requests
  • Custom Requests
  • Custom Requests
  • The Mummy has glow-in-the-dark skin under his wrappings.
  • She has glow-in-the-dark skin
  • Myths and Legends. My item is in the top right corner- the sculpture of Aries
  • Handmade candle holders. My candle holder is top row, third from the left. It is a green man tea light holder.
  • Second row, second from the right. That item is Cancer the crab from astrology. It’s a clay sculpture for hanging
  • The Addams Family collection. My doll is in the second row from the top, second item.
  • A Passion For Painting Collection. My painting is in the bottom left hand corner. It’s called the Tree Spirit
  • Artfire Adorableness Collection: Second row, first item. The Mummy.
  • Fascinating Faces Collection. Second row, first item. Spirit Doll.
  • As in a dream- sage green and cream collection. Last row, last item: hand grown, hand wrapped sage bundles.
  • Characters in crochet collection: Second row from top, first item: Frodo Baggins doll.
  • Creepy Stuffies and Dolls Collection: Third row down third item in, Zombie doll.
  • Darkness Falls Collection: Third Row down, Second item in: Zombie Doll
  • Fall Constellations Collection: bottom row last item: Aries the Ram clay sculpture.
  • #3, the Leprechaun was featured in a blog by the FAETEAM for Etsy
  • Fine Art Collection: top right item: Aries the Ram sculpture
  • Goddess Within Collection: Top row, item at end: Turquoise Goddess. She was part of my Aspects of the Goddess collection.
  • Hanging Around Collection: bottom row, last item: protective eye amulet for hanging.
  • Mythology Collection: bottom right corner: Leprechaun doll.
  • Nurture of Cancer Collection: second row from top, second item in: Cancer the Crab sculpture.
  • Put A Spell On You Collection: first row at top, third item in: organic hand wrapped sage bundles.
  • Cooking it Up with Sage and Mustard Collection: second row down second item in, organic hand wrapped sage bundles
  • Smolder Collection: bottom row, second item in: organic hand wrapped sage.
  • Suzanne Collection: top row, last item: organic hand wrapped sage bundles.
  • Travel Things Collection: bottom left item: Crochet Greenman Doll
  • Winter Whites Collection: top row, third in: Aspect of the Goddess Aphrodite
  • This is my original front page to my Artfire account. I mostly concentrate on Etsy now.
  • Raven’s rarities

    1. 1. Unique Hand Made Creations by Kimberly A. Bateau http://www.etsy.com/shop/ravenshadowhawk
    2. 2. These dolls were where the creations began. The Deities were based on various God & Goddesses from several belief systems.
    3. 3. The Folktale Friends are anewer collection. There will be more coming.
    4. 4. New items are Other Items Sold being •Soy Candles experimented •Organic Herbs with:• Super Hero Dolls •Check the•Uniquely Themed website often: Plastic Bag http://www.etsy.co Holders m/shop/ravenshad •Coffee Holders owhawk •Crochet •Find me on Accessories Twitter: Ravenrarities •Find me on LinkedIn: Kimberly Bateau
    5. 5. This was my oldbusiness. I’ve just recentlychanged it to Raven Rarities
    6. 6. There are many more items that have not been listed but do appear in my Etsy shop. All items are unique as I make them byhand from my own patterns. If you want to stop in a take a look, Iwelcome you. If you’re someone who has bought from me, please leave me some feedback! Thank you!