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As media studies evaluation

  1. 1. Music Magazine Evaluation Becky Brickwood
  2. 2. Q1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real life media products?
  3. 3. Q1. Front Covers VIBE– magazine (official media product) Masthead AMP – magazine (my magazine) Reader’s can usually recognize the magazine through the font of the masthead (especially if the picture covers the wording). Main image The main image is the central image which helps attract the readers and is usually associated with the main article/topic with the magazine issue Website Used as an extra form of advertising. Gives more information which the magazine does not. Barcode Shows the importance of the retailer, these details make the magazine look more professional. Date & Pricing Usually are there to show what time period the information has come from, so people know if they have the latest issue.Cover lines Colour Scheme Strap lineThe essential articles Red Magazines have between 2-5 Pink Black Cream Underneath theinside the magazine colours, too many can make the page Grey look confused. Bright bold colours Aqua/Blue masthead, this givesare stated through an insight to thethe sell lines. White (background) can attract a reader into buying the Green (background leaves) issue. magazine without turning a page.
  4. 4. Q1. Contents page Page numbers Most magazines have over 80 pages of content. Main Article The main article sometimes has a picture on the contents page to highlight the importance of the feature. The main feature article is anchorage to the picture . The artist in the article will have some sort of story (controversial or emotional), are famous or are very talented. Layout Most magazines have columns of text to keep the look professional and organised. This makes it easier to find a specific article. Most magazine content is split into Feature and Regular sections. Contents pages dont have any empty space on the page, therefore the audience will think the magazine is a good investment as the magazine is packed of informationFontBright, bold font is usually used to gain Editors note Textthe readers attention onto specific Some magazines have an editors Magazines lure in the readers with text byarticles. The contents page font section where the editor can write using onomatopoeia’s and other wordsresembles the front cover. about the weeks issue highlighting such as ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Extra’ the importance of anything specific within the magazine.
  5. 5. Q1. Double Page Spread Article Main Image The main image of an article can be used in many different ways for example as the background with text over the image or as a bold posed picture with little writing. Text & Font The text in the article is no larger then 10pt (apart from headings or subheadings). The font needs to be easy to read and the language needs to reflect the type of magazine for example ‘Formal or informal’ The Article title should invite the reader to come and read, or make the reader want to know more. Colour Scheme the colour Scheme in the article still has no more than five colours. It should be consistent throughout the article.Target audienceThe target audience needs to be reflected in the magazine, forexample if the audience is young, there couldn’t be any swearing ordifficult words.ColumnsThe text should be organised into columns to make the magazinelook professional and to make it easier for the audience to read andunderstand. Should also contain quotes that stand out from thearticle.Article IntroductionThe article should have an introduction and lure the audience intoreading. It should be catchy and appealing.
  6. 6. Q1. Summary I believe that my media product (a music magazine) develops the codes and conventions of a media product rather than challenging them. I developed my ideas throughout the process of creating the magazine and generally stuck with the media conventions in design of my magazine. Hopefully my magazine will appeal to the target audience of 16-25 year olds as I have altered the text, language and images to suit the audience. One area my product does go against media conventions is with the genre of the magazine, as my magazine is based on talented unsigned music artists from all different music genres, whilst most mainstream magazines only focus on one specific genre such as Kerrang magazine is based on rock. However, I believe my magazine provides a unique selling point in filling a gap in the music magazine industry. I chose the name AMP as I believe it represents my magazine well, AMP is short for amplifier which is a key part of live music. An amplifier makes music louder and I wanted to use it as a way for making a ‘noise’ about unsigned musicians. I think because my target audience are more likely to be of an age to go and see musicians perform they will be able to understand the hidden meaning. I think my target audience will also be different from the usual readers of music magazines in the sense that my magazine focuses on new and interesting unsigned artists rather than focusing on mainstream trending musicians. Because my magazine won’t attract people through the content (because there is no mainstream artists such as Rihanna and You Me At Six) I used bold colours to get the audience’ attention. The blue and pink contrast well together, and capture the eye. The model on the front is also wearing blue and has an interesting makeup design therefore people may be intrigued to see what that is all about. The front of my cover on the third left has all the top information in the magazine. I believe the conventions of the text are all present, as it is catchy and upbeat as well as informal and a little bit unusual.
  7. 7. Q2. How Does Your MediaProduct Represent Particular Social Groups?
  8. 8. Q2. Music FansMy magazine contains all sorts of genres, from Rock to R’n’B sotherefore my magazine has a wide range of people that itrepresents.In my feature article the artist covers a wide range of musicgenres in her music so therefore my magazine (especially theparticular article) represents a lot of people who enjoy differentstyles of music. More people can read my magazine and enjoy aparticular aspect of it. Extract from my DPS
  9. 9. Q2. Age and GenderMy media product represents females between the ages of 16 and 25 who have an interest in music.Also I think that my magazine also represents people who maybe be looking to read something a bitmore unique and less ‘mainstream’For example...As you can see, the people in the photographs fit into my target audience. They are all differentfemales between the ages of 16 and 25 who basically like to have fun. Fun is a key theme within mymagazine as the text, layout and images I’ve used all represent this.My magazine doesn’t represent younger and older ages, because I dont think the text/articles wouldappeal to them. The ages of 16 to 25 are the years in someones life where they determine what theywant to do in the future. My articles within my magazine are there to inspire and give informationabout the music industry, I would say people over the age of 25 have already set their goal in life.
  10. 10. Q2. Social ClassMy magazine isn’t focused on how much or little money someone has.It’s not about someones social background or upbringing. Its for people who enjoy music and like to read aboutdifferent genres. My magazine represents the poorest and richest within society and doesn’t create socialdivisions.Although some features within my magazine may appeal to people with more money such as certain concertswhich may have a higher cost. However, there are some features in my magazine where people with less moneycan enjoy as well, such as local music venues which are significantly lower priced than ‘headlining’ stars.Also, the price of my magazine is a little higher than some othermagazines in the industry but compared to other music magazines, it is reasonably priced at £2.95.I believe people with less money would be willing to pay that price toread something they enjoy. Extract from my front coverI think because most people in the ages of 16-25 will have pocket money from parents or a job of sorts, payingfor the magazine won’t be an issue. Especiallybecause the magazine is released fortnightly. Also, youcan subscribe to the magazine and save ‘48%’ so thatmay be a more appropriate money saving option forsome readers such as college or university studentswho want to save money. Extract from my contents page
  11. 11. Q2. Race and Ethnicity Although all the pictures within the front cover, contents page and article of my magazine are all of white people. The magazine would have feature articles of non-white musicians as well. Also, my magazine does have a section on the UK/US top 40 which many non-white musicians do appear so I would be incorporating different ethnicities and races into my magazine that way (if not through pictures). For example musicians with different races and ethnicities are: Snoop Dogg - CaliforniaRihanna -Barbados Rizzle Kicks - Brighton Nicki Minaj -Trinidad David Guetta - France
  12. 12. Q2. SexualityAnybody can read my magazine, no matter what sexuality can read my magazine. It’sprimarily aimed at women but does not specify weather they are straight or gay. Mymagazine doesn’t have any influencing factors that would deter straight or gay peoplefrom reading it.In my magazine the musicians sexuality in the feature articleisn’t portrayed. However her poses on the front cover andwithin the article could be seen as flirtatious and sexualisedwhich may attract some female, but mainly male readers. Extract from the Front cover and DPSThe ‘artist’ does not have any stereotypical gay features such as: No makeup Therefore I don’t Very short hair cut think my magazine Doesn’t care about fashion targets any particular Big Tattoo on arm sexuality, straight or gay. Deep Voice Overweight or have muscles
  13. 13. Q3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  14. 14. Q3. Magazine Publishers Q3. Rhinegold Rhinegold is one of the leading UK publishers for music and the performing arts. Although Rhinegold has a wide portfolio of magazines the key reason would be to introduce a new magazine that would reach a wider audience. They also provide a range of supplements that my magazine could be included as a new addition Rhinegold also publishes a series of directories including the renowned British and International Music Yearbook, together with a wide range of supplements which provide information and useful contact details for music festivals, scholarships, summer schools, competitions and more.
  15. 15. Q3. ICP Media The reason for approaching ICP Media is that it produces over 60 iconic media brands, with print alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men – almost 26 million UK adults – while our websites collectively reach over 20 million users every month. The company offers a diverse print and digital portfolio which covers something for everyone, with a focus on three core audiences: men, mass market women and upmarket women. They produce famous womens weeklies including Look, Now, Chat and Woman; TV entertainment brands including Whats on TV, TV Times and TV & Satellite Week. The key interest in this publisher is that they produce New Musical Express (NME) which means that they understand the music market and all the new trends.
  16. 16. Q3. UK Magazines UK Magazines contains more than 2,000 magazines. UK Magazines provides you with the information about art, music, movies, food, travel, concerts, movies, videos, CDs, lifestyles, reviews and essays on music, television, films, books, video games, sports, comics, travel, Internet and almost about every topic. UK Magazines does not provide the service of subscribing to a magazine, but provides you the link where you can get the subscription of any of the UK magazines; and most important UK Magazines will give you the cheapest subscription link (up to 98% off normal retail price). This guide to cheaper subscriptions may be of benefit to my magazine. As people may be lured into buying because of the cheaper price.
  17. 17. Q3. Places That Might DistributeMy magazine will be sold is Britain so therefore I would need to target large stores that are well knowthroughout the country and also where my target audience (Females 16-25) would shopsuch as:Supermarkets My magazineHigh street Music Stores would be distributed in these places because they are reasonablyOnline Shops/Music Stores priced and well known around the UK.
  18. 18. Q4. Who Would Be TheAudience For Your Media Product.
  19. 19. Character ProfilesFemales My product is aimed at woman, and I think the picture represents that. The picture shows a female studying I think the picture resembles my target audience for my media product the best, as my magazine could maybe provide some light relieve from hard day of work, university or college. As you can see in the picture, the girl is dressed casually, my magazine is about having fun and taking some time to relax and read about music and get to know some new music artists. Also, she is working on a laptop so she can easily listen to music and explore social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook, my magazine works closely to incorporate and promote social networking . For example my magazine has information on the contents page.. . Extract from my contents page
  20. 20. Q4. Ages 16-25 This picture represents people between the ages of 16- 25 like to go out to parties and clubs to have a fun time. The hairstyles and clothing of the girls in the picture shows that they care about their appearance and like to make an effort. My magazine contains tips to how to get the best fashion.Also, all the images in the magazine the models are dressednicely and are have made an effort with their hair and makeup.I think people in the age group will appreciate the models makingan effort as it gives themselves something to aspire to look like. Extract from my contents pageAlthough many people think models are all airbrushed and to skinny, I also will include plussize musicians and advice on being happy the way you are. So people can read mymagazine and feel comfortable. However these messages will be subtle as my magazine isbasically about music.
  21. 21. Q4. Musicians My magazine is also targeted at musicians because it contains lots of different musical aspects. The person you see on the picture represents people who are interested in or play music. The womans fashion sense is quite quirky but I dont think that matters to much as it is her musical interest that counts. My magazine includes all sorts of different music genres so many music fans can enjoy something within the magazine. My magazine isn’t just specifically focused on one genre such as Kerrang! which focuses on Rock music.My magazine also helps musicians to learn more about instruments for example there is asection in my magazine which helps people to learn the guitar.Therefore people who are looking to take there music interest a step further can with thehelp on my magazine. Extract from my contents page
  22. 22. Q5. How Did YouAttract/Address Your Target Audience
  23. 23. TechnologyI wanted my magazine to be modern and up to date. So therefore I madesure I included lots of ways to keep in touch and updated such as twitterand Facebook.Most people between the ages of 16-25 do spend a lot of time online onsocial networking sites, listening to music or watching videos. I researchedthe top 10 most visited websites in 2011 - here are my findingsAs you can see many of the websites are based oncommunication, therefore I also thought it would be important for mymagazine to help keep people connected.Because most people now have an iPod/iTunes I thought it would be agood idea to keep my music magazine linked with a music download site. Ithink this would promote the magazine and encourage the targetaudience to read it. Extract from my contents page Extract from my contents page
  24. 24. Mise-en-sceneI tried to make everything in my magazine aesthetically pleasing so I wouldengage the target audience.For the front cover I chose quite a feminine colour scheme such as aturquoise blue, hot pink, cream and black, however I felt I stayed away fromstereotypical colours associated with females such as pastel colours because Iwanted to make sure my magazine was modern rather than traditional.The language I’ve used in my magazine pages is informal and friendly. I thinkmy target audience would be hard workers (either from college or work) andwould read my magazine for fun rather than anything else.I think the puffs on the front cover are appealing to my target audience itgives the reader a sneak preview and I think would make them ultimately buythe magazine.For example:
  25. 25. FashionToday more and more people are fashionconscious and like to follow trends within thefashion industry. Fashion plays a big part insomeones life as they feel they are beingjudged on what they wear. In my magazine Idecided to make my models wear high streetclothing that was in trend. I did want to makemy model look glamorous so therefore Imade her make up bold.I also created pages in my magazine thatwould give out tip on fashion to my targetaudience as something extra for them toenjoy reading. Extract from my music magazine photos Extract from my contents page Extract from my front cover
  26. 26. Video InterviewClick the title I interviewed a 16 year old female whoand open fitted into my target audience.hyperlink toview the videoon YouTube. She said she liked my magazine pages and said that the magazine would be something she would be interested in reading. She said is also looked professional and modern which she likes to see within a magazine. Therefore, personally I think I used appropriate methods of attracting my interviewee target audience.
  27. 27. Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  28. 28. In the process of creating my media product Iused a variety of different technologies to get the outcome I wanted. I have learnt a lot about different software,equipment and editing techniques which have helped me improve my music magazine.
  29. 29. What I used?I used a variety of different technologies whenmaking my media productfor example: - Quark Xpress, -Adobe Photoshop, -Internet, (Picnik, Blogger and numerous other research websites) -Microsoft word and PowerPoint, -Digital camera, -Pen drive
  30. 30. Quark XpressI used Quark Xpress to create my DPS article.To begin with I found using this software difficult toget the effect I wanted. However after practising andlearning about the different tools put it to myadvantage and hopefully created a successful piece ofwork.One thing I did like about the software was the wayyou could neatly organise all the text into columns soyou didnt have to measure anything using theruler, like you do on Photoshop.There was a pre-set A4 magazine layout which Ichose for the basis of my work After applying thecolumns I added my text, I had written quite a longarticle so I wanted to make sure everything did fit. Imade it size 10 and changed the font to Arial.I then added pictures and worked with the layout andchanged some of the text to get the desired outcomefor my DPS.
  31. 31. PhotoshopI used Photoshop for my front cover and Contentspage.I found Photoshop really easy to use as the toolswere very simple but effective. I had usedPhotoshop once before and really enjoyed workingwith the software I liked the lasso tool where youcould cut around people to get rid of any of thepicture background you didnt want. Original imageThe images could be transformed into somethingcompletely different using Photoshop. For exampleyou could crop, resize without ruining thepixilation, change the brightness and contrast,change the colour and crop images.Personally, I found manipulating the images easieron Photoshop than on any other software.However, I did prefer using Quark for layout of themagazine pages because I felt it gave my magazine Edited image on contents pagemore of a professional publishing style to it.
  32. 32. The InternetThe internet helped me a lot during the processof creating my magazine pages. It gave merelevant research and ideas for me to create mymedia product. YouTube Research
  33. 33. PicnikPicnik is an editing website for pictures. I used Picnik a lotfor personal use so I was familiar with the ins and outs ofthe programme. It can help enhance pictures or makethem more professional by having tools such asairbrush, teeth whitening and blemish fixer. I appliedthese certain tools to my model to make her look flawlesson my magazine pages. Most magazines do this to theirmodels so I thought it gave my magazine more of aprofessional finish. Screen shot of Picnik Original image Edited image on Picnik
  34. 34. BloggerI used blogger to create my blog about my mediaproduct. I found blogger easy to use and the process ofwriting and posting a page was quite fun. Sometimes Ifound it hard to keep on top of but it was easy enough topost from anywhere. I especially liked the way the postssaved after a few seconds. This helped me a lot and Ididn’t lose any work. Screen shot of blog posts from
  35. 35. CameraI used a 16 megapixel Fujifilmcamera to take my photographs. I enjoyed usingmy own personal camera because I knew all thefunctions it had and how it worked already.Because the camera is 16 megapixels I knew theresolution wouldnt be a problem when usingmy photos in my magazine.I will definitely use this camera for any otherproduction work because I feel it is a highquality good piece of equipment.
  36. 36. Overall I feel that all of the technology that I used helped me to gather new skills as well as helping me find easier and more professional way of doing things such as; editing pictures. I think without some of the professional software that I used I would have a less successful and professionallooking magazine and I think it would have bad pixelquality of the pictures and the outcome would have been a little bit messy.
  37. 37. Q7. Looking back at your preliminarytask, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  38. 38. ComparisonsCollege magazine front cover Music magazine front cover
  39. 39. LayoutCollege magazineI quite liked the layout of my college magazine front cover, Ilike the way the picture is positioned on the page in thecentre. However I do not like the way the sub-articles coverthe models head in some places. I think this looksunprofessional and draws the attention away from the image.Music magazineI think the layout of my magazine is a bit different from othermagazines. I put a triangular blue side banner on the cover tobreak up the picture and text, I felt by doing this the textstands out more but doesn’t distract your eyes from the mainimage. I used anchorage to the main image by using a speechbubble I think this makes the magazine look more fun andinformal.
  40. 40. Colour SchemeCollege magazineFor my college magazine I used 4 colours, I thought thecolours stood out on the cover but didn’t look very goodtogether. The target audience for my college magazine wasmales and females ages 16-19 I don’t feel the colours reflectthe male side of the audience as I think they look quitefeminine.Music magazineI used 4 colours on my front cover like the college magazinehowever I felt they contrasted together well for example Iused black and cream which are fairly neutral so the blue andpink could add brightness to the page. My target audiencewas females ages 16-25 so I think the colours are appropriateby being modern but not too ‘girly’.
  41. 41. FontCollege magazineI used about 10 fonts on my cover page ranging fromArial Black to . which looking backI think it looks messy and like there is too much goingon.Music MagazineI have used 3 fonts on my font cover the main onebeing “Tahoma” which I felt was easy to read andmore modern looking. I have also added shadowsbehind the text to make it stand out more from thepictures which also, makes it easier to read.
  42. 42. PhotographyCollege magazineIn my college magazine I felt I had quite a highstandard of pictures. I used a model and choseclothes and applied her hair and makeup. I useda high megapixel camera as well so the pictureshad a good resolution. College magazineMusic magazineIn my music magazine I felt the pictures were ofgood standard. I used the same camera andagain, chose her clothes and did her hair andmakeup. I made the music magazine photosmore glamorous than the college magazinephotos but I feel both sets of photos were equalin quality. Music magazine
  43. 43. College magazine EditingI used little editing when choosing which photos to use. Forthe main image on the front cover I cut around it using atool on Photoshop, looking at the finished front cover I couldhave done a better job as I feel the cutting is not up to agood quality.Music magazineI used a website called ‘picnik’which has photo editing tools forexample on my magazine frontcover Ichanged, contrast, brightness, teeth whitening, reduced redeye and Original image Edited imagereduces blemishes this gave myimages more of a professional
  44. 44. Writing StyleCollege magazineWhen I produced my college magazine I didn’t take myaudience into consideration as I didn’t realise howrelevant it was to think about them. I mainly thoughtabout making the magazine sound fun and lively.Music MagazineFor my music magazine I did have a greaterunderstanding of how important it is to make sure themagazine appeals to my audience. I did this by makingsure that all the wording was fun and catchy, but also byusing slang words such as ‘LOL’. I felt this would make mymagazine appeal to a younger audience (under 19) butstill get the older target audience to enjoy the magazine.
  45. 45. ResearchI used both market and audience research to find out what I needed to include in my musicmagazine.To do this I created a questionnaire which I gave to 20 people. I analysed the data I hadreceived. This helped with the development and design of the magazine. For example theresponses to the questionnaire helped me choose the name for my magazine (AMP).Using the responses from the market and audience provided me with a better insight ofpeoples needs and wants for a music magazine. This then helped me to come up with myniche market for my magazine. This being a focused on unsigned music artists, which isdifferent from any other music magazine. It gave me an idea of what catches their eyewhen looking at a magazine stand (mainly bright colours)For my market research I search for music magazine online websites to look for what thereregular content was and also how they promoted feature articles.I also bought a few magazines such as NME and Kerrang to see how they appealed to theirtarget audience. This gave me better understanding of how to use font, colour and languageto attract my target audience.
  46. 46. OverallIn comparison to my music magazine, my college magazine does notlook very professional. It looks very simple and is not of a highstandard. Although I had the basic knowledge of what to include onthe things I should and should not do, it seems I did not fullyunderstand how to create a successful magazine. There were aspectsof magazine production that I had not learnt. However in constructingmy music magazine I was able to apply the skills I have obtained.In the production of the music magazine I experimented with thetechnology available to me to introduce different styles and features. Iused QuarkXPress and would certainly like to develop my skills furtherif time allowed.In following a planned process I was able to gather information andunderstand the aspects of magazine production which helped medevelop my music magazine. In the preliminary task I wanted to createa college magazine that I thought would be fun. In the production ofthe music magazine I created a product that was more focused on theaudience having fun.
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