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That's Information Literacy?: Using Technology to Engage Students
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That's Information Literacy?: Using Technology to Engage Students



Indiana Library Federation 2011 Conference presentation by Rebecca Johnson and Erin Milanese.

Indiana Library Federation 2011 Conference presentation by Rebecca Johnson and Erin Milanese.



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That's Information Literacy?: Using Technology to Engage Students That's Information Literacy?: Using Technology to Engage Students Presentation Transcript

  • That’s Information Literacy? Using Technology to Engage Students Rebecca Johnson & Erin Milanese Harrison College
  • Rebecca Johnson About Me http://linkd.in/rebeccajohnsonHarrison College Fort Wayne
  • Erin Milanese About MeHarrison College Lafayette http://linkd.in/qYsss6
  • The Tools … QR Codes VideosFacebook Audience Polling
  • QR Codes
  • What are they?QR = Quick ResponseQR = Holds Over 4000 CharactersQR = FREE
  • What’s the point?InteractiveUses mobile technology
  • For Generating BeeTagg Kaywa QRStuff Quikqr
  • Kaywa For Generating: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
  • Kaywa For Generating:
  • For Using Smart Phone Barcode App Data Plan
  • For Using iPhone Scan QR reader for iPhone Android QR Droid Barcode Scanner
  • http://bit.ly/n8KUul
  • … but I don’thavea smart phone
  • http://bitly.com/
  • ExamplesLibrary
  • George Fox University
  • Delaware County District Library
  • George Fox University
  • Lawrence University Library
  • The Daring Librarian
  • Boise State Library
  • ExamplesLibrary
  • Facebook
  • What is it?Social networkingPagesApplications
  • What’s the Point?800 million active users400 million daily usersMeeting the studentswhere they are.
  • Create Your Account
  • Creating a Page
  • Creating a Page
  • Making it Useful ExamplesLibrary
  • American Medical Association
  • Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
  • INF1100 Course Page
  • Docs.com
  • Docs
  • Facebook Database Comparison
  • List of Records
  • Profile = An Item Record
  • Tags = Subject Headings
  • Making it Useful ExamplesLibrary
  • What are they?GoAnimateXtranormalFREE!
  • What’s the Point?Fun! Free!Breaks up lectureExposes students totechnology
  • GoAnimate
  • Using GoAnimateCreate AccountSelect background andcharactersAdd dialoguePublish & share
  • GoAnimate: LimitationsCharacter movementInflectionFree features
  • Xtranormal
  • Using XtranormalCreate AccountSelect background andcharactersAdd dialogue, motions,movements, & cameraangles.Publish & share
  • Xtranormal: LimitationsInflectionNumber of videos
  • Classroom UsesTo illustrate conceptPersonalized instructionStudent assignment
  • Classroom useTo Illustrate Concept
  • Classroom usePersonalized delivery
  • Classroom useStudent assignment
  • Poll Everywhere
  • For UsingAsk a question…Get a response… multiple choiceDisplay results ORlive! free text
  • What’s the Point?
  • Creating a Poll:
  • Poll FeaturesRespondingPPTSharing
  • Ideas …
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