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  • Hi everyone. This is <your name>, and [tonight, today] I’ll be showing you a quick overview of the Empower Network. Throughout this presentation I’ll be giving you an inside look into how this organization is changing lives by helping people create more time, freedom, and finances to do the things they love. This is an awesome business and the stories that are being created are amazing. People from all industries and walks of life are building and growing through this awesome company. (*OPTIONAL* Tell a little story about yourself. Who you are? Why you joined Empower Network. Any personal success. 2-5 mins tops) So without further ado let’s jump right in. .
  • What is the Empower Network? Before we get into what the Empower Network is, let’s talk a little about what it’s not. First and foremost, contrary to what some believe, the Empower Network is NOT a multilevel marketing company. The Empower Network is an affiliate program. I’ll explain more about that in a bit. The primary purpose of the Empower Network is to get marketers - regardless of company, regardless of industry - back to the basics of working again. People have become stagnant in their businesses – attending webinar after webinar, conference after conference, purchasing a number of products that promised to deliver but never did. Forever stuck in training mode, no one was doing any income producing activities, which ultimately resulted in no one generating income. So Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood got together and created what I like to refer to as the ultimate marketing system. It’s an affiliate program that’s built around the idea of teaching new marketer, and re-teaching the more seasoned marketers, how to use the internet to make money online to fund their primary businesses and other activities. The Empower Network is designed to make doing business online easier by removing the technical aspects such as building lead capture pages, designing websites, and the like. It’s a simplistic system with three basic steps: blog daily, share your posts and information about the business, and get paid. The best part about this system is that unlike many others, the Empower Network pays its affiliates 100% commissions – any sales that are made go directly to you. That in itself is worth its weight in gold!
  • The Empower Network is an affiliate program. Let’s talk a little about what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate Marketing by definition is a marketing practice where a business, in this case the Empower Network, rewards one or more affiliates – YOU - for each customer you refer who purchases their product or system. We all do some form of referring whether it is to our friends, family, or business associates. How many times have you gone to see a movie, eaten at a restaurant or tried a new product that was so awesome you had to tell everyone you knew about it? Normally these companies don’t pay you for doing that, yet they reap the benefits of those people going to try them out based on your recommendation. If I tell someone, “Hey go check out the new Will Smith movie” Will Smith doesn’t send me a check and neither does the studio that produced that movie. What the Empower Network has done is they’ve said, “Hey, we have this awesome system and instead of us paying big advertisers we’re going to pay you, the small business owner, the independent marketer to help us promote.” There is power in referrals. Even some of the larger corporations are now starting to implement affiliate programs. Most of them, however, will only pay pennies on the dollar; although their earning potential is much higher. The Empower Network makes it a win-win by paying you what your referral is worth. When you put in 100% of the time and energy to spread the word, they are going to pay you 100% of the commission. It’s a win-win.
  • So how does the Empower Network work? The Empower Network is a simplistic system with only 3 components: Blog Daily. Share. Get Paid. The Empower Network is a plug & play system, and everything you need to get started comes with the basic membership. No domains or hosting to purchase, no need to hire graphic designers, no lead capture pages to build or buy. Nothing. It all comes standard in the system. So here’s what you get: A built-for-you WordPress blog complete with your affiliate links strategically placed so that no matter where a visitor clicks, they will be taken to your site where they can purchase the system. A High Authority Site built to drive traffic and give you mass exposure. A Lead Capture Page and complete sales funnel. Let’s stop here for a second. When you become a member of the Empower Network you get an affiliate link that, when clicked, automatically prompts the visitor to enter their email which will be stored in your AWeber or Get Response autoresponder account - ultimately building your list. All the leads that come in go directly to you, enabling you to continuously email those people with information about the Empower Network system. These are your leads for life whether you stay with Empower Network or decide to go a different route (which of course, we hope you don’t). Once their name is entered, they are taken to another page with a highly converting video where the founders of Empower Network give a brief overview of what the system is and what it can do for that person should they decide to join. From there, they are prompted to make a decision and ultimately lead to a page where they can sign into your business immediately. No pressure on your end of flagging down leads, everything is done for you in a clean professional way. The Empower Network also comes with licensing to 3 unique products to use in your own business and sell to others which we’ll cover shortly. And I can’t emphasize this enough but again, all of this and the Empower Network pays out 100% commission!!! While there are no magic secrets to generating income online, the Empower Network shortens the learning curve by providing complete access to the success techniques of many top income-producing leaders in the internet marketing industry.
  • The Empower Network has 3 unique products members can take advantage of. The Basic Membership. This is the entry level product that comes with the blogging system itself as well as 8 basic training videos and corresponding PDF files that will teach you the basics of generating income through blogging and by using the Empower Network System. The Inner Circle Membership takes it one step further by providing more in depth training. At this level, weekly training is presented from the Empower Network’s top income earners where they spill the secrets to their success. The Costa Rica Mastermind is to top tier of the company. This membership is where the company leadership gets down and dirty really giving up the goods on selling success secrets, how to position yourself as a leader, how to get people to buy stuff and creating money out of thin air. The value that’s being offering in the Costa Rica Mastermind is top notch training that normally would cost someone thousands of dollars in private coaching, time, and travel costs to receive. The training that’s being offered in the Empower Network is designed to get you results if you take advantage of being offered. It eliminates the guess work and gives you the truth about what’s working and how to implement specific strategies into your business.
  • To assess whether or not Empower Network is for you, ask yourself these questions: What are some of the things you want to accomplish? Do you have your own business? Are you partnered with a company that promotes products and services? Do you need a network? Whether your answers were yes or no to any of the questions, the Empower Network was designed to be a solution to the challenges you face in doing business online. It’s no secret that this economy sucks. Everyday people are losing their jobs, and homes, or they are in danger of it. As a result, many are hopping online in hopes of securing some type of freedom plan. The competition is fierce. Gone are the days when you can just have an awesome product. These days it’s all about leveraging others to help you stand out. The Empower Network is perfect for the person just hopping online wanting to get their feet wet, as well as for those who may be struggling; and even those who are doing fine but need an extra push.
  • The great thing about the Empower Network is that is for any and everyone. Regardless of industry, real estate, finance, culinary, internet marketing, network marketing – anyone can use the Empower Network system to drive traffic to their sites and earn income. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in business for years. If you want to succeed online, you need not just a blog, but a well designed marketing system in place. The Empower Network provides that for you without you having to learn and entirely new skill set or trade. You can use it as is or with whatever you’re doing right now.
  • The Empower Network is more than your average affiliate program. If nothing else shows this, the commission payout should. Most companies on average pay their affiliates about 30-40%. While there are some that pay a little more, rarely will you find one that is willing to pay the amount that your referral is worth. The Empower Network pays 100% instant commission, meaning that as soon as a purchase is made through your site, payment goes right to your PayPal or merchant account, such as The Basic and Inner Circle Memberships are recurring with 30 day cycles which means that every 30 days you will receive a payment from those you’ve sponsored keep your money flowing continuously. One thing to note is that the founders of the company are about promoting only what you – yourself - have used. As a result of this belief you will only be able to sell products which you personally own. This keeps the integrity of both the company and you as a salesperson.
  • The Empower Network is more than just an affiliate provides personal development, access to inner circle training where members can tap in to the strategies and tactics of top income earners, as well as a fast start library with step by step tools for success. With each membership comes a level of personal development. Depending on which products you own the depth of that training will be greater. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have joined companies in the past that promised to increase my sills or provide me with the type of training that would propel me further. Once in, I found that the training being offered was only good for that particular business. I couldn’t use it anywhere else. With the Empower Network, the skills you learn are transferrable anywhere. It includes everything from mindset and personal development to specific strategies that can be implemented, not just in the Empower Network, but in your primary business as well. Again, you get access to: Personal Development An Inner Circle Training Center A Fast Start Library with tools for success Weekly training calls And the ability to forge partnerships and build relationships with some of the top people in the industry. The bottom line is that the Empower Network is giving you access to some of the major marketing strategies; putting you around positive mindset and actually giving you a lot of personal development, sales training and putting you in a culture of people of like-minds.
  • Now, if you’ve dealt with feeling overwhelmed, dealt with the technical challenges of trying to setup a website or trying to develop a lead capture page, getting frustrated because you’re putting so much energy into something, wasting tons of money and not getting your return on investment...And you’ve also had to deal with system creation, trying to figure out how to even start building online when you don’t have a background on any of these technical aspects, the Empower Network will eliminate those challenges. There’s no system to create – it’s already done for you, and no extensive time commitment other than those things that will benefit you immediately such as blogging and marketing your business. The Empower Network rids you of those non-income producing activities and puts you back in the position to do the things you want to do. If you’ve EVER struggled with any of this, I want to share with you what Empower Network is and why we’re here to counteract every challenge you’ve ever had before on your pursuit to try and get involved in this industry.
  • So I talked a lot about how the Empower Network pays out 100% commission. Let’s go over how the pay structure works: The Empower Network compensation plan is based on a PowerLine structure. What that means is that for your first 6 sales on every product you keep numbers 1, 3, and 5. Your 2 nd , 4 th , 6 th and every 5 th person after that passup to your sponsor. Passups are a way of saying thank you to your sponsor for introducing you to the Empower Network. Because you keep 100% of the commission of your sales, passups help keep your sponsor engaged in your success. Passups are also a great way to keep you engaged, as you receive the passups from those you sponsor as well. Again this system is designed to be a win-win for everyone.
  • The Empower Network is a blogging platform, training center and sales funnel that teaches internet marketers how to generate income online without all the technical stuff. There are 3 unique products offered in the Empower Network - #1 Plug and Play Blogging Platform, #2 Inner Circle Training, #3 Costa Rica Mastermind. So what’s the cost to get involved? Of course, that’s the magical question. To get access to our blogging platform, it’s a simple $25 drop in the bucket membership. You get an already pre-established blogging platform, that not just endorses your niche in your business, but it also promotes your affiliate link to the Empower Network to help you begin to generate additional sales and get some of that ‘right now’ money for sharing this amazing network with other people. We also have the Inner Circle, and this is where you get inside the brains of those who have had success, gradually seeing massive sources of income. Those who have been implementing these things for years, and they’re giving you shortcuts to do it yourself in your business in a way that you probably won’t find out here on the Internet for this minimal investment for you. And then the developer of this system, he is a genius. I tell people he’s like a combination of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, because he’s great at dissecting things to understand what it takes to maximize and truly get to the top of whatever it is that he pursues. Whether it’s at the top of the search engines or the top of his company or the biggest, largest amount of sales and customers. He’s also aware of trends and things that people need that really work. He believes in results. He believes in giving everyone an equal playing field to play on despite their background and their level of technical knowledge and that’s what he’s done with the Costa Rica Mastermind . It’s giving you access into the advanced concepts of Internet marketing training that will truly skyrocket your business, your interest, taking whatever it is that you have to a totally different level. It is definitely worth getting your hands on because, like I tell people, I heard a quote many years ago. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis said that if she ever went bankrupt, all she would have to do is go to one of the highest, most expensive restaurants on Wall street, sit down and order a glass of water, and listen to the conversations of people around her and she would come out a wealthy woman. And what she meant was the level of influence, knowledge and impact that stood in that restaurant was so powerful that all she had to do was get access to the information and she will be able to go out and implement it and become a wealthy woman. That’s what this platform has established. The information, the insight, the knowledge and the things that you will be able to get access to is so valuable for your future, because you will be able to take this information and turn it a million and one ways and make it extremely profitable. It’s like developing a skill or a trade that no one can ever take from you that will always be in demand. So we talk about making money as a bonus, but when we talk about having access and exposure, this is the true icing on the cake that will separate you from 97% of the others out there, who are just dreamers while you become a doer. You’ll become that person that lives out the vision and you will also become an influential person to everyone around you because now you have access to the secrets. So we’ll talk about the benefits of the Empower Network. What are they? Number 1, you get to position yourself to receive 100% commissions. The way that works is you setup a merchant account the minute you join. And when you start exposing others to it, you actually get paid directly from them into your account the same day. And we also have something called the Pass Up System. What this means is every person that’s referred, because everyone’s getting paid 100% commissions into their own account, as a means of saying thank you to the person you introduced or whatever you use the affiliate that introduced them into the system. There are a certain amount of people that they introduce into the system that is just simply passed up to you and you get those pass ups as a 100% commissions into your bank account. The beautiful thing about this is residual income. This is an instant transaction, but it’s also a membership, which means that you’re going to be able to get residual income monthly from the members. And this is so phenomenal because not only are you going to make a one-time commission, but you are guaranteed almost every single month considering that this person puts this to use and get immersed into the community and finds the value. You also get access to the wealth and the knowledge. It’s going to put you in a network where the information that you learned will be so substantial and so powerful that no one can ever take this away from you. You’ll always have the skills and a million ways to turn this into income. In addition, you have the empowerment of the people around you and you’ll be a part of a revolution, guys, where you change and impact the lives of others.
  • There has been a lot of comparison between the Empower Network and other systems. While there are great systems out there, there are some distinct differences between them and the Empower Network. First is cost. One system in particular has two levels of membership – basic with a cost of $49.97 and their platinum membership which is $99.97. The Empower Network has two recurring level memberships – the basic at $25 and the inner circle membership at $125. While the other system pays out $9 per sale, the Empower Network pays you the exact amount of the product that was purchased for either $25 or $125. Empower Network pays instant commissions either to your PayPal or merchant account, while the other system pays out monthly by check. In terms of set up, other systems require a good amount of technical knowledge. Depending on your level of expertise it can take a number of hours to get everything set up and working properly. The Empower Network requires no technical skill. Upon the purchase of just the basic membership you can log in and begin blogging immediately. While both systems come with a complete funnel system and weekly training, the Empower Network requires a few hours per day in terms of time committed; while other systems require 6 months minimum to see any real results. Again, this is not to down another organization. There are other awesome systems out there, but there are very distinct differences and I wanted to make sure you understood the basics of what you get with both.
  • Now even after hearing everything I stated - the benefits and the value Empower Network brings - some of you may still be wondering, why you should join Empower Network. The answer to that question is a fairly simple one. By being a part of the Empower Network in addition to receiving a one-of-a-kind super-charged marketing system, you gain access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs where you can build positive relationships, share your triumphs, learn and grow from each other. There are people just like you, from all walks of life in the Empower Network. Some making money online for the first time, some making the most money they ever have made, and some who have been making money but are using this as a vehicle to help their friends, family and business partners see success. There’s something for everyone here. Another reason you should join our network is the training you’ll receive. The strategies that are being taught in the Empower Network are some of the best and most results-oriented you’ll find. These are not just random people, but industry giants with proven success. All of this is included in the Empower Network.
  • A lot of people, when they hear the term blogging, get a little intimidated about writing. Horrific images of elementary school pop into their minds, or those dreaded feelings of doing final exams in high school and college resurface. The thing that most people don’t realize is that the way of the new business world is headed towards blogs, particularly for the small business owner. With so many people flocking to the internet, you have to have something other than a static website to stand out from the competition. A blog is simply your personal website. Instead of a landing on a generic site, your visitors will land on one that gives them an inside look to what you are about – your interests, you niche, and your company. Blogging is the number one way to gain massive exposure and brand recognition, and again, the great thing about the Empower Network is that it’s a plug & play system which allows you to focus more time on building your brand through blogging and less on the technical aspects that come with creating a blog.
  • Google is the number one site in the world, and the first place people go when seeking information. Think about it. When searching for information online, what’s the first thing you do? You head to Google correct? Or if someone asks you a question, to which you don’t know the answer, you tell them to Google it. When you enter information into the Google search bar and hit enter, the results you see are the blogs and websites of others that contain the information you’re looking for. As it pertains to your business, when you blog you are enabling your site to be found by people searching for results. As your site begins to increase in the amount of traffic it receives and the more valuable content you provide, the more credibility you’ll begin to build as an expert. Even more. When you blog about topics that people are actively searching for, Google takes notice as begins to view your site as one of importance and pushes you up in their search rankings which increases the chance of people finding you.
  • The Empower Network is designed to bring a ton of traffic to your site through the use of a ridiculously matured domain. The behind the scenes processes that are taking place are designed to get you on the first page of Google, and help you dominate and attract the traffic you need to get exposure. Remember this is a done-for-you system. The founders have gone above and beyond to ensure that you receive tons of value through training and tons of traffic through this unique community that is leveraging the power of one supersized domain. This is about showing you how to turn your passions into profits and how to find your purpose. It’s about creating freedom. Don't just take my word for it; listen to some of the testimonials of others who have been successful in the Empower Network.
  • In this section, several success stories are shared to show proof that this really does work. Be sure to highlight these stories and share how this can become their own story, if they leap forward!
  • So what does it take to get started? Get back with the person that invited you here. Share and spread the word with others that you know, but get your merchant account setup as soon as possible; because the faster you get that done, and the more you share this with others, the more people you get signed up, the sooner you’ll get paid. Get signed up today. Don’t wait any longer and expect to succeed. Here is your chance to create your own success story by partnering with us today. College kids, stay at home moms, part time marketers and entrepreneurs of all niches and markets are plugging in to the Empower Network to build their business and make more money online. To get started go to Believe that you can win. We’re happy to have you on the team and we want to thank you in advance for joining us for this brief presentation. If you want to learn more about our compensation plan, then we’ll see you on the other side as soon as you join, and you’ll know exactly what it takes to show you the money. Have a great day! Thanks again for joining us. Bye!
  • Begin2win

    1. 1. Presented by Terry Clark Team Begin2WIN
    2. 2. 22 A COMMUNITY that trains new marketers how to leverage the internet without the overwhelm and technical stuff A WAY TO MAKE MONEY to fund your current business An AFFILIATE PROGRAM paying 100% commissions INSTANTLY!
    3. 3. 33 What is AFFILIATE MARKETING?  Power of paying people to REFER their services  The ability to EARN is much greater online
    4. 4. 44 Plug ‘n play viral BLOGGING SYSTEM Fully hosted & functional WORDPRESS BLOG High AUTHORITY SITE to drive traffic Lead CAPTURE PAGE and sales funnel LICENSING to 3 unique products 100% affiliate COMMISSIONS paid instantly
    6. 6. 66 Ask yourself : 1.What are some of the things you want to accomplish? 2.Do you have your own business? 3.Are you partnered with a company that promotes products and services 4.Do you need a network?
    7. 7. 77 Affiliate MarketersAffiliate Marketers Network MarketersNetwork Marketers Newbie Internet MarketersNewbie Internet Marketers Veteran MarketersVeteran Marketers Small Business OwnersSmall Business Owners
    8. 8. 88 OTHER Commission Rate Average 30-40% 100% Payout Cycle Minimum 30 Days None Payment Method Check PayPal or Merchant Account Pay Frequency Once Per Month Instant
    9. 9. 99  Personal development  Access to Inner Circle Training Center  Fast start library with step by step tools for success  Weekly training calls  Partnerships & relationships  Personal development  Access to Inner Circle Training Center  Fast start library with step by step tools for success  Weekly training calls  Partnerships & relationships
    10. 10. 1010  Overwhelm  Technical Stuff  Frustration  Wasting Money with NO ROI  System Creation  Time Commitment
    11. 11. 1111 POWERLINE PAY STRUCTURE PASS UP SYSTEM As you enroll there is a number of people that roll up to your sponsor as a thank you! You will get same benefit as you build You keep sales 1, 3, 5; sales 2, 4, 6 go to sponsor and every 5th sale after that.
    12. 12. 1212 $25per month $100per month $500 (1X) ALL IN = SUCCESS
    13. 13. 1313 OTHER SYSTEMS EMPOWER NETWORK Investment $49.97 - $99.97/month $25 - $125/month Commissions $9/sale $25 - $125/sale Pay frequency Monthly Instantly Payment method Check PayPal/merchant account Set up Technically intense No technical skills required Additional costs Yes Autoresponder (optional but recommended) Sales funnel Yes Yes Pay 30 days Immediate Training Weekly Weekly Time commitment 6 months minimum A few hours per day
    14. 14. 1414 Do you want to be surrounded by other ENTREPRENEURS? Do you have STABILITY in your life? Are you interested in LEARNING to build something for yourself? Seeking POSITIVE environment?
    15. 15. 1515  Every industry needs exposure  Position yourself for success  Brand recognition
    16. 16. 1616  Plug ‘n play system  Talk about any niche you want  Exposure on search engines  Generate leads
    17. 17. 1717  Get online and talk about your passion  Designed to get you on first page of Google  Dominate & attract traffic you need to get exposure
    18. 18. 1818 NAME: Ed Przybylski from Ohio RESULTS: $10,075 in first 30 days RESIDUAL: $4575 "What is unique for me in this program is that 98% of my money was earned without picking up the phone and calling people. In my first 30 days I earned $10,075 in up front 100% commission money. Of that, $4575 is a monthly residual. I can't wait to see what month 2 will bring.“ NAME: Brandon Koon "In just over 3 short weeks I was able to pull in over $6,500 using the Empower Network. This is the best converting sales funnel I have ever used, it's almost impossible to not make money with this. And the monthly residuals are ridiculous!! I love the Empower Network."
    19. 19. 1919 NAME: Nicole S. Cooper RESULTS: $6575 in First 3 weeks RESIDUAL: $3575 Monthly Residual "I said NO to Empower Network 10 times thinking it was just another hyped up program where very few people will be able to actually see results from. However, after seeing how everyday people were actually making money, I decided to give it another look, and so glad I did! At 9 months pregnant and on bed rest, I was worried about my business slowing down due to me not being able to move around and do things like I normally do. However, 2 days into joining empower network, I had already made over $1,000, with earning $6575 in commissions within my first 3 weeks of joining, and $3575 residual income monthly...while on BED REST! Now when my son comes in a few short weeks, I'll be able to focus on him while making money!!"
    20. 20. 2020 NAME: Cynthia, “The Social Cowgirl” FIRST MONTH: $10,700 RESIDUAL: $5,200 “I was a computer programmer most of my life. But building websites turned into fan pages ... and that's where the Social Cowgirl was born. I had never entered the internet marketing arena until 2011 and through Empower Network was able to replace my income in just one month.” NAME: Marisol Dennis I had no money to continue my cancer treatments so I came online with unstoppable determination. In just one month with Empower Network I generated a residual income of over $3,000. That may not seem like a lot to some, but to me it means never having to accept money from my church for treatment or skip my treatment and medicine because I can't afford it. I thank God for this life saving blessing and the founders for creating it.
    21. 21. 2121 NAME: Paula Whitfield RESULTS: $150 earned first day “For 8 years I spent a lot of time and money on ventures that did not result in the six figure hype promised in sales presentations. I decided to join a true ‘HOME’-based business so I partnered with Empower Network and on my first day I referred three people to join our network and $150 was deposited directly into my bank account. I am very excited to have found a system where I can help people make instant cash and learn the internet marketing skills necessary to do any business or career going into the future.”
    22. 22. 2222 Here’s your chance to craft your SUCCESS STORY today by partnering with us and Team Begin2Win! Go here to get started:
    23. 23. Presented by Terry Clark Team Begin2Win
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