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Social Media Marketing Workshop given at the Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership at the YWCA of O'ahu.

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  • I apologize in advance for the tone of this video. I promise the content is good.Cheeky little guy!Thoughts, takeaways?
  • So, I don’t have much to say about Yelp except to say that if you have a physical or service-related business you should absolutely be there. Many live and die by what they read on yelp and other review sites. Anyone here on Yelp, either as a user or business owner? Positive or negative experiences? (Anyone work for a hotel or tourism-related business?) TripAdvisor is a must for you.
  • Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller17 May 2013Workshop at the Patsy T. Mink Center forBusiness & Leadership at the YWCA of O’ahuPresented by Beau MuellerHawaii Web StrategistSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
    2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA? NOT A TOOL!“Social Media is not a specifictool. It is not Facebook,Twitter or Pinterest. Socialmedia is about reaching outand building relationships.” –Doug the Debunker
    3. 3. 17 May 2013FACEBOOK – “ENVISION A WORLD…”Social Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller
    4. 4. 17 May 2013LET’S GET STOKED! SOME BENEFITS:Social Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller Generate Leads Build a following Get Customers Buzz! Buzz! $$$For your business: Establish yourself as an expert in your field Build your network Manage your reputation Get you workFor you! Traffic PR/Reputation Feedback SEO Educate
    6. 6. FACEBOOK“Facebook is the only placewhere it is acceptable to talkto a wall”
    7. 7. 17 May 2013FACEBOOK – “THINK SOCIAL FIRST”Social Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller
    8. 8. TWITTER“Twitter provides us with awonderful platform todiscuss/confront societalproblems. We trend JustinBieber instead.” – Lauren Leto
    9. 9. 17 May 2013TWITTER – 140 CHARS TO SUCCESSLorem ipsum dolor sit amet,vestibulum eleifend nec mi,wisi sollicitudin et sed pede.Ante platea posuere aliquamnunc pede rhoncus,pellentesque purus, sociisporttitor dignissim. Maecenasmassa pellentesque nullamvestibulum mollis, tinciduntmauris orci duis dignissim, sitinteger scelerisque loremnatoque, faucibus lacusvivamu.Social Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller
    10. 10. 17 May 2013TWITTER CASE STUDY #1 – REGAL CINEMASSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller“@RegalMovies significantly increased engagement during their campaign.In fact, they received over 8,900 Retweets—a 4x increase compared tosimilar, organic campaigns. Overall, @RegalMovies saw an engagementrate of 3.5% with their Promoted Tweets. They also gained more than10,000 new followers in the first four days of the campaign.”
    11. 11. 17 May 2013TWITTER CASE STUDY #2 – RED CROSSSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller Ask a Fun and Simple Question Retweet Partners Ask for Retweets3 Keys to Success:
    12. 12. 17 May 2013TWITTER – TACTICAL TIPSSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller1. Promote others2. Be the first to break the news3. Infuse personality into your profile4. Ask for a retweet5. Connect people6. Tweet again7. Leave space8. “The biggest mistake we see companies make whenthey first hit Twitter is to think about it as a channelto push information.” – O’reilly & Milstein, The TwitterBookEIGHT TIPS
    13. 13. PINTEREST“Twitter is about what I’mdoing right now, Facebook isabout my online identity—who I am and who I know.Pinterest is about who I wantto be.”
    14. 14. 17 May 2013PINTEREST CASE STUDY - KOTEXSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller“We had a ripple effect and women who werenot involved in the campaign posted statuses like‘What is this deal with all the Kotex gifts, can Ihave one too?!’ The main purpose was to havewoman talk about the brand and theexperience and it worked.”SummaryKITS SENT Interactions Impressions50 2,284 694,853
    15. 15. 17 May 2013HAWAII ORGANIZATIONS ROCKING PINTERESTSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller
    16. 16. 17 May 2013PINTEREST – TACTICAL TIPSSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller1. Appeal to users’ aspirations2. Act as a resource3. Promote pins on other social media4. Follow others5. Post on Saturday MorningsMORE TIPS
    17. 17. YELP!
    18. 18. LINKEDIN“You will get all you want inlife, if you help enough peopleget what they want”
    19. 19. 17 May 2013LINKEDIN – 5 STEPS TO GROWING YOUR BIZ• Complete your profile• Connect with everyone• Endorse and recommendothers• Create your own,targeted group• Optimize your profileSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller5 STEPS
    20. 20. 17 May 2013LINKEDIN CASE STUDY – JMF INTERNATIONALSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller1. Brush up your profile2. Join 50(!) Groups3. Scour the Group Digests4. Engage in Discussions5. Connect6. Move the conversationonline7. ReevaluateSEVEN (MORE) STEPS TO CULTIVATINGSUCCESSFUL BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS
    21. 21. 17 May 2013AND MANY MORESocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau MuellerWordPressTumblrBlogging/MicrobloggingInstagramFlickrPhoto SharingYouTubeVimeoVideo SharingKickstarterCauseVoxCrowdfunding/Crowdsourcing
    22. 22. 17 May 2013CRAFTING A STRATEGY – ONE 8 STEP MODELSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller8 EASY STEPS1. Define your objectives2. Determine youraudience3. Decide on platforms4. Set a social mediapolicy5. Determine roles &responsibilities6. Engage7. Promote your presence8. Listen & measure yoursuccessSource:
    23. 23. 17 May 20138 STEP “TOOL-AGNOSTIC” APPROACHSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau Mueller
    24. 24. 17 May 2013GROUP ACTIVITYSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau MuellerIn groups of 3-4, use whatyou’ve learned today(and what you alreadyknow) and one of the 8step models to puttogether a basic socialmedia marketing plan forMCBL.MAKE A PLANPresent your ideas to theclass and class willdiscuss/comment.Let’s get MCBL rockin’ onsocial media!PRESENT IDEAS
    25. 25. 17 May 2013HOMEWORKSocial Media Marketing Workshop | Beau MuellerMake a plan for your business or organization. If a plan isalready in place, put together some ideas on how it can beimproved. Be prepared to say a bit about what you came upwith!MAKE A PLAN!In the course of making the plan you will surely have somequestions. Bring them and hopefully I or the class memberscan help! For example, “Knowing that x is my goal, whattools or apps can I use to help.”BRING QUESTIONS!Do something crazy!
    26. 26. “ Focus on how to be social, not on howto do social!” – Jay BaerPHONE808.321.1594EMAILbeau@beaumueller.comWEBSITEwww.beaumueller.comMahalo! Questions?