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Stretchmarks Stretchmarks Document Transcript

  • Stretch Marks Collection 1 For more crucial information about removing stretch marks, visit the ultimate Marks_slideshare Reverse Stretch Marks resource. Download your free sample right now!Copyright@2011 All rights reserved
  • Marks Remover .........................................................................................................................3Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks ..........................................................................................5Tattoo Over Stretch Marks ....................................................................................................................7How To Lose Stretch Marks Naturally .................................................................................................8Preventing Stretch Marks ...................................................................................................................10Dark Stretch Marks ..............................................................................................................................11Bio Oil For Stretch Marks ....................................................................................................................13Stretch Marks Surgery .........................................................................................................................15Microdermabrasion For Stretch Marks .............................................................................................17Terrible Stretch Marks From Pregnancy ...........................................................................................19Internal Stretch Marks Treatment ..................................................................................................... 21How To Reduce Stretch Marks ...........................................................................................................22Stretch Marks On Breasts ....................................................................................................................24Mederma For Stretch Marks Review..................................................................................................26Stretch Marks On Men .........................................................................................................................28Ways To Remove Stretch Marks .........................................................................................................30Steps To Remove Stretch Marks .........................................................................................................32Stretch Marks Cures ............................................................................................................................33Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks ..............................................................................................................35Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 2
  • Marks RemoverAlthough stretch marks do not affect everyone who experiences these situations, they dooccur quite frequently. I had them myself, and as soon as I saw the first line appear Idesperately wished they would heal themselves and disappear.When stretch marks first appear, they are usually darker in color than the surrounding skin,often with a reddish or purplish appearance. However, over time stretch marks generallyfade to a silvery white color, just as is the case with other types of scarring. I hated thesewhitish stretch marks because they looked so permanent. At least with the reddish orpurplish ones they look like they might be able to heal or something. But when they’realready whitish, they look exactly like permanent scar tissue.You would think that after all these years and advances in technology someone could comeup with a one step stretch marks remover, but unfortunately, this doesn’t exist yet. I used thismulti-step treatment as a stretch marks remover. Although it’s not as simple as squirtingsomething out of a lotion bottle and rubbing it on your marks, it does work, which is moreimportant than convenience, in my humble opinion.These scars can form anywhere, but they are most common in areas where the bodynaturally stores fat, such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, lower back, and upperarms. In my case, they were all over my butt and hips. It was really unfortunate, because mybutt is one of my best features and for years I felt too ashamed to show it off when thestretch marks showed up.Stretch Marks RemoverThere are numerous methods that people use when trying to remove stretch marks. I triedmany of them myself. Some of the natural methods include using lotions, creams, andserums that are designed to help the skin rejuvenate and repair itself. Some people do havesuccess with these methods, but the majority don’t. Of the people who do see improvement,the improvement is most likely to occur on the newer, purplish colored stretch marks and notthe already silver/white older marks.Laser techniques are also commonly used to improve the appearance of stretch marks.Using laser techniques, the affected skin can be removed and new skin forms to replace it.Dermabrasion, blue light therapy, and chemical peel techniques are also commonly used,although these too are often most effective on newly formed stretch marks.Surgical methods are also quite effective for removing stretch marks, especially when thesurgical procedure removes the affected skin entirely. This is often the case with “tummytuck” surgeries, since the skin below the naval is removed during the procedure, taking thestretch marks with it. Chopping them off is the surest way to get rid of those marks, but youare left with another, possibly more obvious scar once that’s done with.Of course, surgical techniques are more expensive than other methods, and have a longerrecovery time. These also might not be possible depending on where your scars are (like Isaid, mine were on my butt and hips). Most people tend to try the less invasive methods ofremoval first, relying on surgical methods as an absolute last resort. Surgery, in my opinion,should always be the absolute last resort!Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 3
  • you would like to completely remove stretch marks without resorting to something you’dneed to pay thousands to a plastic surgeon for, try the Reverse Stretch Marks guide – it’sbeen proven effective and can be done safely at home.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 4
  • Ways To Get Rid Of StretchMarksWe do not want them, yet most of us have them, regardless if they are noticeable or not.Whether you are a child, teen, adult, man or woman; it seems there’s just no way to get ridof these unsightly shiny striations all over your body. Let me give you a hint: Genetics cancause them; quickly gaining or losing weight can cause them; pregnancy can cause them.They can also wreak havoc on a person’s sex life, and forget about going out in shorts or abathing suit. Still have not gotten it? Okay, I’ll spell it out for you: S-T-R-E-T-C-H M-A-R-K-S!But is there a way to reverse stretch marks? That is a good question and it brings to mind anold wives tale about reversing stretch marks. Lotions! Yes, lotions supposedly take care ofthose dreaded eyesores once and for all! Do they really?Let’s face it; the people who are most prone to stretch marks are people with sudden weightgain and women who are pregnant. Make sure there are plenty of over-the-counter reversestretch mark lotions, creams, potions that are loaded with supposed ‘natural botanical’emulsions. But think real hard for just one minute! When is the last time you boughtsomething, anything, over-the-counter that helped in the least bit? These ‘snake oil’ sellingcompanies swear they have a sure-fire way to reverse stretch marks. Hogwash! Or if youwant to be more politically incorrect: Bullshit!For the most part, these so called stretch mark ‘remedies’ are about as useful as a horsewith no legs. So why do so many people continue buying these fraudulent products?Because they’ve been brainwashed by the media! Yes, the media! We’ve all seen thecommercials: Rid yourself of those ugly stretch marks after a rough pregnancy; this productwill get rid of the wrinkles under your eyes; the other thing will do this and that…it’s all youhear anymore.So, when it comes down to it, stretch mark potions such as Cocoa and Shea butters, AloeVera gels, pure vitamin E…. nonsense. At best, they may mask the problem for a shortperiod. The only thing these products are good for are to moisturize your skin and granted, itdoes not hurt you, but with the exception of a select few, they rarely work as a reversestretch mark fix.What you need to know:If you are someone who is having problems with their weight, or happen to be a pregnantwoman, the likelihood of having stretch marks is 100%! Bringing back old ‘wives tales’ again,if they were true, tales such as; avoid scratching your stomach and/or avoid using bristles onyour hairbrush to scratch your stomach during pregnancy when you can no longer stand theitching, then pregnancy lines would not exist. But they do!When the skin stretches, it starts to itch and boy does it itch! If lotions loaded with essentialoils were applied, it can ease the stretching symptoms just a tad because of its moisturizingeffect. Yet, there’s nothing to keep the stretch marks from developing.Here’s a fact you may not have known: Almost 80% of women suffer from some degree ofstretch marks. The reason these lotions, oils and creams are not effective reverse stretchmark remedies? There are three main layers to a person’s skin and they are the topmostlayer called the epidermis; the middle layer also called the dermis, and the bottom layer orthe hypodermis. Stretch marks are formed in the middle layer of your skin. Stretch marks areCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 5
  • more than rips or tears in the middle layer of skin, which most often occurs when theskin is rapidly stretched and/or because of a hormonal imbalance (like too much estrogen).So, because stretch marks are formed in the middle layer of the skin, most lotions, oils andcreams cannot reach this middle layer. And using products like Cocoa butter etc. onlymoisturizes the top layer and does not even touch the middle layer. So using these so-calledlotions and oils and creams is next to pointless if you are looking for reverse stretch marksremedies.So the next time, you want to do something about those stretch marks do not do the lotionsbecause the companies who sell them are lying to you! They are an expensive andineffective way of getting rid of stretch marks.A better alternative is to use a system that makes sure the active ingredients actually get towhere they are supposed to be. More about that here.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 6
  • Over Stretch MarksThere are so many questions and concerns when it comes to stretch marks; one of thosequestions has to do with tattoos. When we are young, we figure our skin will always look assmooth and as tight as it did at 16, this is not the case. When you have a tattoo that hasbeen done before stretch marks, it may look like a mess!In order to know if your tattoo will end up looking badly in several years’ time, there are somethings you can do. Since there are very few products that reverse stretch marks (they can befound!) it is usually easier to stay away from the problem in the first place. Some greatquestions to ask yourself regarding stretch marks and tattoos:Where is the tattoo? If you are looking to get a tattoo on the lower belly or the thigh area, youare very likely to get stretched marks here later in life. Although some people do say that aNEW tattoo can help hiding stretch marks, an old one can make them look worse. The sameway that some people think a new tattoo can reverse stretch marks an older one placed inthe wrong area, can make things worse. So before you go and get any ink done, think ofyour skin in 10 years time, how will it look and feel in that area? Think before you ink!Why does it? Some people will get a NEW tattoo done in order to rid stretch marks on thebody. In some cases, this has turned out quite well, and marks are no longer visible. In mostcases, the stretch marks do show though the tattoo, and is quite unflattering. Using tattoosas a way to reverse stretch marks are a bit drastic, and is often a very last resort. If you arethinking of getting a tattoo for the sole purpose of covering a set of stretch marks, I reallywould think twice about it. A stretch mark can be dealt with in many ways, getting a tattoo tocover it does not have to be on the top of your list. Try some topical solutions or some greatover the counter methods before you give up on trying reversing stretch marks.Who is doing it? In the world of tattoos, there are many levels of skill. Some tattoo artiststruly know how to do a great job, and others are merely trying to make extra money on theside. If you do end up using the later to cover up your stretch marks, you may find that youdid not reverse stretch marks but did create a whole new issue! If you are looking for coverstretch marks with a tattoo, make sure that you do it the right way, and have a skilled persondoes the job for you. If you find it is too costly, or hard to find someone who will do a greatjob, maybe you need to look at new ways of covering your stretch marks.Covering stretch marks with tattoos has been done for years. Many people think thatbecause there is something over the top of the stretch marks, they are less noticeable. Thisall depends on how deep the marks are and how bright they are in color. The very best wayto get stretch marks to look the best they can is to use reverse stretch marks, you may findthat after usage you don’t even need to cover your marks up at all! Stretch marks usuallyoccur in sensitive places on your bodies, such as the belly or the thighs, these places arepainful to tattoo.Covering stretch marks with tattoos, is covering the issue rather than dealing with it. A tattoois very much like a stretch mark. Finding the best way to reverse stretch marks can bedifficult if you have very little information. If you are serious, try reverse stretch marks, andyou could see results much quicker than you ever thought you could!So hold the ink, and find better, more efficient ways to rid your body of stretch marks orscars of any kind. A tattoo will not get rid of your stretch marks, only cover them up withanother body altering design.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 7
  • To Lose Stretch Marks NaturallySo you can’t afford surgery and your existing stretch marks are becoming almost unbearablefor you or your spouse or anyone else to look at so you hide behind them in full clothing on ahot summer day. There are ways to reverse stretch marks whether they are already there oryou are pregnant and want to keep stretch marks from occurring at least partially.Before going any further, you must understand what causes stretch marks. The mostcommon theory is that the skin is being stretched abnormally fast over a short period. Inwomen, the most common time for stretch marks to occur is during pregnancy. But it doesn’tonly happen to women during pregnancy. Obesity can cause stretch marks; you can be thinand have stretch marks; body building can cause stretch marks; as well as growth spurts inteenagers during adolescence…growth spurts can cause severe stretch marks. Boys tend toget stretch marks on their thighs, buttocks and shoulders. Girls tend to get stretch marks ontheir thighs, hips and breasts. Changes in hormones, because it disturbs the collagen levelscan cause stretch marks. So can certain medications; prolonged use of hormone and steroidmedications could possibly also be a culprit in the creation of stretch marks. Off and ondieting can cause stretch marks. So you see, there are a number of ways for a person todevelop these unsightly lines on your body. But is there a home remedy that helps preventor reverse stretch marks?First of all you must understand, to find a sure-fire way to naturally reverse stretch marks arefew and far between and only help a select few, there are home remedies to reverse stretchmarks so they are not too unbearable to look at or live with. But again, keep in mind, thesehome methods have not scientifically been proven to completely reverse stretch marks and Ican’t point it out any clearer….IT DOESN’T HELP EVERYONE! In fact, it helps fewer thanmore, but it’s a start.There have been many herbalists and naturalist practitioners who recommend such productsas Cocoa Butter for not only the prevention of stretch marks, but also the treatment, orreversal of stretch marks. A popular way for the prevention or reversal of stretch marks forcenturies has been Cocoa Butter. It is rich in vitamin E and is naturally rich; but again, itdoesn’t work for all.Another method that supposedly helps reverse stretch marks is massaging the skin withvitamin E. Vitamin E, being a powerful anti-oxidant; helps prevent radical damage to thefibers of the skin. Vitamin E has not been a proven effective way to act as a reverse stretchmarks agent, but it may help in preventing them from either happening or in the least, keepthem from developing so drastically.There are many natural products that are rich in Vitamin E that work as a preventative instretch marks, some of them include: Olive Oil; Castor Oil; Aloe Vera; Ground Coffee;Peanut Butter; Turmeric (A powerful Chinese yellow spice); Beeswax; Citrus Peel; LavenderOil, or even Grape seed Oil. Again, these methods have been used for centuries, but theydon’t guarantee the reverse of stretch marks, but may go a long way in preventing them.One way in helping prevent stretch marks from forming, and it’s important to follow a tightregiment, is to keep a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C and vitaminE) and minerals which are needed to keep the skin healthy and free of stretch marks.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 8
  • are also many moisturizers on the market today (some work, some don’t) to use on adaily basis and through the action of messaging these essentials, it keeps the skin supple, itimproves circulation; and by improving circulation, you are helping to heal the skin which, inturn, helps reduce the amount and severity of stretch marks.Finally, there is a revolutionary special report that was released to end the pain stretchmarks cause by teaching you how to eliminate them completely. The report explains sure-fire ways of reversing those ungodly stretch marks that occur in so many different ways. Youcan find more information about it right here if youre interested.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 9
  • Stretch MarksAlthough a person’s genetic makeup often plays a large part in whether a person is prone togetting stretch marks, there are some things one can do to help avoid them.You know whatthey say – prevention is the best cure! I whole heartedly agree, and hope that you apply thisprinciple to everything concerning your health, not just stretch marks.So, first thing is first. Let’s use our common sense here. Keeping a constant weight level isthe most effective method of avoiding stretch marks, since it is weight gain and growth thatoften causes the stretching of the skin and the subsequent scars. Maintaining a steady andhealthy weight comes naturally to some people and is a life long struggle for other people.The key is to change your habits. Making healthy foods and choices a habit is the surest wayto maintain your weight. Make it a habit to eat a variety of foods. Make it a habit to exercisefor half and hour each morning. Make it a habit to refuse to let packaged snack foods intoyour house (or at least into your belly if you can’t control the whole house). Maintain yourweight – it’s your responsibility.But what happens if you really need to gain or lose weight? Losing weight causes stretchmarks for some people. Gaining weight causes stretch marks for a lot of people. In caseslike pregnancy, body building, starting to eat normally after an eating disorder or losingweight to become healthier, you need to take precautions with your skin.Using moisturizers, vitamins, natural extracts and massage techniques are also commonlyused to help the skin stay supple, which can help prevent the tearing of the skin’s fibers ifyour use a moisturizer that effectively reaches down to the layer of your skin where stretchmarks form. This layer is called the dermis and it’s the middle layer of the skin. However,although these methods often help, they cannot be counted on to prevent stretch marksentirely. Just ask any of the women in your family if the lotions they used during pregnancyreally did work. Many times you’ll hear a resounding NO!Instead of shopping for stretch mark prevention lotions, I urge you to take a better approach.Prevent your stretch marks by addressing nutrition also. Your skin needs to have enoughmoisture and nutrients like collagen to stretch or shrink without causing tears in the dermis toform. Give your skin what it needs starting at the inside. A more thorough explanation isprovided in the Reverse Stretch Marks system bonus guide about preventing stretch marks.The main things you need to be aware of though, is to ensure adequate hydration, eat awide variety of foods and don’t skimp on any kind of food because it could mean that you’relacking a vital nutrient that your skin needs for preventing stretch marksCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 10
  • Stretch MarksIn the world of stretch marks, there are “new” stretch marks and “old” stretch marks. Thelatter is always much harder to deal with. Many people who have old stretch marks think thatthey are much too dark to reverse stretch marks, such as this. This is, gladly not true. Whenyou have dark stretch marks, it can sometimes be easier to get rid of them, than a light one.This is because light ones have already faded and become part of the skin, while the darkones are still forming. As the dark marks are forming, you have time to treat them, andinsure that you do not have them for life! (What a great feeling to know you can solve yourstretch mark issues!)Reverse stretch marks can help you with these dark stretch marks, by making them lighterand far less noticeable. When you use a product that contains only natural and pureingredients it is easy to better understand why our bodies crave it. Our bodies are made fromonly natural products, and when we put anything else on it or in it, our body will refuse it andmake our skin look drab and dull. Using a product that our skin responds can make all thedifference in the world when it comes to treating stretch marks, or scars!In order to reverse stretch marks in such a way that they will never return you must do a fewthings right:Use a product daily: If you only sporadically use a product, you cannot expect it to reversestretch marks. A product needs time to work, and time to get under the skin to where thestretch mark was created. Many people think that the mark is one the skin, which is not true,a stretch mark was created UNDER the skin and needs to be treated as such. Using aproduct as recommended, will increase your chances to reverse stretch marks on your body,and will help you to understand why you have dark stretch marks in the first place.Use a product that is known to work: Many people do not even try to find out what aproduct can do before buying it. If you are going to spend money on a stretch mark product,be sure it can reverse stretch marks before you do. Look on for reviews as wellas other online buying sites, this will let you know what other people thought about theproduct, and how it may or may not work for you. Everybody is different do not settle for a“one product fits all” line, it simply is not true.Non- Sensitive: If you buy a product that is full of alcohol and fillers, your skin will becomedry and itchy. This is never a good thing, so be sure that the product you use to reversestretch marks is sensitive to your skin and easy to use.Dark stretch marks are caused by many things from pregnancy to weight gain. In order tosolve the issue of stretch marks, you will need to know what caused them. In order toreverse stretch marks for good, you need to stop the action that caused them. If you havebeen lifting weights, or losing weight at a rapid speed you may want to slow down, if youwant to see a decrease in dark stretch marks.You can be proud of being important. You should be proud to walk on the beach or in abathing suit. When you are not, you can lose self-confidence and hide from social activities.If you are experiencing any of these things, perhaps it is time to try something new. Reversestretch marks will not only help you get rid of unwanted marks on your body, but will alsohelp get your confidence and self-pride back, which is the most important thing to anyone!The good news is that even dark stretch marks can be helped with the right product. Lookingfor the best way to deal with dark stretch marks can be tough. Reverse stretch marks are agreat product to start with, as it has had great results and is easy on your skin. UsingCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 11
  • on your marks can be a little hard to get use to if you have never done so before,but once you get in the habit of doing it, you will find that you love seeing results every day.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 12
  • Oil For Stretch MarksYou’ve gained a lot of weight or went through hormone changes whether it be frommedications, pregnancy, over-eating, genetics, or whatever the reason and you end up withthe dreaded stretch marks. Losing the weight you have put on is a major accomplishment initself, but now you have another mind blow….how to reverse stretch marks you haveaccumulated since then. Sure, there are many manufactured oils, creams and lotions on themarket that may or may not work. So, as another resort, which can be effective but not acure and can be costly are Bio oils to reverse stretch marks. But what is Bio oil and howeffective are they in the reversal of stretch marks?Bio oil is a specialized skincare product that not only helps reverse stretch marks, but alsohelps improve the appearance of scars, uneven skin tones and such. Bio oil is also effectivein the treatment of dehydrated skin and the ragged complexion one gets during the processof aging. Bio oil formulations were originally developed by a man named Dieter Beier; who,at the time, was the owner of Union Swiss back in 1987. Dieter Beier experimented anddeveloped skincare products {Bio Oil} in the 70’s and 80’s which worked best as a base forskincare products, especially utilizing plant extracts and vitamins. His idea for Bio oil was tomarket them as a ‘skin tonic’. Unlike most creams and lotions that have a main ingredient ofwater, Bio oil did not. Bio oil was a multi-use product unlike the single-use products you getfrom lotions and creams. Bio oil had been perceived to not be skin-friendly and tended to begreasy, however, there soon came to be a loyal following for Bio oil which did many thingswhich supposedly included the reverse of stretch marks and scars.Bio oil has many ingredients, but water is NOT the main ingredient. Bio oil has ingredientssuch as: Botanicals (Calendula oil, Rosemary oil, Chamomile oil, Lavender oil just to name afew). It also contains vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E; rather than water based, it isoil based, and just a few examples of oil bases include: Isopropyl Myristate, Bisabolol,Paraffinum Liquidum, BHT, and more. For those of you who have no clue what these are,they are supposedly natural oils unlike the manmade chemical ingredients so many lotionsand creams contain. Bio oil also contains certain fragrances, mainly rose: Amyl Cinnamal,Citronellol, Courmarin, Farnesol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Linalool and more. With thiscombination of naturally found oils and vitamins, Bio oil makes for a good product to domany things for the skin but does that include the possibility to reverse stretch marks.There are downsides to Bio oil. Even the manufacturer say’s, and I paraphrase, ‘bio oil is nota miracle cure’. It may help diminish the intensity of the stretch marks, uneven skin tones,scars, etc. but it does not reverse stretch marks or scars or uneven skin tones. So inLehman’s terms, it is NOT a sure fire way to get rid of such blemishes. And the reason forthis is because although Bio oil will make the skin soft; it still suffers from what so manyother skin agents suffer from…it DOES NOT get through to the damaged middle layer of theskin to actually ‘reverse stretch marks’.There are, however, steps you can take beforehand to stop the appearance of stretchmarks. If you are going through a period of time when you are bodybuilding, pregnant,gaining or losing weight rapidly, think preventive. You need to be mindful of what couldpossibly happen to your skin during these times and take measures to stop it fromCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 13
  • before it is too late. Steps such as: Increasing the circulation and absorption ofyour skin/body; Increase the amount of collagen; and strengthen the skin.For example: by increasing the absorption of the product deep into your skin, you’re allowingyour skin care products to reach even deeper into the middle layer of your skin. If youincrease the circulation whether it be by massage and/or exercise, you’re giving your skin achance to be healthier and stronger which allows nutrients to reach the depths of your skinto prevent or even reverse stretch marks.When you increase the collagen, you are making sure the stretch marks never form in thefirst place. And lastly is strengthening the skin. By strengthening your skin, it will obviouslymake it harder for damage to occur in the first place.These are just a few measures you can take in assuring the stretch marks will not happen inthe first place. So don’t just depend on lotions, creams OR Bio oil.The best thing you can do is use a system that has been proven to work for reducing stretchmarks, time and time again. Try the system for yourself today.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 14
  • Marks SurgeryIt’s been over a year, you’ve tried every lotion, cream and oil on the market to try to reversestretch marks you’ve accumulated and none have worked; what do you do now? If you aredead-set to get rid of your stretch marks because you feel uncomfortable, nonsexual,embarrassed…whatever the reason may be; there are alternatives. And while nothing iswritten in stone as being a sure-fire way of the reversal of stretch marks, there is always theoption of surgery and other medical practices performed by a qualified doctor/surgeon.Before you just hop in the first doctor office you find to have reverse stretch marks surgeryperformed, there are several factors you should consider beforehand.Before anything else, have you tried a good system rather than just blindly buying lotionsand creams that promise but dont deliver? If not, try ditching those lotions and use a systemthat really works.Next, it’s very important you educate yourself. Do a lot of research and get to the point youunderstand your condition. Ask yourself if there is an alternative to reverse stretch marksthan just what the first doctor you talked to informed you of? What is this particular doctoroffering you? Is this doctor medically trained or referred by another trusting physician?These are just a few questions and actions you should ask yourself and do before jumpingon the reverse stretch mark surgery.Here are some questions you should consider before going through a treatment program: 1.) Is the physician board certified? 2.) Is there a board certified physician anywhere in the office? 3.) What kind of experience does the practicing physician have? 4.) Are there other treatments to consider before going through surgery? 5.) What is the doctor’s medical specialty? (Family Medicine, Dermatology, etc.) 6.) Does the doctor have any reputable references?I will say this again, it is VERY important you educate yourself before going through anyserious reverse stretch mark therapy.Another thing you need to worry about is cost. Even if you have good insurance, reversestretch mark surgery is considered ‘cosmetic surgery’, meaning, most if not all insurancecompanies WILL NOT cover the expenses and it is not cheap. Even laser surgery to reversestretch marks can cost between $200 and $700 per session and you will need at leastseveral sessions to get rid of stretch marks.You must also consider the side effects of surgery for stretch marks. Regular surgery mayleave scarring which could be more of an eyesore than the stretch marks themselves. Lasersurgery is a little more successful.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 15
  • can help improve stretch marks, however, according to many doctors, there is notype of surgery that will COMPLETELY make a stretch mark go away back to looking likenormal skin.If you must have surgery for stretch marks, take into consideration laser surgery. Although itwon’t make your skin look completely normal again, it does have its advantages. Lasersurgery can reduce red stretch marks, it can diminish white stretch marks, it can improve thetexture of the skin and make the stretch marks look better; and in some cases, you can’t seethem very easily, but keep in mind, it’s only a way to improve the problem; it cannot removeit.Using laser surgery for red stretch marks consists of a pulsed-dye laser. It reduces theredness in the stretch marks and also improves the inflammation that causes the stretchmarks in the first place. Laser therapy also induces the collagen growth and remodeling aswell as remodeling some of the elastin that will improve the look of your skin.Using laser surgery for white stretch marks is called, ‘fractional laser therapy’. Using thesetypes of lasers helps in patients with stretch marks that are white and the texture is more of aproblem than color.And let’s talk about pain. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. Most people find lasertreatment pain very tolerable. In many doctors’ opinions, there is no pain at all. Doctors sayon a scale from one to ten, the amount of pain involved is about a two or three.The recovery time for laser surgery for the reverse of stretch marks is usually only a fewdays. And during those days, you may experience some redness and swelling of the area.Before surgery, the doctor you go to will advise you on the potential risks involved and therecovery time depending on what kind of laser surgery you choose.So, it’s very important to educate yourself and get several opinions by professionals as tothe severity of your stretch marks and if surgery is even necessary. In the end, you may findthey are just plain worth living with or you can get just as good, if not better results from theReverse Stretch Marks system.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 16
  • For Stretch MarksStretch marks are a matter of concern for millions of people. It is believed that stretch marksare most common in pregnant women but then even body builders and teenagers sufferfrom it due to sudden spurts of growth. The basic reason for this common problem is thatsometimes the body grows too fast and the skin is not able to keep up with the growth ratebecause it’s not healthy enough to take on that load. During these sudden growth spurts, theskin has to cover an increasingly large area and if it’s not in optimal health that could resultin ruptures of the dermis.• Reasons for stretch marks – The body responds to these ruptures or tears by sendingexcessive amounts of collagen to the ruptured areas that helps in closing up the gapcreated. But after the ruptured area is healed, the collagen is not able to blend insurrounding areas very well because the collagen fibers are all aligned, instead of woven likenormal skin. The marks left by it have a different color from the color of the skin that resultsin these stretch marks which are very distinct and visible.• Treatment of stretch marks – One commonly used treatment is microdermabrasion forstretch marks. Many people notice improvement, but it’s not hundred percent effective withdoing away with the marks. It helps in reducing the marks but is probably not able to removeit completely.• Limits of microdermabrasion – The skin is made up of many layers and the stretchmarks occur in the middle layer that is known as the dermis layer. Unfortunately, there’s noway a microdermabrasion treatment could ever reach that damaged layer since the top layerof skin is in the way. But Microdermabrasion for stretch marks is a better treatment thanmany of the others available.• Types of stretch marks – For treatments of stretch marks, there are two things to beconsidered that are the type of stretch marks and the age of stretch marks. The color helpsto differentiate the state of the stretch marks – if it is red, brown or purple then these are newand easier to be treated. But it becomes tough and complicated to remove when these havea white color after being left untreated for a long time. Therefore you should keep it in mindthat you should treat your stretch marks as soon as you notice them on your body.• Advantages of microdermabrasion – The main advantage is that it is more powerful thanstretch mark creams.• Disdvantages of microdermabrasion – There are several disadvantages tomicrodermabrasion. If you’re getting it professionally done, cost is a big negative. Another isthe pain factor no matter whether you do it yourself at home or get it done professionally. Butthe biggest disadvantage is that even after all that pain and money, microdermabrasion can’tcompletely remove stretch marks.There are several stretch marks treatments available in the market that are mostly chemicalbased in the form of creams and other chemicals. Sometimes these are effective but thenthere are chances that the chemical might react adversely with your body and most peopledon’t notice much benefit from these products at all. Therefore it is recommended that youuse microdermabrasion for stretch marks treatment if you have the money and can stomachthe pain.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 17
  • better way to get rid of your stretch marks is to use the Reverse Stretch Marks system,which goes deeper into the skin than microdermabrasion can.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 18
  • Stretch Marks From PregnancyIf you’re like most women who have borne the miracle of life in their bodies, you have terriblestretch marks from pregnancy and you now know that being pregnant is anything BUT thewonderful, magical experience much of popular culture tends to make it out to be (well,except for the beautiful baby you’re given, of course). If we take the baby out of the equation,it’s an incredibly messy, exhausting, and emotional business. You get wild mood swings, youcrave the strangest, most inedible things, you get morning sickness and back pains, and totop it all off, all of the stretching and hormonal shifts that your body experiences almostguarantees that you’ll get stretch marks somewhere on your body. Thus permanently makingsummer a season to dread, and bathing suit selection a considerable challenge.During that nine month period, a woman can get terrible stretch marks from pregnancy,especially since a woman’s belly can become distended to twice its original girth or more,and hormones that encourage lactation can cause a woman’s breasts to grow as much astwo cup sizes larger. This might mean that you’ll look great in a low-cut top for a time, but itcomes at a price. Once a person’s tummy and breasts revert back to their original size, theskin might not always recover completely.Stretch marks are essentially scars. When certain hormonal elements are in play, and whena person’s skin stretches past its point of elasticity, the dermis, or the layer of skin betweenthe epidermis –the outer surface- and subcutaneous tissue –the layer of fat underneath theskin, can tear. It doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t bleed, so if you’re the squeamish sort, you don’thave to worry.Other than the unsightly, discolored lines that can appear on areas of the body where theskin may have stretched the most, stretch marks don’t really create any other healthproblems, and unless you intend on walking around naked all the time, stretch marks aren’treally anything to lose sleep over.A person can get afflicted by stretch marks in a lot of different ways. Pregnancy isn’t the onlyreason why people get stretch marks. After all, even men can get stretch marks. Aside fromterrible stretch marks from pregnancy, stretch marks can be caused by obesity, growthspurts during puberty, and even rapid muscle growth.So if you ever plan on pumping some serious iron, don’t forget to take some steps to avoidstretch marks. Eating foods that reduce stretch marks, like those high in zinc and vitamin Eand C, can go a long way in preventing the dermis from tearing and causing stretch marks.Usually, stretch marks start out as reddish-purple or some other darker color, but as timegoes by, they can fade to a somewhat lighter color. The marks themselves are usuallyslightly indented, sinking deeper than normal skin. They aren’t exactly the prettiest lookingthings to have on your tummy, butt or breasts when you want to show off all of the babyweight that you lost after your pregnancy.Of course, a bikini isn’t the only clothing option for all of you new summer moms out there.The same can be said about people who’ve worked out and lost weight to get smokin’ hotsummer bods, or kids who’ve just gotten their growth spurts.There are a lot of ways to hide stretch marks. The most obvious way to do so is to coverthem up with your clothes, but for those times when people need to show a little skin,products like self-tanners and concealers can also work in a pinch. If you’re planning onCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 19
  • a little fun in water and don’t want to bother with waterproof concealers, the matter ofhow to conceal stretch marks is still a relatively simple one.Tankinis and one piece bathing suits are a great way to conceal tummy stretch marks whenyou’re at the beach or by the pool. On the other hand, for people who have stretch marks inslightly more difficult-to-conceal areas, such as the upper arms and thighs, a colorful wrap orsarong can do wonders to cover them, as well as jazz up your beach outfit.When you’re not at the beach, hiding stretch marks is often relatively easier. If you want towear a mini skirt but don’t want people seeing the stretch marks on your thighs, for example,you can still show off your legs by wearing opaque tights or leggings underneath your mini. Iftights and leggings aren’t your thing, wearing skirts that fall at or above the knee can ensurethat people won’t catch a glimpse of your stretch marks when you bend over.There are a lot of different ways to conceal them. Given all the choices and methods youcould employ though, it’s important to use your judgment and to choose what suits you andthe terrible stretch marks from pregnancy that now call your body their home.I suggest you check out this guide on COMPLETELY ERASING stretch marks so you don’thave to deal with concealing them (as that’s probably not satisfactory anyway).Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 20
  • Stretch Marks TreatmentStretch marks only appear because something is weakening your skin. Most of the time thisis due to hormones, stress, poor diet, lack of circulation to the skin, etc. These types ofthings make the skin weak and less supple and elastic. When stretched, the skin is far moresusceptible to damage under these circumstances.Therefore, it only makes sense that getting in tip-top shape will help your skin too. Whenyou’re at the peak of your health, your skin is nourished, healthy and vibrant. Not only that,but it heals faster!If you’re really serious about getting rid of your stretch marks, you should make an effort toimprove your health too. It will probably speed up your results (as well as providing you witha whole host of other benefits).If health isn’t your thing right now, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself just because you’redesperate to remove your stretch marks. Start slow, and just try to keep your progresssteady.Some must-do tasks for your health and your stretch marks: • Exercise (this gets the nutrients and oxygen circulating around your body and to your skin) • Drink enough water (keeps you and your skin hydrated) • Eat skin-healthy foods like brightly colored fruits and vegetables, salmon or other oily fish, nuts and beans • Supplement with a good quality multi-vitaminIt takes a little work to get rid of stretch marks, but you and I both know that it will be worth itin the end.Get the ultimate guide to ERASING stretch marks HERE, where both internal and externalfactors are taken into account and addressed so that you get permanent and completestretch mark removal.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 21
  • To Reduce Stretch MarksThere are several different ways to reduce or possibly reverse stretch marks, some work;others are less effective. From natural ways to laser surgery to surgical removal, it justdepends on the severity of the stretch marks and how much you want to spend.You may want to try the traditional way of reversing stretch marks or at least make them lessobvious. These include such things as: lotions, creams or even seeing a doctor and/orcosmetologist about adapting to a regular diet and exercise regime. There are manyproducts on the market today that claim they reverse stretch marks, but watch out…manyare also fraudulent and fail to produce the results you may want or expect from them. Andmany of these ointments are ineffective on old, well-developed stretch marks. In cases likethese, a more involved treatment may be the only option to reverse stretch marks or at bestmake them less noticeable.When using traditional methods, it is difficult to accurately gauge just how effective theseproducts can be. Many products claim to reduce or even reverse stretch marks, but there islittle scientific data in proving these to be true. For the most part, these natural remedies likeoils, creams, lotions, etc. are more effective on fresh stretch marks. But even in the case offreshly made stretch marks, the best the product can do is helping them fade just a bit.However, there are benefits in the use of natural remedies in the reversal of stretch marks ormaking them less obvious. They are much less expensive and less involved than cosmeticdermatology procedures; you can find the products almost anywhere i.e. stores, the internet;and their use does not require visits to a spa or clinic and the better known brands are prettysafe to use. However, there are other alternatives to diminish stretch mark scars withouthaving to go through surgery or laser treatment.Chemical peels that people use to rid themselves of wrinkles on their face as well as doingaway with age spots can also be used in treating stretch mark scars on other parts of thebody. By doing this, a chemical solution is placed on a cotton pad or sponge or brush andapplied to the affected area. The chemicals then literally ‘peel’ off the top layers of thedamaged skin including any dead skin that, in turn, allows the growth of new skin cells.There might be a slight tingling or burning sensation during treatment, but nothing to beconcerned about. But keep in mind, multiple treatments may be necessary to get the resultsyou are looking for, and this may not be helpful to some people.Then there is the option of Microdermabrasion. This is another way of improving theappearance of the top layer of the stretch marks but does not reverse stretch markscompletely. Microdermabrasion uses a very fine crystal spray that ‘blasts’ the upper layer ofthe skin. The dead skin cells are removed which allows new, healthy skin cells to take theirplace. New skin cells then produce more elastin and collagen…the two importantcomponents of healthy, younger looking skin. This is a painless procedure that takes nomore than an hour to complete and there is very little recovery time. But to reap themaximum benefit of this treatment, it needs to be repeated anywhere from five to twelvetimes depending on the area and condition of the skin to begin with. But keep in mind;although Microdermabrasion is an effective way of making the appearance of the area lookCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 22
  •, it does not reverse stretch marks completely. The only thing that can do that is theReverse Stretch Marks system.Finally, you can always resort to blue light therapy. Blue light therapy is used more for mildto severe acne, but is also sometimes used to improve the appearance of stretch marks.With blue light therapy, it allows the application of photosensitive get to the skin, which thenis exposed to bursts of light energy. Many patients notice a difference, but again, for thecomplete reverse of stretch marks, it is just unrealistic.Your best bet would be to contact a Cosmetic Dermatologist about the different kinds oftreatments and what would work best for you depending on the condition of your stretchmarks.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 23
  • Marks On BreastsWhen you are looking down at your body, you are sure to see some things you don’t like.When it comes to stretch marks you don’t have to look at them forever. There is a way toreverse stretch marks that will work better than any other method you have tried before!Drug stores carry mediocre products that don’t work 90% of the time, if you have used thesemethods you may be feeling discouraged about your stretch marks. There is no need to be,there are ample options when it comes to reversing the stretch marks on your breasts, andbringing you back to the woman you have always wanted to be!When it comes to stretch marks on your breasts you have probably tried all of the “go to”methods such as coco butter, baby oil and light massaging. In order to reverse stretchmarks, you are going to want to try something that is a bit more intense than the abovemethods. Remember that it is not on the outer layer of skin, but within your skin, and need amore profound treatment than coco butter or a great tan!There are a few different reasons that you may have gotten stretch marks on your breasts,and they are the following:Pregnancy: The main reason that women have stretch marks on their breasts is due topregnancy and/or breastfeeding. This can be a hard thing to get used to if you are noteducated on how to reverse stretch marks or know why you got them. Stretch marks duringpregnancy and breastfeeding are due to changes in your breasts, when you becomepregnant your breasts will get larger, and when you complete breastfeeding your breasts willget smaller. The changes in your breasts will cause the skin to loosen or tighten,accordingly. Many newly pregnant women think that putting oil on your breasts, or lotion willdecrease your chances of stretch marks, this does not work. These marks are created onyour outer layer of skin, but the inner layer. If you are looking for a sure way to reversestretch marks, there are many excellent products that are said to work wonders when itcomes to stretch marks on your breasts.Weight gain/loss: When you gain weight quickly, or lose it quickly you will be prone to stretchmarks. Since once again your skin is changing and stretching, you will have an increasedchance of stretch marks. In order to reverse stretch marks on your breasts, you will have tobe a little more careful than you would have to be on other body parts. The skin on yourbreasts is extremely sensitive and can become irritated with such procedures as microdurmabrasion and laser treatments. Many weight lifters and fitness buffs also see stretch markson their breasts due to the intense pressure on the sensitive skin. If you are looking forreverse stretch marks on your breasts, your best bet is to stick with a more naturaltreatment.Age: We all know it is evitable that our skins will sagg, and our breasts will become lowerwith age. This kind of ageing may also bring stretch marks on your breasts. If the skin onyour breasts is less firm that it was years ago, you will be more prone to stretch marks. Inorder to reverse stretch marks of this type you will need to use a treatment that is sensitiveto your skin, as well as your breasts. If the skin on your breasts in sagging and creatingstretch marks that you never use to have, you can rest assure that you can reverse stretchmarks with some products that are said, to work on any skin type.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 24
  • are the main reasons that you will see stretch marks on your breasts, but other lesscommon reasons are such as stress, illness and implants. The superior news is it is verypossible to reverse these stretch marks, and give your breasts that soft firm look that theyhad before you had the marks. Every woman wants to feel great about the way that shelooks in a bathing suit or a low cut shirt, and all women want to look great without theirclothes on. If you are willing to go through a little discomfort, you can totally get rid of thestretch marks on breasts or anywhere else on your body you may have them.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 25
  • For Stretch Marks ReviewThere are so many products to choose from when you are looking for reverse stretch marks.Some of these products are a simple cream (coco butter) while others are a little moreintense, Mederma stretch mark cream. If you are looking for a product that will not cost afortune, and will work on your “newer” stretch marks you may want to think about a Medermastretch mark cream.In order to see if Mederma stretch mark cream worked, we looked all over the internet forpeople who saw a real difference. Mederma stretch mark cream is a topical ointment for yourproblem areas, it can be used anywhere on your body and has one of the highest salesnumbers in the stretch mark cream business. Mederma also makes a scar reduction productthat is said to work well, and this is why people trust the name.Looking on Amazon, Mederma stretch mark cream has 70 reviews. Some of which claimMederma can reverse stretch marks, and others saying it does not work at all. You will getmany reviews on Amazon which said that there have been several locations on the internetwhere Mederma has NOT worked on African American skin types, so we will only be lookingat the way Mederma works on light skin.In order to say a product can reverse stretch marks, it has to have some results, to supportit. One review on says about stretch marks, which are 14 months old, and hadalready faded to white and the skin tone is fair but tans easily. This is a great review for anystretch mark product. The only way to really know if a product is going to reverse stretchmarks is to give it a try yourself. If you have quite old marks, and are looking to see drasticchanges, you may have to look into laser treatment or another method.Although there is one common thing that everyone has to say about the Mederma cream,and that is IT SMELLS! This product really does smell like a cheap perfume, or an old rosebouquet. If this does not bother you, perhaps you may try for yourself. Another thing that issaid about Mederma is that alcohol and the glycerin contained in the product dry out yourskin, and can cause you to become quite itchy, when you first start this product.Mederma also states that this product is made to reverse stretch marks, which are recent.Although, it does look like there are happy customers who have seen an improvement inolder stretch marks as well. In reality it would be quite hard to know just what Mederma willdo for your stretch marks without trying yourself, but there could be a better solution alltogether!If you try reverse stretch marks, you will know why Mederma has such mixed reviews. It iscommon that, mixed reviews for any products make a bad impression on people’s mind.Reverse stretch marks helps more often than Mederma does and can be found at a lowercost to you. This product will not dry out your skin, or give off a highly perfumed smell; andall of these will be difficult to find in a stretch mark cream.Reverse stretch marks will also help with any skin color or type, not only light skin. This is awelcome change for those who have looking for a product.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 26
  • non-drying effects of reverse stretch marks are also a welcome change to those peoplewho have sensitive skin, or already dry skin. As all bodies are made in a different way so isskin care products, knowing which kind will suit your skin type or your needs better is thebest part about taking care of your skin. Always do a little research on a product, before youbuy it, no matter what the cost is.If you are looking to get clear, smooth skin, where there once were stretch marks, you arefree to try whichever product you think will suit. But if you want to save time and the money,perhaps you should choose reverse stretch marks first, and have clearer skin much soonerthan you ever thought that you could!Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 27
  • Marks On MenThere is always a lot of talk when it comes to women and stretch marks. Most people thinkthat pregnancy and breastfeeding are the only ways to get stretch marks, this is not true. Inorder to know how to reverse stretch marks, we need to know how we get them. And, facethe fact that men all over the world struggle with them as well as women!Men get stretch marks for different reasons than women do, but get them all the same. If youare a man looking to reverse stretch marks you must first know what caused them, so youcan prevent getting them once more. Some of the reasons men get stretch marks are listedbelow:Weight training: In order to weight train, you must rip muscle fibers. This can also meanripping your skin. When you stretch your skin, due to a massive muscle gain, you will createstretch marks. In order to reverse stretch marks, you may have to use a product, and try towork your muscles in a new way. Drinking a large amount of protein powers and weight gaindrinks can also cause stretch marks on your arms and biceps. Men do worry about thingssuch as stretch marks, and the way that their skin looks, and that is why reverse stretchmarks is here to help!Weight loss/gain: Just like women men who gain or lose weight quickly are prone to stretchmarks. These marks are from your skin tightening or loosening, no matter who you are. Menwill more often get these stretch marks on their thighs and arms, where woman are morelikely to get them on their bellies and breasts. Men will also get stretch marks on their peckswhen they are lifting weights or working on upper body training. Reverse stretch marks canhelp with any problem area, and increase your chances of having silky smooth skin onceagain.Being a man who is dealing with stretch marks can be hard, as women seem to get all theattention in this area. Men who don’t know where to look can find help for stretch marks in afew different ways:Look online: In order to reverse stretch marks you need to know which products work best.You can find helpful reviews online, at or any other site that allows reviews.You can also look up great products online such as reverse stretch marks or another topicalcream that has rave reviews.Ask: You are sure to know at least one woman who can help you find the best product touse on your stretch marks, if you know of a woman who had a baby recently, or has lostquite a lot of weight you can find answers there! Asking may seem to daunt to a man, but willallow you to get the best results when you are looking for reverse stretch marks.Once you have found a product such as reverse stretch marks you will probably feel lessself-conscious about the stretch marks that you have. Being a man, it can be hard to choosethe right products to use are, and how often you need to use them. Many men also think thatthere is no cure for stretch marks, that there is no way to be rid of them, this is not the case.There are many great ways to make sure that your stretch marks a less noticeable, and insome cases are totally gone!In order to start on the path to reverse stretch marks, you need to understand why you havethem. If it is weight lifting or mass weight gain drinks you may want to stop, in order to insureyou do not get any more stretch marks. Or, you can go slower and gain a little less muscleper day, that way your skin can stretch comfortably.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 28
  • stretch marks is a complete way to prevent stretch marks, as well as prevent themfrom coming if you use the product as you should. So don’t be shy to show off those abs andthose toned arms you have worked so hard for, your stretch marks should not stop you fromliving life as you want to. There is hope for every man who has stretch marks. There areways that you can create an arm that is as hard as steel, with a silky smooth exterior!Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 29
  • To Remove Stretch MarksA lot of people consider stretch marks a big hassle; especially when you want to show someskin. And hey, showing off some skin every now and again is fun, right? While women whohave become pregnant are often the most common -and vocal- victims of stretch marks,people from anywhere and from all walks of life can get them. This is why I’m dedicated tohelping you find ways to remove stretch marks.For the more health and nature-conscious among you, there are preventative measures likehaving a balanced diet, keeping hormones balanced and always keeping your skin hydrated.Stretch marks are the unsightly lines that often form on an area of the skin that has stretchedconsiderably. For example, a woman who has gotten pregnant is very likely to get stretchmarks on her breasts and belly, because these parts of the body will swell to accommodatethe baby and the nourishment that the baby needs. I got them on my booty even though thatdidn’t grow much during my pregnancies, though, and that was because of the pregnancyhormones weakening my skin.A kid going through puberty could get stretch marks just about anywhere – especially ifthey’d grown considerably during their growth spurt.Someone who has lost and gained a lot of weight can also get stretch marks, and it can be abig damper on the season if you end up having to cover up the bikini body you’d worked sohard to get for the summer just because you got a few stretch marks.Whether their claims are real or not, there are a lot of products and ways to naturally removestretch marks available both on- and offline. One thing we have to consider though; is thatstretch marks are essentially scars. When a person’s body grows or stretches out,sometimes, the dermis, or the middle layer of a person’s skin, cannot take the strain and willtear. When that happens, stretch marks occur.Usually, when this happens, it doesn’t hurt, but the surface of the stretch marks themselveswill often feel somewhat “empty” to the touch, leaving a little valley in your skin. Thesevalleys will be very noticeable in certain lighting conditions, where the shadows can catchthem. They’ll usually also be a bright red or purplish color at first that may fade a little overtime. Unless certain steps are taken, they don’t usually disappear completely.While there are a couple of surefire ways to get rid of stretch marks; surgery, for example,there are cheaper, safer ways to remove stretch marks like the methods discussed here.If you want to work that cute bikini again, forget about doing things that don’t work likerubbing cocoa butter on the affected area. Even though cocoa butter contains moisturizingagents that moisturize the skin, the molecules of cocoa butter are not nearly small enough topenetrate the skin. Most of cocoa butter’s great healing properties are wasted by rubbingthem on the skin!If you really want your skin to look a hundred per cent flawless, but don’t have the resourcesor the desire to go under the knife or the laser, you can also try to apply self-tanning lotion orconcealer over the stretch marks. Doing this evens out the skin tone of the affected area,making it appear completely smooth. Of course, one thing to be careful about is thepossibility of whatever you apply to cover up your stretch marks staining your clothing orrubbing off. You also might want a pro to help you match the color up perfectly to yourCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 30
  • This doesn’t address the little valleys or sunken in areas that stretch marks give, but inthe right lighting it will pass.All that covering up and application of topical lotions or stretch mark creams can be a bitbothersome though if you want to expose the body part that has stretch marks more thanonce in a while, so one way to make sure that you won’t have to worry about your stretchmarks is to work on not getting any at all in the first place.One of the best ways to remove stretch marks is to not get stretch marks at all – easier saidthan done, I know. You can do this by making sure that your skin retains its elasticity bydrinking sufficient amounts of water and maintaining a VERY good and balanced diet duringtimes where you know you’re at higher risk for developing stretch marks.If you’re worried about how to lose stretch marks once you get them later in life, you canalways use these ways to remove stretch marks. That package also contains a bonus whichdetails PRECISELY what product you need to prevent stretch marks and why. As far as Iknow it’s the only thing that actually works short of surgery.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 31
  • To Remove Stretch MarksDuring puberty I developed a bit of striae on my hips. I barely even noticed them becausethey were so light, but if you looked close enough you could tell they were there. This didn’tbother me at all because they were so faint, so I didn’t really care about learning how toremove stretch marks. Nobody noticed them because they were so inconspicuous and Irarely gave them a second thought.During my first pregnancy, however, I felt completely the opposite. I was fortunate enough inthat my belly was spared of stretch marks, but unlucky because the stretch marks ended upall over my butt and hips, and also 2 minor ones on one of my breasts! It looked terrible,staying red for months and months after they formed, and then turning that ugly shiny whitishcolor that catches the light. There were caused my skin to sink in, leaving what looked likelittle stringy dents to make them even more obvious.From my research it seems that the stretch marks formed there because this is where moreof my fat was stored. It has something to do with the hormones from pregnancy (andpuberty) weakening the skin and more estrogen is present in the fatty areas of the body.Needless to say, I wasn’t going to put up with having a zebra butt. I wanted to feel sexyagain, so I tried a ton of stretch mark remedies. You name it, I tried it. I was desperatebecause I like looking sexy, and needless to say, stretch marks are not sexy.It took quite a while, but I finally found something that worked for me.Here’s how to remove stretch marks, in a nutshell:1. Make skin penetrable2. Break apart scar tissue (that’s the whitish/silvery color you’re seeing - scar tissue)3. Heal the skin4. Regenerate the skin to fill in “dents”Most people have no idea that this is what’s required. They think it’s simply a matter ofmoisturizing but moisturizing WILL NOT get rid of stretch marks. If moisturizing wereenough, no one would have stretch marks anymore because everyone would just moisturizebeing that it’s an extremely simple step to take. When you use things like cocoa butter ortummy butter/honey/whatever, pretty much all you’re doing is moisturizing. It’s almostuseless for preventing and healing stretch marks, but go for it if all you care about is softerskin.If avoiding and completely wiping your body free of stretch marks is your goal, you can trythe Reverse Stretch Marks multi-step system. It’s more complicated and time consumingthan using cocoa butter, but it also works significantly better, too.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 32
  • Marks CuresIf you’ve ever gotten pregnant, gained or lost a lot of weight, gained or lost a lot of muscle, oreven undergone the normal process of puberty, you’re probably no stranger to stretchmarks. These are the discolored lines that can often be found in areas of a person’s skinwhere a lot of stretching or growing has occurred.Usually, they’re softer to the touch than the normal skin around them, but they certainlyaren’t prettier to look at. This is why a lot of people spend a lot of time and money looking forand developing ways to cure stretch marks.This can be a tough thing to do, especially since stretch marks are actually tears in thesecond layer of your skin, called the dermis, and can’t always be remedied with a fewapplications of some sort of miracle cream. In fact, many remedies simply address theproblem of how to fade stretch marks, and aren’t stretch mark cures in and of themselves.One of the most drastic –but effective ways to get rid of stretch marks is to do so surgically.If you’ve just had a baby, for example, and you have stretch marks all over the areaunderneath your navel, a tummy tuck, where the excess skin in that area is removedcompletely. Of course, one thing to consider about tummy tucks is that even though youmight get a slightly firmer middle and your stretch marks there might be completely gone, it’slikely that you’ll still end up with some unsightly scarring. After all, even though a tummy tuckis a relatively simple surgical procedure, it’s still surgery.One other effective way to cure stretch marks is through laser treatments, the most commonkind of laser treatment is one where a pulsed dye laser combined with radiofrequency isused. One problem with the pulsed dye laser, though, is that it can possibly leave darkerskinned individuals slightly darker, especially in the area where the treatments have beenadministered.Another one is called fractional laser resurfacing, which uses light pulses to createmicroscopic wounds on the area where the stretch marks are. These tiny wounds make thebody respond by producing new collagen and skin tissue; essentially causing a person’sbody to make “new skin” and repair the dermal tearing that created the stretch marks in thefirst place. While this treatment doesn’t need any recovery period or “downtime,” because it’sso time-consuming and exact, it’s best to get yourself zapped over a number of treatments.Of course, these kinds of dermatological procedures can cost a pretty penny, and even ifthey’re relatively safe, tummy tucks still involve people cutting you open, and lasertreatments, well… they zap you with lasers. Anyone who has had a passing familiarity withscience fiction will probably have an easy time imagining those laser beams vaporizingthem. Also, laser treatments usually need to be administered several times before definitiveresults actually show up, and who wants to bother with all the time and travel and hassle ofall that?Alternatives to expensive and time-consuming dermatological treatments can be far simpler,and far cheaper, but they won’t always be as effective.Topical creams specially formulated to remove stretch marks, for example, don’t alwaysdeliver on their promises. Sometimes, the best a person can hope for with topical treatmentsis to have the stretch marks fade. Often, stretch mark creams have to work with a person’sCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 33
  • body chemistry, and not everybody has the internal chemistry to have their stretchmark cures work for them.One thing to remember is that if you want to find out how to fade stretch marks using yourstretch mark cream, you will have to apply it regularly and consistently. This makes sure thateven if your cream doesn’t entirely agree with your body, the active ingredients in it will stilldo their job and lighten your stretch marks, even by just a little bit.Even if these kinds of products are a little bit cheaper than the dermatological proceduresmentioned earlier though, they still do cost money, and if you’re that short on cash, or simplydon’t want to spend, it’s still possible to try and fade your stretch marks. After all, noteveryone has gobs of money to spare, and a little creativity can go a long way.If you have some extra vitamin gels or capsules, some olive oil, and a bit of time, all youneed to do is mix together half a cup of olive oil, four vitamin A capsules, and six vitamin Ecapsules. This handy little mixture not only moisturizes and nourishes the skin, helping itrepair itself more effectively, but it’s really easy and cheap to make, and all you need to do ifyou have a little extra, is store it in the fridge.If you’re worried about how to fade stretch marks and how to cure stretch marks, don’t worry’there are a lot of stretch mark cures out there. All you need to do is go out and find the onethat works for you.You can try my formula for curing stretch marks if you want a tested plan.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 34
  • Rid Of Stretch MarksOne of my closest friends has recently become a first time mom and yes, she got thosedreaded “badges of honor” and wanted to learn how to get rid of stretch marks. Naturally,she came to me because I’d already been through that hell and I figured out the process ofgetting rid of stretch marks naturally.Throughout her pregnancy, she was absolutely aglow. This was thanks, in part, to thehormones that her body was releasing so that she could safely carry and successfullynourish the baby. She was also incredibly happy about having a baby, and she was verycareful to stay as healthy as possible throughout all of those nine months.Of course, over the course of her pregnancy, her hormone levels didn’t just give her skin apink glow; it also caused her body to expand. All of this… growth had a few side-effectsthough. For one thing, because of her fluctuating hormones, she was far more susceptible tostretch marks on her breasts and belly. I myself got striae all over my butt and on a verysmall part of my boobs.After she gave birth and lost most of her baby weight, the stretch marks stayed. This isexactly the same thing that happened to me. And just like me, she was totally unhappy withhaving almost the same body as pre-baby, but way uglier skin this time around. So shecontacted me for help concocting a home remedy to lose stretch marks being that I’m a hugefan of remedies and have already figured out that using these steps will help with getting ridof stretch marks.Of course, one question that may be on a lot of people’s minds is, “can stretch marks goaway in the first place?”The answer is, yes.Despite that though, there is still no single hard and fast answer readily available to thequestion of how to lose stretch marks. Instead, there’s a lot of bad advice, like use cocoabutter or aloe on your skin. It took me months of experimenting with unconventional methodsto actually see results. A lot of people sniff around and do research to see what works bestfor them and I take it one step further by experimenting, testing my results, and tweakingroutines and remedies where neccessary.Now, I know they have procedures –such as laser treatments and dermabrasion- that havealso been known to be quite effective. The problem is that i wasn’t terribly impressed withthe results and didn’t want to shell out that kind of money.For people who have stretch marks along their abdomens, tummy tucks are also a great wayto hide those stretch marks. The problem with tummy tucks, though, is that since the skinunder your belly button (where stretch marks along the abdomen most frequently occur) isremoved, even though you probably won’t have any stretch marks anymore, you’ll probablystill get some scarring. Plus this wasn’t really going to help me since there’s no way to justcut the skin off of my butt.People who don’t want to undergo steps as drastic as laser treatment or tummy tucks, firsttry applying creams and home-made remedies to stretch marks, thinking it’s a great way toalleviate the problem.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 35
  • would suggest you skip all those expensive creams and most home remedies because: • the active, working ingredients are usually “watered down” • they’re overpriced • you can make your own treatments that are much more effective (I’ll teach you how in just a second) • they usually contain harmful chemicalsDO NOT depend on them because chances are your skin won’t let them penetrate to thedamaged layer anyway.Instead, you need to focus on breaking down scar tissue and regenerating the skin quicklywhile getting collagen fibers to form correctly (it’s important to avoid having them formincorrectly as that’s what causes the appearance of stretch marks to be shiny and sunken inthe first place) as detailed in the Reverse Stretch Marks system.But, back to the lesson… I need to teach you about how healthy natural foods help prevent avariety of scars…There is a reason why parents always tell you to eat your vegetables: they’re good for you!And to emphasize that point, did you know that eating lots of green, leafy vegetables, liver,dairy products, and other foods rich in zinc, iron, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals canhelp you get your stretch marks to fade? This is the single most natural way to help reducestretch marks, and it’s more effective than most of the lotions on the market designed to dothe same thing.Another great, stretch mark-removing item to add to your diet would be nuts, such as Brazilnuts, pecans, and pumpkin seeds. The zinc in these tasty, high fiber and high energy treatshelp promote correct healing (as I mentioned earlier, incorrect healing causes collagen tobunch up and give that scar appearance) and prevent infection. Since stretch marks areessentially torn skin tissue (sometimes, when a part of a person’s body over-stretches, themiddle layer of skin, or the dermis, can tear, which is how stretch marks happen), this meansthat zinc is essential to making sure that that tissue heals.The stretch mark remedy that my friend liked the most though, takes a little more effort tomake than simply reaching into the cupboard and smearing it onto the tummy and breasts.What we did was, we took out six vitamin E capsules and four vitamin A capsules, half a cupof olive oil, and one forth cup of Aloe Vera gel, and we combined it all in a blender. My friendplaced some of it on her stretch marks and stored the rest in the fridge. She still applies thishomemade mixture twice a day, and her stretch marks are becoming less and less red eachday.She is aware, however, that even though theredness is disappearing and the appearance Watch this videois improving, that this kind of treatment isn’t for getting rid of stretch marks to thepoint that they are undeniably invisible. So, to get tips on Removing Stretchonce this mixture we concocted runs out, Marksshe’s starting these steps to completelyremove her stretch marks so that they are notvisible at all.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 36