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Timeline Presentation Transcript

  • 1. TimeLine of Horror Movies
    By BeckahHornsey
    Katie Mclaren
  • 2. 1900’s
    First horror films released
    Alice Guy releases 10 minute version of Notre Dame de Paris, entitled Esmerelda
    First version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It is a recorded version of the stage play by the same name
  • 3. 1910’s
    First version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was filmed and released
    The Duality of Man and a second version of Jekyll and Hyde released
    First full length pure horror movie – The Vengeance of Egypt - which is also the first film to use Egypt as a basis
    First horror film to use colour is released
    World War 1 sees German cinema flourish
  • 4. 1920’s
    First major acting star – John Barrymore - takes on a horror movie role
    The first screen adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula is released, entitled Nosferatu
    After Midnight, the first American Vampire movie is released
    The Terror becomes the first full length horror with sound and the second full length talkie ever
  • 5. 1930’s
    Dracula was made and released, starring Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi
    Dr X released in 2 colourTechnicolour
    Horror films begin to be banned by the bbfc
    MGM releases its last horror movie
    BBFC introduces ‘H’ certificate, which stands for horror. This replaces the ‘A’, Adult, rating (16+)
    Dracula and Frankestein released as the worlds first double bill
    ‘Classic Monsters’ franchise launched
  • 6. 1940’s
    Egyptian horror revived with The Mummy’s Hand
    Three most famous horror monsters in one movie, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster and The Wolfman
  • 7. 1950’s
    The BBFC introduces X rating for people 18 or over
    Dawning of atomic age spawns new era of horror, obsessed with aliens and space
    3D cinema is born
    House of Wax is the second film to be released in 3D
    ‘Godzilla’ films are released
    Hammer release their first out and out horror film in the UK
    Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are seen as horror stars
    Gore and eroticism become staples of horror
  • 8. 1960’s
    Alfred Hitchcock releases Psycho
    Slasher movie is born
    Boundaries are pushed with The Virgin Spring
    Hammer releases double bills
    Golden age of horror is lost with the death of Boris Karloff
  • 9. 1970’s
    Hammer releases The Vampire Lovers, an erotic answer to the pessimism of society
    Last House on the Left causes controversy
    The Exorcist breaks new ground, creating a horror legend
    The Wicker Man becomes a cult classic
    Video age begins
    Jaws becomes a Phenomenon
    Hammers final horror film is released
    The Slasher returns
  • 10. 1980’s
    The Evil Dead causes international outcry
    Age of Videodrome
    A change in age restrictions sees many films banned, including Zombie Flesh Eaters
    Horror films become comedic
    The horror boom came to an end
  • 11. 1990’s
    Interview with a vampire released following the successes of remakes of Frankenstein and Dracula
    New slasher franchise, Wes Craven’s Scream, is launched
    I Know What You Did Last Summer is released after the slasher success of scream
    Low budget movie, shot with a hand held camera, Blair Witch Project becomes an international phenomenon
  • 12. 2000’s
    The Exorcist is given a cinema release
    The US looks to Japan for inspiration, resulting in The Ring
    Freddy Vs Jason sees the 2 main protaganists of Friday 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street in a monster mash
    The Grudge is the next Japanese horror to be Americanised
    The Saw franchise is launched
    Sub-genre ‘torture porn’ is born
    Remakes are released, including The Hills Have Eyes and Halloween