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Search Engine Optimization & How You Can Take Simple Steps To Improve Your Ranking

Search Engine Optimization & How You Can Take Simple Steps To Improve Your Ranking



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Get found in google Get found in google Presentation Transcript

  • Search Engine Optimization & How You Can Take Simple Steps To Improve Your Ranking …stand out from the crowd
  • Search Campaign ManagerTen years of SEO experience.Local clients include:Central VA Home Magazine,Lynchburg Nissan Mazda,John Stewart Walker,Lynchburg RMA,Lynchburg Beer & Wine Festival,Official Entertainment …stand out from the crowd
  • To better understand SEO, we need to understand Google.Google is a business. They make money by bringingeyeballs to their products and services. The more reliable the search results the more money they make with their AdWords advertising platform. …stand out from the crowd
  • Think like Google!Take advantage of Google’s LandscapeOrganic Search, Pay Per ClickImages, Videos, Maps, News andShopping. …stand out from the crowd
  • rel-e-vance: the ability to retrieve material that satisfies the needs of the user Google has always used one over riding criteria in determining search rank. Can you guess what that is? …stand out from the crowd
  • Google seeks to find the best match it can – with thegoal of displaying the most relevant search query.Google does this by using its indexed copy of theinternet, along with its ever changing ALGORITHMSto determine relevance.Algorithms is a step by step procedure for calculations. …stand out from the crowd
  • There are several key factors, but here are the top 5#1 Content – Relevance Quality & Uniqueness#2 Link Popularity – Including Social Media#3 Technology & Usability#4 Trust Rank – Site Age & Credibility#5 Geo Targeting – Domain & Hosting …stand out from the crowd
  • On Site Factor – Title Tags, URL & Structure, Content(text, images & video), Alt textOff Site Factors – Backlinks, backlinks & backlinks…Most SEO expert now believe that search ranking inGoogle is only 30% on-site factors and 70% off-site. …stand out from the crowd
  • • Hyper relevant to a specific topic - usually a single product or service• Titled with that specific topic• URL with that specific topic• Images with ALT TEXT with that specific topic• Specify subject several time throughout text• Be unique• Link to the category & sub-category page• Link to the “Home” page …stand out from the crowd
  • Backlinks are those linksthat point back to yourwebsite. The best backlinksare from websites with ahigh authority rank, alsocalled PageRankWhere to Get Backlinksfrom: Social Media, Article Directories, ContentSharing Sites, Video Sharing Sites, Forums, Blogs andOther Websites …stand out from the crowd
  • For long term success and higher ranking in Google,you must create content that is Relevant, Unique andHigh Quality. Once you start, you have to continue tocreate this content on a regular basis. For most smallbusinesses this means at least one piece of content perweek – each week. …stand out from the crowd
  • Blog Post, Video, Press Release, News Article, TipsArticle, Industry Trends, Community Events, Review Get Started Today Be Better Then Your Competition …stand out from the crowd
  • Questions? …stand out from the crowd