The connected leader in ELT - 30-minute talk given at the XXXV Binational Center Symposium.


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The connected leader in ELT - 30-minute talk given at the XXXV Binational Center Symposium.

  1. 1. The Connected Leader in ELT Isabela Villas Boas
  2. 2. These are the slides used in a thirty- minute talk delivered at the XXXV Binational Center Symposium in Franca, SP, Brazil on October 04, 2013. In it, I provided an overview of why and how ELT leaders can become more connected.
  3. 3. successful-school-leaders
  4. 4. Passion Emotional Intelligence Judgment Resilience Persuasion Vision Courage
  5. 5. What comes to mind when you think about connected leaders? Connected in which way(s)?
  6. 6. The teachers The field The ELT community (PLN) The students
  7. 7. What they talk about What they listen to What they play Where they go The gadgets they use and why What makes them tick
  8. 8. How are teachers today different from in the past? What challenges have you been facing regarding hiring and keeping teachers in your staff?How is their relationship with students and with you different?
  9. 9. That generational gap plays out in very distinct ways: Many baby boomers were taught by their parents that you don't hop around from job to job, that it makes you look unreliable. But Gen Y, with their Mark Zuckerbergs and Larry Pages, aren't letting any grass grow under their feet. (USA Today – Are Millenials Really the “Me” Generation?)
  10. 10. ELT Assessment Second Language Acquisition Educational Technology Methodology Teacher development The ELT Market
  11. 11. Education Assessment and evaluation Public policies Educational Technology Educational leadership
  12. 12. The ELT and Educational Leaders Community
  13. 13. We principals will never get staff and students to employ social media tools for higher-level learning if we don’t use the tools, for basic communication at least. It’s simply a step principals need to take. Larkin, P. (2013).Tweeting the good news – and other ways to use social media. In Educational Leadership, Vol. 70 No. 7.
  14. 14. Ways to become connected Follow blogs written by educational leaders /experts you admire; comment on their posts; share the posts you like; start your own blog. Join professional groups on Facebook. Follow educators on Twitter; share interesting tweets; share what you read on twitter; participate in or just be a lurker on edchat.
  15. 15. Ways to become connected Take an active role in a teachers´ association: Braz-TESOL; TESOL; IATEFL. Write for associations’ newsletters. Take an online course, such as the e-teacher course offered by the RELO Office, or others offered by TESOL.
  16. 16. Ways to become connected Subscribe to professional websites and sign up for news feeds.
  17. 17. Tools to organize and keep track of information
  18. 18. Tools to organize and keep track of information
  19. 19. whitby/ How can we teach our students to become 21st Century citizens if we do not model these 21st Century skills?
  20. 20. Images courtesy of