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Chris Lee Portfolio

  1. 1. •never sacrifice my values •live & design sustainably “Passion, inspiration and creativity are Passion, the foundation for my life’s ambitions and my dedication to these ideals will flower in the heart and spirit of those around me.” d ” Christopher Lee •conduct myself with integrity •learn throughout my life
  2. 2. Indianapolis Intl Airport – Concourse B
  3. 3. “Chris is both a talented designer and also a great mentor and teacher. Chris was often the designer we would select for the most challenging and demanding design g gg g g projects here at Starbucks. He always met each of these unique challenges, if a design solution or in defining difficult project scopes, with professionalism, as a cooperative team effort. He always built strong working relationships, engaging all the diverse team members to drive the right decisions and ultimately deliver g g y good and practical design solutions. Chris was recognized numerous times for both highly innovative design solutions, often to very awkward and challenging spaces as well as for his great attitude in supporting many very high profile, fast paced projects including several demanding disaster recovery p j g g y projects. Chris has contributed impressive projects for Starbucks international markets and also in several roles in Licensed Stores supporting the new stores for several regions, renovations and the very difficult Airport Stores for Host. Chris also was responsible for the training and development of p p production designers and was very successful in managing their g y gg professional growth and development. Chris embodied the Starbucks values, defined the brand and customer experience for hundreds of stores. His beautifully executed large café project at UC Irvine remains an excellent example of his brand building innovative design. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Chris again as he is g pp y g a truly dedicated, thoughtful and highly creative designer that understands how to use design to elevate the brand.” David Varon Director Licensed Store Design, Starbucks Coffee Company
  4. 4. Parkland Mall – Dalian, China
  5. 5. An Sheng Mall – Dalian, China
  6. 6. before after (at punch) New Orleans Convention Center reconcepting
  7. 7. “It was a pleasure to work with Chris over the course of several years both as a peer and as his direct manager I could always count on Chris to take an manager. individual look at each design project while keeping the needs of operations and brand identity close at hand. His collaborative management style gave his direct reports appropriate challenges while providing incentives and rewards. His consistently positive attitude and calm d i t tl iti ttit d d l demeanor made hi a j t work with i d him joy to k ith in such a fast paced and creative environment.” John Curtis Senior Design Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company (manager) “Chris is one of the best designers I have ever worked for and within this profession. He has an almost innate sense of what makes a space or environment come to life. He makes the time to solicit, research and select the best interior finishes as well as the most environmentally friendly ones. His clients trust him and his peers are proud to be considered in the same ranks as him as a designers ” designers. Kristin McCurdy Job Captain, Starbucks Coffee Company (direct report)
  8. 8. Weisidun Office Tower Cheng Du, China
  9. 9. Jack S h k Schwartz t Cigar Shop – CBOT Chicago, IL
  10. 10. Indianapolis Intl Airport – Civic Plaza
  11. 11. “Chris has a great design eye and the ability to take great ideas and make them a reality. As a manager, he consistently provided the right amount of freedom, balanced by support and guidance. I worked directly with Chris on several difficult projects, during which he demonstrated his great personality and ability to communicate clearly. I recommend Chris; he would be a great addition to any firm. firm ” Stacy DeKoekkoek, LEED AP Production Designer, Starbucks Coffee Company (direct report) “Chris was/is diligent and focused on the details of projects that we worked on together. He was able to find innovative solutions and maintain the brand identity in a competitive environment while looking for means to value engineer the projects. He is always responsive to needs as they arose in the field and he helped bring projects to a successful close/turnover to ops in a timely manner. I highly recommend Chris to any organization They will find his skills and work organization. ethic to be a real assets to their company.” Robert Schnaible Project Development Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company (colleague)
  12. 12. custom balustrade & graphic modular tiled stair solution
  13. 13. Graphics pencil sketch *all work in Adobe Illustrator
  14. 14. Awards
  15. 15. Publication (renderings featured in The Gourmet Retailer magazine)