Evaluation Task 1


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Evaluation Task 1

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Evaluation Task 1

  1. 1. This shot shows just the feet of Matt pushing the trolley. This is quite a mysterious shot. It createssuspense and the audience to want to know whos feet and they are and what is he pushing. Thisshots relates to our thriller as there is a very slow build up of confusing shot that cause tension andthe who plot unravels at the end when Adam, the driver, gets shot. You also here the sound of theof squeaking trolley wheels and a slow rise in a mysterious flow of music.The opening titles start in the middle of the screen which is very typical to the genre of actionthrillers.The choice of footwear symbolises that this might be a worker of some sort, and this creates theaudience to relate the trolley to other professions such as kitchen, hotel staff.
  2. 2. This shot is an over shoulder shot. This shot reveals that back of Matts head and shows us glimpse ofwhats on the trolley. There is feet on the trolley and this causes the audience to believe that there isa body on the trolley whit a white sheet over it. This causes the audience to relate the shot withdeath.This shots causes the audience to wonder why is this man pushing this trolley with possibly a deadperson on it and as he is in movement to causes the audience t wonder where he is goingThis shot also establishes more of the setting as we can see now that he is located in a corridor ofsome sort but the audience are still fairly clueless.
  3. 3. This shot is a tilt down shot that reveals a lot to the audience. It shots the man pushing the trolley is in apair of scrubs, we can tell this because of the colour a the V-neck. this establishes forms and conventionsof TV shows and films that the audience will instantly understand the setting just from the simple itemsof clothing which is a hospital. As the shot tilts down even more we can see the tattoo on his arm whichis very stereo typical of working class, in which they would have such jobs as hospital maintenanceworkers. As the shot progresses to tilt down we can see that he is wearing latex gloves which follow theforms and conventions of the hospital setting. At the end of the tilt we are left with a sustained shot ofan object under the white sheet onto of the trolley that matt is pushing, this symbols importance to theobject under the white sheet.. this exceeds the audience to believe that there is a body under the sheetand that this is a shot of the head as in the shot before his feet were at the other end. The white sheetalso causes the audience to believe that the body is dead. This shows the forms and convention of thesame hospital setting and scenario and the colour white also resemble death
  4. 4. The shot is a still shot of matt moving down the corridor with the trolley. The shot fades out as Theman continuously walks pushes the trolley down the corridor. In this shot the audience gets a muchwider sense of the setting environment that there watching. we chose this location because it wasthe most accessible and similar to a mental ward. The location we chose, pea-slake corridors did infact used to be some kind of hospital ward. This shot creates the audience to wonder where he isgoing and the shot is still as we see him walk into the distance. The audience are now eager to seewhats going to happen and it builds tension.
  5. 5. This Shot leads on from the last Corridor shot. It suddenly comes in from where the last shot fades out andshocks the audience as you hear the loud heightened sound of the door closing, this is very typical of thegenre of tense actions thriller as a lot of sound is heightened to add meaning and tension. For example thedoor closing is heightened because at the end of our thriller adam, the driver, opens the door again (which isheightened) to see Mauricio with a gun in his hand.The van questions the audience and concludes that the body is being taken away, the audience are led tobelieve that the van is in face a mortuary van, however where the van is going the audiecne are still cluelessand wish exceed watching. This shot gives away a lot to the audience but not everything so that theaudience are compelled to find outIn this shot you can also see the body in the white sheet in the a confined space and a door closing on theview. The satisfies the audience of what will happen to the body on the trolley. The main focal point is onthe trolley symbolising importance and creates the audience to suspect something coming up.
  6. 6. Not Converting to the stereotypical role of the genre, it Subverts the genre which is seen in suchFilms such as KillBill vol 2, where the bride is shut in a coffin and buried underground, and the screenis just black and you can just hear her breathing sharply and struggling. There is also another filmwhere this method is used, Signs 2002 with Mel Gibson. There is a shot in the basement when thelights go out and you can just hear all the characters running around screaming.This scene has only the van noises as it starts drives off, the banging from the back of the van andthe van stopping. I think that this scene is really effective as it creates the audience to focus more onthe audio and to concentrate a lot more to whats going on, it also adds to the mystery of the thriller
  7. 7. cThis shot has Adam getting out the van and walking closer towards the camera. He has a veryconcerned and intrigued look on his face. This creates the audience to expect something to happen inthe next couple of shot as this shot leads on from the banging in the back of the van. The shot gripsthe audience to want to know what that banging noise was and what was happening to the trolly inthe back of the van. This creates the audience to question if the body in the back of the van wasreally dead.. Adam then walks past the camera to the back of the van. This is the first real shot yousee of adam aside from when he opens the door. Adams attire is very stereotypical to a van driver,working class, this adds to the realism of our thriller are creates more belief.
  8. 8. This shot revels the plot to the audience as we see from inside the van adam opening the doorsad his facial expression dropping as he is frozen from fear and shock. Again the sound of thedoor being opened is heightened to relate back to the other door shot. This shot shocks theaudience and satisfies them at the same time as the audience are expecting something tohappen as not a lot has happened in the rest of the thriller before this scene. The audience aredesperate to see the the man with the guns face.By this point the audience have also clocked that the man was pretending top be dead toescape and is going to shoot the van driver in order to finish his escape.
  9. 9. This shot is very sudden as we see The man with the gun shooting adam and him falling back.This shot completely satisfies the whole plot and setting of the thriller. The Man in the vansattire is very stereotypical of a mental of a hospital patient ad that this is obviously some sort ofescape but the audience question “why would someone escape from hospital, people are notthere buy force so why escape?, What institute imprisons there patients?”. This shot leeds theaudience to realise that the man is in fact escape a mental institute and the man escape inmentally ill, and the setting at the beginning was the corridor of a mental asylum.The man in the van is poorly lit this creates more mystery to the character and as we see thegun flash and hear the shots the screen suddenly goes black. This shot is the final peak of all thesuspense exploding into the the gun shots and reales the audience at the same time as shockingthem, this is very typical of a tension rise in this genre..
  10. 10. c