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A powerpoint for Rioux's class on a nonprofit I am trying to start

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The giving seed international

  1. 1. Disclosure The following is a brief powerpoint of theideas, dreams, & plan for my up and comingnonprofit I am currently working on I realize this was not exactly what you werelooking for but it met the basic requirements andI felt like this would be a good practical effort forme to apply the lesson on Microsoft to my careerin International Development I would appreciate any feedback you couldgive me
  2. 2. Mission Statement Our Mission is to establish equitable trade partnerships to help alleviate global poverty through our fair trade shop. We strive to raise awareness, advocate for social justice, and work towards sustainable community development to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.The Story Behind The Name Most are familiar with the saying by Lao Tzu: “Give a man fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” We took another take on it: “If you give a man bread you feed him for a day, teach a man how to sow you feed him for a lifetime.”Our name stems from this idea, instead of attempting to cure poverty by giving the poor food and money (which is nonsustainable) we should enable them to learn a trade, farm, or open a business so they can support themselves and their families for a lifetime.The concept of the seed is that we give man the tools he needs to start and once he has become established we will take the profits we make to help another man to become established, a seed that continues to give.
  3. 3. Company Description The Giving Seed International is a nonprofit that works directlywith small international non profits and artisans by selling theirhandiwork to consumers in North America. We practice fair tradeensuring that our artisans are treated fairly, receive livablewages, and are provided the opportunity to better their lives andthe lives of their families. Our products are all hand made and we strive to be eco-friendly. The Giving Seed will utilize the revenue generated to fosterfair trade partnerships and community development. Products willbe represented by artisans from all over the developing world. Inaddition, we pride our selves in raising awareness to our localcommunity of the injustice and suffering endured by theunderprivileged of the developing world and work actively towardsadvocating for their needs.
  4. 4. Product & Service PlanThe Giving Seed International is a non-profit gearedtowards bettering the lives of the underprivilegedtherefore customers are guaranteed that theirpurchase was not made in a factory, a sweat shop, orby child labor. All of our products are handmade andfairly traded from around the world. Our customerswill leave The Giving Seed International satisfiedknowing that they have helped make a difference inthe lives of men, women, children, families, andcommunities across the globe.
  5. 5. • Clothing: Hand made clothing from South East Asia and South America. Including skirts, dresses, tops, and pants from India, Indonesia & Thailand. Sweaters & outerwear are hand made from Nepal & Peru. Clothing will be made in all sizes from toddlers to adults and for both male and female. We sell clothes to fit all seasons from the hot summer months to those long brisk winter days.• Accessories: Handmade shawls, scarves, hats, gloves & headbands from both South East Asia and South America. Beaded jewelry and belts made by gypsies and tribal people from India in addition, to other artisans from around the world.• Bags: Purses, backpacks, baskets, clutches, wallets, & change purses are handmade from various materials from leather, recycled products, textiles, straw, and other raw organic materials.• Musical Instruments: We sell exotic traditional instruments from all across the globe. In addition, we have handmade instruments and sound makers for all ages. We also sell meditation instruments such as singing bowls and ting-shas from Tibet.• Fine jewelry: We have pieces made of silver, Tibetan silver, gold, and brass. Our jewelry is adorned by precious, and semi precious stones, shells, and hand blown glass beads.• Home Décor & Goods: Wood carvings, statues, lamps, lanterns, wall hangings, jewelry boxes, furniture, & paintings are only among a few things we provide to decorate the place you call home. We also sell body products such as soap, scrubs, henna, & perfume. In addition, we sell fair-trade tea, coffee, chocolate, incense, potpourri etc…
  6. 6. • Textiles: Our textiles are hand-loomed, batiked, painted, and woven from all over the world. We sell tapestries, bedding, wall hangings, table runners, curtains, table cloths, and pillow covers.• Books & Music: We sell the Putumayo World music collection to bring the beats and sounds of the world to your home. We also have a collection of other world beat music and CDs for sale. Our book collection provides educational, travel, and for pleasure reading that draws on topics from around the world. We also have a book club that focuses on different book each month and allows the reader a chance to discuss the topics of the book with others.• Topics include:• International development• Humanitarian and social activism literature• Cultural Books & International Best Sellers• International children’s books• Travel books and Resources.• Local Corner: Our local corner is consignment based. We work with local artisans from our community and others across North America to sell their hand-made products. This may include but is not limited to hand made aromatherapy products, photography, art, jewelry, hula hoops, instruments and music. Local artisans are encouraged to contact The Giving Seed, 30% of the sale will go to The Giving Seed and profits will go back to support our Giving Seed Foundation to help establish schools, provide clean water, or open up a new training center.
  7. 7. Additional Services Travel and Volunteer Services: Sustainable humanitarian tourism opportunities: Teaching opportunities in Giving Seed International founded schools Help build homes and schools established by The Giving Seed International Assist in Children’s homes and Hospitals Work with the artisans and learn their trade hands-on. Classes and Community Involvement: Monthly Book ClubsClasses for adults and children to learn the crafts made by the artisans Fundraiser Events
  8. 8. Some artisans at work at a nonprofit training center that theGiving Seed Intl. will be working with for women released frombonded labor & from the sex slave industry working towards an independent futureThese Photos were taken while I was working at Krupa a non profit outside of Chennai, India
  9. 9. Women at a training center in India making thread and doing embroidery work
  10. 10. An artisan I met & worked with in Jamaica who supports his family ofhis wife and 4 children by making jewelry out of washed up sea items. A great eco-friendly and sustainable craft. The Giving Seed has already purchased several of his items.
  11. 11. These pictures are of children in a rural part of India who have no access toschools. A local nonprofit sends teachers 2-3 times a week to give these eager children a basic education. Unfortunately, there is still no building for these kids to learn in so they sit out on the dirt. The classes are held at night after the children come back from the farms, they struggle to see as the night sky takes over. The Giving Seed will partner with Nonprofits like this one by utilizing the revenue to build schools and bring teachers to remote villages like this one.
  12. 12. Choosing a location based on the cities income level Average House Hold Income $ per Capita income $ 24,500 24,000 23,50050,000 23,00048,000 22,50046,00044,000 22,000 per Capita income $ Average House Hold42,000 Income $ 21,50040,000 21,00038,000 Average House… 20,500 1 2 20,000 19,500 1 2 Please Note, 1 (Eugene,Oregon) 2(Northampton, MA) According to these two charts, Eugene has a higher average household income but North Hampton has a larger per capita income
  13. 13. Choosing a Location based on size of the targeted population This is the population of thePopulation of the entire County Town/City population of county Total Population 140,000350,000 120,000300,000 100,000250,000 80,000200,000 population of county 60,000150,000 Total Population 40,000100,000 20,000 50,000 0 0 1 1 2 2 1(Eugene, Oregon) 2 (North Hampton , MA) If I were to go by these graphs alone I would choose Eugene
  14. 14. The end-Rebecca De Loach