Client server architecture


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  • 1500 Leonardo da Vinci designs a mechanical calculator.
  • Thick client has it own hard ware in the pcs, thin client relys on the network of all resources and safe to the network not the pc Provides services within the HTTP domain (page) e.ggoogle doc’s
  • Relational Data Management System
  • LAN – local access network – protocols HTTP, URL and
  • Transport layer host to host
  • Client server architecture

    1. 1. Client Server Architecture29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 1
    2. 2. DefinitionThe term ‘Client-Server’ refersto the Network Architecture.where one or more computersare connected a server.That one computer (the Client) or more sends aservice request to another computer (the Server). 29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 2
    3. 3. TimelineMainframes • 1st Generation The tube-based mainframes computers • 2nd Generation Transistor computers systems • 3rd Generation Multi-processing and OS make the scene29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 3
    4. 4. Timeline1980s Client-Server Network1990 Intro of Web related Protocols1990HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language)1991 Web Server2001 Blade Server2008Cluster Application29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 4
    5. 5. ServersMainframes • One Tier • Talks directly to the mainframeFile Server • Thick Client • No hard-disk • Network dependant • One-tier architecture29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 5
    6. 6. ServersWeb Server • Thin Client • Hard ware based • Network based • Two-tier architecture • Uses HTTP protocolsApplication Server • LAN (Local Access Network) • Backbone • Cluster • Provides services within the webpage • Provides online documents • E.g. Hotmail, Google and Yahoo29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 6
    7. 7. ServersDatabase Server Referred to as ‘The back-end system’ • Performs tasks such as data analysis, storage, data manipulation, archiving29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 7
    8. 8. Blade Servers • Thinner client • Super Computer • Accessed virtually… • VmWare softwareRemote • Enables Network Administrators to access the network without physically being in the same location of the network. • VmWare • Remote Desktop Connections29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 8
    9. 9. Tiers29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 9
    10. 10. Client-Server Architecture• Web Server • Protocols• Application Server • PC LAN application• Database Server • 3 tier structure 29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 10
    11. 11. Present Status• 3-tier/N-tier Client -Server System 3-tier • Web Browser, Web Server, Application Server N-tier Architecture • Funnel database connections • Partition the application processing load mango many servers. • Multi-tier is used to describe architectures with multiple layer or types of middleware. 29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 11
    12. 12. Industry Standards:• FTP Protocols (File Transfer Protocol)• TCP/IP (Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)• IP (Internet Protocol) OSI Model TCP/IP Model Presentation Layer Application Layer FTP Session Layer Transport Layer Transport TCP Network Layer Internet IP Data Link Layer Ethernet Physical Layer Netowrk Interface29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 12
    13. 13. Industry Standards: ProtocolsWeb Browser Protocols • HTTP (Hypertext transport protocol)  Is the domain of the website E.g. • URL (Universal Resource Locator) Is the Website of the address. • HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language)  Mark-Up Language for Web Pages on the World Wide Web29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 13
    14. 14. Industry Standards: ProtocolsEmail Protocols • STMP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)  Is a protocol for sending email messages between the Servers.  STMP sends the message • POP (Post Office Protocol) Email Client POP retrieves the message29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 14
    15. 15. Cloud ComputingIs not our friend in Client-Server Architecture World!29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 15
    16. 16. Future Direction Cloud Computing• Virtual World• Stable structure• Secure• Subscription based Client-Server Architecture is flexible and adaptable Blade Server• The Blade is able to contain big number of users in work group• The Blade Server is powerful!29/10/2011 Becky Pateman 16