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Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
Emotional eating
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Emotional eating


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. What Exactly is Emotional Eating?
  • 2. Most people have reached a point in their life where they have reached for a pint of ice cream or maybe a slice of Cake just because. Maybe you weren’t necessarily hungry, but none the less, you felt you had to eat. The munchies were simply irresistible.
  • 3. In your mind you say….
    Everyone does it from Time to Time
    I don’t Have to Eat Right to Be Healthy
    It won’t Kill Me to Gratify My Senses a Little
  • 4. Well, you are absolutely right
    (for the most part)
    except when it alters how you live, how you view yourself,
    and maybe how secure you arearound other people.
    In that case, the mindless, emotional eating has literally become an addiction.
    Often times it can even escalate to
    binge eating.
  • 5. Some people may have a drug of choice
    While others drug is a food of choice
  • 6. Your food of choice might appear to bring you the fix
    you need such as comfort. Or maybe it takes your
    mind off of the issues you don’t want to deal with.
    It might just make your world seem alright
    even if it’s just for that moment.
    This is the start of overeating.
  • 7. There are real problems behind Emotional Eating
    and Binge Eating
    When food is used as a tool to hide
    or cover-up life issues
    that is when it has become an addiction.
    It has become binge eating.
  • 8. That’s when you’ve become an emotional eater
    which is a real problem. Possibly even a binge eater
    where sometimes it gets to the point to where you can’t
    stop eating. No matter how hard you try, you just have no
    will power to stop eating. Emotional eaters has no concept of
    the food they consume.
    Thus, it leads to overeating.
  • 9. The purpose of food
    Body is our temple
    nurture it
    love it
    care for it
  • 10. That’ how we are able to move through life
    with a greater ease. People who take the time
    to care have a greater ease and peace of mind
    when it comes to their body. It gives them a since of
    satisfaction knowing that they are doing what they can do
    in efforts to protect their temple! It’s kind of like equipping yourself
    with the necessary armor to face the weight of the world
    and eliminating the battle with yourown weight.
  • 11. We all desire to be happy!
    Well, a huge part of happiness is being able to
    love yourselfinside and out.
    How can you do this if you don’t
    like what you see when you look in the mirror?
    If you don’t like how you feel?
    If you don’t like yourself?
    If you continue binge eating how
    is that really helping?
  • 12. How can you overcome Emotional Eating,
    Binge eating and Overeating?
  • 13. The good news is that the power to change emotional eating
    lives within you!
    Yes, you have everything you need already.
    No one is exempt from this power
    and no one is more privileged than the next person!
    The truth of the matter is that behind any addiction lies hurt pains, and past issues.
    Likewise, with regards to
    emotional eating and overeating;
    Underneath lies hurts pains and issues.
    It’s all one in the same.
  • 14. The change comeswhen we are willing to develop new good habits
    to replace the bad self
  • 15. Ask yourself this question...
    If you were able to be transparent…
    what would the person staring at you see?
    Old wounds, issues, or scars
    (baggage as they call it)
  • 16. Emotional Eating and Binge eating
    to hide what’s really going on!
    You owe it to yourself
    Deal with the issues
    No matter howold
  • 17. You will win in the end!
    If it happened years ago, but still affects you today
    then it’s really not so old.
    You might have to seek counseling to mend a brokenrelationship, or just embrace yourself on a higher level in order to rid yourself of emotional eating.
    You must do what it takes to get your life back.
    It will be well worth the battle to over come emotional eating!
  • 18. We can neverovercome circumstances by developing bad habits
    in an attempt to minimize what’s really going on.
    Life is meant to be good!
    We have to find that place that really makes our world
  • 19. The place the makes us feelproud, special
    loved, and desired.
  • 20. The end result is closer than it feels
    and it will be even closer
    if you choose to start now.
    It’s time to put yourself first
    and become everything that
    you really want to be.
    Be that person that you see and admire.
    We can’t change the past
    so why spend anymore time cripplingyour future?
    Put yourself first and you will begin to see a peaceful transition
    to a healthier, sexier you take shape.
    You will begin to really see life for what it’s meant to be which is
  • 21. For more helpful tips on
    Health and Wellness,
    Fitness and Weight Loss!
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