Travel Carefree with Carry-on Luggage


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Traveling with a carry-on suitcase is an easy way to avoid baggage fees and security hassles, and even help prevent lost luggage.

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Travel Carefree with Carry-on Luggage

  1. 1. TRAVEL CAREFREE WITH CARRY-ONS Carry-on tips and bags for stress-free holiday travel
  2. 2. SHOULD I CARRY ON MY LUGGAGE? The first step to carrying on your luggage is to accept—and commit— that you probably don’t need nearly as much as you think you do. Pare it down! Ask yourself these questions to make sure a carry-on is the right choice: • Will I be on a flight that has ample overhead space? (Note: Smaller planes have limited space, and be sure to double check your airline’s luggage restrictions.) • Am I able to travel with only a limited amount of liquids in order to adhere to the 3-1-1 TSA rule? • Will I be able to fit everything I need in my bag without expanding or overstuffing it?
  3. 3. TIPS TO EASE CARRYING ON LUGGAGE Carrying on luggage can be a simple way to avoid huge security lines and hassles at the baggage carousel, and can even help prevent lost luggage. Read on for tips and bag suggestions to help ease the carry-on process, and make holiday travel more enjoyable.
  4. 4. BASIC CARRY-ON KNOWLEDGE Most airlines allow two carry-on items per passenger: this means one suitcase and one personal item (whatever it may be). Ensure that your personal bag holds the items that you may need during the flight, as this bag will be accessible underneath your seat. Photo courtesy of Sistakind
  5. 5. BASIC CARRY-ON KNOWLEDGE Accept that your bag can be gate-checked for a variety of reasons, which may include full flights with limited cargo space, oversized bags or security reasons. For this reason, make sure that your suitcase doesn’t have anything in it that cannot be checked. Photo courtesty of dcmetroblogger
  6. 6. BASIC CARRY-ON KNOWLEDGE Make sure to keep anything that will need to be pulled out of your luggage or personal bag within easy access. These types of items include liquids, laptops, etc. Review TSA policies prior to getting in the security line as well. Photo courtesy of javajoba
  7. 7. CARRY-ON COURTESY Be aware of items that may be counted toward your baggage limit, such as pocketbooks, additional garment bags, backpacks, etc. You will have to check any item over your two-bag limit. Stow your carry-on bag in the overhead bin above your seat, unless otherwise directed. Coats should be folded, and placed with your suitcase in the overhead cargo bin. It is courteous to leave space for other fliers’ bags. Respect the flight attendants. Their job is to board everyone safely and efficiently, and they have the best knowledge about the capacity of the airplane and safety guidelines.
  8. 8. DON’T SACRIFICE SIZE OR STYLE With so many different carry-on styles and sizes, you’re bound to find a bag that suits your specific needs. Check out some of our recommendations that are lightweight, fashion-forward and easy to handle.
  9. 9. STYLISH BEAUTY Bric’s Life collection has a classic look. The 21” carry-on perfectly complements the 18” matching duffel, and provides ample space for your items.
  10. 10. MANEUVERABILITY WITH EASE The Victorinox Avolve 20” expandable bag with spinners makes for easy luggage transport down the aisle. The tote bag attaches to the uprod of the 20” bag, and can be used as a stylish, matching personal bag.
  11. 11. THE WORKHORSE Briggs & Riley is known for durability, well-made products and its unbeatable warranty. The 21” One-Touch Expandable Upright paired with the Expandable duffel cabin bag is a perfect duo. The cabin bag’s zip-slip sleeve easily attaches the tote to the uprod of the upright piece.
  12. 12. LIGHT AS A FEATHER Eagle Creek introduced its Crossroads collection in October 2011. These pieces are the latest in simple, smart and lightweight luggage. The 22” carry-on weighs in at just 6.2 pounds, helping to lighten your load.
  13. 13. NON-WHEELED CARRY-ON PERFECTION Rick Steves’, known the world over for his travel expertise, created the Convertible Carry-On—a luggage piece that provides all the room of a standard 22” carry-on with the flexibility of a backpack. Weighing in at only three pounds, this bag adjusts to your travel needs, and makes carrying on a breeze.
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