Lazypub, iOS publishinng so easy it makes you lazy!


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iOS publishing so easy it makes you lazy! The easiest way to distribute publications on iOS devices. Using LazyPub you can easily publish your PDF, EPUB or HTML publications on iOS through a universal app for iPhone and iPad devices. If you are publishing a magazine, a catalogue or a brochure in a regular basis LazyPub can help you reach a large audience at a small cost! In app purchases are implemented and additionally if you are offerring subscriptions to your readers you can use LazyPub’s Newsstand application.

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Lazypub, iOS publishinng so easy it makes you lazy!

  1. 1. iOS publishing so easy it makes you lazy!
  2. 2. traditionalmagazines/catalogues/brochures
  3. 3. traditional circulation
  4. 4. the Apple iOS era Read more about Newsstand
  5. 5. Digital publishing was a$462B industry in 2011 with an annualgrowth of aprox. 3% expected to rise to $510B by 2014* *based on Outsells industry research (Jan 2012)
  6. 6. Any newspaper and magazine publisherwill need a multi-channel contentdistribution strategy to effectively reachtheir most valuable audiences.Newsstand will need to be a key part ofthat strategy. Some key insights:‣ Dedicated App for publications‣ 400 million iOS devices worldwide as of June 2012‣ iOS Newsstand has seen an impressive revenue growth of 407 percent since it launched.‣ Makes it easier for readers to reach into their virtual wallets and pay for content. Read more on: PaidContent
  7. 7. Readers are readingmore on mobileA recent study by Pew Research Center found thatnearly a quarter of Americansregularly get their news from amobile device (smartphone or tablet).Not only that, those using mobile devices for newsconsume more content and return to the news site orapp more frequently than they do on computers.The Apple App Store is capitalizing on this newconsumer trend, by organizing the world’s digitalnews into a virtual newsstand. As is the Applemantra, this vastly improves the total userexperience for the reader – thereby driving greatertraffic and revenue opportunities for mediaproperties trying to reach these audiences. Source: TechNode
  8. 8. Readers are spendingmore on mobileOver the past five years, Apple has built an audiencewith the sales of over 400 million iOSdevices. Consequently, the iOS Newsstand has seenan impressive revenue growth of 407%since it launched. It’s clear that Apple’s user-centric andsimple approach to design is making it easier forreaders to reach into their virtual wallets and pay forcontent. Source: TechNode
  9. 9. ... using LazyPub, cloudpublishing is now easy!Using LazyPub you can easily publishyour PDF, EPUB or HTML publications onthe iOS through a universal app foriPhone and iPad devices.
  10. 10. Advanced reader forPDF, EPUB and HTMLpublicationsPage thumbnails, bookmarks,portrait and landscape orientationsupport, brightness control,interactivity.
  11. 11. Backend for issuemanagementJust log in to your LazyPub accountin order to upload a new issue, addinteractive elements and accessdetailed analytics.
  12. 12. Add interactive elementsto simple PDF files!Add video, sound or web interactionsto any simple PDF file and instantlygive your publication added value.YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion videos supported.
  13. 13. Detailed analytics foryour publications in realtime!Issue downloads, how many times dida user red a specific issue, how manyminutes did they spend on a specificpage, what was the most interestingarticle and many more!
  14. 14. SecureThe LazyPub team takes the securityand safety of your publication filesvery seriously. Files are safely storedand backed-up in LazyPub’s serverswhile all transactions occur overSecure Sockets Layer (SSL)connections.
  15. 15. Reach a large audience at a small cost Newsstand iOS application In app purchases and Subscriptions Advanced ReaderPage thumbnails, bookmarks, portrait and landscapeorientation support, brightness control, interactivity. PUSH Notifications Hosting and Traffic included No hidden fees 3 subscription packages to select from Free Updates
  16. 16. iOS publishing so easy it makes you lazy!