Online marketing small things make a big difference


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Online marketing. A guide on how to set up a Google+ Local page, facebook business page and twitter account by

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Online marketing small things make a big difference

  1. 1. Small Things Make a Big Difference Being Found Online
  2. 2.  Why Internet Marketing Search Engines and Users Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) SEO & Social Media Facebook Twitter Conclusion/Takeaways Get In Touch Questions
  3. 3. Why Internet Marketing?• Search engines are now the main starting point for people whencarrying out research.• Searchers are almost always near a device they can search from• No geographical limits, market globally if you like• Allows you to compete on a level playing field with larger businesses• Measure growth of your business with consistent search traffic eachmonth• Reach the right people at the right time
  4. 4. Some numbers...• 51.4 Million internet Users in the UK (82% of population) in June 2011• 30.1 Million UK adults (60%) accessed the internet every day in 2010• 32 Million UK people (66%) purchased goods or services over theinternet in 2011As a Result...• In 2011 - TV advertising down 10%, Magazine advertising down 14%,Radio advertising down 11%• Businesses cannot afford to ignore internet marketing any longer!Those that do will inevitably be left behind
  5. 5. Search Engines and UsersUser behaviour• The #1 position in results will receive 35% of clicks• 90% of users don’t go past the first page of results• 85% of all internet traffic is referred to websites via search engines
  6. 6. Local SEO (Search EngineOptimisation)Search engines return search results based on your locationThese results dominated by Google+ Local listings (formerly GooglePlaces/Google Maps), directly below paid adsIf you serve local customers it is a perfect way to get to the top of thesearch engine results page fairly quicklyGoogle+ Local listings are free and can also be optimised to ensure youare top of the listings
  7. 7. Local SEO
  8. 8. Local SEO
  9. 9. Local SEO The process of setting up a Google+ Local Listing... 4 things you must have before you can create a listing: 1. A Google Account – If you don’t have one, create one 2. Business Name – As it is on your official documents 3. Business Address – As per official documents 4. Telephone Number – No call tracking numbers
  10. 10. Local SEO First you need to go to
  11. 11. Local SEO If you have a Google Account, sign in. If not then you should create one – you WILL need it in the future!
  12. 12. Local SEO Google aims to list every business that exists, so they may have created a listing already on your behalf. Enter your business number to find out.
  13. 13. Local SEO If they have picked your business up it will show here
  14. 14. Local SEO Once you click “Edit” or “Add a new listing” you can proceed to enter your business details.
  15. 15. Local SEO Don’t be tempted to stuff keywords into any part of your listing. Ensure Service Areas section is accurate.
  16. 16. Local SEO A sneaky ninja tactic for images is to rename them as the keywords you want found for before uploading!
  17. 17. Local SEO Add as many videos as you can, the more you have the more weight you give your listing
  18. 18. Local SEO Enter as much Additional Details as you can. Things like “Services:Internet Marketing” etc. Submit your listing.
  19. 19. Local SEO At this point you can submit your listing After submitting your listing you will be required to verify your business either by telephone, postcard,or by SMS. If Google is already aware of your business you might be lucky enough to get the phone or SMS verification option Google aware of people creating false listings – This is their way of verifying your business as genuine
  20. 20. SEO & Social Media Search engines now include social signals in their ranking process so it is essential to have accounts and be active on the main social networks. Main Social Media sites: • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Google+ • Youtube
  21. 21. SEO & Social Media By staying active on social media sites you increase the possibility of others sharing your content through: • Tweets and retweets • Facebook likes and shares • Youtube shares • Google +1’s • LinkedIn shares The more your content is shared the more weight you give to your social signals for SEO Also gives you great authority status
  22. 22. SEO & Social Media Make your content easy to share • Include social share buttons on your website • Have a blog and allow your blogs to be shared • Encourage people to subscribe to your blogs The easier it is, the more it will happen
  23. 23. Facebook Facts: Currently 901 MILLION Facebook users On average, users spend 405 minutes per month on Facebook Users are typically in “discovery” mode meaning they are open to new suggestions Easy for your business/content to go viral
  24. 24. Facebook Do’s: Be consistent – Update your status regularly Give Great Content – Your network will share great content Be Engaging – Communicate regularly with your network Listen – Hear what your network is telling you
  25. 25. Facebook Dont’s: Build your network too quickly – Besides diluting your network, you could be banned from the site Try to sell – Allow people to discover what you do Use generic marketing – Make it personal Forget to thank people – When people promote you to their network, be polite and thank them
  26. 26. Facebook Creating/optimising a Facebook Business Page You must have a personal Facebook account to create and manage a business page Consider the keywords you want to be found for Use these keywords in relevant sections
  27. 27. Facebook When logged into your account, click on “Pages and Ads” and then “Create a Page”. If you have a page already you can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon.
  28. 28. Facebook Select the type of business page you wish to create.
  29. 29. Facebook Complete the initial basic information
  30. 30. Facebook In the About section, be descriptive and use your selected keywords within the sentences. Add relevant web pages.
  31. 31. Facebook Choose your Facebook address wisely, this cannot be changed later! You could use keywords for this.
  32. 32. Facebook This is how your new page will look. Customise by adding Profile Picture and Cover Image. Click “Edit Page” to complete your page details.
  33. 33. Facebook Further sections to complete when you “Edit Page”
  34. 34. Facebook Further sections to complete when you “Edit Page”
  35. 35. Facebook Example of a complete page
  36. 36. Twitter Facts: Currently 555 MILLION Twitter users On average, users spend 89 minutes per month on Twitter Easy for your business/content to go viral
  37. 37. Twitter Creating a Twitter Account First go to and fill in the new to Twitter form
  38. 38. Twitter Creating a Twitter Account Enter your name. Your username should be your business name
  39. 39. Twitter Creating a Twitter Account Once your account is created, click on the silhouette and choose “Settings”
  40. 40. Twitter Creating a Twitter Account On the left menu, choose “Profile” and complete details. Use your keywords in “Bio” – It’s the only optimisable area on Twitter
  41. 41. Conclusion/Takeaways The basics of Internet Marketing aren’t difficult, and if you have the time and patience to learn you can improve the online presence of your business by yourself. Get Google+ Local page completed ASAP if you haven’t already. Get active on Social Media and give potential customers as many options as possible to engage with your business. Let people know you’re online! Include your Facebook on literature and email signatures. Seek advice
  42. 42. Get In Touch I’m always available for business owners who are willing to take the steps to improve their business online by themselves – and of course those that are not or can not. My advice is always free, so get in touch if you need some pointers by: Email: Telephone: 01592 328796/07825 152699 Skype: w_park Facebook: Twitter: @befoundlocal1 Web:
  43. 43. Questions?