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  • 1. BEAUTYBEING.COM Hair-Care Collection 2 http://beautybeing.com Want to know the 15 secrets supermodels and makeup artists are trying to keep to themselves? Discover http://go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare their best secrets here.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare
  • 2. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareContents Chlorine Damaged Hair Treatment ...................................................................................................... 3 Get Rid Of Grey Hair .............................................................................................................................. 6 How To Make Hair Stronger – Get Longer Stronger Hair Fast ....................................................... 8 Henna Hair Color ..................................................................................................................................10 Got Oily Hair & Scalp Blues? ..............................................................................................................12 How To Bleach Hair .............................................................................................................................14 Are The Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions Any Good?..................................................................16 Dry Scalp Treatments… Do Special Shampoos Help? ..................................................................18 What Causes Rosacea & How To Get Rid Of It ..............................................................................20 Dandruff Home Remedies – Dandruff Care Secrets You Can Use Today..................................23 What To Do With Ingrown Hair? ........................................................................................................25Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 2
  • 3. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareChlorine Damaged Hair Treatmentby JAYNA DAVISAs humans, our hair is generally made from the same kind of stuff as our nails. You might thinkthat, given this, the term “tough as nails” could apply to your hair, but actually, hair can be prettyfragile. Too much wind, too much sun, too much washing, and too much styling, not enoughwashing, and not enough brushing are just examples of ways that hair can get damaged. Chlorinedamaged hair is one of the worst kinds of damaged hair. Luckily, it’s possible to prevent some ofthe havoc that harsh chlorine can wreak on your hair so that you won’t have to go to the salon fordamaged hair treatment.Your Hair, the Swimming Pool, and YouSwimming might be one of the best ways to tone the body and keep fit, but unless you have apersonal, Olympic-sized pool filled with pure spring water infused with lavender oil orsomething, expect to get some nasty, chlorine damaged hair at a public swimming pool after youtake the plunge. After all, the best way to disinfect pool water and give it that nice, clear bluecolor is to put chlorine in it. Chlorine might ensure that you won’t be swimming in green slime,but it’s still a pretty harsh chemical, and it can really do a number on a person’s skin and hair. –especially your hair.Chlorine Damaged HairChlorine might kill off bacteria really effectively, but in high concentrations, it’s actually a bitcorrosive, and it can also strip hair of its protective oils. This makes your hair much moreabsorbent and prone to breakage and split ends. Without the oils that keep hair nourished andprotected, hair can become really dull-looking and unmanageable.If you have curly or wavy hair, having chlorine damaged hair can mean that you could be facinga really bad case of the frizzies. If you have light-colored hair, watch out: the chlorine can makeheavy metals –like iron, copper, and manganese- in the water stick to your hair and leave it witha sickly, greenish color.Exposing your crowning glory to this kind of nastiness just once can be pretty bad for your hair,and if you’re on the swim team or swim regularly for exercise, you could be looking at someseriously chlorine damaged hair.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 3
  • 4. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slidesharePreventing Chlorine DamageJust because you like being in the water doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair has to take thehit though; if you’re worried about you hair’s health but still want to swim, here are a few tips totry to keep the tress stress to a minimum:Before Swimming:Wet your hair in the shower before stepping into the pool. When you do this, your hair absorbswater that is (relatively) un-chlorinated from the tap or the shower, making it a little harder foryour hair to absorb the damaging, chlorinated pool water.Put a little hair conditioner on your hair before splashing in; this moisturizes your mane andoffers a bit of protection from all that chlorinated harshness.It might look dorky, but using a swimming cap over your hair (after it’s been soaked andconditioned, of course) is the best way to keep your hair from absorbing too much chlorine.After Swimming:Rinse, rinse, rinse! Washing that chlorinated water out of your hair in the shower ensures that thechlorine won’t do any further damage.Try using club soda. This substance neutralizes chlorine; for whatever pool water you mighthave left in your hair after rinsing it out with regular un-chlorinated water.It’s also a really good idea to wash your hair with shampoo after swimming. Shampoos with aningredient called sodium thiosulfate –or antichlor- are the best for this; it gets rid of that sharp,chlorine smell, as well as the green color.Condition your hair after your swim. Doing this moisturizes your tresses and repairs some of thechlorine damage.After rinsing, washing, and conditioning your hair, keep being gentle to your hair; don’t blast itwith a hair dryer set to max; use the cool setting one your hair dryer, or dry your hair by pattingit gently with your towel.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 4
  • 5. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareIf the damage is really bad though, it might be a good idea to get some professional damagedhair treatment at the salon.After the Fact: Reversing the DamageChlorine damaged hair usually manifests in dry, rough, dull-looking, and brittle locks. It’s notexactly the prettiest sight in the world. Happily though, there are a lot of damaged hair treatmentsavailable to disguise and even repair some of the damage. (No, “wearing a hat” does NOT countas damaged hair treatment). There are some cases –as with split ends, which are irreversible-where the best solution is to simply get a haircut to get rid of the damaged hair. Using productswith silicon-based polymers can protect the hair by providing a kind of “film” over it, as well asgiving it some shine. It won’t fix it though. Damaged hair treatments that don’t involve a pair ofscissors will almost always involve intensive conditioning and moisturizing, so try to make surethat you maintain your hair with some deep conditioning at least once a week. For the bestdamaged hair treatment results, try not to subject your chlorine damaged hair to furtherpunishment with chemical treatments like perms and permanent coloring. It’ll just make it lookworse.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 5
  • 6. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareGet Rid Of Grey Hairby JAYNA DAVISGrey hair can either make a person look distinguished and worldly-wise, or it can make you lookwashed out, tired, and yes, I’ll say it: old. Age, after all, is one of the primary causes of grey hair.Conversely then, gray hair is often one of the most obvious signs of aging. In today’s youth-obsessed culture, one of the most common ways to get rid of grey hair is by coloring grey hair.The Causes of Grey HairThe substance responsible for people’s hair color is melanin, which is manufactured by pigmentcells in the hair follicle and can determine what your natural hair color is. The more melanin aperson has in their hair, the darker their hair can be.A person’s hair turns gray when the pigment cells –or melanocytes- in the hair follicles die, andthe amount of melanin in the individual hair strands grows less and less. When this happens,eventually, the hair strand growing out will be transparent or white; it won’t have any pigment atall.The grey color that some people may get is actually just left over pigment from a person’soriginal hair color, and is a lot more likely to happen if you have dark colored hair. Individualstrands of a person’s hair can turn white at any point in their lives, but generally, people will seetheir first grey hairs during their late thirties to forties.One of the most obvious causes of grey hair is age; a lot of older people turn grey becausemelanin production tends to slow down as they age. Other causes can include heredity, smoking,excessive stress, thyroid imbalance, and vitamin B12 deficiency. Smokers are also said to be fourtimes more likely to go grey than nonsmokers.Coloring Grey HairSometimes, going grey can be an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself: you can embrace yourapproaching new hair color and simply let the grey take over, or you can cover up this glaringlyobvious sign of aging by coloring grey hair.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 6
  • 7. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareYou can opt to try and blend the greys in with your natural hair color, go for a new hair coloraltogether, or even trying turning your grey hairs into highlights for your remaining, darkercolored strands.One of the problems with grey hair is that it can be pretty uncooperative when it comes to hairdyes; the lack of melanin tends to prevent the pigment from the hair dye from sticking to the hairitself. Grey hair is also usually a lot more fragile than their pigmented counterparts, so coloringgrey hair is best done by professionals using semi-permanent colors, which are much gentlerthan permanent color treatments.How to Get Rid of Gray HairGrey hair can be a really cool thing, but if it isn’t your cup of tea, and your hair is already grey,there are options you can try to get your old hair color back. Don’t hold your breath though; noneof them offer guaranteed, hard and fast results. Your best bet for keeping the grey away is to dyeit.If you’re really lucky, you might actually have a genetic tendency to get your old hair color backafter a period of gray, and won’t have to worry about the causes of grey hair or have to botherwith coloring grey it or trying to get rid of it.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 7
  • 8. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareHow To Make Hair Stronger – Get Longer StrongerHair Fastby JAYNA DAVISGreat hair is a thing of beauty and something to be proud of. It can make or break a person’slook. Longer stronger hair is the call of the day and how to make hair stronger is one of theforemost things on many people’s minds. Especially true for people who are involved in face-to-face careers or who just want to look good all the time.A lot of us don’t want to spend so much on fabulous hair – that could expensive however.Luckily, thanks to the net, it’s easy to find natural methods to longer stronger hair that are easyon the wallet.“Get a Haircut”There are a lot of ways to make your hair longer and stronger, but getting a haircut might be oneof those counterproductive measures but I find it’s definitely worth it. More often than not,especially for extra busy people, we end up with damaged hair ends.I know I end up with them more often than not. Trimming them makes sure that there are noweak links when they finally grow out. Of course, it may slow down the overall process andspeed of growth, but you’ll get quality hair out of it.“Be Healthy”Your overall health lends helps out your hair too. Have a great diet, exercise – anything thatbasically makes you healthier and lends itself to a longer life is pretty much part of any how tomake hair stronger guide.Various vitamins that help your body function smoother and with greater ease also help yourbody grow stronger hair. Iron and greens – that means vegetables for all those dedicatedcarnivores out there – are great things to eat to enhance hair growth.Stress inhibits hair growth as well as muscle growth. That means less coffee and sodas, as theycontain caffeine, a stressor.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 8
  • 9. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare“The Natural World”Well, there’s no radioactive magic or super spell that will actually make your hair grow longerbut what you could definitely do is to set up the deck so you end up stimulating hair.Speaking of natural hair, a good way to make sure you have longer stronger hair is to take care ofit through shampoo and conditioning it regularly.Great hair is part of a great look. Paying attention to the way your hair is styled tells people thatyou care about your appearance – which could make an awkward social interaction into athoroughly enjoyable one. Nothing like giving a complement with your gorgeous hair themoment you enter a room. Any “how to make your hair stronger” guide has this as its finalresult.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 9
  • 10. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareHenna Hair Colorby JAYNA DAVISFor those of you who aren’t familiar with this natural dye, henna is a kind of plant. Its leaveshave been dried, ground, and used as a dye for the skin and hair for thousands of years in Indiaand the Middle East. In its purest form, henna for hair will usually leave a rich, reddish browncolor. Henna hair dye or henna hair color penetrates the hair shaft and permanently stains it, butthe color can degrade with frequent washing and may need touchups.Is Henna Hair Dye Commercially Available?In western countries like the United States, a little snooping might be in order. Since thisparticular kind of hair coloring product is plant-derived and mostly chemical free, usually, yourbest bet would be to check out health food and beauty supply stores.They’re also readily available online. If you’re looking for pre-mixed concoctions, there’s a goodchance that you might also find one or two brands of henna hair color in supermarkets as well.Does Henna Come in Other Colors?Pure henna, made from the henna plant with the scientific name Lawsonia inermis, is called “redhenna,” and may leave a rich, red-brown color. If mixed with other plant derivatives, you can getall kinds of different shades while still keeping your dye job completely natural. If your hennahair dye also has indigo –which is sometimes also called “black henna”- in it for example, youcan get shades ranging from rich dark brown, to jet black.Other natural substances that henna hair color can have, or which you can try mixing into yourown personal henna mix are cassia (“neutral henna”), tea, coffee, paprika, turmeric, lemon juice,and a lot of others.Of course, your natural hair color will have a big impact on how your henna hair color job willultimately look; if you’re very dark-haired and want to go blonde, for example, you’ll really needto get your hair chemically lightened first.Hair dyes made from plant products can’t lighten hair very much. Other than that, if you’re openminded, willing to experiment a bit, and won’t mind snooping around the internet for recipes forCopyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 10
  • 11. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slidesharehenna hair color mixes, you can get just about any color imaginable; from blond, to red, todeepest black.Some Warnings When Buying HennaIndigo and cassia may be all-natural ingredients, but be careful about “fake” henna products andsome of the other additives that some pre-mixed henna hair dyes might have. For example, someproducts touted as “black henna” might not be from the indigo plant, but can contain a jet blackdye called para-phenylenediamine, or PPD.This synthetic substance stains fast and deep, but it can also cause severe allergic reactions thatcan make a person permanently sensitive to certain dyes and chemicals.There are also some mixes that might contain adulterants like silver nitrate, nickel, and carmine,which can all cause allergic reactions or heavy metal poisoning. While such mixes areconsidered illegal by the United States FDA, it’s still a really good idea to watch out, because notall henna products will have accurate or even truthful labeling.What Are The Benefits of Using Henna?Fakes and impure mixtures aside, henna is an all-natural product, and even though most hairdying products tend to damage hair, the opposite is actually true for henna. Henna for hair willusually leave your hair feeling thicker and smoother and henna hair dye can actually help relieveconditions like dandruff, head lice, and ringworm.Henna hair color will usually also make your hair stronger and less prone to breakage. So, if youwant to try something else for your hair coloring regimen, henna’s a really great way to go.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 11
  • 12. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareGot Oily Hair & Scalp Blues?by JAYNA DAVISThe battle never ends. Some people have battles against moral issues, or against people – somehave their own private war against oily hair and scalp. You keep trying day after day to keep thathair looking fresh and fabulous and you’ve finally got that slicked back look or whatever youwant – but damn, in a few hours time your scalps turned on you like bad milk and there you haveit – flat hair. You just lost another fight. Hey, it’s no Iraq, but it’s still a good fight.Causes for oily hair and scalp vary. People are as unique as they come and hair’s unique too. Toomuch hair can actually lead to a higher instance of oily hair. How do you have too much hair?When it’s fine and not fine as in the Nanny, just fine, whispy or thin individual strands of hair.Where the hair and the scalp meet is where oil is secreted and the more of these glands,sebaceous glands they are called, the more oil is naturally produced. Fine haired people, thoughthey may not be fabulously haired, could have over a hundred thousand oil glands on their scalp.That’s a lot of oil factories running every day.Redheads –well, natural redheads anyway- suffer far less from the curse of oily hair. Blondestend to have finer hair and thus, suffer from oily hair a lot more than other people. Heat,humidity and hormones can lead to a whole lot more of oil. Taking on the oil in your scalp isn’ttoo difficult but you do need to be informed.You don’t need special stuff to clean out all that gunk – maybe you just need to shampoo more.Once a day would be fantastic. Being in a heavily urbanized environment means that I have toclean my hair out a lot more than people who’re tramping around in the forest. When its summertime, you and your hair are a under a lot more stress than normal and twice a day might actuallybe reasonable. This way, you can keep up with the factories on your head going into overdrive.Speaking of shampoos, clear shampoos are probably better for people with oil heads. Less fuss,less muss. Massaging the shampoo into your head actually works well – it’s also quite relaxing.If you’ve got a partner, ask them to massage your head while you take a nice bath together. Iswear, it works wonders. You might not even care about your hair for a few minutes there.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 12
  • 13. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareOily hair and scalp isn’t the end of the world. There are plenty of other ways to deal with it asidefrom simply shampooing more although that works well enough for most people. If you’re reallydesperate, you can try beer as a setting lotion. The smell fades as the beer dries. I personally love“beer in the hair” because it makes my hair feel luxurious and soft, as well as adding shine andcontrolling the greasies.Oily hair and scalp can get in the way of a great hair day. Make sure it never gets in the way ofyour real day.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 13
  • 14. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareHow To Bleach Hairby JAYNA DAVISBlondes have more fun and maybe that’s why you want to learn how to bleach hair. Well, that’sreally not a sure thing –the having more fun part anyway- but maybe you want to walk aroundblonde for a while. I’ve been wanting to bleach my hair blonde for the longest time anyway. It’llmake me look better in a bunch of outfits, so that’s a plus too.Now, I knew that just dumping a bunch of chems on my head was probably a bad idea. Daring,sure, but it isn’t very smart so I decided to go to the research. There’s plenty of advice on how tobleach hair running around, but the internet isn’t exactly known for accountability. Just aboutanything can crop up on the net. Here are a few considerations for anyone who wants to be ablonde, at least for a little while.Of course, before I put a single cent into my “blondening” efforts, I did some research. First, Ihad to figure out if it’ll look good with my skin tone and of course, with my clothes. Access tophoto manipulation software can easily show you just how you would look platinum, ash or darkblonde. Before I even started on the road to bleach my hair blonde, I checked out how it wouldlook.Damn nice, that’s what, so for me, it was all lights are green and go. For you – check it out. Ifyou have it bleached, it’s gonna stay that way for a while. Might even damage your hair whileyou’re at it and it’ll only be worse if it makes you look sick and washed out. Well, nothingwrong with that if that’s what you want, but most people aren’t looking for that look.You do have to consider that doing this at home is probably a bad idea to begin with. Salonsknow how to bleach hair – this is what they paid to do. It’s so easy to ruin hair – too muchwrecks it, too little and you can barely notice what changed or at worst, you end up anothershade of the rainbow. You also have to consider that putting your hair through this ordeal meansthat you’re going to damage it at some point if you keep it up, no matter how careful you or thesalon is.Another reason to get into the salon chair? Hydrogen peroxide. That’s what you use to bleachyour hair and it’s not exactly something you should handle without care. Getting in your eyesCopyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 14
  • 15. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slidesharemeans that you should pull a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and call a friend to get you tohelp. Swallowing the stuff is even worse.Nothin’ wrong with wanting lighter hair. Nothing at all – but the actual process can be difficult,time consuming and if Darwin was right, dangerous to some people. No matter how many howto bleach hair guides you read or how much I want to bleach my hair blonde myself, it’sprobably better to get into a salon chair.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 15
  • 16. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareAre The Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions Any Good?by JAYNA DAVISHair extensions are basically chunks of hair meant to be attached to a person’s real hair so that itappears much longer than it really is. They can be really useful for when you’re trying to coverup thinning hair or a serious haircut faux pas, or simply want to try out a different look.Normally, hair extensions are applied using braiding or glue, but there are other methods as well,like Invisible Hair Weave and clips. Aside from clip on hair extensions, all of these methods areusually permanent and can take upwards of ninety minutes to apply, and people usually have topay through the nose for them.Even clip in hair extensions can be expensive, although the great thing about these kinds of hairextensions is that they’re relatively easy to put on and take off, so if you’re feeling the waist-length mermaid locks today but have a yen for your no-nonsense bob the next day, you cantransition with ease.Celebrity Jessica Simpson is famous for using clip on hair extensions a lot. In fact, she and stylistKen Paves actually already have a line of Jessica Simpson hair extensions. If you don’t thinkyou’re ready to go for hair extensions just yet though, don’t worry!There are lots of websites out there where you can try different hairdos without even having toleave your computer. Virtual hair extensions, anyone?Hair extensions –whether they’re clip on, braided in, or glued on- have been labeled as tacky andfake-looking. While there are certainly cases where all that bad hair extension press is right onthe ball, the opposite –gorgeous, luxurious, natural-looking locks- is very possible.Case in point: Jessica Simpson.The woman is practically the poster child for great-looking hair extensions. Her long, blondlocks are part of her trademark look, and say what you might about her public life or her fashionchoices, but her hair looks gooooood.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 16
  • 17. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareAnd if you want Jessica Simpson hair, you’d better get Jessica Simpson hair extensions; which isto say that if you want natural looking hair extensions, you’ll have to dedicate the same kind ofcare and attention Jessica probably gave to selecting her own extensions.The first thing to do is try out virtual hair extensions, so that you can check what kind of lookyou want to go for before going off and shelling out any money. Select clip in hair extensionsthat match your hair color, so that they don’t look obvious. Afterwards, pay attention to thetexture of the hair and the fineness or the coarseness of the individual strands. This will make iteasier for you to integrate the extensions into your ‘do.Unless you plan on going for a very particular kind of look, you’re pretty much out of luck if thecorrect kind of hair clip on hair extensions aren’t available to you. Most hair extensions can’t bestyled or colored without risking damage, although some brands like Hairdo, the Jessica Simpsonhair extensions, claim that they can be styled however a person wants.Good hair extensions can really put the hurtin’ on the wallet though, so be absolutely certain thatyou want to do this before heading out to make your purchase.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 17
  • 18. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareDry Scalp Treatments… Do Special Shampoos Help?by JAYNA DAVISDry scalp is really, really annoying. Hair care’s important but I’ve taken to caring for where myhair grows out of – my scalp. Dry scalp treatments vary, but I have a particular liking for naturaltreatments, Natural dry scalp shampoo would be my preference. It just doesn’t seem right to addmore chemicals to my head when it’s already irritated and crusty and itchy.While it isn’t dandruff, it makes the same snowy flakes and whatever people think of it, it’sawkward. Sometimes people think that you just don’t care for hygiene or that you’re living in ahovel. Either way, seems like a good idea to make sure that you don’t make the situation anyworse than you could.Cold climates can cause dry scalp a lot more than in most other climates. Combing and brushingsend a fun little cascade down on the shoulders, just out of the corner of their eyes. Like I saidbefore, you need to check out whether it’s dandruff or really is dry scalp, to figure out whattreatments you should take on.Some natural dry scalp treatment involves simply drinking a lot of water to make sure that you’rewell hydrated. Aside from the obvious health benefits of making sure you’ve got the rightamount of water in your body.Olive oil, aside sounding like Popeye’s better half, also does wonders for the scalp. Aside fromhelping out your scalp, it also does wonders for hair. Once a week is fine – no need to make it asort of miracle dry scalp shampoo. Just let the olive oil sit in for a few minutes and make sure torinse it out with warm water.Coconut oil is another dry scalp treatment option. Changing to a milder shampoo can be anothergood idea. Stronger shampoos might be able to give you that warm, soft lather that you reallywant after a tough day or before on, but it just isn’t worth it for me if I end up with a dry scalpthat I just want to attack with a rake. Dry scalp treatment can also occur by removing the triggersif it’s not a consistent condition – this can be anything from a brand of hair spray or gel. Try aweek changing out your hair’s routine and you may find out what’s missing.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 18
  • 19. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareA good hair day can seal a deal which would have been tenuous beforehand. Looking respectableand as if you cared for a meeting or for how you looked for a person makes them feel important.Part of that is making sure you’re not trailing Christmas behind you.It’s not the end of world to develop dry scalp. Just make sure that it’s what you actually havebefore you invest in treatments or services to take care of it. If you’re going to look for dry scalptreatment, try to look for a natural one. Same for dry scalp shampoo. No sense putting in morechemical stuff that may make things worse, after all.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 19
  • 20. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareWhat Causes Rosacea & How To Get Rid Of Itby JAYNA DAVISA lot of the time, a blush can bring out a healthy glow in a person’s skin, making them lookyounger and, depending on the reason for that blush, happier. This may look nice for a fewminutes, but if you’ve got that blush permanently, you might have a small problem on yourhands.If the skin on your face is always red, you could have a condition known as rosacea. There are alot of different causes of this disease, but they aren’t as clear as we’d like them to be.Since it is far more likely for people of northwestern European descent to get rosacea, it isbelieved that a tendency for rosacea could be hereditary. In fact, in earlier days, rosacea wasonce known as the “curse of the Celts.” You might think that there isn’t much wrong with havinga permanently red face; and if you’re not too particular about these kinds of things, it really isn’tthat big a deal.However, rosacea doesn’t just end at red skin. A person with rosacea is also prone to gettingrosacea breakouts, where red pustules or papules appear on the skin. On the question of how toget rid of rosacea, there is no single catch-all cure.There are a lot of different kinds of rosacea and the treatments for rosacea usually vary from typeto type. This condition usually doesn’t directly threaten a person’s life, but because it alters aperson’s appearance, it can affect their quality of life and how they feel about themselves.In the more advanced stages of this particular disease, a person could get rhinophyma.Rhinophyma is actually a benign tumor that grows slowly on the tip of a person’s nose and iscaused by the increase in size of the tiny glands in the skin that secretes oil. When it occurs,someone’s nose turns red, large, and bulbous, and it really doesn’t look very pretty.One great way to avoid this is to catch your rosacea at a relatively early stage and to have ittreated immediately.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 20
  • 21. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareTreatment and maintenance for rosacea can often be a lifelong matter, but sometimes, if a personis really lucky, their rosacea can permanently go into remission or resolve itself over the courseof the treatment. Even if it is possible to get rid of rosacea though, most of the time, all thatrosacea treatment can do is arrest the development of the disease.Aside from heredity, another one of the possible causes of rosacea is neurological. This meansthat the problem might not actually be with the skin per se, but with the neurons that controlwhether or not the skin becomes inflamed. In rosacea, some scientists believe that sensoryneurons are hypersensitive, which leads to the flushing and increased blood flow to the skinsurface that characterize one of the most obvious aspects of this condition.There actually isn’t any solid information on what the exact cause of rosacea is, but there are alot of things that can trigger rosacea breakouts. These breakouts are usually what make rosaceasuch a chore of a disease to deal with.Every now and then, depending on the presence and frequency of the triggers as well as the typeof rosacea a person has, breakouts can occur.When people have rosacea breakouts, the skins on their faces can turn even redder, grow thicker,get pustules or bumps, or even get irritated and gritty eyes from the swelling. Some also say thatthey experience a tearing or burning sensation on the skin of their face, especially around theeyes.These symptoms can be very troubling, especially since they can make a person look differentand feel uncomfortable in their own skin.However, there are treatments and procedures that can help a person keep their rosacea breakoutsunder control. There is no surefire answer to how to get rid of rosacea, but there are a lot ofdifferent ways to manage the symptoms at least, and usually, these ways can vary wildly fromcase to case.Treatment for rosacea usually has to be especially tailored by a doctor to fit the individual case.There are a lot of different medications and topical creams that a person can apply, for example,so that they can deal with the bumps and the redness.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 21
  • 22. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareFor flare-ups and maybe for initial treatments, some doctors and dermatologists also prescribeantibiotics that a person can take orally. Once rosacea breakouts are under control though,usually, all that a person has to do to make sure that they stay in remission from their symptomsis apply specially formulated creams to their skin.Whatever measures you might want to take to keep your rosacea under control, all you need todo is remember that this kind of condition can require a bit of maintenance. One of the mostobvious aspects of this is to try and avoid the causes of rosacea and rosacea breakouts as much aspossible. How to get rid of rosacea entirely and quickly though, is still a matter that’s up fordebate, so if you find anything that claims to help you get rid of it right away, take it with a grainof salt.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 22
  • 23. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareDandruff Home Remedies – Dandruff Care Secrets YouCan Use Todayby JAYNA DAVISFun’s fun and being flaky can give your character some definition or uniqueness, but dandruff’sjust not cool. I don’t like it and it’s just awkward to be dusting some snow on a first date’s meal.Dandruff home remedies can be found everywhere, with dandruff care shampoos being sold upthe wazoo.I once heard someone call it scurf and that doesn’t sound really appealing either. Actually, it’spretty normal to have some flakes – I mean, dandruff is basically dead skin and we’ve got a lotof dead skin coming off every day. Too much though, can be a problem.Dandruff doesn’t really cause any health concerns, though it could be the sign of something else,but nothing too nasty. It could cause some awkwardness on a first day though and it’s definitelyawkward if there’s soup involved. “Ooh, are those flakes cracker bits?” Not a good question. It’salso a sign of head lice, another connotation no one really wants.There are a lot of causes for dandruff, ranging from just the wrong shampoo or even to dandruffcare treatments, but people are more concerned with how to treat it – which is why dandruffhome remedies are so common.Lime’s a good and naturals solution to your own personal Christmas generator. I like to use ateaspoon of the stuff when I rinse it off. It usually turns out great – it doubles as both dandruffcare and leaves my hair looking fabulous. Aloe vera is another natural way of treating your snowwoes – rub some on to your scalp. Not your hair, but straight to your scalp. Leave it on for atleast 10 minutes then use a really mild shampoo. Olive oil can also beat dandruff intosubmission.Warm coconut oil and castor oil also works wonders – twice a week is fine, everyday might betoo much. Also smells great – well, the coconut oil, not the castor oil, though if that’s your thingthere’s really nothing wrong with that. Even vegetables have gotten into the act. Boiling them,tops and roots, and massaging the water that you boiled them in into your hair. If you’re going touse this method, be sure to use white beets. I’ve read and found that they work best.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 23
  • 24. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareLathering your hair twice is another way of cleaning out the scalp. It’s thorough and can cleanout the oil and dead skin. Treat the second lather as a conditioner – leave it on. Five minutes isbest as it’ll give the shampoo time to get its groove on.Using more than one method isn’t exactly suggested – overdoing the job might lead to more skintrouble than you’re really willing to deal with. Also consider if it’s a consistent condition or justone of those days – a random bad hair day probably isn’t worth all the effort.Don’t overcomplicate it – if switching shampoos does the trick, then just switch shampoos. It’sjust cheap that way. Dandruff home remedies work if they’re the right one for you. If a dandruffcare method doesn’t work for you – try it another one. With so many options around, one’sbound to work for you.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 24
  • 25. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshareWhat To Do With Ingrown Hair?by JAYNA DAVISThere’s nothing more irritating than ingrown hair, especially if it’s in your sensitive or intimatebody part. It can be itchy, sore and awkward in all the wrong places. Nothing’s worse thanfeeling that itch at a dinner party, while the guest of honor is speaking and looking straight at youwhen you want nothing more than to be in the privacy of your bathroom, scratching away likethere’s no tomorrow to make it all better.The solutions to ingrown hair problem lies on various methods from easy treatments andprofessional service to simple, no-fuss prevention.The Right ShaveFor most people, ingrown hair stems from improper or incorrect shaving technique. Now, if yourun the razor near the hair it’ll shave some off and it’s very hard to get that part wrong, but thereis a way to minimize the damage it can cause. Aiming for a close and ultra-clean shave mightactually cause the problem. Instead, shave along the hair, not against and most definitely, notacross. Doing this is almost as bad as shaving the same spot repeatedly.Throw Away The TightiesFor those who enjoy tight clothing, here’s some bad news. Tight clothes are not onlyuncomfortable and very restricting, it can also cause ingrown hair problems. Can’t believe it?Here’s a logical explanation to convince you – if your hair isn’t compressed against your bodymost of the time, the chances of getting an ingrown hair drop. This is especially true if youhappen to be post bikini wax. Squeezing your privates with a tight pair might give you aninfection. So why not don comfy, loose clothing once in a while to give your skin somebreathing space especially if you’ve just had a goodbye-hair day of waxing or shaving.Clean-Up Crew: If the Damage is Already DoneIf you’re already suffering from ingrown hairs, well, tough. Don’t lose heart though becausethere’s still something you can do about it. You can apply a warm or heated moist towel on thetrouble area to steam it. After doing so, exfoliate the skin using a loofah, a soft cloth or a mildbody scrub. This will usually expose the offending hair, allowing you to shave it better. JustCopyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 25
  • 26. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slidesharemake sure that you don’t scrub too hard as it might cause ungodly reactions such as skinreddening, rash, irritation and even skin darkening in the long run. Go easy on the loofah action.A bit of a worse case might demand the help of a friend or an accomplice. Some ingrown hairsstart out deep in the skin, making them difficult to spot. For this situation, plucking is the answer.You’ll need needle-nosed tweezers as your weapon against ingrown hair. Make sure first that thetweezers are properly sterilized to avoid bacterial infection especially if you have sensitive skin.You need to pull out the offending hair one by one. Expect that this can be difficult especially ifyou’re all shaky and sweaty but it’s one of the more convenient methods. After finishing an area,it’s a good idea to cleanse the spot again and then proceed to shave it if you still aim for asmoother finish.A needle is a perfectly workable substitute, though one that demands more finesse. Standardtweezers are out of the question however. They can cause more damage than you think as theycan painfully pinch the skin as you’re attempting to pull out the stubborn ingrown hair.Protect YourselfFor some people it’s not a matter of proper shaving habits or the like, but a matter of genetics. Itain’t their fault their DNA make-up includes “hairy” on the list. It is advisable to apply a healthyamount of anti-septic to the area after shaving to further control their ingrown hairs.There are more solutions to the ingrown hair situation such as specific treatments like laser thattarget hair removal and buffering ingrown hairs, particularly helpful for those who don’t have themanual dexterity to finagle the hair out of its hidey hole or those who lack in patience andperseverance. Ingrown hairs can be real stubborn, mind you. They stick it out for the long hauland they’ll never go away unless you do something about it.If none of the DIY methods work or if it begins to hurt far too much, don’t be afraid to see adermatologist and get it checked out. I’m 100% certain no woman in her right mind wantssomething infected anywhere near her bajingo. It just ain’t right, honey. For more information on make-up tips, Watch Video at http://youtu.be/_Uk1UEjGOA0Copyright@2011 All rights reserved. go.clickmeter.com/modelsecrets-slideshare 26