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    Myst Presentation Myst Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • MystRebecca WaldoEDTE 420
    • History Developed by Cyan Worlds, Inc. Released on September 24, 1993. Platforms include: Mac OS, Sega Saturn,PlayStation, 3DO, Microsoft Windows, AtariJaguar CD, CD-i, AmigaOS, PlayStationPortable, Nintendo DS, iOS, and Nintendo3DS.
    • DescriptionThe game begins with the player, nicknamed“Stranger”, reading a book titled “Myst” andbeing sucked into an unknown island.
    • DescriptionThe player has no choice but to explore theisland. In one of the buildings, there are twobooks with missing pages. When opened,both books play a video message from twodifferent characters.
    • DescriptionThe game then moves through a series ofpuzzles, each taking you to different “worlds”and leading to pages of each book.
    • DescriptionIn the final stages of the game, the player mustdecide which of the two characters to freefrom their book by adding the last page, or ifthey would like to find the third book.
    • DescriptionThere are multiple ending to the Myst game,resulting from the decision to add the finalpage to either of the first two books, or to findthe third book. I wouldn’t really say there is awinning choice, just more favorableoutcomes.
    • UtilizationGame Environment This game can be played in a variety ofenvironments. Player reviews suggest usingthe computer based version, but there arealso multiple mobile playing options.
    • UtilizationGame Objectives Improve problem solving skills. Build critical thinking skills. Reinforce reading and memory skills.
    • UtilizationTargeted Players The target audience for Myst is mainly adultsdue to some of the more complex criticalthinking skills needed. Some adolescentsmay play but become bored with the slow-moving timeline.
    • Strengths Geared towards adults. Breaks free of traditional kill or die games. Mentally stimulating. Good graphics and user controls.
    • Weaknesses Some puzzles can be especially difficult,resulting in game abandonment. Initial players complained about the lack ofgraphic updates. Reviewers have mentioned somedisappointment with plot depth.
    • CommentsI truly enjoyed getting back into this game afternot playing it for ten years. Games havenever been that important to me, but this isone that I was actually better at than mygame-obsessed brothers! Playing it over thelast week has been a great way to get mymind off of work.
    • References http://www.cyanworlds.com/products/myst.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myst Google Images: http://tllg.net/eEyS http://www.adventuregamers.com/games/view/157