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Bbi statement of qualifications

  1. 1. Business Benefits Business Benefits has the reputation and relationship with the local carriers that allow us to design the appropriate coverage for our clients and their employees at the best premium. Business Benefits, with its stable and dependable staff, will provide your management and employees with exemplary customer service emphasizing: Administrative support relative to every aspect of carrier interaction. We resolve billing, eligibility, and claim problems, allowing you to focus on your business. Proactive employee education directed to improve employees’ understanding and appreciation of their coverage and cost. Assistance for employees and their family members who struggle with claims and/or coverage concerns through our Patient Advocacy Department. Promote wellness programs. Help people who have exhausted COBRA or who have retired and need an individual policy or Medicare supplement.
  2. 2. Introduction to our Agency Business Benefits, Inc., is one of the largest independent employee- benefit agencies in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region, specializing in medical, dental, life, and disability since 1984. We have designed insurance programs and established relationships with over 800 clients who we service primarily in Greater Cincinnati.• We have maintained excellent working relationships with the major carriers in our area. Our long-standing relationships and reputation with these carriers help us to negotiate for the best plans and pricing available for our clients.• We have one of the largest in-force blocks of business with virtually every health insurance carrier; we are one of the largest producers of new business for virtually every health insurance carrier.
  3. 3. Many employers do not realize that insurancecarriers “rank” agencies. Business Benefits isproud of the fact that Anthem, Humana, andUnited HealthCare all recognize our firm at thehighest echelon. This ranking is the result notonly of our large block of business with thecarriers, but also speaks to the high ethicalstandard with which we conduct business.Our agency is active in health insurancelegislation and has worked with state andfederal legislators.In addition to traditional health, dental, life,and disability plans, we help clients exploreHealth Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs),Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), Flex CreditPlans, and Consumer-Driven Plans.
  4. 4. Included in Our Service Regular plan review to ensure employee benefits are appropriate and competitive in the market place. Long- term planning to help protect the financial stability of a company and strategically prepare for future renewals. Suggest, research, and implement wellness programs designed to improve employees’ health, self-esteem, and motivation (eventually resulting in lower claims). Employee meetings designed to communicate the value of the benefits, assist with the enrollment process, and answer employee questions. Administrative, procedural, and informational assistance for your employee benefit programs including: billing resolution, and processing enrollments and terminations, so you can focus on your business. Patient advocacy, including: working as a liaison between patient and insurance carrier to ensure the prompt and proper payment of claims, as well as assisting in the appeals process. Materials and supplies including: provider directories, benefit summaries, and prescription drug formularies.
  5. 5. Throughout the year our account managers andproducers work with your carrier to develop astrategy for renewal: Complete analysis of in-force enrollment, fluctuations, and their impact on your claim experience Track record of successful rate negotiations with carriersOur mission is to bring the best options to eachclient, preferring to renew business with thecurrent carrier when customers are satisfied andrenewals are reasonable in order to minimizeemployee disruption.We hold formal and informal presentations thatinclude representatives from Business Benefitsand the chosen carrier(s) to discuss your plans.We also educate employees about trends in thehealthcare system and prepare them for futurechanges and developments.We promote and design employee wellnessprograms for employers, believing that improvingemployees’ health will improve health care costs.Offer to coordinate health fairs for clients (bringvendors in to check blood pressure, offer flushots (when available), administer blood glucosechecks, and other screenings, and offer amultitude of educational materials)
  6. 6. Our Mission To consistently provide the business people of Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Dayton and Southeastern Indiana… superior professional service in Group InsuranceWe accomplish this by: Learning and understanding your unique situation and objectives Working only with quality carriers and insurers Implementing the best products to help you accomplish your goals Servicing you quickly and courteously whenever assistance is needed Maintaining strategic alliances with other highly reputable entities to provide full service, while remaining focused in our core competencies
  7. 7. SpecializationBusiness Benefits, Inc. has a reputation ofsuperior experience, industry clout, and broadmarket exposure to deliver to our clients.We accomplish this through: Knowledge and experience Research and analysis Track record of successful negotiations with carriers Design, interpretation, creativity, explanation and recommendation Exemplary service and support Technology Our experience in the industry is vast, as is our commitment to education and continuing education. Included on our staff is a CLU, four RHUs, and an attorney. We also hold a Life and Health Consultant License.
  8. 8. Qualifications With 17 staff members on board, we are prepared and available to successfully perform a comprehensive benefit program assessment and implement appropriate changes when necessary.• Business Benefits, Inc. uses the “team approach” for our clients. Our sales and services to each client comes from a team of employees, not just one or two.• We are available to all of our clients and their employees every working day from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We also maintain an internet Web site, offering general information and communication options.
  9. 9. Renewal Performance Six months prior to each group’s renewal, our analysis team, account managers and producers work with each carrier to review claims history where available and begin preparing a strategy for renewal.• Our mission is to bring the best options to each client, preferring to renew business with the same carrier when customers are satisfied and renewals are reasonable.• Our goal is to receive and evaluate renewals 60 to 90 days in advance and continue to investigate all available options for our clients so that if a change is necessary, enrollment meetings and education will enhance the satisfaction of employees and the timeliness of any new identification cards. We will hold formal and informal presentations that will include representatives from Business Benefits and the chosen carriers to discuss the plans. We will also educate employees about trends in the healthcare system and prepare them for future changes and developments.
  10. 10. Bios George Beatrice, CLU, RHU, is the CEO and founder of Business Benefits. He has been in the insurance business for 45 years and has served as an advisor to insurance carriers and employers. George has earned numerous awards in sales and leadership. His involvement in the community and through the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Cincinnati Association of Health Underwriters, the Greater Cincinnati Association of Life Underwriters, has laid the groundwork for what has become one of the most successful and respected agencies in Greater Cincinnati. Gary Beatrice, JD, RHU, is the president of Business Benefits, and a 1986 graduate from Chase Law School as well as a 1983 graduate of Thomas More College. Gary practiced law for two years before joining Business Benefits in 1988. He is a graduate of Leadership Northern Kentucky, past chair of the Regional Youth Leadership Program, and active in several charitable organizations in the community. Gary and his wife Margie have been recognized by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce for their service to the business community and received the Chamber’s 2002 Walter L. Pieschel (MVP) Award. A past president of the Greater Cincinnati Association of Health Underwriters, Gary is well-versed in health care issues and serves as an advisor to legislators, insurance carriers and employers. He is the past chair of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s Healthcare Task Force, and current chair of the Annual Healthcare Forum, as such he leads the business community’s charge by personally lobbying and educating legislatures in Washington D.C., Frankfort, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio.
  11. 11. Bios• Jim Beatrice, RHU, joined the agency in 1995 and has 10 years experience in Information Technology servicing large manufacturers with specialized marketing information. Jim quickly developed a large client base using his training and service experience. Business Benefits relies on Jim’s background to manage the extensive databases he designed. A recent graduate of Leadership Northern Kentucky, he currently serves as a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisors and several chamber committees. Jim also serves as an advisor to United Healthcare and Humana and is a past board member of the Greater Cincinnati Association of Health Underwriters.• Geralyn Isler, sales consultant, joined the agency in 1997. Having experience in the teaching profession, Geralyn’s approach to the insurance industry is to focus on her clients’ needs. Geralyn is known for the innovative ways she approaches the problem of controlling the high cost of quality health insurance for her clients. She participates in a variety of ways with the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce having been recognized as Ambassador of the Year in 2001 and serving as captain of Business Benefits’ Total Resource Campaign for the chamber in 2003.• Lisa Roark, sales consultant, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She worked for one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. for almost 20 years prior to joining Business Benefits in May, 2003. In her last position on the carrier side, Lisa sold fully insured, ASO, and stop loss renewals to employers and brokers. Lisa’s expertise is analyzing financials for large, self-funded employers, including those involving union or bargaining employees.
  12. 12. Bios• Chris Spicker completed his MBA from Xavier University in 1992 and is a 1985 graduate of Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Business. Chris joined Business Benefits in 2000, following seven years of experience in group insurance, having been employed by two of the largest carriers in the industry and being the top sales producer for the Midwest Region in 1998. He is an active participant of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce serving on several committees, and is past chair of the Member Renewal Committee. Chris also serves on the Junior Achievement Leadership Board, Girl Scouts of Licking Valley Board and is active in the Covington Rotary.• Bob Beatrice, RHU, joined Business Benefits in 1996 and quickly established his presence in Northern Kentucky by serving on several Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce committees. Bob’s eagerness is evident in the numerous times he exceeds sales goals; he has been recognized as a leading producer for group life and health insurance from many of the major insurance companies. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a BA in Psychology, Bob has recently graduated from Leadership Northern Kentucky.• Ron Bechtol is a consulting broker for Business Benefits. From 1985 to 2005, Ron has served in high-profile positions with several Fortune 500 companies in the insurance industry. In 2005, Ron joined Business Benefits as a consulting broker. At Business Benefits, Ron is responsible for new sales growth and the retention of existing clients through account management expertise. Ron is a well-organized, results-oriented business profession with over 20 years of sales and operations experience in the insurance industry.
  13. 13. Bios Terri Jacobson is responsible for the Account Management Department, which coordinates renewals, enrollment meetings, and service requests for Business Benefits clients. Terri, a 1991 graduate of Northern Kentucky University, has a reputation of providing customers with impeccable responsiveness and a depth of knowledge in many aspects of health insurance operations. In fact, Terri recently won an award from one of our clients recognizing her for exemplary service.Lee Arkenau, Business Benefits’ client service manager and patient advocate, has been a vital part of the agency since its 1984 inception. Licensed in health and life, Lee leads a professionally trained staff of courteous and dedicated employees who assist employers and employees in all areas of customer service, from enrollment meetings to claim assistance. Lee has an excellent success record of overturning denied claims through an appeals process.