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Breast implant
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Published in Health & Medicine , Education
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  • 1. BEAUTYBEING.COM Breast Implants Collection 1 For more information & to sign up for our free newsletter with beauty tips from professional models, visit today. Signing up today will give you access to secrets that over 99% of women will never know!.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved
  • 2. Saline Breast Implants .........................................................................................................................3 Shedding Light on Laser Hair Removal ................................................................................................4 13 Beauty Myths Demystified .............................................................................................................5 Breast Implant Removal ......................................................................................................................8 Natural Looking Breast Implants .......................................................................................................10 Breast Implant Revision.....................................................................................................................11 Belly Button Breast Augmentation Process ......................................................................................13 Teardrop Breast Implants..................................................................................................................15 Breast Lift With Implant ....................................................................................................................17 Silicone Breast Implants ....................................................................................................................19 Bump Fighter Razor Review ..............................................................................................................21 Pubic Razor Burn ...............................................................................................................................23 Breast Implant Risks ..........................................................................................................................25 Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction & Removal ......................................................................................28 Laser Liposuction ...............................................................................................................................30Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 2
  • 3. Breast Implantsby Jayna DavisSaline implants are the most widely used implants you’ll find in the United States.There are many different types of saline implants, but all are filled with a safe andsterile solution of water and sodium.Some saline implants have a smooth outer shell, and some have a textured shell.You may want to choose smooth shells to reduce the chance of your implantsrippling and leaving little “waves” under your skin. The drawback with smoothimplants, however, is that they tend to rotate and move a little more frequently thantextured implants. Textured implants definintely stay in place better, but may look alittle less natural once placed in the breast and may require a slightly longerincisional cut as more force will have to be used to insert the implant.The main difference when placing saline implants as opposed to silicone implants isthat all saline implants will need to be filled at the time of surgery. You can’t find anypre-filled saline implants as is the case with silicone.The shells of saline implants, though not as thick as silicone implants, are relativelystrong and are made of silicone. Even though the outer shell is strong, the risk ofleakage is slightly higher if the implants are filled up enough at the time of surgery.Since silicone implants need to be filled by your plastic surgeon, they have a valve inthem where the filling is to be done. Most of the time, these valves are located on thefront of the implant, but they’re small enough not to be noticeable once placed in thebody.So, the main reason that I can see to choose a saline implant over a silicone one isthe safety factor. They present less of a risk should leakage or breakage occur, andobviously safety should be one of the deciding factors when choosing the type ofimplant that you’ll be placing in your body. Consult with your plastic surgeon aboutchoosing saline breast implants and let him know your exact wants and needs –they’ll help you decide what’s right for your body and expectations.Note: Implants help to make your body more curvy and shapely. Another thing toconsider is getting a bigger butt to balance your hourglass figure. I hate theunbalanced look.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 3
  • 4. Light on Laser Hair Removalby Jayna DavisDon’t you just love sleeveless tops? I particularly love wearing them during summerwhen the heat of the sun gives me enough reason to go bare on my arms. It givesme more room for movement and yes, exposure. There is one thing, though, that Iwould never dare to show off- underarm hair. There have been so many salons anddermatological clinics offering laser hair removal at a very affordable price that Idecided to try it. Lo and behold, it works!Laser hair removal is a procedure in which highly concentrated light is used to retardthe growth of unwanted hair. This beam of light penetrates the hair follicles causingdamage to it. It is absorbed into the pigment of the hair and destroys it from theinside. It is quick, painless, and precise. Apart from these, the effects are long term,meaning you don’t have to pluck, wax, or pull out hair for a long period of time. Thiswould give you the satisfaction of not having nicks, cuts or burns. Results aregradual, though. It takes, at a minimum, three sessions for hair to grow thinner andmore sparsely. Nevertheless, the procedure definitely is painless.There are many ways to skin a cat. Likewise, there are many ways to removeunwanted hair from the body. I have chosen to do it the painless way. Here are a fewspoilers for your first visit:On your first session, do not be surprised if they shave the hair in the area you wanttreated. It will only be shorted up to a few millimeters. A cool gel will be applied tokeep your skin cool while the beam passes over the area. You will be required towear the provided glasses to protect your eyes. The procedure can take from 15minutes to an hour depending on the thickness of hair growth and the area. A littleredness might occur; this varies depending on the sensitivity of the skin.Nevertheless, it is a safe procedure. Hair will eventually fall out over the course ofone month. After which, you may have another session. This procedure is done untilhair growth is at a minimum, if not completely stopped.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 4
  • 5. Beauty Myths Demystifiedby Jayna DavisThere are hundreds of myths that haunt the women today. These have been passedon to generations, from grandmothers to mothers, and mothers to daughters. It is nowonder that many women have grown to believe some (or even all) the myths wehave listed below. So to clear things up, we are going to demystify some of the mostpopular myths handed down from generation to generation. Get ready to play truth ordare with these myths.1. Crossing legs will cause varicose veins.False. Dare to cross your legs anytime you want. Varicose veins are caused byvalves that have difficulty pumping blood to your heart. When they aren’t functioningproperly, they produce a pool of blood which can be seen through the surface of theskin. Standing a lot can lead to this. You can also blame your parents for them.Spider veins usually appear at a certain age for some women. Typically, it will be atthe same age your mother first had them. Most women also develop spider veinsduring or after pregnancy. Lastly, chemicals from smoking and birth control pills maycause the same damage as standing all the time.2. Shaving will result to thicker hair growth.False. Shaving will never make your hair growth thicker. It only appears so becausethe blade cuts through at the base of the hair. This is the thickest part and when itgrows back, it still has that wide end. Hair that’s never been cut has a pointed tip.Hair that’s been cut will never regain its pointed tip.3. Nail polish causes yellow stains.This one is true. Dark shades such as red and burgundy have more pigments thatget absorbed by your nails. To prevent this from happening, wear a clear base coatto protect your nails from looking unhealthy without color.4. Pores can be shrunken permanently.False. Pore size is determined by genetics. Their size can only be temporarilyreduced by using creams, toners and for those on a budget, egg whites. Thesetighten the skin thereby making the pores look smaller.5. Cellulite can be erased.False. Only genetics will determine who won’t get them. Cellulites are caused by fatdeposits that get trapped between the tissues of the skin. These tissues made offibrous bands squeeze the fat and creates a lumpy surface resembling an orangepeel. Firming creams and lotions, however, can reduce the presence of cellulite byinjecting caffeine into the skin to tighten it. Moisturizers will also do the same trick byCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 5
  • 6. and plumping your skin. The quickest way to make cellulite fade is bycamouflaging it with a fake tan.6. Waxing will minimize hair growthTrue. Waxing rips the hair out of the follicles and causes damage. Repeatedly done,waxing will minimize hair growth to the point where follicles could no longer producehair. This will take plenty of sessions and a lot of painkillers, though. We’re talkingabout 2-3 decades of waxing.7. Rubbing eyes creates wrinkles.False. What give you wrinkles are gravity and repetitive actions such as smiling.Unless you rub your eyes more times than you smile, you’re bound to get crow’s feetand wrinkles.8. Cocoa butter and olive oil will prevent stretch marks.False. Cocoa butter and olive oil are not able to penetrate the top layer of the skinwhere the stretching occurs. What they can do is suppress the itching that comeswith the rapid expansion of the skin.9. 100 Strokes will make your hair shinier.False. Studies show that continuous tugging of the hair and overbrushing hair can domore damage than good. Light brushing, however, distributes the oil from the scalpdown to the hair. This gives it the natural shine. Light brushing can also removeimpurities such as dirt and dandruff and massages the scalp. Massaging the scalpstimulates blood flow for that keeps the hair healthy.10. Dotting your pimples with toothpaste will make them clear up.Toothpaste contains menthol, an ingredient that dries up pimples; however, it alsocontains other ingredients that might cause more damage by irritating the skinaround the blemish. To be on the safe side, stick to ointments and creams made forclearing blemishes.11. Sleeping on your back with a satin pillow prevents wrinkles.This myth also comes with a fine print saying that the side you always sleep on willhave more or deeper wrinkles than the other. This has a slight truth to it. As we age,the elasticity of our skin will start to degenerate as collagen and elastin fibers willstart breaking down. The effects are very minimal and unnoticeable.12. Drinking plenty of water keeps skin from drying out.Sure, water will hydrate you and keep your body hydrated. Nevertheless, it won’t domuch for your skin. What will keep your skin moist are creams and moisturizers. Thisone is a true false.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 6
  • 7. Cutting cuticles is bad for your nails.This one holds true. Cutting cuticles put you at risk of hangnails and infections. It’salso a painful procedure. The better alternative would be to push them down afterthey’ve been soaked and softened. Don’t forget the lotion.You will notice that only a handful of these myths are true. The next time you hear abeauty myth, treat it like a rumor: do not believe it until you have the facts. Whoknows, there might be better alternatives to what you’re told to do to look and feelpretty.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 7
  • 8. Implant Removalby Jayna DavisBelieve it or not, there are reasons women may want to opt for breast implantremoval. Often times it’s because of complications like the implants leaking or scartissue building up around the implant – or to put new implants (which may be thesame size/style or completely different) in.The American Socieny of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says that in 2003, roughly235,000 women has breast implants put in, and 40,000 had them taken out. Thisprocedure is widely known as explantation (the opposite of implantation).How The Procedure Happensremovals are usually done with the patient sedated with general anesthesia or localanesthesia in combination with IV sedation. It’s a relatively short procedure, takingabout half and hour or a little longer to complete.Usually it only requires on outpatient surgical center. The costs range between$1000 and $4000 on average.The incision will be placed in the fold directly under the breast or through/directlynext to the nipple. If the implant is a silicone one, the whole implant will need tocome out intact. If it’s a saline implant, the surgeon may choose to deflate theimplant first for easier removal.The recovery from this type of procedure is usually fairly quick. Many women findthat after having implants removed they can return to much of their normal (but notstrenuous) activites within a few days, and resume full activity in 2 or 3 weeks.However, just because you can return to full activity in less than a month that doesn’tmean you are fully recovered. The body actually takes months to fully heal, andsince this is surgery we’re dealing with, there is a chance that complications(infection, bleeding, loss on sensation) will exist.Issues After Breast Implant RemovalRemoving the implants and getting rid of the problem (if there was one to begin with)like capsular contraction or implant leakage is all well and good, but some womenmay find that they’re unprepared for such a big change in their body.Naturally, if you don’t replace your implants, you’ll be left with the same size breaststhat you came in with before surgery. In some cases, especially with very largeimplants, the breasts may look completely different than even before the surgery.This is because large implants can leave you with a deformity of the chest wall andtissue atrophy. Sagging skin may also be apparent since there isn’t an implant to fillthe stretched out skin that the implant caused.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 8
  • 9. type of change can really make some women feel emotionally upset. Some dealwith similar feelings as mastectomy causes in others. It’s important to understandyour feelings, and if you need help managing them, please contact your doctor or atrained professional to help you through this difficult time.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 9
  • 10. Looking Breast Implantsby Jayna DavisSo, we’ve all seen a bad boob job or two, right? It’s enough to scare you away fromimplants forever! However, if increasing your chest size is something you’re dead seton, rest assured that it is possible to have natural looking breast implants. It requiresmore effort than just throwing your money at the nearest plastic surgeon, though.You need to due a lot of research and probably go on at least a few consultations(which usually cost money).The average cost of a breast augmentation procedure is typically $5,000 – $6000. Ifyou have a good surgeon, be prepared for this cost to go up. If your surgeon getsless business (which probably means that they have less experience with givingnatural looking breast implants) then the cost can also be significantly lower. The cityor area you live in will also factor into the cost, as well as the season (summer andwinter, for instance are busier so plastic surgeons may have less incentive to offeryou discounts).As you probably know, obvious looking breast implants as well as natural lookingbreast implants are designed to increase the size of small or underdevelopedbreasts, and maybe offer a lift to sagging breasts. It can also restore and enhanceyour breast volume if it has decreased as a result of having kids, going throughweight loss, or breast-feeding. This surgery is performed on tens of thousands ofwomen every year. While ultimately the doctor should be consulted for correct sizing,getting a concept of the appropriate size will help you look the most natural (smallerimplants are usually more natural looking).Not only is the size of the implant important, you must also consider the shape of theimplant. Teardrop shaped implants are the most natural looking, but since they areshaped with a sort of pointed top, it can be a problem if your implant moves aroundand rotates in your body. Most implants are round just because of this particularconcern. Consult with your plastic surgeon about moderate profile implants and highprofile implants. For most people’s body, they’ll tell you that moderate profileimplants will look a bit more natural than high profile ones.Yet another factor to consider is the placement of the implant. You can either chooseto put the implant under the skin and above the chest muscles, or you can placethem under your muscles. Under-the-muscle placement will prove to be much morenatural looking, but probably less comfortable for you as many surgeons willrecommend you avoid regular activities like constricting/flexing your chest muscles.Despite popular belief, plastic surgeries, including breast procedures do not have tobe obvious. You can, with the right surgeon and implants, have natural lookingbreast implants that no one would otherwise know were fake.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 10
  • 11. Implant Revisionby Jayna DavisSurely we all hope that when we choose to have a procedure as significant as breastaugmentation done, that we will like the results and won’t have to worry about breastimplant revisions. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.It’s normal for a small percentage of breast augmentation procedures to havecomplications or unsatisfactory results. This can be minimized by choosing a highlyqualified surgeon and listening to them about what is safe and recommended foryour particular body type, but even then sometimes you just run into some bad luck.Some of the potential breast implant risks and complication include:- Capsular Contracture (the most common problem and occurs when scar tissue orfibrous tissue grows around the implant, leading to possible discomfort and anunnatural look)- Bad Placement or Implants Shifting (could make breast look crooked, nipples tohigh in comparison to breast fold, breast moving in any direction along the body, etc)- Leaking or Ruptured Implants (decrease in breast size, lopsidedness and capsularcontraction can all result from this)- Symmastia (breast implants placed under the muscle may move toward each otherand lead to a “uniboob”)Other times women may just want breast augmentation revisions to change the sizeor look of their existing implants.How to Find A Surgeon To Do Your Breast Implant RevisionIt’s especially important to choose a good doctor here. It’s much harder to do a goodrevision than it is to do the initial procedure.You should look specifically for a surgeon that has been board certified inreconstructive surgery. Sure, they might cost a little more than a non certifiedsurgeon, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. You already had a less thansatisfactory procedure done, so to ensure that it doesn’t happen again you want tolook for a top-of-the-line surgeon.But don’t just choose a doctor because they’re board certified in reconstructiveplastic surgery. You should also do a very thorough consultation before deciding onanything. Ask your doctor how many breast surgeries they’ve done, how manyrevisions they’ve done, how many of their own procedures required revisions, etc.You should also ensure they have experience with performing breast augmentationsthrough a number of different approaches (locations on the body).Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 11
  • 12. all is said and done, many times it’s absolutely necessary to have a breastimplant revision procedure done, and you want to make sure things go right for youthe second (or third, fourth, etc) time around. Due diligence as well as reasonableexpectations are required here. Good luck and happy surgery to you!Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 12
  • 13. Belly Button Breast Augmentation Process by Jayna Davis The rumors that you might have heard about different and painless ways of breast augmentation are actually true, especially the one through the bellybutton. It has become quite popularthese days and is better known as scarless breast augmentation or Trans-umbilicalBreast Augmentation (TUBA). It has gained popularity the moment it entered theworld of plastic surgery. After all the hype faded out, an intense research was carriedout in order to verify the authenticity of it that answered the numerous questionsasked.Belly Button Breast AugmentationBelly button breast augmentation has made a breakthrough in this world through itslatest and efficient ways and has outdated all the other breast augmentationprocedures. Generally patients are wary of the scars left by operations but in thiscase there are no scars left. Even though there are certain disadvantages of thisnaval incision process, it satisfies the patient with respect to many of their problemsand queries.• The procedure – This process is a highly efficient one that takes place with the helpof a small, completely hidden incision inside the natural folds of the belly buttonthrough which it connects to the breast tissue for the implant. The advantage is thatthere are no marks or evidence left of the implant on any part of the body after it isfinished. This procedure is totally different from the others as it does not leave amark unlike the other processes that leaves marks on incisions in one of threecommon locations.• Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) – The Trans-umbilical BreastAugmentation process allows the surgeon to operate after making an incisionthrough the belly button in order to reach the breast tissue to make the implant. It is avery sophisticated and endoscopic procedure where a tiny light and camera isinserted through the belly button and the video of it helps the doctor to operatewithout even opening up the body and putting his fingers inside.A tiny incision is made in the natural folds of the naval and the endoscope is passedthrough it. After the endoscope enters the interior of the body, it is pushed upward,towards the breast to start the implant process. Then a pocket is created in thebreast area in order to fit the implant.Then the unfilled saline implants are rolled and are made to pass through the navalincision in order to reach the marked pocket in the breast area to make the implant.When they reach their desired place and remains intact, the implant is started byfilling the marked pocket with the saline through the belly button.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 13
  • 14. the implant is done and the pocket is positioned properly, the incision madethrough the belly button is closed and the operation comes to an end within thirty toforty five minutes.• Recovery – Generally it takes time to recover from a Belly button breastaugmentation process and requires the patient to rest and halt the daily activities forseveral days. Initially there will be some pain due to the stretched muscles andtissue, swelling and bruising but these will gradually go away with the help of propermedication.Sometimes marks are left after the process and maybe remain visible under the skinfor a few days or a week but eventually it goes away. If it does not then probably theskin was not able to cope with the fatty tissues.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 14
  • 15. Teardrop Breast Implants by Jayna Davis Breast implants come in different shapes, each of which is designed to create a certain kind of look. Although the suitability of one shape over the other issometimes influenced by overall goal of the breast surgery, in many cases thepreference for teardrop breast implants over round breast implants is a personalchoice for the woman. These two different shapes of implants create a different lookoverall for the breasts after the surgery is performed. As a result, carefulconsideration should take place beforehand so that the proper shape is chosen.Factors to Consider when Choosing Breast ImplantsBecause women’s body types and shapes vary, there isn’t a single right or wronganswer in regards to the proper shape of breast implant. There are a number offactors to take into consideration when making this decision, which is why a carefuland thorough consultation is important. The woman’s body type needs to beconsidered, as well as how much natural breast tissue exists. Differences in thesurgical method used should also be taken into consideration, since the incisionmight be made around the areola, in the armpit, or beneath the breast itself. In somecases the breast implant will be placed subglandular, and in other cases asubmuscular placement will be used. All of these variables can affect the suitabilityof one breast implant shape over another.Here’s a great resource for anyone considering breast augmentation. Learn all thefacts you can before making a decision that will stick with you forever.Features of Round Breast ImplantsRound breast implants are commonly used for breast augmentation, since theygenerally create the most fullness in the breast. They can add a significant amount offullness, lift and cleavage to the bust line, but some people feel that they produce arather artificial appearance. Round breast implants generally cost less than teardropimplants.Teardrop Breast ImplantsTeardrop breast implants have a teardrop shape, and are also commonly referred toas a contoured breast implant. They can be used to create a more sloping breastcontour, which most people feel produces a more realistic profile and appearance.Teardrop implants can be used for breast augmentation when larger breasts aredesired, but they are also commonly used when the goal is to correct breastasymmetry, or to replace, enhance, and augment the natural contour of the breastthat might have been lost due to pregnancy or weight fluctuation. They don’t produceCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 15
  • 16. same amount of fullness, lift and cleavage enhancement as round implants do,but they do provide a very naturally shaped breast. Instead of producing fullness atthe top of the breast, most of the fullness exists at the bottom of the breast, whichtends to provide a more anatomically correct appearance as compared to roundimplants. However, teardrop breast implants are more expensive than roundimplants. This style of implant must have a textured surface, because it is necessaryto keep it from rotating after it is implanted. Otherwise, the shape of the breast couldbe distorted, since the implant isn’t symmetrically shaped. If you are consideringteardrop breast implants, a consultation with your doctor can help you determine ifthey are right for you.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 16
  • 17. Lift With Implantby Jayna DavisJust like the rest of your body, you may find that your breasts are starting to sag withage. Another reason for sagging breasts may be pregnancy and breastfeeding,which leaves many women yearning for the fullness they were used to duringpregnancy. Or it could be a lack of proper support with moderate to large sizebreasts.Whatever the reason, many women desire breast lifts with implants. Not only will thislift the breasts and make them more perky, it will also add some volume andincrease their size. This is a useful procedure if you want more projection andvolume, especially in the upper part of the breasts.Sagging Breasts & How They Affect Your AppearanceSagging breasts that haven’t been corrected with cosmetic surgery often have a“scooped” look where the bottom part of the breasts have some fullness but theupper part of the breasts appear deflated or even flat. Some women don’t mind howit looks, other can’t stand to look at their bodies that way and opt for a breast lift withimplants.Having an implant put in while having a breast lift done will fill in the area wherethere was basically just extra, loose skin. It can do a lot to improve your appearance,both with and without clothes on.What Type Of ImplantSome women with minimal sagging and loss of volume may wish for very small sizedimplants. These implants could come in a variety of shapes, depending on what yourplastic surgeon recommends for your particular body and the results you’re trying toachieve.Women with smaller breasts or more dramatic loss of volume will probably wantbigger sized implants in a more rounded shape. The more rounded shape of theimplant can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of the upper portion of thebreasts.Too Much Surgery At One Time?You may worry that undergoing these two seemingly separate procedures at thesame time may be too much surgery for one session. This isn’t actually the case.Since you’re undergoing surgery in the one area (chest) anyway, performing thesetwo procedures at the same time is actually a huge time saver. You don’t have tohave 2 separate surgeries, and the downtime you’ll experience isn’t any more than itwould be if you were having just one surgery done.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 17
  • 18. any case, during your consultation, the plastic surgeon will probably haverecommendation for you based on their personal experience and your wishes. Youshould make your wishes very clear and let your surgeon know exactly what you’rehoping for to improve the chances of a satisfactory procedure.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 18
  • 19. Silicone Breast Implants by Jayna Davis Silicone breast implants are quickly becoming the most popular type of implant. They were approved by the FDA inNovember of 2006 and determined as being both safe and effective. The FDAapproved silicone gel implants, but needs to monitor each and every manufacturer(Mentor & Inamed, for example). They will follow a large number of women for aminimum of 10 years post surgery to track their progress and complaints.The reason the FDA approved silicone gel implants is because of reviews of multiplestudies done by numerous groups. There were also many inspections done.Although not every case of implants went smoothly, the majority of women were safeand satisfied, which proved silicone breast implants to be safe enough for use.So, why choose silicone implants?Silicon is super-abundant – the only element that beats it out on earth is oxygen.When this silicon is mixed with oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, it becomes what isknown as silicone.A long time ago, silicone gel was cased in just one or two layers of an enclosureshell. Today, to be safe, manufacturers are encasing the silicone gel is 3 layers ofshell, which reduces the chances of leaking and breakage. Some people feel thatmore “shells” make the implants feel a little harder, but others find that the implant isstill soft enough to be pleasant.Silicone implants are pretty durable. You’d be surprised, actually, at just how hard itis to damage one. Of course they still occasionally break in women’s bodies, but thenumber of instances is small.Another reason to choose silicone breast implants over saline ones is that manypeople feel they look more natural. Under the skin, saline implants may “ripple” if thefluid collects unevenly in the implant, but there is little risk of this happening withsilicone.There are still, however drawbacks (the main one being that saline is more safelyabsorbed by the body in the case of a leaking or broken implant), but siliconecontinues to be very popular among breast surgery patients.How Are Silicone Breast Implants Implanted?Since there are so many layers of encasing shell, silicone breast implants alwayscome prefilled. You can’t just insert the empty bag into the body and fill it withsilicone as you can with saline.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 19
  • 20. means that the cut that needs to be made in the skin must be a little bigger thanwith saline implants. The longer cut also needs to be done because silicone implantsare typically textured and are a little harder to slide in.To sum up this article, silicone breast implants are and most definitely will continueto be very popular. Many women prefer the longevity, durability and look of siliconebreast implants over saline ones. It’s best to have a thorough consultation with yourdoctor before deciding, however, as your surgeon will help you make the best choicefor your particular body and needs.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 20
  • 21. Fighter Razor Reviewby Jayna DavisThe bump fighter razor promises to leave you razor burn free. It seems as if it wasdesigned for African American men (although I am not but still love to use it)because many black men suffer from Pseudofolliculitis barbae (ingrown hair andrazor bumps) on a daily basis.But like I mentioned, anyone can use it. Any man with coarse or curly facial hair,pretty much anyone who shaves their pubic area, etc.WHAT I USE IT FORI personally just use the bump fighter razor for shaving my pubic hair because I usedto get major irritation and bumps on my pubic mound if I shaved every day. When Iwas younger this never happened, but as time went on razor burn started becomingmore of a problem for me.ABOUT THE RAZOR CLICK THE PIC TO FIND BUMP FIGHTER AT THE BEST PRICEThe razor has a “bump guard” which ensures the blade doesn’t cut the hair lowerthan the skin, thereby solving pretty much all your shaving bump problems.When I first got it I noticed it looked different from most typical shavers. It has thesegrooves on the blade, which I guess cause it to work the way it does. The bladesalso slide on and off from left to right or vice versa. They don’t snap on like therazors I was used to.It’s nothing fancy like those girly razors you see in commercials, but I could careless. It’s comfortable and keeps my pubic area looking “fancy” which is all that reallymatters to me when choosing a shaver.It’s black has a rubberized grip. Soft to the touch and lends to a comfortable shavingexperience.THE ONE PROBLEM WITH BUMP FIGHTERCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 21
  • 22. it doesn’t cut the hair down below skin level, it probably wont be the closestshave you’ve ever experienced. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be full of stubbleafter you shave, but you may grow stubble sooner than you would with a regularshaver.For me, this is not a problem because the lack of skin irritation means that I canshave with this razor every day and keep smooth that way. It’s less of a hassle forme, but you’d have to decide for yourself if that’s what you want to do.MY OPINION OF THE BUMP FIGHTER SHAVERIt’s a must for anyone who’s bothered by razor burn. I understand there are somelucky bastards out there who never suffer from any kind of skin problems, and ifyou’re one of them maybe you want a razor that cuts the top layer of skin and chopsthe hair down really short as that kind of shave would obviously be smoother.I haven’t felt this smooth in years and I’m totally happy that I found the bump fighter.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 22
  • 23. Pubic Razor Burn by Jayna Davis Like many modern women today, I shave my pubic hair. Some women do their bikini line, some leave a design or landing strip in the front, and some like to take it ALL off. Me, I take it all off! Brazilian fan, baby! But there are some problems with this. Of course there’s a little bit of a hassle when it comes to maintenance, but I think it’s worth it for that sexy look. The main problem I have is the dreaded pubic razor burn. I find that these irritated bumps that occur after shaving your pubic hair are most common pubicmound (or mons pubis). Who’s with me on that one? I don’t know if any other womenare affected in other areas, but this is the worst by far when it comes to post shavingirritation for me.So what’s a girl to do about her bumpy private bits? Surely we want to get rid of themand get back to feeling sexy, right?PREVENT PUBIC RAZOR BURNThere are some things you can do to minimize the chances that you’ll get stuck withthose unsightly red bumps in your nether region in the first place. 1. Soften the hair. You can do this by waiting until you’re at the ending half of your bath or shower. You can also let your shaving cream, oil or lotion soak into the hair for a while before you start shaving. I personally just use conditioner (yeah hair conditioner) on my pubes, let it soak for about 2 minutes and then get started. 2. Shave with the grain. This will ensure that the top layer of your skin doesn’t grow over your incoming hair. Yeah, the shave won’t be as close, but at least you wont be in pain the next day. If you’ve ever looked at yourself down there you’ll probably have noticed that as you go further down the direction the hairs grow changes and everything basically goes wild down there. So, if you’re plan is to stick to shaving in the direction your hair grows, this applies only to the areas where you can actually tell, which frickin direction your hair grows in!I don’t like doing this personally, and will tell you about a work-around below. 3. Exfoliate regularly. At first, you might think it’s really weird to exfoliate your vagina After all, it’s a very sensitive area. I just use these Salux scrub cloths (my favorite!) to do the pubic wall once in a while. It gives the hairs bulging and curling just underneath the skin a chance to breakthrough and leave you razor burn free.Alternatively, you can use a product like bump control aftershave found here, but I prefer not to have chemicals that may taste weird and interfere with oral sex on my cooch…Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 23
  • 24. SECRET TO PREVENTING PUBIC SHAVING BUMPSUse a Bump Fighter razor! Or something similar that doesn’t allow the hair and skinto be cut at the same time. This is the work-around to shaving with the grain that Imentioned above in point 2. It leaves you looking and feeling relatively smooth whilefreeing you from worrying about pubic razor burn.I can (and do) shave with this razor everyday without causing irritation, where theopposite would be true if I used a typical blade.SAY GOODBYE TO SHAVING BUMPS ON YOUR VAGINA!All in all I think it’s worth the extra trouble to stay smooth and sexy down there. I justfeel more confident and sexy when it’s smooth, so I’ll continue to shave it all off sincepubic razor burn is no longer a problem for me!Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 24
  • 25. Implant Risksby Jayna DavisHaving a boob job is not all fun and games. There are some serious breast implantrisks that you should be aware of. Much of the time women are satisfied with theirprocedures and don’t have any regrets, but there are quite a few instances ofcomplications. Here’s to helping you make an informed decision.Capsular ContractureThis complication is caused by a scar that grows in your body, right is the tissuearound the breast implant. This can lead to hardening, implants looking very fake,and they may even hurt.You see this condition more often than you may know. Women who have veryunnatural, round, hard looking breasts that have obviously been worked on usuallyhave bad cases of capsular contracture.Some say that saline implants lower the risks of this type of scar tissue and that it’smore common with silicone implants, but there is no conclusive evidence on this yet.This sounds pretty scary, but many women develop mild capsular contracture anddon’t even know they have it. Moderate to severe scarring, however, is likely tocause you discomfort and requires additional surgery. What happens during theadditional surgery is that all the scar tissue must be removed from the breasts and anew implant would have to be put in. Even when you do all that additional work,there’s a chance the scarring will come back again.Luckily, there is something you can do to lower this risk. Placing the implant underthe muscle will help to reduce the breast implant risk of internal scar tissue forming.Mammogram “Blocking”When you have an implant, it becomes harder to view all your breast tissue during amammography. As you know, mammograms are vitally important to your health.Just like with capusal contraction, having your implant placed under the muscle willhelp. With implants placed over the muscle, only about 3/4 of your breast tissue canbe seen during a mammogram. With it under the muscle, as much as 90% of yourtissue can be seen – not perfect, but definitely better than 75%Breast Implant DisplacementJust because your surgeon puts your implants in the right spot doesn’t neccessarilymean they’ll stay there. There is a problem (albeit an uncommon one) where breastimplants move after the surgery. This can happen in any direction, and at any time.Implants Breaking & LeakingCopyright@2011 All rights reserved 25
  • 26. you may know, there are 2 main types of implants – saline and silicone. Each ofthese present different risks if they were to leak or break.Let’s start with the safer of the two: saline implants. These sometimes develop a leakand start to deflate, leaving you with one breast that goes back to your original size.This happens most often with implants that have NOT been overfilled. Although itmay sound wrong, overfilling implants actually helps them stay “strong”. when theimplant hasn’t been overfilled and a small piece folds over, it causes rubbing whichwears the shell down. The shell can eventually become so thin that it tears, just likea piece of paper. This happens most often during the first year following yourprocedure, and then the risk decreases in subsequent years.Your body is made of salt-water, so the saline that filled your implant does no realharm when it’s absorbed by your body. The implant would just need to be replaced.When you have silicone implants, the gel that fills the implant can’t be safelyabsorbed by your body. The shell can do the same thing and start to leak or evenrupture, but the complications here are a little worse.The silicone leaking out of the implant will probably cause your body to form scartissue around it. If the leak is a small one, you might not even notice that anythinghas even happened to your implant until you realize you have capsular contracture –the internal scarring we talked about earlier.This obviously requires surgery, as you can’t just leave a leaking silicone implant inyour body. The implant and scar tissue would both need to be removed, and theimplant would have to be replaced.RipplingWhile some implants come out looking great and very natural, sometimes you getweird “ripples” or slight waves that appear on your skin where the implants areplaced. some surgeons also call this wrinkling.This happens because the saline contained in your implant is shifting around, leavingareas of “loose” skin without anything to fill it.Overfilling the implants can help prevent rippling, as well as using smooth implantsrather than textured ones. Placing the implants under the muscle can also helpprevent rippling in the upper portion of the breasts.Rippling hardly ever happens to silicone implants, and is more evident among thosewho choose saline.Numb NipplesNumbness in the nipples following breast surgery is so common that you shouldn’teven consider having breast augmentation done if you really can’t stand the thoughtof potentially losing sensation in your nipples.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 26
  • 27. following implant surgeries stand at about 1%. Usually infections occure inthe first 2-3 months following breast augmentation procedures.If you should develop an infection, you’ll need to take antibiotics and remove theimplant. You can’t replace the implant until at least 6 months down the road (allowingyour body to heal properly) so you could go for awhile with lopsided breasts.SymmastiaThis is actually a rare one, but quite a problem if it happens. It can occur whenimplants are placed under the muscle and move together, leading to a “uniboob”look. This may happen because of over-dissection of breast tissues during surgery(sometimes done to purposely place implants close together for increased cleavage).This is more of a problem with thin women, because they have less breast tissueand chest space in the first place.These are some of the main side effects and risks of breast implants. They canrange from mild, cosmetic problems to full blown life-threatening infections, you it’sup to you to weigh the pros and cons now that you have been educated on breastimplant risks.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 27
  • 28. Cellulite Reduction & Removalby Jayna DavisCellulite remains a threat to bikini-wearing men and women everywhere, threateningto distract people from their sculpted bodies with some awkward dimples. Luckilymedicine, science and technology have advanced far enough to give people plentyof options, to choose from natural to topical to surgical if they want to get rid of theircellulite problems.Here, we’re going to take a glance at what cellulite is exactly and something calledionithermie treatments. Ionithermie cellulite reduction treatments are becoming moreand more common, but are they worth your time and money? Are they effective asmethods of cellulite removal?It can be difficult to select the right kind of treatment for you. After all, there are somany claims being made, so many treatments and machines with sometimesludicrous claims being made, promising tiny little miracles focused on your cellulite.Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this, you’ll find yourself with a greaterappreciation and understanding of cellulite.What is Cellulite Anyway?Let us take a quick gander at what makes cellulite, cellulite. When you boil it down toas few words as possible, you end up with the words ‘dimpled skin’ or moreprecisely, ‘dimpled fat’. It comes up wherever a large amount or area of fat is nearthe skin, such as around the butt or the outer thighs. Unfortunately, women happento be more prone to developing these as compared to men, due to the former’sspecific hormonal changes and production.And for people wondering, no, being overweight actually has very little to do withcellulite. Losing weight might lead to some cellulite loss, but generally, it appears tobe more an occasional occurrence rather than a real solution.Ionithermie TreatmentsIt sounds strange, but ionithermie treatments are the newest option available topeople who want to get rid of their cellulite. The treatment is the flavor of the monthfor people who want to fight cellulite off. Ionithermie cellulite reduction methods claimto be effective in as little as a single session – a fantastically bold claim. Apparentlythe method works by going into something other than the rainforest, where so manymiracles are apparently present: now, they’ve gone to the sea.Developed in France and often understandably misspelled, this method aims toachieve five things. First and foremost, it’s here to handle the appearance andpresence of cellulite as well as improving the general smoothness of the skin.Ionithermie treatments also aim to contour the body, making it more slender in effect.This also then leads to firming and toning of the body. Last and not the least, itdetoxifies the body, thanks to the ingredients involved.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 28
  • 29. Cellulite Reduction ProcessThe very first part of the treatment involves covering the cellulite-afflicted skin withalgae-infused products, which apparently works wonders on the various toxinsinvolved in causing cellulite. Next, galvanic products are then applied and rubbedonto the skin, in apparent preparation for the subsequent steps. After this, faradicsources are next in line to be applied to the area. This apparently helps stimulate themuscles involved.Combining and following those three steps involve some carefully-placed electrodes.This apparently leads to some stretching and toning of the skin which naturallyattacks the dimpled skin. It could apparently be compared to a rough day at the gym.It’s a lot to go through in 30 minutes, so you can squeeze it into the tightest ofschedules. It costs around $135 per treatment.A lot of people are saying it’s worth the cost, due to its effectiveness and relativelycheap price compared to other treatments, such as liposuction. You may have someslight redness due to the electrodes, but that’s about it in terms of side effects. Itgoes without saying that if you have a metal plate inserted anywhere, it makes youineligible to ionithermie treatment.Lasting BenefitsReviews on the treatment are fantastic. Ionithermie treatment is, apparently, highlyeffective even after a single session. It takes around seven to fifteen sessions to fullyexperience the effects, making it more expensive over a period of time. This couldput a serious drain on anyone’s wallet and since cellulite is in no way a medicalcondition, no insurance plan around would ever pay for it.Should I Do It?If you have the money and the time for it, this is probably the best solution for you totake, short of surgery. It has received fairly positive reviews so it is not a scam for themost part, though like anything involving science, ionithermie treatments may vary ineffectiveness from person to person. If you’ve got some money to spend, you can tryit for one session and see how it works for you. You may not regret it.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 29
  • 30. Liposuctionby Jayna DavisLooking good varies in importance from person to person. So, for people who find itimportant enough to shell out lots of money to look good, there’s a relatively newdevelopment for them to try – laser liposuction. It’s something that’s been causing abig stir among fat melting fanatics around the world. Apparently, it is a massiveimprovement over old liposuction methods.The differences between the two are numerous, from method to recovery period.Read on and see just what laser liposuction brings to the table in terms of fat blastingmethod.The Tale of the TapeLet’s begin with a simple comparison of methods. Old liposuction is heavy dutysurgery that requires general anesthesia, which means that they need to knock youout to do it. Fat is essentially sucked out, which leaves a lot of flappy, loose skinwhere the fat used to be. That is done with a narrow tube that tends to leave scarringwhere it enters. Trauma is expected, as well as some bruising, though most peoplecan get back to work within a week. The average liposuction to the abdomen easilycosts around six thousand dollars, maybe more depending on where you get it.Now, to laser liposuction. Laser liposuction or SmartLipo only requires localanesthetic, which is safer and tends to bring less complications to the game than oldliposuction. There is some tightening of skin where the lasers are used. Due to theuse of lasers, there is very little trauma inflicted on the body which means recovery isa lot faster.The fat itself is squeezed out of the incisions or carefully suctioned out. It’s a loteasier than old liposuction as the laser has already broken the fat down into a liquidform, making it a lot less tough on the body than if you were dragging solid fat out ofyou. You won’t even need stitches; you can get to work in a day or two. It’s evencheaper, despite the image of a lightsaber – five thousand dollars for a shot at yourabdomen.So Aside From Being Fancy, Safer and CheaperIf you’ve ever seen an old liposuction video on a documentary, in person or ontelevision, you know how brutal it looks. It actually seems like they’re shoving avacuum cleaner into your gut to clean it out. It’s not even accurate as people canonly do so much, no matter how good they are, with their hands. You may nick a fewthings. There’s a ton of collateral damage to be expected from it, which led to theneed for general anesthetic and a longer recovery period. Laser liposuction is moreprecise. Brute force is no longer necessary, allowing for accuracy and control that ahose cannot give.Copyright@2011 All rights reserved 30
  • 31., this ease make the entire procedure shorter. Old liposuction methods,as mentioned, can leave loose skin where the fat used to be. This, then, requiresanother procedure to get rid of the unsightly flaps, often a face or neck lift or tummytuck where the fat used to be to make it look more appealing. With the laser, youactually end up tightening the skin as well, as part of the procedure.Post Procedure DetailAs stated above, people who opt for laser liposuction can probably get to work withina couple of days. Compression bandages are still necessary, however, but for amuch shorter time. Old liposuction has them on you for a month and a half whilelaser liposuction requires it for around two weeks. The result is also generallypermanent. Fat cells are limited in adults; people don’t actually get new fat cells, theyjust get fat cells that expand.ConcernsOf course, with the coming of any kind of new technology comes polarization andcare. While on paper, laser liposuction seems like the better choice, some expertsare less than thrilled with its existence. While most of them do admit that it is apotentially helpful method, they don’t see it as the second coming of liposuction.Some of them don’t even think that it will ever replace the old kind of liposuction; notsoon at least. Even people who are proponents of laser liposuction are careful intheir claims, calling it an advancement in technology rather than a miracle.Light Them UpBut is it for you? The best way to find out is to simply consult with a doctor. Perhaps,there is something about your particular body that lends itself better to the moreexpensive old timey liposuction. Perhaps, you’d be best serve putting your bodyunder the tender care of a technological advantage.Whatever the case, it is still a major investment of both time, money and some pain.Make sure that it is really what you want before you go traipsing into a doctor’s officefor a laser liposuction. Want to know the 15 secrets supermodels and makeup artists are trying to keep to themselves? Visit All rights reserved 31