Information Literacy Week 3: Concept Mapping

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  • Primary Sources are those that are closest to the actual event, time period, or person in question. The information has not been edited, it’s purely original.
  • Secondary Sources are those that interpret the original information from the primary source. The information is subjective and reflective of the information found.
  • Telephone game.
  • For your topic and research questions, start thinking in terms of keywords.
  • For your topic and research questions, start thinking in terms of keywords.
  • For your topic and research questions, start thinking in terms of keywords.
  • Coke can description activity
  • A word cloud is a visual representation of the importance of words in a body of text.Word clouds can also help you find useful keywords for searching.Use a word cloud to determine keywords from your research questions. You can also copy and paste an Abstract or summary from one of your resources to find better keywords.
  • Have the students copy and paste an article that they discover through a Google search pertaining to their main topic. Let them see keywords emerge in their Wordle picture.
  • Credo Reference Concept Map Another tool for brainstorming a topic Can be used if you get stuck and are having trouble finding information on your topicGoogle Related Search Provides related search terms to help narrow or expand your topic
  • Go through take-home assignment.


  • 1. Research Step #1 – Define the Need
    INF1100 – Week 3
  • 2.
  • 3. Primary Sources
  • 4. Secondary
  • 5. Class Activity
    Primary vs. Secondary Information
  • 6. Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals
  • 7.
  • 8. Keywords and Word Clouds
  • 9. Class Activity
    Keyword Exercise
  • 10. Word Clouds
  • 11. Class Activity
    Wordle Word Cloud Exercise
  • 12. Keywords and Word Clouds
    Credo Reference Concept Map
    Google Related Search
  • 13. Info Lit Assignment #3
    Google Related Search & Credo Concept Mapping
  • 14. For Next Class…
    • Read Chapter 2
    • 15. Prepare for Chapter 2 Quiz
    • 16. Info Lit Assignment #3 – Concept Mapping