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The powerpoint presentation is about broadband. What it is, How it works and different irish companies compared and analyzed.

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Broadband presentation

  1. 1.  Broadband refers to telecommunication in which a wide of frequencies(wide band) is available to transmit information. Because a wide band of frequencies is available. With there different frequencys they can travel down lots of different channels allowing more information to be able to be transmitted at any time.
  2. 2.  Baseband is another type of system in which information is carried in digital form on a single unmultiplexed signal channel. “This usage pertains to a baseband network such as Ethernet and token ring local area networks.”
  3. 3. DSL CABLE DSL is more reliant but  Cable is faster than DSL slower than cable. however it may not be as reliant. DSL is phone-line broadband.  Cable is tv cable broadband (traditionally faster)
  4. 4. WPA WEP Wi-Fi Protected Access  Wired Equivalent Privacy. “A security protocol for  “This is designed to wireless 802.11 provide a wireless local area network (WLAN) networks from the Wi- with a level of security Fi Alliance that was and privacy comparable developed to provide a to what is usually migration from WEP.” expected of a wired LAN”
  5. 5. Fixed Dynamic “This server is a software program that“Once the address is assigned it will not assigns IP addresses to computers withchange, unless someone does it no manual intervention.”manually. It is called a fixed IP address” Therefor this makes it a lot easier forEach computer is assigned with an IP but network configuration.when lots of computer are doing this thiscan be difficult. IP is to do with webaddresses too. For example if I went onto a website my ip address would automatically to my network and they would switch on myUsually it would be businesses with internet.fixed ip addresses.
  6. 6. Mobile Phone Computer Laptop Ipad TV
  7. 7. A modem is a box where is can convert the computers digitalsignal to frequencys to a telephone line or a cable televisionline. It makes the frequencys into digital data.
  8. 8. Wireless router looks like a modem but thedifferences is that a modem is what you use toactually receive your internet connection throughphone line or cable. A router splits thatconnection up so you can use it on multiplecomputers.
  9. 9.  Much like cable and DSL there are other types of internet such as : . Leased Lines Local Area Network Satellite broadband Cellular broadband Power-line Internet Wireless ISP Fiber to the home
  10. 10. Onwave is a satlite broadbandsystem. You do not need a phone line just asatellite dish.
  11. 11. Monthly price €39.95 €59.95 €79.95 €124.95 Max download 6Mb 8Mb 10Mb 10Mb speedMax upload 1Mb 2Mb 2Mb 4Mb speed Monthly download 4GB 8GB 13GB 25GBallowance* One-offinstallation €99.00 fee
  12. 12.  Each company or individual can get different broad packages to suite the individual..For example someone might get a combined phone line and internetat a deal price..There may be a deal on using broad band on your mobile..A business may use a bundle, e.g. different network speeds andcheaper price.
  13. 13.  .Cost These are the main questions and Speed factors you must consider when choosing a broadband network Bundle as each network has different things to offer. Area Here is a typical example……… Usage Want/Need for the individual
  14. 14. Previously I have mentioned a few top Irishnetwork companies, now I will be looking at themin closer detail.I am going to show you what they have to offerand compare and contrast different networks!
  15. 15. Huawaei E353 Modem - Bill Pay 18 month contract Upload speed 2 Mbps Download speed 7.2 Mbps €19.99 a month 15GB data per monthModem Stick - Prepay No contract, no bills Includes a free 24 hour pass €19.99 a month with 5GB allowance €3.99 a day with 500MB from €29 from €40 (with €40 credit)
  16. 16. O2 also do a lap top and broad band deal:Once-offpayment: €59Monthly charge for laptop 15GBbroadband: €39.90Contract length: 18 months O2 broad band has a lot to offer. It is great for students and individuals on the go or living on their own using the modem key. However o2 also do company deals. Companies with 1-3 people 4-50 people 100+ peopleThey cater for all. Heres a link to an interview with Andrew Mernagh from Mernagh consulting tells uswhy he uses Office 365 with O2.Interview with Existing o2 customer
  17. 17.  House hold bundles: House phone + broadband. .€39.99 Up to 8Mb 10GB usage allowance Unlimited local & national calls off–peak† 30 FREE any network mobile minutes off-peak .€44.98 - The only difference with this price is dat you get unlimited GB usage allowance. It also has E-moblie and this offers: A broadband internet stick for pre pay or bill. - Pre pay price range € 29 – €69 -Bill phone price range FREE or 39e € 29: Speed: Up to 7.2 Mbps € 69: Speed: Up to 14.4 Mbps  Device Type: USB Stick Device Type: USB Slider Stick  Memory: Supports Micro SD card up to 32G Memory: Supports Micro SD card up to 32Eircom is great for landline and internet bundles and like o2 they also accommodate for business. 
  18. 18.  UPC offer many different bundles and offers. Like eircom they cater for line line + broadband bundles with the addition of TV too.UPC is recognised for its fibre power broad band.Speed:12Mb to 100MbTherefore making it the highest Irish speed network.Prices: 25e – 100e ( depends on what offer suites you better)Packages: - Starter - Essential - Ultimate
  19. 19. -O2 – Eircom -UPCOn the go sticks On the go sticks Landline+ TV andemoblie bundles emoblie bundles broadband bundles.---------- Lineline and broadband bundles Fibre power broad bandFastest speeds: 21Mb Fastest speeds: 4Mb Fastests Speeds: 100Mb
  20. 20. I interviewed Colin Baker a Technologistfrom TV3/ owner of the store Back from the Futurewhich is a technology shop located on Aingerstreet in Dublin.Heres what he said about his business and thebroadband he uses in his store………Back from the future
  21. 21. I interviewed Colin Baker the owner of bftf andasked him some questions and this is what hesaid….- What broadband do you use in your business?- Why?- How much do you pay for it?- Are you happy with it?“We use UPC because it has the fastest internet speed in Ireland. For example in comparison to eircom, eircomsfastest speed is UPCs slowest speed. UPCs fastest speed is 100Mb. We need this type of speed for the work we do.Most businesses would use UPC for the reasons that eircom and emoblie networks like wimax and emoblie are finefor personal use and everyday downloading etc but with UCPs fibre power broadband and their speed mostbusinessees would seek their broad band speed.We also use UPC because the technology behind it is thick copper wire and optic fibre network that offer a lot more.However we do have a back up internet in case anything goes wrong! We need to in our line of business. Theback upwe use is eircom. We pay 99e per month with UPC and we get unlimited download and upload usage. With UPCthey cater for most areas throughout Ireland but not all. Being a technology store we are extremely happy what UCPhas to offer and the are constantly upgrading and invention new and faster broadband.”
  22. 22. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed myslides……..