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Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
Lz13 acrostic poems
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Lz13 acrostic poems


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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  • 1. LZ 13's Acrostic Poems about Themselves or Family .
  • 2. Family
    • Fun family.
    • Awesome cooking.
    • Math is awesome.
    • I love playing.
    • Licking ice blocks.
    • Yummy lunch.
    • By Riki
  • 3. My family Family's are the best Awesome family's are My mum is the best I love my family Love your family Yay, my family is the best By Piper
  • 4. Aryan Aryan likes playing Responsible he helps people Young but 8 Ability in swimming Never naughty Movies are his favorite things Under and out Daily he sleeps Apples are his favorite fruit Lazy he is Indian movies he likes Acting he likes Racy is his best By Aryan
  • 5. Ronak Lal
    • Ronak is my name
    • Out of time
    • Neptune is my favorite
    • Aulia is my friend
    • Keeping my family company
    • By Ronak
  • 6. Family Family is important At home my grandma makes breakfast My family is very nice to me I am a good family member Likes to take care of me You,me,my grandpa,my grandma,my mum and my dad make a family By Sakada
  • 7. Family Family my family I have six people in my family I have a mum a dad a big sister a little sister and a new born baby sister. A happy family. My mums hobby is baking and my dad's going fishing with me my big sister likes drawing and my little baby sister drawing too. I love having fun with my family. Likes having fun with family You're the best family I have By Sofia
  • 8. Family
    • Family are nice
    • Amazing family cause they buy me toys
    • Mums cookie are yummy
    • I love my family the most
    • Lovely cakes that my nana make
    • Yesterday it was my mums cooking!!
    • By Helen
  • 9. My Family
    • Family is the only one who loves you.
    • At home they give us homework.
    • Mirhan is my brother he is in Lz 10.
    • If you don't have a family, Its bad.
    • Life is fun with your family.
    • You all love your family.
    • By Kayan
  • 10. Family Families are wonderful All blacks will lose against South Africa My family is the best ever I have the best family in the milk way and the universe Love I love my family Your family is cool, mine is awesome By Caleb
  • 11. My Family
    • Frank is my dad's name.
    • All Blacks are my favourite rugby team.
    • My mum's name is Junhui.
    • Ice-cream is my favourite.
    • Lollipops is snack I like.
    • Yellow is a primary colour, I like.
    • By Justin
  • 12. FAMILY Forever I love them. Always care May-be the best family I'll love them forever Love everything You are super By Ru-Qing
  • 13. Fun time with my mum. Always at the beach. Mum and dad love me. I love my family. Love and happiness. Yay, I love my family. By Rufaro Family
  • 14. Olivia O livia is my name. L ikes apples and kittens. I live with my mum,dad, Charlie and Jack. V anessa is my mums name. I live at number 9 Chard Pl. A lways look after my brother and sister. By Olivia
  • 15. Family
    • Fun time with my family
    • A Family is a very special thing
    • My family is a very good family
    • A Family is a very special thing
    • I like everybody in my family
    • Like to go to different places with my family
    • Yay,I have a family!
    • By Ivan
  • 16. Family
    • Fun time with my family.
    • Away in the sun.
    • My mum goes shopping with me.
    • I like my family.
    • Like my funny dad.
    • Yay, I Love my family
    • By Dorothy
  • 17. Colin Ng Colin On the computer after school. Like to watch t.v. I to eat burgers. Nice to help people. Nice at sharing. Going to school every day. By Colin
  • 18. Kaitlyn
    • Kaitlyn is a girl
    • At home she has a dog
    • In reading I am good
    • Taking care of my stuff
    • Love my teachers and friends
    • Yellow is my favorite colour
    • Name is Kaitlyn
    • Neat at work
    • Am 8 years old
    • Did have a cat
    • At school I like reading books
    • Nadan is my last name
    By Kaitlyn
  • 19. Leo Champion
    • Leo the lion
    • Easy to work with
    • Opinion, yes I like Leo
    • Cool surname
    • Handsome boy
    • Action boy
    • Master of rugby
    • Personal experiences
    • Incredible worker
    • Others think I’m mean
    • Not lazy
    By Leo
  • 20. Aulia Aulia is a nice boy Uranus is my favorite planet Likes vacations I like sushi A very confident person Superb at dancing Uses his brain Rugby is your second favorite sport Yellow is the second colour I like Our class mates are my friends By Aulia
  • 21. Isabella Gillespie
    • Isabella is a girl
    • She love animals
    • At Christchurch she sees her family
    • Be a superstar
    • Excellent reading
    • Loves lollies
    • Likes fruit
    • Awesome worker
    • Getting stickers every time
    • Ice blocks are my favorite
    • Letting people borrow my stuff
    • Lollies are nice
    • Excellence in everything
    • Saves my money
    • People like me are cool
    • Ice creams are yum
    • Ellie is a good name
    By Isabella
  • 22. Family Family are nice to me. Always going on the bike My family let's me do anything I want I do my homework with my mum Let's me do cooking. Yay, let's us go on the yacht By Jason