Led by:Arshi Ahmad-AzizWho will attend?This seminar will be attended byadministrative professionals fromboth the private a...
Facilitator:Arshi Ahmad-AzizMs Arshi Ahmad-Aziz is a reputedtraining consultant in Pakistan. Shehas been providing trainin...
The role of the professional secretary is changing, as they are increasingly viewed as professionalpartners of their manag...
Workshop InvestmentPKR                              Book your seat by                                 September 20, 201212...
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The Indispensable Assistant – A One-Day Seminar!


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Kindly nominate your colleagues for this unique learning experience of results-focused professionals. Please take a minute to look over the complete outline of this workshop and forward us nominations of your selected team at the earliest, book you seat by September 15, 2012 and Save PKR 1,500/- per participant.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +92 333 3971135, if interested.

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The Indispensable Assistant – A One-Day Seminar!

  1. 1. Led by:Arshi Ahmad-AzizWho will attend?This seminar will be attended byadministrative professionals fromboth the private and publicsector including:Pas & Executive Secretaries(to Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs,COOs, CFOs, SVPs, VPs,Managing Directors, GMs,Directors, Managing Partners)Executive OfficersCorporate CommunicationOfficersAdministrative AssistantsTraining and HR ManagersHR ConsultantsOD Specialists Wednesday, September 26, 2012 9 AM to 5 PM Marriott Hotel, Karachi Pakistan
  2. 2. Facilitator:Arshi Ahmad-AzizMs Arshi Ahmad-Aziz is a reputedtraining consultant in Pakistan. Shehas been providing training andconsultancy since 1984, and hasconducted training programmes inthe UK, UAE, Bangladesh andPakistan.She has had the privilege of workingwith over 120 organisations, and hastrained over 25,500 people.Arshi has worked with multinational, national and socialsector organisations. In these organisations, she hasconducted various human development programmes, withan emphasis on communication and leadership. Her workwith these and other organisations has been at a variety ofhierarchical levels, from supervisors to secretaries tosenior management, and levels in between.She has worked extensively with DSSP – theDistinguished Secretaries Society of Pakistan, conductingtraining programmes and leading seminars for them. Arshiis also a trained relationship counsellor, who has trainedother counsellors also.Arshi believes in facilitative training methods, and thewhole person approach. She is founder and Lead Trainerof ITC - The Institute of Training and Consultancy, whoseobjective is to Maximise Human Potential.
  3. 3. The role of the professional secretary is changing, as they are increasingly viewed as professionalpartners of their managers. They facilitate enabling them to meet their goals and organisationaltargets. There can be no doubt that their position is key, with responsibility for the organisation oftheir managers office environment. This requires particular skills and understandings. The changingrole of the organisational secretary is a component of organisational development, as moresecretaries move away from the traditional perception of the secretary towards managementfunctions. This seminar enables secretarial and administration staff to clarify for themselves, theirrole in the organisation, whilst developing key skills to improve relationships and self-management.CONTENT: We believe that:This seminar is designed to be highly interactive, focussing on individual and group Individuals have the right to maximiseexercises, and role plays. The seminar is designed to challenge the individual as part of their potentialtheir growth and development process. Management processes must encompass human needs, desires and expectationsOBJECTIVES People are the key to the success of any organisationThis seminar will enable secretaries to: Learning is a continuous process Learning is active - not passive« Understand the role and qualities of a secretary« Understand the management function« Manage their time, their priorities and keep abreast of their managers time who should attend?« Enhance their rapport building and communication skills This seminar will be attended by« Pay attention to their career choices administrative professionals from« Work with people in a co-operative manner both the private and public sector« Project their personalities in all situations including:« Organise and run their offices efficiently Pas & Executive SecretariesCOMPETENCIES: (to Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, SVPs, VPs, ManagingOn completion of the training programme participants should: Directors, GMs, Directors, Managing Partners) Executive Officers« Handle visitors and colleagues effectively Corporate Communication Officers« Work co-operatively with others Administrative Assistants« Understand fundamental concepts of management Training and HR Managers« Understanding whats really expected of you HR Consultants« Communicate for result OD Specialists« Develop a filing system suited to their needs« Break out of the secretary stereo type« Communicate & listen with attention and focus« Improve efficiency through diary and tracking systems« Understand some principles of career development« Take a more proactive approach« Handle interruptions that sabotage productivity« Understand the boss and work in partnership with him/herMETHOD AND APPROACHThis seminar has been designed to encompass a number of training methods, including We guaranteegroup discussion, film, role play, and some theory input. The seminar is highly interactive innature, and often positively challenging. It is designed to enable participants to come to results!their own conclusions, assess their current work practices and distil from the learningprocess those aspects which can impact on their working practices. If youre not happy, were not happy.The seminar facilitator will be present throughout the seminar to assist participants in Go back to work and apply the newdeveloping and refining their ideas throughout all activities. techniques you learned in our workshop. If youre not absolutely delighted with the results youOUR PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUE achieve, write to us right away. Well issue you a refund or arrange for youWe have a pragmatic approach to training and consultancy, believing that the combination to attend another BLINK® workshopof management theory with the human element and actuality are paramount in achieving without paying another penny. Thatssuccess. our guarantee!
  4. 4. Workshop InvestmentPKR Book your seat by September 20, 201212,500/- and Save PKR 1,500Fee includes learning material, BLINK® certificate, lunchrefreshment breaks and business networking.Registration & Payment Options:First 20 persons will be accommodated on “first comefirst served basis”. Another great reason to attend—A confirmation e-mail and invoice will be sent upon BLINK produces and hosts B2B initiatives operatingreceipt of your registration. Please note that full internationally with on-the-ground presence in Pakistan. Wepayment must be received prior to the event. specialize in management, leadership, negotiation, presentation, PA and secretarial, human resources,Send your cheque in favor of “BLINK PR AGENCY”, customer service, sales, train the trainer and personalRefunds not allowed, however a substitute may impact for the fortune 500 companies, small businesses,attend. government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.BLINK® reserve the right to alter the program. In addition, our training is led by the countrys best trainers and inspirational speakers in their fields who are highly engaging public speakers.For registration only, please contact:Beenish Haris (0333-3971135) Within the short span of time, BLINK has grown to become the premier provider of business training in Karachi, Lahore,Suite 9, 1st Floor, Al-Fiza Tower, Block-14, Islamabad and Dubai.Near Darul Sehat Hospital, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, KarachiTel: (021) 34012266Cell: 0333-3971135, 0345-6277588 Brought to you by BLINK— The Smart Choice® forEmail: blinktrainings@gmail.com people serious about successURL: www.blink-international.com Within a short span of time BLINK® became the nations leading training provider by maintaining our mission: To provide high-class training tailored to our customers needs. Our workshop leaders are a select group of trainers at the top of their profession - skilled trainers with a tremendous depth of knowledge in their respective topic areas. Our commitment to providing you with the highest-quality learning experience possible has made BLINK the fastest-growing training company in Pakistan. Attend this workshop and experience for yourself the positive effect of powerful ideas, skillfully presented. Customized Training Solutions... We can deliver this workshop right to your companys door or provide customized, you-pick-the-day training on any program pertinent to your organizations training goals. Or let our staff of professional trainers add sparkle to your next corporate or association meeting with a stimulating keynote speech designed just for you. Whether you have 3 or 300 people to train, BLINK is the answer. For in-house training solutions and no-obligation quote, please contact: Syed Haris Farooq call (0345-6277588) or drop a line at haris@blink-international.com