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  • Overcoming your past helps you become a better person because you’ll get over something you did, and not holding it against yourself.Thinking positively will will help you make any decision you’ve made better, and ignoring all the negative things you are being said to/told. Having the character trait courage will help you and encourage you to do things others wouldn’t.
  • Surviving sam by Karen Rivers is introduced when Pagans brother sam dies.Since sam meant a lot to pagan, she becomes depressed and intentionally hurts herself.Her doctor reccomends a medicine called prozac that helps her erase memories.Pagan takes the medicine, overcomes the memory of sam and becomes a happier person.
  • ISU Presentation - Andrei Carianopol

    2. 2. Table of ContentsTitle Page Slide 1Thesis Slide 3ISU #1 Slide 4-9ISU #2 Slide 10-15ISU#3 Slide 16-21ISU #4 Slide 22-26Character Sketch Slide 27-28Restated Thesis Slide 29
    3. 3. Thesis: Overcoming onespast, thinking positively, andhaving courage will allow for aperson to grow a better andstronger identity.
    4. 4. ISU #1: Surviving Sam AUTHOR: KAREN RIVERS TIME PUBLISHED: 2001
    5. 5. PLOT GRAPH Pagan takes a medication that erases her memory of Sam.Pagan is depressed Pagan overcomesand intentionally hurts her past andherself. becomes a happier person. Pagans brother, Sam Died in an Avalanche.
    6. 6. Argument #1Pagan overcame her past bytaking the medication her doctorprescribed her. No Quote
    7. 7. Argument #2Pagan overcomes her past bynot thinking about her brothersdeath as much and becoming abetter, and happier person. No Quote
    8. 8. Like it! Choice ActivityWhat did I like about this book? How almost any human being or anything with aheart and emotions can relate too this book. We all have friends that have beenthrough depression because of a loved ones death. It doesn‟t even have to be yourfriend, it could have been you. Anyways, the way Pagan deals with it is amazing. Iwas actually surprised she didn‟t kill herself. If I was Pagan, I might have as wellput an end too all the pain. Even though we know that it wouldn‟t be very smart.Love it!What did I love about this book? The great detail and the First Person point of view.I was able to visualize what Pagan looked liked, what the setting looked like, and Icould feel what she felt because I‟ve had experiences that were much like hers.The way the story unfolds is great, starting with Sam‟s death and than right awayher depression kicks in. You‟ll definitely love this book.Leave it!This book right off the bat had a lot of swearing and gory details no reader wouldlike to experience. It is a very bad influence on the teenage life. Pagan smokes,drinks, does drugs, and intentionally hurts herself. What if your child started gettingideas because of this book? Of course not. This is all that I dislike about this book.
    9. 9. Thesis Link Without overcoming her past, Pagan wouldn‟t have been able to be a better person in general. Pagan is happier now because her brothers death is not always on her mind like it used to be, causing her to have a better identity.
    10. 10. ISU #2: We All Fall Down AUTHOR: ERIC WALTERS TIME PUBLISHED: 2006
    11. 11. PLOT GRAPH Climax: The South Tower was hit. Which was the one they were currently in. Inciting Action: The North Tower was hit, which was the tower across the one they were in. This is where everything begins. Falling Action: They have to fight obstacles to get out of the building alive and they face many deadly Rising Action: He is intimidated challenges. by these towers because he didn‟t expect them to be so big. But they‟re the biggest in the USA. Resolution: Both Will and hisIntroduction: Will was at school Inciting Event: Will spends a day father were one of the few,beginning his grade 9 High with his father at his fathers job in lucky people to escape theSchool Career the South Tower. burning towers that crashed down.
    12. 12. Argument #1Wills dad had the courage tocarry an injured women downmany flights of stairs. “He stood up and then reached over and cradled her in his arms.” (WALTERS 133)
    13. 13. Argument #2Wills father never gave up on„Ting‟, the woman he wascarrying. “His face was red and peppered with sweat.” (WALTERS 137)
    14. 14. Choice ActivityLIKE IT! LOVE IT! LEAVE IT!-The transition -A lot of detail -The length offrom the school was added by the the book was verytoo the World author to make short; It wouldTrade Center was you feel like have been bettervery good. you‟re in the if there were more story. characters-It seemed like a involved to makestory written by -The author the story longer.someone that chose a veryactually was good topic, thethere. 9/11 terrorist attacks. Which made the book very exciting.
    15. 15. Thesis Link Wills father shows courage by helping the woman. This shows that he is a good person to society.
    16. 16. ISU #3: The Lightning Thief AUTHOR: RICK RIORDAN TIME PUBLISHED: 2006
    17. 17. PLOT GRAPH Crisis Point: Percy is introduced to Camp Half Blood and that he is actually Poseidon‟s son, which is to the Underworld and meet Climax: They all get exceedingly rare, and that Zeus‟ Master Lightning Bolt Hades, but Percy doesn‟t have the lightning bolt until he Introduction: In the beginning of is accused of set him up and hid the bolt in the Shield went missing and that Percy thethat Luke stealing it. sees story, Percy ismeets a fewGallery at ahe the way, such Hades takes the bolt from him but He at a Greek friends along has given him. MuseumRising Action: Grover, his best friend notices Percy as with Annabeth, daughter with them in the Greek of his School, Nancy Academy. Percy isand Ms. Dodds are no longer of Athena and Luke,Hades‟ wife takes the bolt from him, Persephone, Son a teenager, andhis professor Mr.the camp inout, gives it asks to Percy and lets them get his best friend is Brunner. They and back named Hermes. Hades appears atknocks him a fire,Gallery so he grabsrush Grover. the lightning bolt in return advice in and tell That to the room Percy and gives him for Percy‟s mother. for Grover always Ms. Dodds were away.the „feury‟ tohas crutches.alone orthey Brunner will slice a and night Percy, Grover, andhe has a dispatch on he leave Percy Today Annabeth Inciting Event: While Mr. supply teacher find the Ms. Dodds. She says too the were to named lightning Groverher into pieces. Percy is confused butMs. and to go missionin the Greek Gallery,bold Falling Action: Percy goes to alwaystime topulls Percy aside doesn‟t Grover a couple of picks on Percy, mother. in a gives him to a and he Luke underworld for his Mr. Brunner tellsthere is no Dodds explain. Olympus but encounters Luke, think she‟s human. Neither does Grover. home tocamp where newit‟s safe for new shieldhim flying sneakers. toys like a Percy.tells their walk separate room and On and the guy that set him up trying toannounce Percy‟s mom that Hades him. found out that she needs to talk to has steal the bolt from Percy. Theywhere Percy is,turns into a monster called is actually his She Grover tells Percy that he both Battle each other but in the Resolution: There is no war a „feury‟ but Percy didn‟t knowprotector, and his job is to protect him. They drive to the end Percy wins. and the Lightning Bolt is safelyCamp and what she was, or what she a „minotaur‟ abducts his mom. A bull/sheep returned to Zeus. Percy finallydemon sent by Hades to kill him. him for wanted. She kept asking meets his father, Poseidon, and the Lightning Bolt but he didn‟t Annabeth meets her mother know what she was talking Athena who are forbidden to about. see their children.
    18. 18. Argument #1Percy showed courage by goingto the underworld to retrieve thelightning bolt. “We want to go to the underworld” (RIORDAN 285)
    19. 19. Argument #2Percy shows courage by going tothe underworld to save his mom,that was abducted by Hades. “We got this far. We‟ll find the master bolt and save your mom.” (RIORDAN 284)
    20. 20. Choice ActivityLike it!This book was good for visualization. It described the setting very well with a lot ofdetail and I was always filled in with what was going on. I could make very strongconnections to another book I‟ve read that covered the same area; GreekMythology.Love it!Books with topics like this always catch me. The detail was fantastic, and the storyline was even better. Greek Mythology is one of my favorite things to learn aboutand this book had it all. The story line, the detail, and one of my favorite things!Greek Mythology!Leave it!This book was way too long for my reading; thank god it had an interesting topic.The author always put unneeded things in the story to make it longer in myopinion. He should of made a story where every chapter connects to the next one,and so on. Creating a flow of connections from the past chapter. For example,“Rob has cancer” NEXT CHAPTER: “Rob died”. You know he died of cancerbecause of the previous chapter.
    21. 21. Thesis Link Percy showed courage by going to the underworld to retrieve the lightning bolt. Percy showed courage by going to the underworld to save his mom.
    23. 23. PLOT GRAPH Climax: Darcy gets accused of sexual assault (rape) on the girl he baby-sits, and on his sister Darcy has a he baby Falling Action: Kat. The girl sits, Samantha, is deaf realizes it so sudden flashback and like Kat too they both gomother that threw his was not his and baby sit her. Crisis Point: Darcy‟s Mom is released sister off the balcony. It was him. Samantha signs to her parents that it from Jail early, and gets threatening washas (nickname for Darcy) who He „D‟ a great amount of guilt and phone class from people that know of Introduction: Darcy‟s Mom, who was a keeps it against him, but his mom assaulted her. They blame Darcy for Drug Addict, is in Jail for Darcy‟s little sister meets her her. Kat, „accidentally‟ told him he was only 4 and he everything but later they found out it mother and creates a tight bond with throwing his sister, Kat off the Balcony when was a know better. She also told didn‟t whole misunderstanding and that Resolution: Darcy she Action: Kat is changing; she gotto get rid of Kat, her. Their Dad wantsRising was a couple of give the old. His sister to her months her him that going to prison was the it was David, Samantha‟s Uncle who admits to the public that survived the fall and responsibilitiesfirst period and wasbecauseto death because scared she landed in best thing that happened too her, had raped her on the Saturday he mom. because she the one that he was babysat her. was a drug addictshe didn‟t know what it was paddingassumedKat some overgrown shrubs so she her fall. iswas dying.has Epilepsy, so she requires deaf and She is asking questions about and once she hitoff the balcony threw Kat prison she wasshe Medicine, and Sign Languagean „Aid‟ dog to clean, to see if she‟d land on and people like therapists,her Mom, and her Dad buys her and doctors cared cats did. her, her feet like for her, fedthat will help her with although sheand will communicate with her seizures is already Instead of the Public and gave her a place to sleep.understandreading lips. Darcy is the only good at her sign language. hating Darcy, they person in his family that takes care of Kat. thought of him as a hero Her dad only gives the basics such as food, because he was honest, shelter, and clothing. and did the right thing by Inciting Event: Darcy‟s Mom is coming out Jail early, confessing. and the Newspaper shows how neighbors don‟t want her coming back and how they think she should serve full time for what she did.
    24. 24. Argument #1Darcy finally accepts the truth and moves on. “I can no longer sit back and watch my mom take the blame for something she didn‟t do. She went to prison to protect my innocence…My hope is that by facing the truth of my actions, I too will be able to heal” (HRDLITSCHKA 169).
    25. 25. Argument #2Darcy got over his past which made him not cut anymore. “I haven‟t felt that overwhelming need to cut lately” (HRDLITSCHKA 166).
    26. 26. Thesis Link Darcy overcame his past by accepting what he had done. Darcy overcame his past which made him stop cutting.
    27. 27. Character Sketch DarcyMature Anti- SocialIndependen t Honest Caring
    28. 28. Character Sketch Mom Ex-Drug- Caring AddictForgiving Honest Loving
    29. 29. Restated ThesisCharacters from these books learn how Overcomingones past, thinking positively, and having courage willallow for a person to grow a better and stronger identity.