The life of the species living in coral


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The life of the species living in coral

  1. 1. By: Callie Bednarek
  2. 2. Cleaning Wrasses Hi there! I’m George, and I’m a Cleaning Wrasse. I’ve been living here in the coral reefs for some time now and I want to tell you a few things about my job. Actually, it’s in my name. What I do is I pull parasites off other fish. I don’t feel very threatened here, because everyone needs me and my family.
  3. 3. Starfish <ul><li>Hey! I’m over here! My name is Coral and I’m one of the many species that lives here in the Coral Reef. I live/hide in abandoned fish homes because some of the species here scare me and one time I even lost one of my five legs in a battle with a King crab, but It grew back. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Hermit Crabs <ul><li>Hello! I kind of overheard you talking to Coral over there about my distant relative John the King crab. Pretty cool huh? Any way, I’m Frank. I feel safe here hiding in the rocks, because I stick pieces of sponge and anemone on myself to hide. But even if a predator sees past that, I have stingers, so it’s not my problem. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Scorpion Fish <ul><li>Hey. I’m Fiji. I’m a Scorpion Fish. I “sting” my food and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At night I sleep in the ridges along the ocean floor near the coral reef where I go during the day. I’m also venomous and other fish are doomed once they hit my poisonous spines full of mucus. As you can see from the two different photos of me, I can change colors to hide from sharks and rays. I’m not taking my chances with those guys. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Clown Fish Hola ! Me llamo Nilo ! Yeah, that’s right, I know Spanish! A lot of fish here get me confused with this kid down the reef, Nemo. But my name is NILO!! Anyway, the way I live around here is pretty simple. My home is my main food source. (We have a “special” relationship.) She stings her food and I clean her by eating all of her leftovers. I’m a special fish and I’m the only kind who’s immune to her stings. How awesome is that?!
  7. 7. Blue Tang Hello! My name is Domi. I heard you talking to a good friend of mine, Nilo, and I feel the same way. There’s this crazy girl who lives somewhere around here whose name is just like mine! Dori! It gets SO annoying! Sorry. I get off topic sometimes. What I do during the day is; I find a group of friends to go feast with, We go eat algae of the sea floor, (While watching out for snappers and groupers) and then find a small safe place to spend the night. It’s a little scary knowing that my predators are right around the corner sometimes, but I made do.
  8. 8. Red Groupers Hi! My name is Indigo. I can flash different colors to attract a cleaning wrasse so I can get rid of those pesky parasites. Every once in a while I will take debris from the bottom of the coral reef, and build a home out of it. Sometimes I outgrow them and sometimes I just need to move on. Luckily other fish benefit from that and use my abandoned home.
  9. 9. Seahorses Hi! I’m Georgia! I heard that up on land there’s a state named after me. That’s right, be jealous. Anyway, I’m a seahorse. I heard there’s an animal up on land named after me too. I guess I’m just that popular. Anyway, guess what I can do! I can change colors to blend in with the coral here to avoid the evil crabs, tuna, sting rays, etc… It’s kind of scary living here in the coral reef because I know I can become a snack at any time. Thank goodness for the coral, otherwise I’d have nowhere to hide!
  10. 10. Purple-Blotched Basslets Hey! What’s up?! I’m Leo. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was Lea, but I changed genders once our lead male, Oscar, died. As you can see if still in the process of changing. I used to be all yellow. Anyway, there is an advantage to being one of the smaller creatures on the reef. There’s so many more hiding opportunities when you’re my size. The coral really helps my family and I survive. I’m very grateful for it because it gives me shelter and food.
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