D2 interview skills v1


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Interview Skills
By: Ashraf Bedaewi

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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D2 interview skills v1

  1. 1. Interview SkillsASHRAF BEDAEWIAll Rights Reserved © 2013Goal TrainerJune 24, 2013
  2. 2. First Impressions CountStudies have shown that 4 minutes is all it takes forlasting impressions to be made. It is essential thereforeto...How to present yourself at an interview?
  3. 3. Look Your Best• Prospective employers generally consider well-presented, smart looking people more attractive.• Be attractive in the way you dress, in your gestures,facial expressions and the way you speak.How to present yourself at an interview?
  4. 4. Work on Your HandshakeIn the business world the handshake conveys crucialmessages about power and status, a good firmhandshake is what is required.How to present yourself at an interview?
  5. 5. Establish Good Eye Contact• Eye contact is the most remembered element in forming animpression of someone.• Try to sustain direct eye contact with the interviewer.• Be sure not to make it too intense, the interviewer may beuncomfortable with this.How to present yourself at an interview?
  6. 6. Say What You Mean• Your goal is to exude confidence and be believed. However,do not lie.How to present yourself at an interview?
  7. 7. Say What You Mean• Be constant with your body language and what youre saying,for example most people move less when they are lying andtheir body language becomes less fluid.How to present yourself at an interview?
  8. 8. Say What You Mean• Use a persons name when talking and avoid talking for toolong.How to present yourself at an interview?
  9. 9. Say What You Mean• The best communicators speak in short sentences andsometimes even in highlighted points.How to present yourself at an interview?
  10. 10. Say What You Mean• Do not seem too eager to please, or too desperate for the job.How to present yourself at an interview?
  11. 11. Be Prepared• Read a weekly I.T. magazine and a daily newspaper.• Do your research on the company, and be ready to discusstheir business.• Your advising consultant will be happy to provide anycompany information that you may require.• Prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview.How to present yourself at an interview?
  12. 12. Be Yourself• Non-verbal messages come from deep inside you; from youown sense of self-esteem.• To improve your body language, be comfortable withinyourself.• People who know that they have a relaxed way of talking andmoving usually come across well.How to present yourself at an interview?
  13. 13. 5 mistakes to avoid for job interviewsVideo
  14. 14. QuoteConfidence, Confidence, Confidence,Ashraf Bedaewi
  15. 15. Career DevelopmentAshraf BedaewiAll Rights Reserved © 2013Goal Trainer23 June, 2013@ashrafhbhttp://www.facebook.com/groups/train4freehttp://www.facebook.com/groups/DSEgypt