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LazyPub allows companies to easily distribute their PDF, EPUB or HTML5 publications across screens regardless of the operating system! Companies get their own, native, branded, mobile and tablet apps (iPhone, iPad and Android devices) or make their content available from LazyPub’s web reader. LazyPub is a great way to distribute corporate reports (financial results, CSR reports etc), catalogues, brochures or magazines.

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LazyPub for Cloud Publishing

  1. 1. Cloud Publishing so easy it makes you lazy! Infocom Apps, 12/2/2014, Athens | @lazypub | Contact Person: Antonis Frigas PhD | | @afrigas
  2. 2. traditional magazines/catalogues/reports
  3. 3. traditional circulation
  4. 4. times are changing
  5. 5. LazyPub helps companies to easily deliver their PDF, EPUB or HTML5 publications to millions of devices worldwide. ! Native apps for iOS and Android, web based reader to embed on any website.
  6. 6. Digital publishing platform that allows simultaneous publishing on multiple platforms, easy publication management and detailed insights or readers habits.
  7. 7. Any company needs a 
 multi-channel content distribution strategy 
 to effectively reach their most valuable audiences. Mobile and tablet apps are a key part of that strategy. Some key insights: ‣ According to flurry analytics there are 1.2 billion device owners ‣ Overall app use increases every year (in 2013 posted 115% year-over-year growth). ‣ 80% of a user’s time in spent on apps
  8. 8. With LazyPub, cloud publishing is easy Using LazyPub companies can have their own branded app for iOS or Android devices or distribute publications over the web
  9. 9. Advanced reader for PDF, EPUB and HTML5 publications Page thumbnails, bookmarks, portrait and landscape orientation support, brightness control, interactivity.
  10. 10. Backend system for issue management Just log in to your LazyPub account in order to upload a new issue, add interactive elements and access detailed analytics.
  11. 11. Add interactive elements to simple PDF files! Add video, sound or web interactions to any simple PDF file and instantly give your publication added value.
  12. 12. Detailed analytics in real time! Built in analytics tools to measure audience behavior as well as ads and interactions performance
  13. 13. Secure The LazyPub team takes the security and safety of your publication files very seriously.  Files are safely stored and backed-up in LazyPub’s servers while all transactions occur over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections.
  14. 14. LazyPub works everywhere (BYOD) ! LazyPub covers iOS with applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch while it also has a web based reader accessible from any modern web browser. Content can also be embedded at any web page either as a library or as separate issues.
  15. 15. LazyPub helps companies to cut printing budget ! Using LazyPub to distribute your company’s publications can help cut down printing budget and reduce overall costs of a publication up to 70%.
  16. 16. LazyPub gives you insight ! LazyPub analytics available in real time you know the number of downloads, profile of the user, geo location information and many more key metrics to help you design better your digital content strategy.
  17. 17. LazyPub is green ! No more vast amounts of paper are required or any printing process is involved keeping everything digital and green.
  18. 18. newsletters, magazines, catalogues, CSR reports
  19. 19. Cloud Publishing so easy it makes you lazy!