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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research , planning and evaluation?

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research , planning and evaluation?






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    How did you use media technologies in the construction and research , planning and evaluation? How did you use media technologies in the construction and research , planning and evaluation? Presentation Transcript

    • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
      By Rebecca Legister-Anderson
    • Research
    • Blogger.com
      I researched previous A2 media blogs on blogger.com to see what we had to achieve for a high level from a variety of blogs. This included a detailed blog and a clear, concise well edited video.
      The main pro of using blogger, is the ability to be able to access it easily with an internet connection.
    • YouTube
      We also watched videos of past students work on Youtube.com to see the high and low graded videos to a guide on what to do and what not to do.
      We also watched examples of videos that aspired us for our potential video.
    • Safari
      During research, I used safari to find record labels for our band, in this case, XL recordings as well as other independent and major labels record labels.
      Using Apple’s browsing software, ‘Safari’ I was able to view a variety of resources such as images and videos that lesser browsers would be able to provide because of unable to high quality videos. However, when the interent, this service is unable, which can cause major problems. I.e unable to update on blogger.
    • Gmail
      Used to get in contact with the band, Changing Modes, for permission for soundtrack.
      This was invaluable way for communicating with the band, however lack of internet made this redundant at times, making it unreliable
    • Planning
    • Slideshare.com
      I used slideshare to upload my PowerPoint presentation for my pitch. The advantages include being able to upload the PowerPoint to blogger, as there would be problems uploading straight from PowerPoint.
      Slideshare also helps us to keep us organized, as we can easily refer back to the presentations for ideas for the project. However, at times the powerpoint will not upload because of ‘errors’, effectively wasting time.
    • Blogger.com
      To record and date while in planning stages.
      Extremely useful for updating plans about the video, quick and convenient. However, lack of internet would cause major disruption.
    • Digital Cameras
      Used for Reece shots and potential costumes for the video. The small size made it easily portable to different locations and easily to upload to the Mac.
      However, we would often have problems with batteries as they would need changing often, making it inconvenient.
    • I Movie
      Used I stop to capture storyboard frames and turn it into anianmatic.
      This was an effective way to view our storyboard to see how it would match with the track. However, we had so many frames that it would crash constantly.
    • Microsoft word
      Used to create the shot list. Able to create a detail shot list, that can be viewed on easily in grid form and printed off to be taken anywhere.
    • Production
    • Digital Cameras
      I used digital cameras during production for risk assessment- taking pictures of potential hazard objects, during the shot.
    • Camera Recorders
      Used to record footage on. The advantage of using camera recorders is that they are portable and essential for the project.
      However, I often had problems with the batteries, including the camera began with low batteries, given less time to film or the batteries would die fairly quickly. This puts more pressure to film quickly, especially in a location where you cannot recharge.
    • Flip cameras
      At the beginning of production, I used he flip cameras to record a mini doc of behind the scenes of the video.
      It was extremely easy to use as the controls are simple to record and playback, with an usb attached, making it easy to download. However, if footage was not uploaded straight away, it would easily become lost, or get deleted by accident.
    • Lighting
      We used professional lighting kits, to brighten the room and bring a clearer, more professional quality for the video.
      Although , it is extremely hard to carry, making it difficult to carry to various locations.
    • Blogger.com
      A positive aspect for us throughout production is the ability to update from any computer.
      Used to update blog about every shoot.
    • Post Production
    • Final cut Express
      Used to edit the footage, it is difficult to understand the program at first use, often making progress slow.
      Although it allows us to add visual effects. Examples are split screen and text with the video, making it more visually interesting.
    • Adobe Photoshop CS3
      Used to create the digipak and poster for the band. Photoshop allows use to visually manipulate a picture, to change colour and add typography, which we applied to our ancillary.
      Photoshop can be difficult to use, especially for a first time user, making it time consuming for us.
    • Evaluation
    • Flip cameras
      Used to record audience feedback. We easily were able to upload to blogger due to the usb attached.
    • Youtube
      Use the web 2.0 site to upload our video, so viewers can easily view it. I also used it to put annotations, explaining decisions for the video for the evaluation. Was fairly easy to upload but requires internet connection.
    • Facebook
      Using another web 2.0 site, I was able to promote and gain feedback for the evaluation quickly. The only negative side, it that the video can only be viewed to certain people, whereas Youtube is world wide.
    • Grab
      I used grab frequently to compare the music video to other existing texts, to show our intention within the video. Grab allows to create a ‘snapshot’ of whatever you wish. It is extremely easy to use, however it does not work with Photoshop, which caused problems when we wanted to show our poster in progress.
    • Blogger.com
      Used to recorded feedback of given for digipak, poster and video.
    • Gmail
      Used to receive feedback from the band and include . A quick and easy to communicate with them.