Contents Page Research


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Contents Page Research

  1. 1. AS Media Coursework<br />Rebecca Maul<br />Research TaskContents Pages<br />
  2. 2. The contents title I think has a very creative look. It is different and unusual due to the fact that it is split into 3 sections on 3 lines, rather than all on one line. The effect this has is that it draws more attention to the title as it doesn't look boring. It also doesn't look like it would look on a contents page for any other magazine, as it is set out differently. The white title stands out against the black. It is also in capital letters, and bold. This makes it very clear and noticeable.<br />I think the pose is very interesting as it is quite unusual/unique. Also, the way that the model crosses her legs to make the letter 'V' for to stand for 'Vibe' magazine is very effective. It also is quite effective the way that it goes around the bottom corner of the page. The use of the image takes up most of the page which makes it look more full and busy. This shows that it is an important feature of the page. Also, the use of the image draws attention which gains interest, whereas just writing would look very plain. This therefore looks better on a visual perspective which makes it look more professional.<br />The background colour matches the models outfit, with the use of grey. It gives a dull, dark scene which gives a modern, revived kind of look. The heels that shes wearing also connotes classiness and sophistication.<br />Overall, the colour themes I think work very well together. The use of black font stands out well against the grey background, whereas the white stands out well against the black. I think this looks very together as the colours are matching. They are also all very dull, plain colours, but they don't look bland or boring when put together.<br />
  3. 3. The title for this contents page isn't very specific as it doesn't show that its a contents page, because the name of the magazine is shown rather than the heading 'contents'. This makes it clear that it's Mojo magazine, however it doesn't make it clear that it's a contents page.<br />The layout of this contents page is very simple, yet very effective. The contents are in the centre of the page, with pictures surrounding them, and the title at the top of the page. I like the way that the pictures surround the contents because it gives the page a background.<br />The pictures include the page number that they are located on. This is very helpful as it makes it easier to the reader. Also, pictures are more noticeable and attract attention, compared to text. Therefore, by using page numbers to label what page the image is on makes it rather handy for the reader. It is also a good way to fill up any blank space that needs filling up.<br />The contents font is a very clear font to make it readable as this is the most important information on the page. This makes it more professional.<br />The date and issue number is situated at the top of the page, above the title. They are both in small fonts, as these aren't important information, and therefore doesn't need to be the first thing that the reader needs to see.<br />
  4. 4. This edition of Q magazine is quite typical. There is a main picture of a band from one of the lead articles and a smaller one of Nick cave from another section, so a visual sense of some of the variety to be found that month. There is a lso a list of what's in the magazine which extends to at least fifteen examples, with several elements to the 'Oasis Special!'. This gives us a sense of the value for money that we will get from the magazine. Surprisingly often, a student contents page will only feature half a dozen items, but who would pay good money for such a small publication? Note also the use of colour and font here- it is clean and limited- simple, despite the amount of detail. The whole layout is in columns, with boxes being used to guide the reader's eyes. Your contents page needs to do the same, whatever genre of music you use. There is also repetition of the logo from the cover, smaller, but a reminder to the reader, as well as a link to the magazine's online presence at the top. All this needs to guide your thinking when you make a a magazine.<br />
  5. 5. This Contents page is really smart and keeps to the way that the front cover starts off it has clever stars next to the pages that have been covered on the front page that may have attracted the reader. This maybe something that i will consider into putting into my contents. Also the use off little images are used in a way that helps put a better idea of a story to the reader. The colour scheme also stays throughout and goves expression on titles that are on the page, also font and styles are identical. These are both things that will occur when i come to producing my contents<br />